I Can See the Lines of Fortune


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Coming from the author of “Pocket Hunting Dimension,” join us and support him in his latest work!

Devils have peeked out of the hollow realms and evil gods have bewitched the hearts of man. Ancient dark secrets are buried in the three forbidden districts. Yet there are many treasures and powers to be found in the hollow realms…

This is a dangerous world filled with opportunities. As an outstanding and motivated young man, Mo Xiaobai never believes that good fortune will fall from the sky. He never feels that awaiting fortune is something reliable.

That is what he believes until one day, he realizes that he can see the lines of fortune…

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MyRAMEN rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: c5
The world building was pretty bad in this book. Other than the general plot I was pretty confused on the context and understanding of lots of points in the story. Although there were little chunks of info forcefully fed every few paragraphs, the way the author started the story and way it is written made it bad world building to me
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