I Can’t Write Any ‘Below the Neck’ Love Scenes


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The man started kissing his way down his lover’s neck.

Xiao Shou: Don’t go below the neck! It will get locked!

The man stopped one inch below the neck.

Xiao Gong felt a little relieved. It seemed that one inch below the neck was allowed.

But Xiao Gong’s lips were stopped and went back to the original place.

No, it got locked.

Because of the rule that prohibited “any love scene that goes below the neck,” Ye Ming’s story was locked. Just when he was feeling quite depressed about it, his own manuscript that he was still writing suddenly rose up against him.

What the? The second male lead complained that the “action” was too slow and refused to play his role anymore? In a rage, Ye Ming decided to transmigrate into his own novel when he was given the choice.

He transmigrated into the home of the villain BOSS’s main henchman before the henchman turned evil. Ah, this henchman was so handsome! Feeling guilty at writing such a miserable story for this person who lacked warmth from his childhood, Ye Ming wanted to shower him with fatherly love.

The problem was, this cultivation novel that he had written suddenly turned into a BL novel, but the rule that prohibited “any love scene that goes below the neck” was still in force!

Note: In China, internet censorship is quite strict. Thus authors of the web novel websites in China cannot write any detailed smut scenes. If they do, their work gets locked.

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January 31, 2019
Status: --
It's a nice and funny short story. There's a little angst to spice it up, but not to the point that it takes over the novel. It was rather quick in fact. There was also a little tension, but this novel is mostly a feel-good novel poking fun at censorship, with a twist. I'm happy I read it. I don't want to reveal too much for such a short novel. The MC is likable, the ML is kinda pitiful, the couple is loving, and ... more>>

they do get to be intimate, even if the scenes were merrily skipped over in the spirit of real-life censorship.

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Darkness7913 rated it
May 4, 2019
Status: Completed
It's good with the usual author transmigrates due to what he wrote and stuff.. four stars is because:

  • ML had others (3 boys: given by his master) when he left MC due to a misunderstanding, even if he threw them out when MC returned... I read other stories with misunderstandings and ML stayed pure even when they parted ways due to misunderstandings and stuff! <- MAIN REASON
  • the protagonist dies (not that I really cared but it did bother me)...

Overall the story is good as it is short...
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iamlost rated it
February 1, 2019
Status: Completed
Couldn't stop spacing out in the middle while reading this novel... unfortunately, I don't like this.

... more>>

At first it was very funny. Then towards the end, it became stale (I cannot find a good word to express myself). Doesn't feel good at the part where MC meet with ML again, it sounds like ML has slept with 3 other boys during that period.

The ending part is kinda short for an ending. Like what?! The villain died already? And oh, the way the supposed 1st ML died is also kinda rushed.. though it makes sense his status has changed to become a canon fodder. The author tried putting many elements in but he/she ended each of them with one-two sentences every time.

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