I Don’t Even Know Who the Child’s Father Is


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In a novel I happened to read, I possessed Empress Etricia, the Villainess. Is that also possessed during childbirth? After a terrible pain, I came to my senses and found a child in my arms.

“Etricia did a great job. But I’d like to ask you one question. Who is the father of the child?”

“…..The father of the child?”

You’re right. So who’s the child’s father? No, I mean, am I having a baby now?!

“Who is the father of the child?”

I don’t even know who my husband is. It’s not something I did!


“I brought Rustina to this place to make it known to everyone.”

My father looked at me and Rustina and immediately made an offer that surprised everyone.

“If I find Rustina’s father, I will make him my son-in-law. However, my successor will be Etricia.”

At those words, everyone opened their mouths. It seemed to be the same for me and Rustina. Rustina looked at my father and blinked her eyes.

‘…..What did I just hear?’

I think you’re going to give me the right of succession now. You don’t have to! I was just going to leave once I found the child’s father.

“Oh, Her Father?”

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애 아빠가 누군지 나도 모릅니다
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New NineKnights1
Jun 03, 2022
Status: c6
The story is fast in the sense that it introduces the plot right away which is about a transmigrator who gets in a story she did not even bother finishing because she thought all main characters were sh*t. To make matters worse she gets in the story while giving birth.

MC wants nothing to do with the child because she did not ask for that life so she is searching desperately for the child's father so she can leave the care of the child to him. There are four potential candidates.... more>> Damon (a prince of an enemy kingdom), Hassel (a Knight in their Kingdom, not really sure of his rank but he seems up there), Louisa (a dragon, not sure if he is a royal dragon or what but he has pink hair) and Killian (allegedly a wizard of the tower or something).

MC wonders who the real father is because it seems MC has relations with all four and all four seems to think they are the father LOL. So it is interesting to see who the real dad is but personally I am more looking forward to MC bonding with Rustina (the baby princess) because atm she is mostly indifferent towards her because she doesn't consider Rustina as her child.

Personally, I prefer Damon as the ML, but I doubt it will be him. <<less
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