I Became the Villain’s Own Daughter


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The villain, Lu Junhan, is so treacherous and cunning that he has done all sorts of bad things, and there is nobody in Hai Cheng who is not afraid of him.

But in the end, he died tragically at the male lead’s hands, becoming the biggest joke in the Hai Cheng circle!

To change this tragic outcome, the little Koi princess was reincarnated and became Lu Li, the daughter of Lu Jun Han.

The three-and-a-half-year-old little dumpling clenched her fist: I’m going to protect my father’s life! No one can bully him!

Who the hell is bullying whom?


Lu Junhan: “Someone! Strip him naked and throw him in the pool.”

Lu Li: “Dad, I’ll do it! I’ll take off his clothes.”

“…… “Lu Junhan paused: “Forget it, taking off your clothes is a nuisance, cut off one of his hands for me -”

Before he finished speaking, Lu Li revealed her weapon first: “I’ll do it! Dad, I can do this too!”

Lu Junhan: “……”

Afterward, a reporter asked, “Mr. Lu, what made you change your mind and vow to be a good person?”

Lu Junhan remained silent with a smile.

In order not to lead the child astray, he had to put away all his tyrannical ruthlessness, set a good example, turn the little dumpling back onto the right path, and always be on the lookout for others who might cheat her away!


But who knew that the precious daughter, who was raised with great care and protection, would end up being snatched by a little devil!

The little devil king, who has always been lawless, sinister, and ruthless, looked like a good boy: “Li Li, they all say you like good people.”

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I Have Become the Villain’s Daughter
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7starkiller99 rated it
December 10, 2020
Status: c500
... This novel is absolute garbage.

First off, the summary is misleading. MC only stops her dad from doing bad stuff once and the rest is her dad still being a villain. He never sets a good example.

Look, the early part is mostly fluff and... not very smart children and some funny misunderstandings.

... more>> Up to CH301 we're good. It's about MC who is a happy lucky fish being the daughter of a crummy stingy dad.

But oh boy soon afterwards goodbye fluff hello ridiculous "dog blood" BS Drama.

I'm serious: this novel becomes far worse than hidden marriage or your regular 0 brain cell drama.

Don't read spoiler if you still want to read novel:


So basically, first there's a horrid child trafficking incident in CH301. Mc's mom is Ruan Zhi (revealed in CH336), whose sister was killed in jail due to the work of scum man Huo. (Author later backtracks on Huo man being scum but it's no better.) Gone is the MC being cute and instead we get more drama. The sister crosses into Ye Ruoruo (Ye Wangan evil reborn heroine's villainess sister), and suffers. (Explained in CH322). Novel continues to get more dramatic with addition of Lu Ran, a poor girl who was harmed heavily by Mc's Song Aunt (Who has deadly cancer and is also rather s*upid and evil.), and she had drama with her former husband Yu that absolutely consumes the novel. By CH480 Novel is now just Yu guy chasing his wife but doing it in the typical scumbag way by not honestly talking with her. Novel becomes a gangster drama full of revenge and focuses on a villainess who made Yu misunderstood. Anyway Yu scum guy didn't protect his wife and more dramatic nonsense continues. Novel completely falls apart annoyingly.


Frankly, it feels like an entirely different story after all of this nonsense.

Sigh, I hope whoever's reading this can understand. Just be warned that this is false fluff =_= and also you must turn off your brain entirely.

Be reminded that this novel has the MC be a 3 year old fish brain... but everyone else has no excuse for being so s*upid. <<less
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MiyaMira rated it
December 14, 2020
Status: c603
I was cheated thinking it was from JJXC website, but it was actually Q (that'd teach you to really read the whole description before searching to mtl). Nevertheless, I mtl-ed until the latest chapter and understood why it's in Q:

... more>>
  1. The amount of characters that are openly/secretly OP, and cookie-cutter male personalities (tall, slender, handsome, intelligent, cool, aura that can freeze you).
  2. Somehow unrealistic age compared to personality (e.g.: Stoic, slightly (?) mu*derous, handsome, genius 7 y.o. boy who apparently also have the strength to kill a healthy adult man if not disabled. Or. Scheming, selfish 6 y.o. girl who is not only proficient in controlling her set-up personality in public but also know to plan on using money to bring popularity/downfall for her own goal.)
  3. The lack of appearance or mention of a real mother, bar the Ori!FL of novel MC is in and another cannon fodder. MC's mom also only appears to add plot. (Although author did mention that once Lu Li's mom really appeared and got together with Daddy Lu, the novel would be ending.)
  4. Short chapters that made you click to the next chapter until you realized it's already more than 100 chapters but the plot is still at the exposition stage. It'd be at least 5 years of in-novel time, so the novel not gonna be short either. More if author wanna write until MC is an adult, since we have little ML. It's gonna be a loooooong novel *cries*

It's enjoyable, I laughed a lot whenever MC made everyone use ellipsis from her antics. She's lovable and funny though I wouldn't really like her irl cuz I have a niece that acts a lot like her, and I understand Daddy Lu's frustration and anger towards MC sometimes. I'm glad that author have prepared the plot so we'd know that the novel wouldn't be too long it'd reach 10k chapters... probably. Thank goodness for short chapters, I guess.

Recomended for people looking for father-child interactions, comedy and leisure reading :) <<less
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January 3, 2022
Status: c506
this could have been very cute but its slightly aggravating bc the adults take the childrens actions too seriously. Esp when its funny as hell.

im thinking also im a bit turned off bc the aunt / grandfather are homophobic. This is one of those novels ppl say you cant take seriously but it is still uncomfortable to read as if they believe they can make her have a sexuality change when a misunderstanding happened. Thinking of dropping.

man. Idk how im still here. Its cute sometimes. Its funny sometimes. Its filler... more>> sometimes. Idk man. Its very typical chinese cultural values tho.

im probably dropping just bc shes still f*ckin 3 yrs old 500 ch later. Holy shit <<less
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Liune rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: c256
Slowpaced, fluffy, but at the same time ridiculous story about a koi child following her father to divert his death... it's really cute and the pace is just right, for now she is still 3 (00) and there are no time skips, as our heroine really is a cute (but really her fathers) child.

I just wished we could get to see the story of her parents as mentioned how her koi mother chased after her father~
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Yoiya rated it
March 25, 2023
Status: Completed
Long story short, cute ass story and love the interactions between Lili and her Daddy, Junhan. They're so adorable and she's totally his little cutie baby.

HOWEVER, a few things that totally killed this whole entire series for me is how utterly s*upid (I MEAN SERIOUSLY s*upid) Lili is. Her pure innocent naivety was cute when she was 3 years old, but the fact that she still had the same 3-year-old mentality even when she grew up and had kids is ridiculously s*upid and killed the whole vibe of the story... more>> for me. Another was how long and draggy these netizen's comments were during the variety show arc was. Sometimes it took up the whole friggin chapter!!! Annoying!!!!

Could've been good, sadly I don't know what happened. 2/5 stars because I enjoyed the little small essay she wrote about her Dad lmao <<less
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shouahang58 rated it
December 23, 2020
Status: c34/ rawc1069
I'm in love with this novel!! I love the MC and her interactions with everyone around her, it's just pure gold! I love her driving the adults crazy mostly her dad! LMAO!

As of ch1069, 3 years has past in novel.

caught up with the raw ch1069
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Vanny Zhang
Vanny Zhang rated it
December 20, 2020
Status: Completed
I don't know why this novel got a low rating, but this is a really great and hilarious novel..

Nope. It's not your typical doting daddy and sensible & cute daughter. Lu Junhan is a big cold villain and won't even hesitate to scold, hit, and punish his daughter. But if you become him, you won't be able to bear Lu Li too lol. Lu Li is a very noisy and extrovert little girl. She can cry at one second and laugh at the next second. And she can make your... more>> blood pressure explode lol. I don't know how to describe their relationship but I like their relationship VERY MUCH to the point that I hope Lu Li's mother won't appear.

I'll spoil some of my favorite funny moments.


1. So, Lu Li had 3 best friends at school and their fathers were rich CEOs too. One day, they gathered at a parent-children meeting at the kindergarden. The teacher asked the children to write about their fathers. All of the 3 children who were big fans of Lu Li, wrote about Lu Li instead of their fathers. The fathers were so frustrated and envied Lu Junhan because his daughter is such a father fanatic lol. Lu Li told Lu Junhan that she cried when she wrote the letter, made everyone though it's a very touching letter. But then, when Lu Junhan read the novel he instantly became gloomy and hit Lu Li's head. Lu Li wrote about her dream, that her father was dead and became a dog (that's why she cried lol).

2. Lu Li accidentally ate wine chocolate and got drunk. She got crazy and cried everywhere looking for her head. And then, she though of a small watermelon as her head and a bigger watermelon as her father's head. She accidentally broke "her father's head". She looked very sad and stared at the watermelon for a long time. Everyone though she being a sweet girl and felt sad because it's her father's head. But then, she was like, "can I eat it?" Lol

And then for the entire night, she hugged "her head" and disturbed Lu Junhan until 3 am. To the point that Lu Junhan sent his aunt a text asking recommendation for orphanages. Lmao.


I really prefer Lu Junhan and Lu Li's father-daughter relationship, rather than a daughter-s*ave father and a genius & sensible daughter. XDD

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SilverBullet888 rated it
December 7, 2020
Status: c470
I'm MTLing this btw

I'm a big sucker for the "big shot ceo cold hearted dad raises a little bun" type of stories so I'm a little biased, but I also thought that the novel was hilarious and heartwarming at times. As of where I am, I still think the novel is a 4, but I honestly wish the author would wrap up the story faster. Right now the novel seems to be more about character interactions than plot, and we have only just gotten introduced to all the main characters... more>> (I think)


    • I think the interactions between the MC and her family members are hilarious
    • The plot that we're getting is pretty interesting so far.

      There are a lot of different elements in the story that mesh with each other such as various characters experiencing various types of rebirth, as well as systems, cannon fodder villains, heroines that turn s*upid and evil after receiving knowledge of the future (novel plot), amnesia reincarnation, etc

    • It's your typical sand sculpture novel, where they don't dwell on anything sad or depressing for too long, so it's good for a light hearted read.
    • Some of the character pairings in this novel are really cute, and I hope they develop more on them because they get really little screen time.
    • They didn't make the father change all of a sudden into a super doting, all tolerant dad. Even though he does treat the MC differently, he's still really childlike and petty and get's exasperated at her a lot to the point where he wants to strangle here (which is relatable honestly)

    • some jokes seem to drag on way too long
    • the MC cries way too often, and it was funny at first but the longer it drags on the more annoying it starts to get. (Which is actually probably just an accurate portrayal of toddlers and just me getting annoyed at toddlers lol) I hope this will change as she gets older.
    • The plot moves at a super glacier pace. I hope I get to a time skip or something because it seems like the kids are perpetually stuck at age 3 in kindergarten and I really would like to move on...
    • All the characters seem to vary in their age maturity from way too mature to way too childish. I legit thought the ML was like, 14 or 18 for half the chapters until I saw somewhere where they specifically mention he's 7.
    • OP ness is too OP sometimes...
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fyda20 rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: --
I love this novel so much, Ive read until the latest mtl chapter and I still cant wait for more. Its hilarious, sweet and fluffy novel. Love all Lu Li's family and friends. Highly recommended for those who wants to read a fun slice of life story.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ike_00000 rated it
December 11, 2020
Status: c339
Voting a 4 purely because before a few chapters ago, I was still enjoying this story (even though some jokes were dragging on too long) but I skimmed the next bit and it seems pretty tr*shy. However, I technically didn't read it since I'm stopping here, so I'm still leaving my rating at 4.

Ngl I really laughed out loud in some sections. I looove childcare stories, particularly where the baby is trying to "convert" a father, so I was really excited reading this story. Honestly, in many ways it didn't... more>> quite meet my expectations. We don't actually see that many cute bonding moments, there's way more scenes of MC being totally s*upid and father thus beating her. Not that they don't care about each other, but there's very little fluffiness and a lot of this routine repeated. However, I really did laugh out loud at many points of this story before it got absurd and too repetitive.

I also feel like MC's golden finger is waaay too big (she's a koi). Later on, it seems her mother gets involved too, and idk I'm really not feeling that character. I thought we'd see a story of MC slowly growing, but her IQ seems perpetually negative (which is cute until it's not). <<less
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Gumamela rated it
December 9, 2020
Status: c556
Ok. This novel is very cute and fluffy. I like that each supporting characters have their own spotlight in the story so it's not all about the MC and her father or the family. Because of this, I would like to give it 4 stars.

However, I ultimately gave it 3 stars because there are some parts of the story where I think the MC and the other characters are too s*upid. I get that she is a child but as a parent or an elder, someone must guide her. There... more>> were a lot of misunderstandings because the elders don't ask her more of what she really mean. They just jump to conclusion. At first, this is fine. But if you do this everytime, it becomes annoying. You know, I was hoping 1 elder would be sensible enough to explain things to her so she wont remain naive and ignorant. <<less
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imdemeterZ rated it
November 20, 2022
Status: Completed
I like it so much!!! So sad there's no love story between mother Tianzun and Father Lu. I waited. Huhu. But anyways, still satisfied.
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Tey rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: --
This one is so funny 🤣🤣🤣

... more>>

Due to the MC being a child her way of thinking is completely different from adult, she is a curious baby😂. When she curious about something she would ask however even people explain to her she might not get it and end up twist it into something according to her baby way of thinking. It doesn't help when her father is the cold type that doesnt't like to talk much so when she ask about something he replies with few word which results in our baby MC twist it, there are a lot of time she embarrassed her father in front of people with her babble chatting😂, poor dad. Sometimes she did something wrong and get spank and she doesn't understand it, even get mad at her dad🤣. Her little friends that she meet at the kindergarten are also funny, they are just a baby like her, got into trouble together and get beaten by their dads

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Changingchangie rated it
April 6, 2021
Status: c82
I know that on the early chapters it is cute or funny. That's why I am giving it a 4. I really don't care on the later chapters. I'll just edit this review after finishing this novel.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume
December 6, 2022
Status: c376
Hilarious. MC is a single minded fish who wants to protect her father, just like the summary showed. The 'chapters' are basically just page length, but it reads okay if you are binging it.

She hasn't really broken character yet in almost 380 chapters. You can tell that the actor has dealt with real children. The leaps in logic that appear once she gets together with her friends are not all that exaggerated. Children can be that frustrating. It makes me realize 'no wonder immortals have less children'. Raising a child... more>> for centuries rather than decades is a massive commitment no matter how long your life is. Lu Li is particularly the annoying type too.

Things are probably getting into the true story with the mom's appearance and I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet.

To be honest, I'm much more leary about the plot lines regarding the two aunts. I'm involved enough in the story to be nervous. It would be very easy for one to end up dead and the other divorced. I think it will be a happy ending for both, but I hope the drama of that side couple doesn't drag on. The setup is too cliche to enjoy much. Feels like drama for the sake of drama. Why can't her marriage have been left at just estrangement from family due to misunderstanding, but otherwise happy. Why do more layers of misunderstanding keep getting introduced??? Ahhhhhhhh!

My main concern is that the transition plot progression also means age progression. It's impossible for the story to have romance with her being only '3' years old. MC makes some easily misconstrued statements which make the ML blush and that's it. He isn't attached to her in that way yet despite his father's heavily implied consent to his son's 'chosen' daughter-in-law. MC is going to mature physically beyond her previous 300 years in a mere 20 or less. It may feel like 300 years to the reader without some time skips considering 350 'chapters' only covered 6 months of plotline, if the author isn't planning to end the story during her childhood.

There has been a lot revealed so far, but just as much is still a mystery. My current big questions:

1. Why did her Father go into the world of a book?

2. Are the male lead/his father also from outside the book?

3. Is the 'Big Cat' from the cultivation world the ML or his father?

4. Is the 'book' world real?

5. What went wrong when the mother entered the book world? We already know that MC couldn't reincarnate until her mother existed within the book. Her father just simply isn't interested in the book world's women, so she couldn't be born.

6. Does everyone die if the book world's plot is derailed too far? (Some butterfly effects being revealed in past 20-50 'chapters')

7. How does the book world end?

8. Was this all originally just contrived as an extreme way to dissuade ML's future son-in-law?

My theory is that he entered the world to save his friend (s). Son seems to be a surrogate? His father mentioned getting rid of him to find someone to surrogate him a daughter instead.


Edit: Saw another reviewer mention the h*mophobia (had forgotten about it). There is a small incident where the aunt takes toddler romance way too seriously. I just want to clarify that

Everyone but the aunt was okay with the gender including the grandfather. He was coaxed into being against it due to a desire for heirs. Most of the fam were just against puppy love. Aunt was pushing for a male because MC may be the only one in the fam able to give birth to the next generation in the main line. Should really have just pushed for adopting the cousin into the main family instead.

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Nelle rated it
March 25, 2022
Status: c267
Our MC is a cute little girl with no common sense. Up to ch. 67, almost every dialogue in this novel is just caused by our MC's lack of common sense. As such, everything feels nonsensical and over the top. I've read child protagonist stories with a villain father before and this pales in comparison. But it kept me entertained for a while ngl.
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Jhessky rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: c468
currently reading mtl.

tbh, this story is really funny but in the chapter I was on, it was somehow getting a little annoying and cringy. the little girl is a smart girl but her brain... how do I say this... too innocent and ignorant. it was cute but also annoying becoz she cries too often 💀

this is good to pass time in case you're bored. but lately, when the mother came into view and that ruan ye exchanges soul with ye rourou, it starts getting boring. idk, I just don't like... more>> the mother sticking in cuz I'm only expecting luli to be the only apple in the eye of lu junhan.

i also recommend reading this. afterall, this story is one of those stories I read for 5 days straight and had barely got an 8hrs sleep. <<less
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