I Didn’t Lull You To Sleep Only For You To Be Obsessed With Me


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“I’m going to live here with sister!”

She possessed a supporting role, who was swayed by the villain and killed by his male protagonist, Duke Claude Winterville. In addition, she accidentally picked up his nephew!

“You better tell me the truth. How did you put me to sleep?”

Like in the original novel, her ability to heal Claude’s insomnia was revealed. In the end, she even received an offer as his exclusive barista to make’ sleeping coffee’ for him!

However, to avoid the death flag, she had to decline the offer—

“I’ll open up a cafe in the capital, and of course, the owner will be you, April.”

As expected, the best treatment is financial treatment.

“I’ll do it!”

She accepted the offer, blinded by her dream of opening her own cafe.
She was just trying to help him sleep well and only took Claude’s hand because of the beneficial offer… but, why did he suddenly get obsessed?

“I won’t let you regret your decision.”

Somehow, his gaze looked unusual.

Associated Names
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I Didn’t Mean to Make You Obsessed
집착하라고 재운 건 아니었는데
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Fictionaddiction rated it
September 26, 2022
Status: c7
The story so far seems heartwarming. The MC goes to open a cafe in some town (because she can't afford to open a cafe in the capital), and there she feeds a hungry child who will probably turn out to be the grumpy ml's nephew.

The child is very adorable and neglected, she takes care of him after he has a quarrel with his aunt.

And the ML will probably go look for the child at her place and taste her delicious coffee that will cure his insomnia.

She seems very skilled at... more>> making delicious food and drinks. (Her foods might have a magical effect to them)

The translation is also very good, as I usually love Korean plots, but find the translations to be repetitive and bulky. It doesn't flow well in English for me, which is why I prefer reading the manhwas. But this translation was very smooth. I felt like I wanted more, and was not skipping paragraphs. <<less
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The_Villainess rated it
July 30, 2023
Status: c15
The plot so far is very unique in it's way.

The story has a sweet and heartfelt part and also a serious woman with a realistical head on her head. It's nice to see logical - dealing with the world like adults responses.

I'm sad there are no updates to this novel.

Please continue to update. I'm sure more readers will enjoy this just as I have been.
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