I Didn’t Tame The Beastly Duke!


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“Is it my wedding…. today?”

A meaningless death, and when I opened my eyes…. I possessed a character?

I couldn’t believe I was stuck in a rated 19 novel.

My soon to be husband comes from a cursed family. A curse that was taken on behalf of the Imperial Family. Duke Leonis Cardian.

‘……Celia Montague has a clue how to solve the curse.’

‘I think we have enough time for now, so let’s think about it next time.’

The two had no idea what the other’s thoughts were, and so Celia’s relationship with the male lead began.

I had a wedding ceremony, and I thought we had a lot of skinship between us.

However, I couldn’t bring myself to complete the joining with a night of intimacy.

‘No, you don’t need to touch me! You keep coming to me!”

‘You won’t see me? What about the curse?!’

I’m feel sorry for Leonis, but I have to hang on! Yet what can I do, the worries have to go first.

“You have to see if you can handle it or not.”

“There’s no use crying and begging later. I won’t let you out of the bedroom.”

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야수공작을 길들이는 게 아니었어!
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4 Reviews

New Fathom
Mar 12, 2023
Status: c59
This story has a unique storyline. A divine beast god was tricked to come down to the mortal realm. Gets killed and has it's heart eaten by the past imperial emperor. Because of this, the bloodline of the imperial family was cursed. To divert the host into a different host, the emperor forced the curse into his brother instead. Three generations later, that family is still cursed with bloodlust, and if they have no children the curse will revert back to the main imperial family.

Now in current time, the FL... more>> dies in the modern world and gets transmigrated/reincarnated/rebirthed or whatever into an either parallel fantasy world or novel. She wakes up after the original host suicided from breaking up with her previous fiancé and on the day she gets forced to marry the monster Duke, who is part of the imperial family's cursed line.

It's quite an interesting take of the normal cannon fodder transmigration into a novel like world. From the FL's point of view, since she's forced to take on the original FL's role, she might as well enjoy the benefits in being married to a hot looking stud before she gives it up for the original heroine's return. This is quite a pragmatic approach, and she's never shy about her wants. I really liked the FL's direct approach, and she never allows any misunderstanding or ambiguity with other characters to brew in her marriage at all. It's quite refreshing to find such characterization.

I'm quite looking forward to the rest of the series. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 08, 2022
Status: c32
So freaking gooddd, no misunderstandings or unnecessary drama. They talk and snu snu all the time. What else can anyone ask for?😫💎
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 03, 2022
Status: c1
I like how the thoughts of the ML are shared along with the FL.I’m glad the FL’s feelings are starting in a realistic manner; attraction. I keep looking forward more and more, to the development of this novel.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 12, 2022
Status: c26
I love that there is no misunderstanding between them. Most of the time reading web novels gives me hypertension 'cause of the excessive miscommunication between characters. That's why, I think this story is refreshing, add to the fact that the main characters chemistry is through the roof. I highly recommend this.

... more>>

Chapter 45-46

I'll call it the aphrodisiac scene. It was really satisying read. Mind you all the snusnu in this web novel is golden for it's snusnu with good flow and splendid plot. But, the aphrodisiac scene hits different, because it roots from possessiveness and his fear of losing the FL. If you're reading this spoiler go check it out. 🤣

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