I Became the Villainess in an Anticlimactic Novel


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I became a villainess of the novel I was reading.

But this novel…

…was a novel with an anticlimactic conclusion where the empire suddenly collapsed just before the ending!

To hell with the original story! I had to try and survive first.

Thus, I was just trying to flee to the neighbouring country beside us, but then…

“I’ve waited for 100 years just to meet you.”

The man who had hidden his identity as the Demon King and was the driving force behind the invasion.

Grand Duke Arvis grabbed me with a gaze filled with intense emotions.

“If I lose you… I’d probably start by wiping out this continent that took you away from me.”

…Just why?

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I Became a Villainess in a Deadly Novel
용두사망 소설 속의 악녀가 되었다
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6 Reviews

Jan 30, 2022
Status: c10
hi, it's the translator, mio here!

for those of you who are really keen on a light hearted story that doesn't drag on from the start, then this story is for you!

the story does not drag on at all, every chapter from the beginning is filled with action and keeps you wanting more. The author wastes no time on prolonging the conflict between the mc's family and she escapes right away. Although there are detours made on the mc's journey to her ultimate goal, they're all arcs that are relevant to... more>> the story and help keep the plot moving.

what really made me decide to translate this, however, were the characters.

the author does such a good job on fleshing out all the characters in the few chapters at the start - particularly the MC and the second ml. The MC was what really captivated my attention; she's realistic which is true to her upbringing in the modern society, and the chapters in her perspective have a comedic undertone that one only has when they've been through quite a lot of shit. Her past doesn't make her weak, and in fact makes her more resilient and adaptable to change in a very human way. I especially like how the ML complements her character and how the author portrays her weaknesses and actions in a very valid and reasonable manner.

all the characters in this book, although some are more based off of tropes more than others, meld well with the story with major characters already proving to be dynamic characters with believable thoughts behind their actions. I especially like how the author employs the technique of using the point of views of various characters which shed light into what their reasoning is behind their questionable/selfish actions. The art is also 10/10 and plot is progressing at a nice rate and is super intriguing, so what else could you want ??

this review is a tad bit biased since I'm the translator and this novel is my favourite out of all of them, but I do highly recommend this so pls give it a go!

[edited 11/08]
though according to the korean reviews, the villains are rather two dimensional as the main story is focused around the protagonists. It's a pretty good read if you just want something light (according to the reviews) <<less
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Oct 06, 2022
Status: c10
It's not good, it's not bad. It's just.. Meh. I've read worse novels, but I've definitely read better. I had to stop reading at a certain point because the FL was beginning to drive me crazy. There isn't anything explicitly wrong with her, but over time I began to notice how strange and irrational her behaviour is. She doesn't seem to question anything, think critically whatsoever, or react like a normal human being. She almost comes across as an alien or AI trying to pass off as human. Her behaviour... more>> is just so weird that I couldn't look past it anymore.

Some of the many strange things FL doesn't question or even think about within the first 5 chapters alone:

    • When FL and ML first meet, ML grabs her face and just stares at her. She doesn't freak out, become cautious around him or even think he's a weirdo. And after he lets go of her, she just continues interacting with him like nothing even happened.
    • ML incapacitates the prince's guard without even lifting a finger, and speaks rudely to the 2nd prince without facing any consequences. FL doesn't think to herself "Hmm, that's kind of weird. How powerful must he be to get away with stuff like this?". She just shrugs it all off like it's no big deal.
    • Both ML and 2nd ML want to come with her on her journey for literally no known reason. And FL is like "Okie dokie I guess". If a prince and mysterious stranger want to randomly accompany you on your trip, what kind of sane human being wouldn't get suspicious or even bother to ask them why???
    • The 2nd time they meet, ML swears on "Lake of Moonlight" to protect her and her only reaction is mild surprise. She doesn't stop to wonder why he would go so far for someone he just met. (To clarify, breaking a moonlight swear results in a curse of ten thousand years of suffering, so this is an insanely heavy oath he swore to FL when as far as she knows, he just met her)
    • ML has a 3 headed dog which FL pets and plays with like it's a normal dog. So I assumed that this must mean that mythological creatures are normal in this novel's world. But then the story immediately reveals that ML actually put a spell on his dog to make it look like a normal 1 headed dog to everyone who sees it. Which means that 3 headed dogs are not actually normal in their world, and therefore FL is an airheaded idiot who doesn't even bat an eye at seeing a mythological creature right in front of her. The only other possibility is that mythological creatures are normal in their universe, but a 3 headed dog is specifically owned by the Demon King, so ML cast the spell on his dog in order to be able to walk around incognito. And if that's the case, then FL is still a brainless idiot who can't put 2 and 2 together to realize the man in front of her is the Demon King. Either way, she's a moron.
    • ML magically knows all of FL's favourite foods that she used to eat in Korea, and she doesn't question how that's even possible.

Another annoying thing is that FL kind of low key brushes off all red flags and strange/creepy behaviour with "it's okay because he's handsome". Personally I find it seriously gross when people make excuses for others just because they're attractive. It's so shallow and objectifying. It's also pretty hypocritical because most women don't like it when a guy simps over a girl he barely knows just because she's hot or has a huge chest. If it's gross when men do it, then it's just as gross when women do it.

Things I liked:

    • FL's first life's death and transmigration are described pretty decently instead of just briefly mentioned in passing like a lot of isekai novels tend to do
    • The illustrations are nice
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Jun 10, 2022
Status: c19
Endearing, charming and lovely - these are all words that I feel best describe this series as of chapter 19. The wonderful efforts of MC's translation team bring the characters and world setting to life in a meaningful way, making this story an enjoyable read. The in-a-book thing is appropriately subtle, allowing the interactions and scenes to flow unhindered rather than be bogged down by constantly reminding you of the initial set-up like so many other stories do.
Ara, is such an adorable character. In spite of her desire to... more>> survive, her heart melts when it comes to weird creatures, small children and people in need. She doesn't take things personally but still feels the burden of helping others. She hurts but is willing to push past her own limits to help others. This trait (and the fact that she is cute) draws others to her. She is an easy to like MC that is joined by second prince (her former brother-in-law to be) and (unbeknown to her) a demon king.
Whilst I could go over other elements noticed in the nineteen chapters that I have had the pleasure to read, I think that the abovementioned elements stand well on their own. <<less
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Jan 25, 2022
Status: c10
I love this story so far!!

The first few chapters immediately catches your attention, it's not boring and you're not waiting for action to happen (as it usually happens in normal isekai novels)

and my favorite part about this is that she runs away at the first chapter! LMAO! From my experience of reading novels where it says in the summary that they are going to run away, it takes about 50++ chapters before it actually happens or that it doesn't happen at all.

give this a try! The translator is also... more>> great and there are illustrations on most chapters <<less
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Dec 13, 2021
Status: c1
I love this story so far!
the FL is not a brainless idiot, seems to think things through, and I love how it shows the ML perspective right off the beginning as well. So you get both the ML + FL thoughts.
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Jan 01, 2023
Status: c62
I really love the story, the FL is understanding and kind, same for the ml. The ML really love the FL that he even waited for 100 years, he waited and looked only for the FL to comeback. And as for the other characters I also liked Linden and Alion for their POV. And the part where Alion and the real Meliara talk in their soul state it's make me cry
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