I Bought The Crown Prince Because He Was Being Sold At The S*ave Market


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The young man who had been sold for five pieces of silver coins was the former Crown Prince, the man who broke our engagement eight years ago and destroyed the kingdom. He was a beautiful prince, but is now a shadow of his former self, emaciated, disfigured, and locked in a dirty cage at the s*ave market. I decided to buy him.

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    kawaii12345 rated it
    July 4, 2021
    Status: c29
    If you have a foot fetish this might be a 3 or a four star novel, for anyone else it's really dull and boring p*rn.

    The protagonist is emotionally dead and uninteresting. The prince is uninteresting. The setting might well be a copy of an old Japanese video game. It's that generic. WORST of all is the writing, which is somewhere between the side of a cereal box and IRS forms in terms of how engaging it is.

    Overall it's just very bad
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    July 5, 2021
    Status: prologue
    ooh I hope the s*ave prince will apologise for the sh*t he did. I can see he already compensated through the karma he has faced but I just wish he suffers a little more with feelings
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    Despaireon rated it
    July 7, 2021
    Status: Completed

    I absolutely love this concept. Where those as*hole Prince that abandoned and falsely accused their ex Fiances and karma caught up to them and heavily too. I think it's realistic since it takes place in a historical setting how horrible s*aves are treated especially if they were part of nobility in a fallen country. However it's not well written unfortunately the only time I actually felt something is the ending were they were forgotten along with their deaths. Kinda sad but no attachment since everyone was written as 2D no actual depth. It was boring I had to skip others povs. The smut.... I honestly don't know what smut just some foot licking and that's it. Such a waste of a good concept especially since it's a concept not much of our Villainess stories are used in. Anyways it's not worth it unless you're really bored. Peace!

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