I Can Do It


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For a certain LoL competition, a certain online streamer famous for pissing people off was currently explaining and broadcasting it at the same time.

Streamer: This support, so tr*sh.

Streamer: If that jungler was my teammate, I would already be idling at the fountain and playing piano for him by now.

Streamer: I recommend that this player go back and properly practice how to last hit.

Audience: What bullshit! If you’re any better, then you do it!

Streamer: I, your dad, really can do it.

Audience: Okokok. If you can do it then I’ll chop off my head so you can kick it.

A few months later, the LPL’s veteran pro team TTC announced a new mid laner. A boy with flashy blue hair appeared in front of the audience and played Zed to utter perfection, killing everyone he saw, causing all the female fans to begin toeing the line of infidelity.

During the MVP interview after the match, everyone held their breath and eagerly watched this newcomer.

Only to see the boy accept the microphone, smile and ask, “That water friend with the StarTV user ID ‘Suburb King 101,’ my team’s address is on the official website, when will you be mailing your head over?”

After a certain regular season match finished, the staff member went backstage to urge the team members to go onstage and conduct their interviews, only to see TTC’s new mid laner and jungler standing in the corner.

TTC’s number one ace · jungler daddy Road pressed their team’s new mid laner Soft against the wall. He lowered his eyes and asked slowly, “In the interview later, do you know what to do?”

That quick-tempered mid laner, who had solidified his image as a troll in the audience’s eyes the very first time he went on stage, was currently blushing completely red. “I know. I won’t curse at anyone… I definitely won’t curse at anyone.”

Associated Names
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Cứ Để Tôi Lên!
I Can Do It ใครไม่ไหวฉันลุยเอง!
Tui Giỏi Để Tui Lên
Wǒ xíng ràng wǒ lái
我行让我上 (old)
我行让我来 (new)
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February 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I really like this author's works. She executes great light hearted novels to read that have good plot and romance and won't get you bored. Not to mention the plot is realistic but also hilarious at times. I would recommend learning a bit about LOL (probably play it once or twice to get the grasp of the goal and structure) if you read this, or you'll find yourself lost and not enjoying the novel to its full extent. I also recommend any other works by this author, since she practically... more>> nails every one of her works. Otherwise, enjoy!

Edit: there was some unnecessary xenophobia at the end of the novel towards the final. Didn't deter too much from the quality of work though it did make me wince a bit. <<less
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November 14, 2020
Status: --
I don't like to leave reviews until I finish reading the full story but it's not needed for this one. The stream comments/water friends/soft parental fans are guaranteed to make you roll on the floor laughing. If you need a pick me up, pick this up.
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LazyPeruser rated it
August 30, 2022
Status: Completed
Just finished reading this novel and I totally LOVE IIT!!!

Let's talk about the characters, hmm?

Shall we start with the MC who I love the most in this novel. At first I thought that the MC will have bad personalities that I don't like and will just have a personal development throughout their journey. HOWEVER, yup it's big 'cause I was wrong, totally wrong. MC is such a BADASS and CUTE at the same time. I love his personality so muuch. And what I love the most in this story, is... more>> how he interact with his water friends 😂😂. He was genuine and show his true personality towards his fans unlike other streamers.

Second is the Male Lead, so our ML is the typical ML where he doesn't talk much BUT gentle and a beast in you know 😉😏. I love how powerful he is in the game and how he truly care for his teammates. I love how the author sometimes show his POV without needing to flashback or things like that.

The side couple which is also our bot couple. I love their chapters so muuch and I really want to read more about them. They are really opposite to each other but are also compatible.

Lastly is our top player whose so pitiful because he feels lonely with his teams being couples 😂🤣. Gosh whenever I remember his pitifulness, I just laugh so hard!

I love every characters in this story (except HT, so hate them 🙄). They are all funny and have different kind of charms (especially the water friends of soft, love theem).

Anyway, for those who are saying that this is xenophobia, IT'S NOT. Because if the author is really xenophobic, then why are the other korean, japanese, etc. Characters in this novel are portrait so cutely, hmm? Such as Savior or the TTC's japanese enemy in the semifinals, hmm? Suree some of these foreigners have been protrait as bad such as HT, but so as well in China that became such as other hosts and Squid. I'm not Chinese, Korean, or anything that are mentioned here. But I am also an person who do not side with any country in this novel. So you can not say that I'm just siding with them or anything like that.

WELP!! I'm gonna read the author's other work, 'cause I really love the comedy and how the author makes m laugh. So, see you there then? ☺️ <<less
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Ryuu2003 rated it
June 5, 2022
Status: Completed
Okey so if you are looking for e sports this is for u

If u are looking for fluffy fluffy romance this is for you

If you're looking for some amazing water fans this is for you

It is my first e sport genre bl novel and I absolutely like it......

The MC and ML are so cute together

And I would like to say that from the day I started reading the novel im mc's dad fan ahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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Devrai rated it
September 12, 2021
Status: extra 9
If you read this for fluff... it's so so. (I will explain)

If you read this for the e sport part and games... It's good.

Also the Description above is a bit misleading...

MC is a 17 year old steamer with top skills. He is known as a controversial streamer that doesn't hold back. If his team mates in game suck, he gives it strait to them and he doesn't stop for the pro players. (he doesn't get too personal or involves the relatives, he flames mainly the persons skills).... more>> His fans are more like his antis and MC is always quibbling with his "Dad Fans". He has flamed every pro player at least once... except the jungler TTC Road. So when MC comments that particular match TTC vs HT he doesn't hold back either and accuses TTCs midlaner for match fixing. Some day later there appears Road in his stream and his water friends wait for the show where Road scolds him for his team mates sake.. instead he sends gifts? Unbeknownst to MC he already made it on the short list for TTCs next midlaner...

So the e sport part itself is written nice. The games and interactions have a good flow. Though I'm not so sure about how near it comes to reality.

The thing about the fluff... well it's not really fluff. This is a real slow burn. Though there seems to be kind of romantic interaction... there wasn't? When reading I felt like "yeah ML is doing that to chase MC" or "MC is so obvious" and alike only to get a cold shower some chapters later... MC is only fan boying? ML didn't hold special feelings? I felt like the writer mixed something up in their time line. When they finally got together... there wasn't much fluff either... it just got more sexual. I feel like the writer could have done this a bit better. Here the spoiler at which chapter they confessed:


Chapter 82!


What held me throughout were the interactions between MC and the water friends. Dad Fans roasting their idol and the idol roasting his fans back. That aggressive and argumentative steak of MC is a main plot in this novel and drives it. It also leads to that part which some reviews deem xenophobic. Before reading ran_ranns review it didn't even come to me that this could be xenophobic. Basically it is an open war between a Chinese team and a Korean team and in every battle between different cultures at some point you will fall back on stereotypes. Also it was made clear that this problem was only with that one team and didn't concern other korean teams. Concerning that "laggy internet"... it didn't say that koreas internet was laggy but their given training room (4 years earlier). So I didn't feel like there was racism... more like 2 feuding teams that dragged in their leagues and sorry but the Chinese team had the protagonist halo here.

So I did enjoy reading it but I might not read it again. The interactions were nice but I miss this little extra spark. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
infiniteperplexity rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is great for if you're interested in a light-hearted e-sports romance. The MC is likable and cute, with the sorta sharp-tongued and witty personality. If you've read this author's previous works, you'll probably be familiar with that. The pacing is smooth and the romance is sweet. The most notable problem within this novel is definitely the xenophobia. That however, (I'd like to believe,) is a cultural issue. Obviously, you have to expect some not-so-friendly ideologies from our friends over in the People's Republic. It should be acknowledged... more>> by anyone looking to read this novel, with it's xenophobic remarks specifically targeted towards the Korean characters, is not for those who might be sensitive towards such and discretion is strongly advised. I don't mean to defend the author, but I would like to provide some explanation for anyone who feels wronged by the later chapters.

The author posts on a Chinese writing platform. They themselves are also Chinese.

Yeah, this is a given, considering that the author is Chinese. However, it is an irrefutable fact that the author had unfortunately written an e-sports novel based on (guess what?) League, of all things. This normally shouldn't be a problem, except Korea just so happens to be recognized globally as the most dominant region within the professional League (LoL) scene. You really don't even have to ask why this is (and if you do, well, it's because they've basically.. casually... won 6 global LoL competitions of the total 10 that have been hosted so far. So yeah.). China has very strong nationalistic sentiments that are still practiced on a societal level to an extent. There is the fact that the author themselves are Chinese, but what I suspect induced the author to write in such a blantanly antagonizing and xenophobic direction, is the fact that she wanted to please readers. That's the main point. That's it. Not to mention, how much the troupe of 'face-slapping' is loved within Chinese writing. It makes a lot more sense to me that the author would purposefully up the ante with the anti-Korean narrative because of the fact that she wanted to satisfy the CHINESE readers, reading about CHINESE e-sports-player characters on the- (did I forget to mention? Here we go, here comes another one. Are you ready? I'm kinda nervous. Spoiler~! Actually, it's not a spoiler, you know what's coming, I'm just being extra.)



it really would've been so much more enjoyable had the author NOT decided to portray the Korean characters the way she did. I guess if she had written them differently it would've been seen as admitting that they (the author) might think the LCK is superior (which... they kinda are...) or at least on-par with the LPL, which would garner her a lot of negative feedback. As far as I'm aware, this author writes seriously (her writing provides for her, I mean.) so pandering to the fans makes sense. Especially when your main audience is the very people you are commending as well. Just a lot of things to consider when coming to terms with what the author wrote. Hell, I'm not even Korean but the way Jian Rong, is written to interact with Savior makes me upset. ITS NOT OOC FOR THEM TO GET ALONG BETTER AND JR TO APPRECIATE HIM BETTER- SAVIOR IS A TREASURE- PLS- WHY COULDNT THE AUTHOR BRING DOWN AND INSULT AT EUROPEANS AND THE LEC INSTEAD??? (im jk pls dont kill me europeans, I've already been colonized by y'all, pls no more- have mercy QAQ)

Ok, so towards the end there I tried failed to be funny. But seriously, you are perfectly entitled to your own opinion, review, and rating. I just hope that I can properly warn people who might be unsettled by the writing. It might be difficult to turn a blind eye to it (given the circumstances), but if you do, the novel is very cute. Whether the rest of the plot is enough for you to overlook its more major flaw is up to you to gamble and decide on. Not that I'm some kind of professional or that my opinion is important enough to regard for anyone debating on reading this one, but the characters are VERY lovable and there isn't any real angst, just pure gaming and fluffy dog food fun. The interactions of the characters and dialogue is downright hilarious that a mere language barrier (during translation) is unable to make any of the jokes miss. This novel is one of my favorite of the author's because of the excitement it's able to incite with a lot of the game-related content and overall buildups of the workplace (im joking, even tho it technically counts) romance as well as the sorta 'underdogs' vibe from the team performance in working their way up in their competition zone (wait is that a spoiler...? sorry..). I got very easily invested and will certainly continue rereading this one in the future!

Lastly, I saw a comment saying that they hadn't expected the side pairing extras, and to that, I say, there are some specific interactions between them that give off quite the amount of foreshadowing/hinting there (you can tell the author had every intention to write about them lol). You just have to be vigilant. Anyways, I guess that concludes my review. There isn't as much of a review of the actual contents of the novel as I would've liked to have written but I think adding a preface is much more important. I hope it does not discourage people from giving it a shot though! <<less
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Froliczxc rated it
February 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Enjoyable but lacklustre piece.

The romance between our two main characters is endearing in this one; where the MC (Jian Rong) idolized the ML (Lu Bo Yuan) and both slowly unravelled their feelings for the other in a slow-burn manner. The downside: a little too much of a slow-burn for me. This author is great at setting up cute couples, with a calm and collected ML who only dotes on his MC and treats everyone else with borderline coldness. For me, this trope works really well in her other shorter, more... more>> concise writing. This one felt a little too dragged out, but could be attributed to the author's desire to explore e-sports narrative. Which, I might forgive, if not for the shoddy attempt at inserting side-characters, half-baked plot lines that ended up nowhere, and the cringe-worthy xenophobic attitudes of the MC.

Regardless, it is still a decent read due to the dainty relationship that bloomed throughout the story - adorable to say the least. That said, I still cannot look past the flaws in story-telling to give it a score any higher than 3.

My suggestion: if this premise interests you, definitely check out the author's other works like How to fail at online dating or I've liked your boyfriend for a long time, for a more satisfying read. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 3, 2020
Status: c65ish
Oh my gosh. This is definitely my new favorite. Forever. I will be rereading this over and over.

If I've voted others with 5/5 stars, this must have a 10/5 stars. It's that good. I didn't expect to love an esports novel, but I read the reviews and I caved, like how bad could it be with reviews & ratings like that? But this was so well translated, and was just SO good. WAY better than expected. Whoever translated this, hi ilysm, I read this and I'm just so happy. This... more>> just gave me the strength to power through my day.

Firstly: the fluffiness!! It's so cute!!! I squealed multiple times while reading this.

Then, can we talk about the characters??? Soft's Daddy/Mommy water friends? Basically everyone is so loveable and unique! The ML is doting and cute, Soft is a bit grumpy but aLSO VERY CUTE and everyone in the team is just oh so likeable.

Everything was so well written and nice, I have no complaints.

Please read it. You will not regret a single moment. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Zhang.fujo rated it
November 13, 2020
Status: c47
First lemme tell you guys, I very rarely give review for novel, im lazy af but this novel is an exception.. The story is really good, the romance is subtle (kinda slow but give us enough dog food), the gaming aspect is 10/10 for me since its about LOL as LOL player I love how I can imagine it and it feels like I really watching a match 👌.. The shou is super sassy and fun to read 🤣🤣, hesss super sassy to other ppl but to ML hes like... more>> docile puppy, and the ML hes ur typical gaming god whos tall and handsome but hes not cold at all caring gong is so sexc 👍😆..

Go read it kay my dear friend, lets hype it more 🤩 <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Teal96ko rated it
October 18, 2020
Status: c19
My first review because this novel is unbelievably soft and hilarious, I want to tell that you won't regret reading this fluffyness!! I didn't expect to be so fond of it!!! Fsgshsj

The MC, despite having a mouth able to spew words that can burn people, is actually very adorable and soft! I keep smiling at his antics when he faces ML. Also his fans is unbelievable— I laughed so hard at the chaos they bring lol

Meanwhile the ML great too. Nice guy, feels dependable, can tease MC (un) knowingly! It's... more>> easy to like him, especially after reading the way he interact with the MC.

I am excited to see their developing relationship uwu <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
chocmik rated it
June 14, 2024
Status: Completed
Why was Soft treated like a baby? The emphasis on drinking milk was really weird. I usually try to ignore age gaps; however, characters kept bringing up how Soft is of age and “just turned 18.” For this reason, I couldn’t give the story a 5,

I really wanted to give it a 5, though. Dad already misses my TTC and PUD boys. The relationship between them was positive and fun. The story was interesting and wasn’t bogged down by the game play descriptions. The translators explained LOL terms and... more>> made the gameplay really enjoyable to follow. Overall, a really fun read. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 25, 2022
Status: Completed
ICDI is just one of those novels that you decide to pick up after a long week and then look up Sunday night and realize you spent your whole weekend reading. It's an enjoyable experience for if you have nothing to do for two days. It's nothing special, you're not gonna develop some deep emotional attachment to the characters. But at the end of the day, if you wanna spend like 15 hours reading about a dumbass bluenette who simps harder than he flames, I'll encourage you.

Side note for the... more>> league players out there: it's not realistic at all. The way they play is platinum tier if I'm being generous. Also I cannot accept that they never once played the only canonical gay couple in League, especially since they both played the champions involved (Graves and Twisted Fate), just never together QAQ

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Novelreader 22102
Novelreader 22102 rated it
June 18, 2022
Status: Completed
To anyone seeing this review.. Just read the novel if you liked the summary and the premise. Don't listen to the negative reviews. I had put this novel on my TBR but didn't read it for a long time because of these bad reviews.

The ML and MC are both nice. I thought the MC would be annoying and the ML would be too domineering cos of the summary but thats not the case at all. MC is a short cutie capable of award winning tr*sh talk and ML was really... more>> gentle and sweet towards him. I loved their interactions until they got together and loved it more after they did. The side CP was so cute and I love them as much as the main CP. Though if I had to pick out what I loved the most it would be MC's interactions with his fans.

To talk about the bad reviews... I just have to ask, have none of you read a sports novel before? These people act like making the opponent evil was racist of the author to do..

First of all throughout the novel its stated multiple times that only that one korean team was being rude and racist towards our characters. They pount out how none of the other korean teams are like this.

Second of all most sports novels make opponent teams evil. That just makes it more interesting. It has nothing to do with the team being korean.

Thirdly have any of you seen real sports. Every sports fan will tell you that their country or club is the best and that other country's teams are just not good enough. That doesnt make anyone racist. It doesnt reflect that persons personal opinion of that country it just means the fans are very devoted to their own respective club or team.

People should just calm down a little as the author clearly didnt intend it as such. Stop making things up. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AnimeBerry rated it
May 2, 2022
Status: Completed
This was such a cute story and freaking hilarious. The cute ship aside can we talk about the water armies?? They are just so awesome, makes me wonder if any real life celeb has such fans.

And yeah the villain painting was unnecessary and kinda uncomfortable. But otherwise it was fine.

They definitely have golden finger tho but I guess op protagonists are better than frustrating ones.

The stars are for all the laughs I enjoyed.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mooninjune rated it
March 6, 2022
Status: Completed
I'll keep it short : I'm not really someone who reread a novel after I finish it, but I've already reread ICDI twice. That's how much I adore this novel and it's characters.

anyway the only thing lacking from ICDI is that I need more P-Bai extra </3
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 8, 2022
Status: Completed
This is so light to read and funny as well!

Jian Rong and his water friends interaction is too hilarious that everytime I read the scene where Soft's stream make me laugh out loud!

Road and Soft is too sweet in their own world!

And my son's being so savage!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
_choochun rated it
January 9, 2022
Status: Completed
really liked it! Binged it in 4 days? It's so good I was sad that it was abt to end back then 😭😭 it's so funny and I cried out of laughter once because author rlly has such an interesting way with dialogues 😭 the characters are all so interesting!!! I really like xiao bai he's such a baby friend 🥺🥺❣️

during the competition arcs, it rlly was mostly gaming lol but it was really v enjoyable!! Never read stuff like this before, I just thought I would like Soft as... more>> a charac wc is why I picked this up, eventually realized that the main pair's dynamic was different from what I first thought, but they were v cute all the same hehe. Lu boyuan is a king of grease!!!! But still so handsome. I found it really funny when the people around road tease him abt his being a cradle snatcher when jian rong is alr of legal age 🤣🤣🤣.

really loved the second pair 🥺🥺❣️ and I hoped they got more chapters hahah!!! Ngl I liked pinebai dynamic more than roadsoft during the end, , but it's just a matter of my personal taste! Roadsoft are in love and each other's solace im 🥺🥺🥺❣️

theyre all so loveable 😭😭😭 from soft to their coach 🥺 to even saviot theyre all cute huhu.

i can see where other reviews are getting from, but as someone who could see it as not a problem lol I think it's not that bad!

i am a certified Soft dad now, too! Thank you for translators they brought out everything so well 🥺❣️ <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 25, 2021
Status: Completed
this is my very first eSports novel and I AM NOT DISAPPOINTED AT ALLL!!!

I love each and every character especially TTC members and ding-ge as well as the tsundere soft dads 😭❤️ the relationship between soft and his water friends is extremely precious that it made me cry when the MSI finals happened.

soft and road also have a very cute relationship but can I just say that the side ship pinexbye got me more because bye is just SO SO DENSE but the moment he realised that he have feelings... more>> for pine too, he just accepted it wholeheartedly.

now we talk about ding-ge and quan which are both the only straight guys in the team. The last part where ding-ge desperately want to resign because of the relationships inside the team made me crack up.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
jellyfishies rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: Completed
TLDR: Author amazing. Translator amazing. MC? Amazing. Highly recommend. Very rereadable.

Let's talk about the gaming aspect first. I am someone who can be considered a casual fan of the LoL Esports scene. I used to follow the NA LCS, LCK, and LPL almost religiously back in 2015-2016, and nowadays I still take the time out to watch major competitions. If I wanted to be really technical, there would be quite a few things to nitpick. For example, the meta in League is constantly changing, and the author designed her own... more>> 'meta' instead of adhering completely to competitive history. There are some rather arguable points on how the meta isn't realistic, but I still think the author made a reasonable choice. Also, some of the gameplay sections are a tad unrealistic, but it definitely falls within the realm of creative liberties. After all, some things need to be exaggerated to keep the readers hooked. For the most part, the author follows the game mechanics really well. As someone who understands League and its champions, I could almost visualize some of the game segments through her descriptions. You can tell that the author herself plays the game or at least knows an extensive amount about it. The commentators for some of the competitive games were a little bit... exaggerated. Some of the things that they say are probably considered unprofessional, but I think I find it kind of endearing so it's fine.

Now for the MC and ML. I love the MC. So much. I think I just have a soft spot for angry foul-mouthed boys who's prickly like a porcupine but really really soft to the person he loves (the ML). ngl I immediately got art-baited when I saw the cover of this novel because I really liked the MC's character design. The blue hair, the small cute face, and the height difference between him and the ML. So good *chef's kisses*. And when I found out that this tiny cute human (who I think is actually like 5'9 and not actually that tiny) speaks so aggressively and gives absolutely 0 f*cks about it. Boys, this is what we call gap moe. As for the ML, I found his personality less distinctive than the MC's, but I still quite like him. I think one of the moments I remember the most from the story was when he sat down the MC and was like, I'm not as good as you think I am. Due to how they met, the MC has always pretty much idolized the ML. And in the beginning, I also believed in this reserved and calm exterior. Like he really seemed to have his sh*t together, y'know? But then you find about more about his past, and how he started, how he got to where he is today, and you realize that the MC and ML really were once pretty similar. Also this might kinda be a spoiler so:

My heart h u r t s for the ML's hand injury. I feel like every esports novel I read someone's gotta be injured. It's seriously heartwrenching every time I think about how short the peak period of an athlete, esports or not, is. The fact that they have to retire so young, and it's almost always unwillingly, just ahhhhhh. And it's not just the ML, other veteran players in this novel too just make me :' (


The relationship between them is!! Very good!!! I actually am such a fan of the pacing of how they got together. It wasn't too fast, but it didn't feel too slow either. There would be a good amount of cute scenes often enough that I didn't feel like going crazy. But it wouldn't be overdoing it either. And the way that they fell for each other was realistic too and I absolutely loved reading the MC's PoV and how he was so Confused^tm for so much of it. It's so goddamn cute. And everything's really fluffy. Like MC and ML both had it rough in their earlier years, but the novel took place after they got through that rough patch. And the MC has come to terms with his tragic backstory^tm as well, and the ML already went through the whole family feud of being well off but running off to play esports. Even the whole coming-out drama wasn't nearly as much as it could have been. Love the ML's mom by the way.

This is important! The translation! Is! f*cking God-tiered! The translator doesn't play League and it's just so f*cking unbelievable because they translated the matches so well??? Like the sheer f*cking amount of Googling and Wikia-ing they probably had to do. f*cking god bless. Like I already mentioned above that I could visualize the games from the author's descriptions, but there would have been no way to do it had the translators not done as amazing of a job as they did. Every skill name. All the gaming lingo. The item names. Like f*cking how the heck. And even aside from the gaming, everything read so fluently. Like you know that they didn't MTL and then edited. They read it line by line and then reinterpreted it in English. Like this is probably one of the best translations I've read, lots of love to the translation team.

Other misc things: Side characters very cute. All the teammates are easy to remember and have distinctive personalities. Some core characters from other teams play important parts too (shoutout to Savior, an actual baby. And XIU, the poor old man.) There's a side couple that doesn't realllyyyy appear in the main story (but the hints are all there, trust me). But the extras have a side story featuring them! Also, MC's fans are absolutely hilarious. I too now have become a dad fan of the MC. I don't know how it happened but now I have a blue-haired son that I will flame but adore at the same time. It just how it be sometimes.

Note about the xenophobia. Although the author did try to center the villainization around the HT team, a lot of it still seeped out to the LCK in general, especially with how some of the Korean commentators/anchors/gaming staff were depicted. Even though I don't know the ins and outs of the LCK scene in real life, in the many many games I've watched with LCK teams against teams from other regions, behaviors like the ones shown in the novel were non-existent. It did make a bit uncomfortable reading it, especially because I'm quite a fan of a few LCK teams. The whole thing with how other regions import a lot of Korean players is a little too real. In the NA LCS, you can find Korean player names everywhere when you look at the team rosters. But I doubt, or at least I hope, that the players in the LCK look down on the Korean players in other regions like how HT did in the novel. Esports is an industry and being a professional player is a career, there's nothing to be ridiculed in recruiting players from other regions or for going to other regions that are providing them with a better contract. However, despite all of that. I understand that the author is trying to fill in the role of a "villain" with this HT team. And it made for an exciting final arc with a very satisfactory resolution. I don't necessarily believe that the author has some inherent prejudice against Korea, because she did portray the audience members and other players from the LCK as being uncomfortable with HT's actions. I think she tried her best to make it clear that HT's actions do not reflect that of LCK as a whole. <<less
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June 4, 2021
Status: c1
Ive read a few novels with cold love interests and they always make it seem like its a one sided conversation but the author managed to make him seem cold but also showed that he is interested. I also really liked how its realistic for as although he is accomplished and smart the love interest doesn't know everything as often in some novels the love interest is like a god that know everything. For some reason it really pisses me of when the love interest is portrayed like that while... more>> the main character is portrayed as foolish to make him 'cute' idk. Anyways its a good read. <<less
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