I Dislike the Male Lead’s Child


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“I don’t want to have the male lead’s child!”

I transmigrated into a supporting character in the novel who died of aftereffects while giving birth to the male lead’s child. I came to my senses and found out that I became the new bride who is about to get married.

‘I’ll find my way to live!’

“We’re friends!” I said to male lead in case the princess comes after taking care of him for eight years.

But the male lead, who should have saved the world and fell in love with the princess, came back alone?

“Where’s your princess going and why are you alone?”

“My princess is here.”

“No! The real wife who will marry you.”

“So I’m a fake husband? That’s why you said you don’t want children.” The male lead asked with distorted face.

Unlike his friendly tone, he stroked my stomach with his hands.

I’m in trouble.

Whatever went wrong, it seemed very firmly wrong.

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남주의 아이는 싫습니다
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Flamin-Ru rated it
April 5, 2021
Status: c3
If you're looking for something with a little more realism when it comes to human relationships then you've found the right place. MC doesn't take unnecessary risks yet she makes plans with the future in mind. The translator did a good job.
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August 12, 2021
Status: c56
I like that the ML doesn't completely disregard, forget, or hate the OG FL our current MC is possessing. It very much feels like he loved them both, but in very different ways, with drastically different relationships. It's a tad like he's a widow who found a new love, though he doesn't realize.

With the OG FL, (who is obsessive, possessive, and childish,) though the ML puts on a stern, controlling facade, he secretly loved his high-maintenance girl, her demanding ways, and her hyper-focused attention on him. And you can... more>> tell she would have swooned at him being over-bearing and pushy with her. They would have had a stormy, but ultimately good and fond (if dramatic) relationship.

Our MC is far calmer and more mature than the body's original owner, causing the ML to be in a tizzy head spin trying to catch her attention and acting out to get noticed. They trust and rely on each other, in friendly terms, though it's now the ML's turn to pine.

I additionally like that they don't get to skip the hard work. Despite the MC's foreknowledge about the many hard years ahead until the ML grows enough to destroy a monster and save the day, they don't get to side step that all. They have to slog through the lean years and natural disasters, without shortcuts.

I think this will be a very interesting dynamic, because even once they decide they do love each other and wish to remain married, they can't. The MC is literally allergic to the ML's magic powers, and is slowly being poisoned to death simply being around him.

It is dragging a bit (they've now been married 8 years with zero fun touching, and I'm starting to wonder the MC is asexual) But hopefully the addition of ML's original 2nd wife will make that pick up and add some spice. <<less
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Jazdm rated it
July 9, 2021
Status: c39
I like how this siries is flowing and how we some times get glmpses of ML's perpective.

Alsow about Fl, she doesen't obsses about the original, I mean, yes, but its not like she stresses about every little thing... So yeah I recomend

Ps: Sorry for the really bad spelling, its not my first language
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
razmatazz rated it
March 28, 2021
Status: c2
I was baited by the cover art. It's too early to tell whether the story is actually good or not, but judging from the summary, it's going to be a ride. Looking forward to see the plot unfold!
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shadow1716 rated it
May 26, 2021
Status: --
Premise is okay but author forces the MC to have some unexplainable forced traits in front of the ML that essentially is just the author forcing the relationship onto the MC.
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sonablu rated it
February 5, 2022
Status: c69
My review of this is that the story is not bad but also not the greatest.

It has an interesting premise, MC transmigrated as someone who'll die during childbirth due to her innate magic resistance. So avoiding death for the most part is to just avoid having a child and be careful of ML's magic.

She gets points for acknowledging that since she'll live on, the novel would possibly change. However she immediately losses these points when she constantly asked ML why he's not with the OG FL. And she continuously wondered... more>> why ML isn't cheating on her with the OG FL and in disbelief when he said that he's not gonna be with the OG FL.

As of currently since the translation seems to stop, We got a small glimpse of OG FL and I'm glad that the author chose to make the girl someone intelligent and seemed to go to the direction of them becoming friends instead of the usual OG FL turned brain-dead Villainess

the novel is fun and interesting during the first arc of MC trying to fit in and be acknowledged by the ML's people. But once the timeskip happened there's the lovable misunderstandings that wouldn't have happened but because the FL's IQ is reduced it happened.

I'll give extra points because the most of the misunderstandings are solved soon enough and it isn't dragged for 70 chapters like other novel does.

ML isn't abusive, which is great, but neither is he the best ML to have ever been created. He falls right on the cookie cutter ML of being cold, overbearing, not true to his feelings but is still #1 simp for FL, and super strong and powerful.

The side characters aren't completely 2d as they have some personality that we can see, however they rarely appear so their character still seems shallow despite having potential for more.

Again this is as far as I could talk about it since it seems to be dropped and I don't have the energy to MTL this so-so novel.

It has an interesting premise however it seems to me that the author seems to be kind of unable to create conflict without utilising the standard trope of misunderstanding, despite being able to create something interesting during the first arc.


Had the potential to be great but stopped at ok. And my assessment is, a great pastime read. <<less
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November 3, 2021
Status: c50
If you looking to just read the juicy bits of stories that are like "these two are in love but they will not confess until way later" this will work for you. Also good translation.

I think the story has neat ideas I like but the way it is told you can tell the writer feels like they can get away skipping over the story development because of the oversaturated market for these kinds of stories will just let the readers fill the blanks for themselves.

Female lead: I like Avril Rovtee... more>> for the most part. She finds herself in the body of a side character who will die from the undiagnosed condition of her body being weak towards magic. So in the original story, her husband made her sick and the baby in her womb killed her. I find Avril's situation intriguing as her side character was never described in the books so Avril has no idea who she is possessing and has to learn based on her interactions with others.

Male Lead: Asellus Austell Typical but not offensive (compared to how bad some ML get out there). There seems to be a subtext that in the org novel Asellus milked his man-pain about the death of his first wife to the Princess for sympathy but as far as I read it's not really talked about again. He does have an overactive imagination that he readily accepts before having a conversation with Avril. But it's also kinda amazing how overactive like in chapter 51 he starts thinking of the reasons Avril fell out of love with him and it starts with him fearing Avril knows he enjoys killing monsters but then spirals into body issues that he is just too tall, muscular, and handsome compared to the small pretty androgynous boy he was before his training with Islet. (I just loved that in both cases he knows he's attractive, fearing he is just not her type)

General Story Probs

Catching the Idiot Ball: At no point does Avril think it is an option to tell Asellus about her body's condition. If Avril is worried people will ask how she knew, Avril could just lie and the fact that her condition is real people will just have to believe her. She can even get the Mage Islet to support her claim for he knows about it but since he hates Asellus family he doesn't bring it up himself. (But Islet isn't a lier. So if asked he might talk in circles but he won't deny her claim.)

Edit: Turns out Avril's reasons are because she expected to get divorced and wouldn't need to have this conversation. So risking her health for the last 8 years was just ok with her.

Contrived misunderstandings: It has to be exhausting to be either Avril or Asellus to purposely never talk like human beings. They never really ask for clarification or follow-up questions during a conversation or an accusation when he gets back from the capital. They just stay as vague as possible so it can be a problem for the next 10 chapters and then finally have a full conversation about the "scandal."

Skipping ahead: If you like when stories take their time developing events or showing how characters are who they are, it's not this. I am not joking when I started this review by saying "If you looking to just read the juicy bits... this is for you." To be fair chapters 1 to 33 are the normally paced-out events until we meet the mage Islet who, we are told, is this important character who will teach Asellus magic. Avril meets Islet and then bam 6-year time skip. We don't get to see what the 6 years towards Avril original death day are like BUT we are told, the results (ML loves FL). We do get the scene where Avril introduces Asellus to Islet, just took her 6 years, and after that introduction BOOM we get a 2 year time skip. So we don't get to see what the interactions or dynamics between these 3 are like because now we're caught up with the original novel, and its time for Asellus to fight the sea monster, and just when you getting excited for what this separation angst is going to be like BAM 6 month time skip! The sea monster is dead, Asellus is back home, and now it's just focused on the juicy romantic melodrama without any early character development. It's fine if you just enjoy reading juicy melodrama but if you like a whole ass story it's not here. (this is only an issue for chapters 34 to 43 this segment is just skimming through the story to get to their reunion scene and then it slows down)


Shout out to Islet the cursed sage of the mountain who lives his life half as an actual rabbit, hates the Austell family yet teaches Asellus magic to crash in his castle, and lives to cause problems. What a legend. <<less
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keikomushi rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: c8
A fun read so far, with our unfortunate MC having to navigate the annoying situation of being engaged/married to somebody that really dislikes the spoilt, obsessive original host. The premise that the original died during pregnancy due to magic intolerance creates an interest dynamic as it places another stressor should our transmigrated reader become intimate with the ML Whilst the story makes use of some common elements, implementation hasn't felt burdensome so far and I find myself easily engaged with both the characters and storyline.

As for the efforts of Bonsai,... more>> Briggy and Camellia at Travis Translations, their work has made the story even more accessible and enjoyable to read. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bleuest rated it
January 21, 2022
Status: c60
This started off okay, but gradually got more and more infuriating. A reviewer said that MC is great because she doesn't obsess over every little thing in the OG novel but that's untrue. She didn't do it as much at the start, but as the novel progresses, every other paragraph mentions how ML would fall in love with OG FL, how he'd want a divorce, how he doesn't like her, etc.

Also, I appreciate the translator's work but the translation notes got progressively numerous - up to 5 or 6 in... more>> each chapter, and they weren't things related to the translation at all. Mostly just translator being thirsty, which ruined the flow.

I only skimmed through the last 10 chapters I read up to to find out how MC reveals

her mana intolerance to ML. It made zero sense to me why she had to hide it from him.

"Why did you hide it?"

Because I was going to leave before he found out about my illness.

How does that make sense at all?? Wouldn't it be easier for her to convince him she needs to leave if she told him? She doesn't even think he likes her, so there was no reason to withhold the information in case it hurts him.

Also, I can't believe how accommodating she was to him - wearing the mana bracelet he gave her even though it was literally poison to her, not saying anything when he made some magic show during their anniversary.


Her actions are the actions of a huge simp but the novel doesn't even portray her as a simp so there's a huge dissonance there. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rin_0 rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: c10
I enjoy the story a lot as if right now, Basically our MC reincarnates into a novel character that dies during childbirth. What's unique about this story is that the original Female lead of the novel also reincarnated and not just some ordinary nice girl with no outstanding features. Huhu can't wait to see the MC and original FL meet >:3
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