I Came Back but the World is Still a Fantasy!?


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When a boy coincidentally fell into a dimension hole, what awaited him was a world of sword and magic.

Two years of tragedies, wars, and schemes, passed until he was finally able to return to Earth.

But when he came back, the world was no longer the same.

A new world with advanced technology, Garesto, was now trading with Earth, leading to a complete overhaul of Earth’s technology.

In the long years that have passed and the great changes that have occurred, his family was not left untouched.

His parents were now divorced. His siblings were now strangers. And all his friends were now gone.

He who possessed otherworldly power and knowledge hid himself for various reasons. But though he was able to somehow pull the wool over the world’s eyes, there were still those who noticed him.

This is a tale that came to be because of a boy who came back home.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. In what order should I read this?

Read it from the oldest release until the newest one. This story is NOT written in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, and is meant to be read according to the RELEASE ORDER.

2. What do the numbers AA-BB mean in the titles?

They mean Time Axis-Act.

E.g., 03-01 happens after all the 02-BB, but before 03-02.

02-02 means that there’s a 02-01 chapter.

This also means that 05-00 happens in the far later.

NOTE: The first six releases are PROLOGUES, main chapters start from the seventh release onwards.

Associated Names
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Kaettekite mo Fantasy!?
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Aure94100 rated it
August 22, 2016
Status: v2c6
Hum... how to explain ?

The concept... the story is really good... interesting.

BUT the author has no skill as a writer. Don't misunderstand me, this isn't unreadable or it wouldn't be translated, but the author just doesn't know how to manage his own story and his own writing style. It's like a mix of styles where he tries to create something but ultimately... fails.

He wants to manage each chapter in a non-chronological way because he wants to give his story a more mysterious and professional feeling I suppose... but it just... more>> doesn't work at all. It's only confusing for readers. And he constantly change his POVs making sometimes the story unreadable.

Well, this novel has a serious potential but the writing process is a complete mess. <<less
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Fluffums rated it
January 15, 2018
Status: --
Are the people who gave this five stars reading the same novel as me?

They call the protagonist realistic, but I don't consider it realistic to think "I don't want to stand out" and then not pay attention to other people at all? The protagonist has a ridiculous amount of arrogance you wouldn't expect from someone who's been through several tragedies (as suggested by the prologue). It's also really weird to think "I'm here to investigate" and not show any interest in anything beyond randomly going "whoa" at technology or hairstyles.

It... more>> comes off as a chuunibyou trying to be Tatsuya from The Irregular At Magic High School without the smarts, the looks, the family connections, the business connections, the military connections, a reason for acting apathetic, or the little sister. Oh, and he's probably not as talented as Tatsuya either; I haven't read to any fights yet because after the prologue there's at least 10 chapters of "I'm trying to fit in by acting literally the opposite way everyone else reacts to everything and not noticing because I only ever look at people's hair, and I'm so bored even though everything here is new and amazing to me."

The only reason I gave 2 stars is that the opening was decent and there's an expectation they'll return to that, but... Well, the author kinda glazed over the adventure and tragedy and dived headfirst into "high school is so boring, sigh..." so it's hard to say if it's worthwhile trudging through that at all. Maybe there'll just be another school arc. <<less
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Nakiami rated it
April 3, 2016
Status: --
This novel has an interesting twist on the transported to a fantasy world genre. For those who like protagonists that actually have a personality, and at least act like a human, this is for you. Sure, he’s OP, he doesn’t feel unreasonable or 2D like other protangonists.

It would be awesome if some one or some group picked this novel up.
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NightmareMBD rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: --
When one of the reviewers mentioned that the story wasn't terrible but the author didn't know how to write, I did not expect them to be this correct.

The idea and the plot are great, but right off the bat you can feel that this is not going to be an easy read. Not only does the story have a complex reading order for absolutely no reason, it also presents itself in a terribly confusing manner. You immediately find yourself lost in the story, and not in the good sense.

I admit... more>> that giving it a 1 star might seem harsh, but the very very basic need of a story is that it is readable, and this story couldn't even cross that barrier properly.

Maybe there is a great story hidden under this steaming mess, but unless SHAFT comes along and animates this, I don't want to spend mental energy and effort to draw inferences on what chapter to read next. <<less
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caolsei rated it
November 5, 2019
Status: c3
As another reviewer said, the author unfortunately is not skilled enough to pull off a trick like having the chapters in the wrong order. In the end, not only is it very confusing, the author has to repeat a lot of information which will come in later chapters... because those should have actually already been read at that point of time.

What's more, after chapter 4 he suddenly stopped having them in the wrong order, making us wonder why he even bothered in the first place. Incoherence within incoherence. Just like... more>> his protagonist I guess. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
September 20, 2016
Status: c04-25 part3
Fantasy vs Science. High tech futuristic Academy city. Setting is more on the futuristic technology and science side with a mix of fantasy elements. Sound familiar? I think it's more similar to the Raildex series. Also some The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs vibes. MC is a cheat because he's basically a 3rd party returning from an actual fantasy world.

At first I thought it was like Everyone Else is a Returnee, and it kinda is but not really. Story is centered around society issues, adapting to a... more>> changed world, government, family, new life, etc.. It's like reverse isekai with a time leap of almost a decade.

Leaving this at 5 stars because it's definitely interesting story, and I like the Raildex series. <<less
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madvil rated it
February 17, 2020
Status: c02-03 part1
Look, I don't mind the constant time skips since if done well, it can enhance and even make you re-read old chapters and finally understand what he meant

I mind a little that he is super op and ALL the girls fall in love with him because "reasons", but most jp wn are like that, so it isn't a great deal

What I really mind is that EVERYONE is an idiot except him because of "REASONS"

A good example of this is that he is the best fighter in the world because the... more>> rest don't bother to learn how to fight, they just overwhelm everyone with their "op" stats. This makes no f*cking sense since the students fight each other, and a good martial artist will always beat a gold medalists weightlifter

Ther are other stuff like his super hacking or how bad is everyone at spying him, etc. It looks promising at the start, but the logic behind his OP is really bad, even if the author tries hard to make "reasons". If you add that almost all characters are girls that only exist to make the main character look awesome and make them fall in love with him, I wouldn't recommend this novel unless you don't have anything else to read or you are extremely good at the suspension of disbelief thingy and you are into harems and power fantasy <<less
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Maxmeteor1 rated it
December 14, 2015
Status: --
Personally I love this series, and I hope it will be picked up by someone. It has a great protagonist with a mysterious, OP feel who for the time being does not want the government to know how OP he is since he has just come back to his family. It makes the reader want to discover what happened during his time in the fantasy world, but also find out what will happen in the present. Overall, I think it is a great novel and is very similar to "LV999... more>> Villager" and "Impregnable Dreadnought" in mood. I fervently hope some will pick it up or it will gain more attention, and thanks in advance if someone picks it up, and thanks to those who have already translated it. <<less
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Absolute-Melody rated it
December 28, 2019
Status: c02-11 part3
From my perspective, the chronology of the chapters is indeed somewhat confusing. But props to the translator, although errors exist here and there, the organization helps in making the story understandable. My biggest qualm with the story is actually the pacing of the translation.

Sorry Translator, I just complimented you and here I am roasting you...

If you binge read the entire story, it is truly a pleasant experience. However, waiting anywhere in a range of 4-18 days for the next chapter kills the story for me. I'm patient enough to wait... more>> and am not trying to rush the translator, but with the quality that I've witnessed over the course of a YEAR, I expect at least a higher standard for translation.

I wouldn't recommend mtl due to the convoluted nature of the story's organization, so the regular translation is still the best option, but the Translator needs to really establish a consistent release rate. At least once a week is consistent. PLEASE. <<less
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
April 20, 2019
Status: c02-06 part1
The content's probably 4.5 star, but the release rate is ruining this novel. It's a slow burner, but the release rate is two chapters per month. It feels like nothing is happening, even though it's going at roughly the same rate as other slow burning novels.

If you're going to read it all in one sitting, you'll enjoy it. If you're trying to read it as it's released, you'll become frustrated.
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Renaxan rated it
June 24, 2018
Status: c03-13 part3
Summary :

Main character who are missing into otherworld 2 years back to earth and find it different earth used to be. What we have here MC with mental disorder, try to act edgy while hiding.. Idk what he does at all. Realistic?

... more>>

while he is hiding him self, but act too extravagant just because food waste out. Despite he know its his problem why not response. See? He is have problem with his mental. Theres a lot things to after this


just admit it, I known he is act like that bcz horrible experience in prior 2 yrs resulting his mental disorder but also make me wonder wtf the story gonna do with this short type of MC. Still clueless af.

Story is damn slowpaced, with mystery vibe related to story. This story isnt usual isekai genre so somehow i'll read this when have a times. <<less
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Cactiii rated it
July 18, 2022
Status: c03-04
Like a lot of other people have said the biggest issue with this novel is the chronological order... The biggest issue with the chronological order is simply the fact that its completely unnecessary and confusing... The author is trying to make this web of mystery where there is foreshadowing and flashbacks but the issue is there is absolutely no reason why this should exist in the book. It has never once given me an air of mystery or interest in the story, all it does is kill any enthusiasm for... more>> the book I can have... While I can understand the people who want to ignore it because apparently the actual story is good at the end of the day a book is telling a story, this book fails to create a story due to the randomly skipping timelines. Foreshadowing and flashbacks are used in a story to add mystery and suspense, a foreshadow makes readers anticipate whats ahead, a flashback gives insight into the hidden side of the character revealing a hidden trauma or major event, but with this story there is none of that... It skips around so early in the story that I have no attachment to the default timeline making everything very confusing, is this event before or after, does he have this trauma at this point in the story, ect... Since there is no base for a reader to compare the foreshadow or flashback to it ends up being this confusing mess of chapters that makes it difficult to enjoy the story... The worst part about it is that it serves no purpose in the story, for example

When he returns it does a chapter trying to be mysterious taking about a person whos name they are going to keep quiet (Although its obvious its mc) that basically ignores everything, this is a long chapter that foreshadows his character in school... then it skips back to him entering school but he is displaying a completely different character than the foreshadow showed him as. There are countless countless of these issues where the skips don't transfer correctly... Another example would be when he stabbed the demon king for blood and then got the item that lets him transfer worlds to return, despite him seemly being alone during that entire thing with no mention of the fox when he gets back to earth he has the fox with him...

And thats just the major issues.... Overall while the story I would say had potential the author crushed it by trying to have a unique writing style <<less
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moridin84 rated it
June 30, 2021
Status: c04-31 part4
The main character is such an edge lord. He and everyone around him are constantly bemoaning how tragic he. At the same time, everyone around him that matters is constantly praising how amazing he is.

It wasn't bad at first because his situation was tragic but he is just completely unable to get over himself. You just get sick of it.

The story seems to consider the MC to be a good guy but in reality, for all his self-deprecation he's actually an arrogant bastard that treats most people around with him... more>> contemptuously. The basis for his arrogance is just how strong he is.

The initial timeline stuff was confusing but it made things a bit interesting. However the story completely gave up on it in chapter 3 & 4, instead, we get this really long and boring school arc. <<less
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ErikHarrison rated it
June 13, 2021
Status: 2-5
It's honestly a mess.

The story being out of chronological order is confusing. There isn't a plot, instead several stories that are connected through a mystery. I sometime found myself in a chapter I disliked (chapter 2) wondering when I could move back to the chapters I liked. I like all the characters in the novel but their interactions aren't good. Instead of nuisance or long conversations we get short replies followed by descriptions of their feelings and emotions. So a lot of tell and not show. It feels I'm reading... more>> this because I like the genre and premise not the story. People keep giving this high ratings so I'm still waiting for it to blow my mind. I'm going to keep reading till I get burnt out but so far I'm disappointed. <<less
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Ssnfuture rated it
June 17, 2019
Status: c02-04 part3
I gave up reading, the authors still fails to deliver his writting style in a consistent pattern.

POV seemed like it sounded good in his head but when its written doesn't work they way it should. At least is what im getting at.

Without spoiling anything, these are the types of MC's that are either poorly written or intended mentally disabled person. I am still not sure why people say this is realistic where I can only see one of those mentally challenged that needs to be taken cared of by an... more>> institution. He needs to be put in a rehab or institution not level up program. <<less
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HappyLulu12 rated it
August 10, 2021
Status: --04-33
I hate so many things about this story.

First the MC has no killing policy (that mean nuisances will keep being nuisances)

All the girls are bad psychopaths. Not madness badass awesome ones but s*upid annoying egotistic b*tchs.

... more>> Most side characters are pe*vert weirdo girls that will fall for MC for shitty reasons (even I know that there are some logic in it but still sh*t tho).

Pp in this novel have a really annoying mouth. (Reading conversations make me feel so frustrating cause they all have big ego with almost 0 IQ, and they are all slow learner, dull and dumb). In short, although arthur let us understand in a logical way why everything is like that, why they behave/think that way, talk that kind of tr*sh talk, even though it is really logical but still make u feel like shit.

And there still many more that I cant describe. But after all that I will still recommend reading this cause it is a good novel. Plot is good, MC is smart, kinda somewhat badass. It is a gem when compare to those tr*sh japanese novels u usually see. Even I keep talking shit/being annoyed by it I still cant stop reading it, it is just that good.

Edit: I hate it so so hate it now. MC always appear in the last second when some accidents happen (it's fine if it happen moderately but this is just too freaking much). Also MC know it all but always do thing in inefficient way, all the fight end up with nonsense dialogue, every one talk too much for god sake, why cant they just calm and fight like a real experience soldier. They all look like third rate villains who spoke too much for far too long just to eating sh*t at the end (like they dont have a brain at all). <<less
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Drakonus_ rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: c04-25
Great novel, but a little bit confusing at the beginning.

A lot of people complain about the confusing timelines, but my advice is to just read it as is and without any nitpicking.

If you nitpick about the timelines, it just gets annoying to read. Think of the timelines as flashbacks and flashforwards. Don't worry though, it gets consistent later on.

Also, the translator is very slow. That's also one of the downsides of this novel. We're actually not even a quarter way through the RAWS, the translator just divided the chapters into... more>> parts. If there're any people willing to help the translator translate more frequently, it'd be very helpful.

Besides those two things, there's nothing really negative about this novel. The story is executed quite well, and is pretty unique. It has some heavy tones as it sticks to a more harsh character development than the character development of generic isekai stories. So sometimes the chapters feel painful to read because of the heavy emotions that are conveyed.

The MC is also very self-conscious. He knows that his power wasn't acquired by hardwork like everyone else, and feels ashamed of it. He's also very human, as he doesn't stick to any tropes or cliches.

The rest of the characters are also realistic, although they tend to lean to a trope, they still do things that aren't leaning to a trope. Once you read more, you'll realize that each character has their own depth, and the trope they portray is just the surface.

Anyways, it's a good read if you're bored of the isekai genre. Don't mind the people complaining, cause if you go to the RAWS, you'll see that they only read the beginning of the story. This one is very refreshing, and I highly recommend it. <<less
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kuronokishi9 rated it
December 13, 2020
Status: c04-141
This series is good, very good. From my perspective, I can say this is a masterpiece.

Chapter's order is confusing? Ain't it just you who don't like anything that out of norm?

MC's personality is very likeable, he is strong, but he has many srew loose in his mind. He is very fragile and don't like fighting. And he was very human-like OP character.

... more>> He like to tease girl that he like, and author's sense is very good. There so many top tier waifu s here.

And they didn't fall for MC for no reason. After u read this series, but you still said that other girl fall for the MC just cause he was MC then you are s*upid.

Rather than himself, he always prioritized other to the point that can be said he didn't care about himself.

World building? World building for this series are very creative. So many point that can related to modern day at RL.

There so many twist here. And troubles are always came to our MC.

If you want to judge this series, at least read it till later half of school trip (Earth Side) arc. At that arc you have will know how strong he is and you will know how weak he is too.

Here some Top tier Heroines list at this series, there some that was a note from author, so it can spoiler to the one who read the translation of this series too.


1. Stella, the one that close and understand MC the most (Falandia)

2. Isis, the one who rescued the MC whem transported to Falandia by accident, our mc's first love (Falandia)

3. Lilysha, the one who want to be his lover the most (Falandia)

4. Youko (fox), the longest companion of MC and the one can be said the one that has faith on him the most

5. Friere, the one who 'know' him the most (Garest)

6. Hina, the one who worried about him the most (Garest)

7. Alice, the one who admire him the most (Garest)

8. Tomoe, the one who understand him the most (Earth)

9. Monica, the one that be said the woman that has MC's "weakness".


But I really hate how Author write in Syosetsu.... Its soo fcking confusing. When reach the end right margin, Author really like just space that line... So many braincells that I burn when I read the Raw vers. cause I just didn't like waiting... <<less
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May 6, 2022
Status: --
I am so confused how this Story got such a high rating. The writing is atrocious I tried to overlook it but it doesn't really get better. One of the Reviews before me describes it the best when they say the Writer is confused. Doesn't deserve a 1 Star because its at least still readable even if you wanna tear our your Hair while reading it. It does not deserve a 4.0 Rating though, the writing is too poor for that.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
OnOffOtaku rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: c04-19 part1
An interesting and refreshing take on Isekai, A protagonist with personality, good world building and engaging environment, Realistic human relationships and and their troubles, Not everything goes smoothly, And a really fun story overall that you should read if you want something new, For me personally its on the same level as Mushoku Tensei and The Lazy King
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