I Become a Staff Officer in the Demon Army, but I Can Only Do Office Work!


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The demon army who faced the never-ending war against the humans is in great crisis. Iron dragon dominated the sky, and Iron Horses dominated the ground, and steel rain that comes strikingly from beyond the horizon.

Facing such incredible mechanical weapons used by humans, the demon army then tried to summon a savior from another world, to reverse this situation.

Just like that, the demon army is saved— (Or so the story should go but)…

“Emm, I can only do office work though?”


Akitsu Akira who was living in modern Japan was hit by a Truck, and flew high…

When he realized he was being blown off to another world, he was asked to do an impossible work such as, “Please Save the Demon army!”

In response, he screamed, “There’s no way I can do that can I?”, with an unreasonable reason such as being, “wasteful to not use him”, he was placed in the office of the demon army, as an officer.

Since he could not go back home, he thought of doing military service in the supply department within the demon army, but…

“What is Logistics​?”


This is a story about the demon army that changes just by using paper, pen, and ink…

“For now please sign here…”

“I cannot read or write…”


Or so that’s how the story supposedly goes…

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Demon Army Staff Officer
Maougun no Kanbu ni Natta kedo Jimu Shigoto shika Dekimasen
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storybookknight rated it
October 13, 2018
Status: v1c20
I generally like novels that apply professional skills to unfamiliar areas, so I thought the tale of a poor SOB being forcibly conscripted into inventing logistics for a demon army would be interesting. Unfortunately, the story suffers a little bit from being overly light-novelish. It skips past a lot of subjects that would potentially be interesting if they were examined in detail in order to examine the main character's "lighthearted daily life". Similarly, the military aspects of the story are more or less elided, serving mostly as a plot device... more>> for why the main character's work is necessary.

Or, in other words, this is mainly a story about a loser doing important office work with attractive demihumans, provided so that losers who have to do meaningless office work with ordinary humans can fantasize about having better lives.

Which is not an uncommon genre. Unfortunately for this novel's rating, as weeb-bait, I think it's pretty average; as such, I've given it a pretty average score. <<less
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shinanigans rated it
March 6, 2019
Status: v1c30
This feels like every time a humans discovers land, mu*ders the inhabitants but since the MC is in the "natives" side and the story isn't dark (I mean sure there's a war people die but you don't feel like they're on their last leg) It feels for sure that demons will win but it seem ridiculous at this point, the administrative part of this novel feels gloss over with no real impact because demons are like honor and glory BAM bullet to the face. What I don't understand is how... more>> demons survived this long humanity is on their industrialisation period and demons have never seen anything like if they were fighting with branches and out of nowhere there are guns, it's confusing from a world building perspective for gods sake they have aircrafts yet their demons don't seem to have a functional government feels more like tribes under one leader. This is what it needs to happens humanity not give an a s*** about glory kill all demons so demons either they change with the times or become extinct but doing this late in-game with no technology they might as well go into hiding but since that won't be the point of this novel I will just see what deus ex machine happens maybe god himself or humans will blow up themselves. If logistics reverses the situacion humans also have it sooooo my point is clear I hope <<less
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