I Decided to Kidnap the Male Lead


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Going back in time so often you could no longer count it.

In an attempt to stop her next return, she decided to kidnap her master, the Crown Prince.

Because when Crown Prince Richard dies,

Ophelia will always return to the point of his death.

‘No matter how many times it takes, he must survive!’

“I’ll return! Until Your Highness is not dead!”

“I know.”


“I am also going back in time like you.”

‘Hey… you too?’

‘Well, me too.’

Surprisingly, Richard was also repeatedly going back in time… except he didn’t seem to have much will to live.

“Why are you staying still!”

“I’m tired.”

What’s this damn prince talking about?!

‘I don’t want to die!’

Ophelia grabbed Richard’s hand.

“It’ll be better if we’re on the same boat. Let’s end this bloody regression together.”

How will Ophelia, who wants to somehow survive, get out of this time loop with Richard?

Associated Names
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Although I've Decided and Kidnapped the Male Lead
I've Decided to Kidnap the Male Lead
I Decided to Kidnap Him
작정하고 남주를 납치했지만
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Crispycrumbs rated it
October 30, 2022
Status: c16
It's an interesting transmigration+regression novel. The MC is very amusing and practical, and all hail her neck chopping abilities!

The translations are really good (of course, that's natural when bluebells in bloom is the group translating xD).

What I understood about the regressions is that ... more>>

It's infinite regression because they do not know how many times they'll regress. And each 'loop' of the regression is the number of times they returned to the same point in time, kinda like a save point. If they cross the danger of the prince dying successfully, the next loop begins when he dies next, i.e, a new 'save point', so to speak.


I'm waiting for more chapters!! <<less
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Bluebells in Bloom
Bluebells in Bloom rated it
July 19, 2023
Status: Completed
Heya, this is Translator Ame, once again reeling after finishing a novel x)

Whew, who’s that smiling and laughing like an idiot? The plot/regression spins me in circles at times, but it’s just sooooo good? It makes all the good parts amazingly beautiful and sometimes bittersweet, and the sad parts even more tragic. The way it’s written, the words used... absolutely hits me in the heart and feels.

Plotwise, it's many little events that leads up to the finale. It keeps Ophelia and Richard (and me and proofreader dea) guessing. There... more>> are so many small details in this novel that I want to read again in all its translated glory (I sure hope I did it justice...)

I love almost every important character in this novel... almost, because I abhor Raisa and Marchioness Neir, but I truly feel they are well-incorporated into the story. Not a single character is redundant. Plus, the FL having friends, not followers, is always a welcoming sight. Long live the aides + girlies! I live for their chats and banters and outings! and scheming Though those scenes often make me feel nervous since I never know when a regression will come...

Richard and Ophelia. The affection and support they have for each other, that's built up through the many regressions... brings me to tears. It's not a sudden, overnight love. It's a slow burn, but believe me, once it catches fire, it's a goddamn blaze!


hah, literally. their first kiss is when the sky is raining fire


The author even gave us a peek into a potential "bad ending" in one of the main story chapters and side story chapter x_x amazingly written and conceptualised as usual, but yikes, thankfully that's not the tone of the novel...

I personally feel there are some holes in the novel, like with regards to Ophelia's relationship with her mother and how she came into the novel and the Bolsheik family history, but eh, it's fine, not a glaring issue.

Lastly, echoing the words of Crispycrumbs, all hail Ophelia's neck chopping abilities! <<less
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xelixette rated it
March 20, 2023
Status: Completed
now this, is what I call amazing, 1000000/10. tragically beautifully written.

the plot is gold, keeps me on my toes. the FL is a believable mix of smart and ignorant (if you take the regressions into account), and the ML's character growth (thanks to the FL's influence) is both heartwarming and heartwrenching. the good side characters add humour and perspective (since they don't know the regressions stuff). the villain is just, infuriating...

... more>>

I quite like how FL, ML, and villain all can regress and with many regressions, go from 'weak to strong'. It takes multiple regressions before they are depicted as 'strong'. very believable


many thanks to the team for making this complex story understandable, even if I can mtl it, I wouldn't <<less
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novel_nerd23 rated it
October 11, 2022
Status: --
Translation is great... story is little complicated but it has become easy to understand thanks to translation team making story even more interesting... I'm liking it (^^) (^^)
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VMT_MTL rated it
December 13, 2021
Status: c1
From what I got from 1 chapter, it's unique. The MC and ML are both stuck in time loops, and this novel doesn't waste any time. I can't decipher much from one chapter, but the premise is really intriguing.

But I can't find the schedule (I'm an idiot) and it's been so long since the last update...

The translation quality is amazing, as usual.

Hope you're doing well, and I hope you don't drop this, translator-nim! \ (≧▽≦) /
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Anika Ab
Anika Ab rated it
January 27, 2024
Status: Completed
It's a tragic/heavy novel and romance is slow burn. I do think romance is side dish in this one.

- at first I thought I'm gonna hate it. Knowing characters forget about times they spent with leads until they could escape that loop, is something I truely don't enjoy but suprisingly this one made my heart broken but at same time I fell in love with their tragic and fear of death over and over again.

- ML is cold and distance at first. We get to see his past which truely... more>> explained his behavior but as MC gets closer to him, we get to see his emotions and how he deals with infinite regression since he was young. I love how ML tries to live and escape at the end bc Ophelia doesn't want to die.

- Ophelia is one of my fav MCs. She isn't too clever but is clever enough and she's too human. She has traumas, nightmares and fears but she still clings to life and in first chapters, she even makes sure Richard doesn't let go of life. She never leaves him even in death T-T

- their first kiss..

I think I spamed alot in comment section but srsly it was touching, painful and beautiful.


- I enjoyed seeing ophelia's interaction with her friends. I love how they spoiled her eventhough she was strongest among them lol

- about villain, I think author made sure there isn't any reader who sympathize with her lol. She was a lost cause and there wasn't anything she could have done worse. Her ending for my taste wasn't satisfying.

- about ending and side stories, I wanted to see more of romance and Richard and ophelia being lovey dovey but there were close to none.

Anyway, there are some plothole like

ophelia's father? Where is this man? Or they could have gotten rid of Rosa alot sooner yk?

but overall it's a interesting and enjoyable novel. (3.6 + amazing TL= 4) <<less
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Asphyxia778 rated it
January 5, 2024
Status: Completed
I finished it in a day. The premise was interesting and the use of the time loops was done well especially because we can see how only the MC and ML have a staggering time difference between themselves and the side characters so it makes everything more precious for them.

I enjoyed reading this a lot especially since the plot slowly but steadily trickles into the final culmination. It definitely doesn't waste time

The Villain is annoying though but it's fine

Overall definitely 4 stars
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
R34der rated it
August 21, 2023
Status: c100
They are so cute! I mean, I'm really scared about when it mentions ... more>>

ML having to choose between FL or the world since he'd basically choose FL, but I think it means to regress to before the regressions with the risk of her losing all their memories...


But anyways, back to them, both the ML and FL are similar in nature with differences in motivation. The ML gave up whilst the FL keeps trying. Their romance is incredibly slow but it's worth it when you get to chapter 93 or something when they finally confess and kiss. No one knows yet though. <<less
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Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise rated it
February 16, 2024
Status: Completed
I think it's a story where either you like it or you don't. It's survival first romance second. The story is interesting and the characters are hilarious. The slow burn is real and can be quite irritating if you are here for a hot and exciting romance. It does come after their first kiss (at the late chapter 100), wish there is more since it is R15.

Am I the only one who likes the "what if bad ending"? Let the world burn in ruins!
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znukhsoc rated it
January 6, 2024
Status: Completed
I'm actually sad that I couldn't enjoy this novel.

3 stars because I just can't with its writing style... The story was fine in the first 25 chapters and I was excited about their future but the rest let me down. I'd have dropped it earlier if the translator wasn't Ame. Well, I kind of liked the- ... more>>


-ending too but I still think that we didn't get nearly enough FL/ML moments. They were usually very short and with the abrupt ending, it left me unsatisfied.

Around after ch25 things got boring. (well, at least for me) The growing seed in ML's heart kept its slowness, the concerns got repetitive, the side characters took over the story, the chapters without main characters were a chore to read. I have to be honest I was just regaining my interest after ch60 because of Lawrence but again lost interest right in the confession arc... I don't know what happened, the characters didn't have any effect on me. Maybe because author's small spoilers distracted me. I was sad that the author bullied Lawrence too I guess.

There is this thing, every time something happens they think "Lady Neir, not the marchioness, must be involved." and then do nothing about it. It bothered me because ML is super OP. Even in the abduction arc, ML let the antagonist go while she was just standing before him. I... I can't understand... I couldn't close my mind too, saying "It's just the way it is." Or did I miss something???

Well, that's it, too bad it wasn't for me. <<less
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