I Become a Dragon in Other World


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An ordinary office lady who wanders into another world.
Asahi Kamisaka is 26 years old.
For some reason, she was able to transform into a beautiful, shining white dragon.

Mistaken for a witch from a demonic land, Asahi is banished from the village and begins a slow life in the demonic forest where she escapes.
She picks up Shimei, the kingdom’s injured dragon knight, in the forest.

What is this handsome guy?
This is the guy I want to marry!

From then on, each day the two of them are excited about new begins.
A slightly sad farewell and reunion.

There is also a slightly amusing and heartwarming love story between the natural heroine dragon and the straight-laced hero dragon knight.

Please enjoy the story of two people fighting hand in hand in a fantasy parallel world where kingdoms and demons compete!

Associated Names
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I became a Dragon in Another World
Isekai de Ryuu ni Narimashite
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hanck1995 rated it
January 25, 2019
Status: c16
the idea of ​​the novel is good, as it is described and developed... I will not say it is "bad", but if it is very simple... take a look at the Japanese novel with the translator to see how it continued. But leave it in chapter 16.

In a very short time I got to read 13 chapters (the first 3 in the translation translated into English). Open people that you like, but I am not able to continue reading.

Said in a generic way my opinion, add other points (alert spoiler)... more>> :

I have read other novels in which the protagonist has that "obsecion" to return to human cibilization and, to a more advanced point (for clear reasons, dragon that was not able to take human form and... other things). The protagonist could do it in chapter 5.

I have no complaints about that point, but I needed to mention it for the next part:


When she goes to the village and they treat her like a demonic witch, she does not do anything, they put her to work as a s*ave, she does not do anything, they give her a bad meal, she goes flying to hunt in the forest with the ease of a dragon. just that it hunts peses and, coincidentally, it also has salt available
But by the combination of the argument; he does not do anything, he goes back to the village... well, he goes flying after the boss's daughter (who, curiously, "has no friends", cof cof), escapes after he is practically shouted at.


next point:

Citing a border town next to a "demonic" forest. In the novels I have read to date, the "peoples" with those descriptions are always a type of "people / strength", the first line of defense against wild ineplorated territories.

If it were a normal border town between one country and another or similar, if it would be common a town without walls, suffering the famine and going through other evils of poverty.

next point:

when the gentlemen go to town for the "witch" that there is laughing the development between one and another; It takes half a day to fly in "wyvern" as described. But the information between this border town, and the cuertel of these sacred knights and dragon knights by a "messenger", of a people that enteoria should not have horses to go from one point to another to inform... or any gentleman who does all the way to deliver a report to his superiors.
Although there is no description of those points, but according to how the thing is set up, because of the famine if they had horses they would have eaten them or they would be dead, for the poor of the place there should not be knights circulating in a common farming village.

All he has is a "legend" about witches in the demonic forest with black hair and black eyes, and sometimes "comes out" causing some havoc.

Along with another of a white dragon "savior" and a black dragon "evil".


The idea of ​​the novel was good, but the development or the drescriptions are uy simplistic or forced (unexplained combinations for the triggers of the events for the aurogment).


In this sense of fantasy, romance and female dragon, I prefer to read Dragon Life.
It is a slow reading to X point, but it is all excellently developed. Evolution in the personality of the excellent protagonist, with her problem of duality and, among other things.

ps: maybe it's too early to have an opinion on the final result, I've read some that becomes interesting after, for example, chapter 50, 76, and a little slower in chapter 100... but not I have a lot of hope this time. <<less
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