I Became the Tyrant’s Servant


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“Your Majesty’s happiness is my happiness. How can I help you?”

Work as a Call Center agent

Overnight, I became the “servant” of the tyrant male lead in a romantic fantasy novel.

If you don’t give him the answer he wants within 3 seconds, he’ll execute you.

As the only henchman of the tyrant emperor, who changes his women every day, indulging in pleasure…

She has no intention of dying as the original. So, until the tyrant meets the female lead, she has to watch out for herself and run away.

Therefore, she started doing business to earn money for her escape

Saved a few ships to escape across the sea

She searched for the woman who could capture the attention of the tyrant and devoted herself to the education of his concubine.

Whatever the case, the remaining time until the fall of the empire is in one year.

I have to run away quickly.……


The cold blade was pulled against my neck.

“Where are you going in such a hurry, Duchess Baloa?”

The tyrant has cut off my escape route.

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폭군의 간신이 되었다
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9 Reviews

Mar 01, 2022
Status: c1
Ha! I’m interested in this one because I spent over two years in a call center myself. Too early to give a rating, but I have to say that the MC’s attitude is dead-on for someone who survives in a call center. An emperor is throwing a fit? Mmm yes, that’s nothing new—you should see how people get when you can’t instantly fix their payroll tax screwups. Caught between the plot and characters, in a real fix? Well, you spend every working second caught between corporate’s s*upid metrics and the... more>> unceasing demands of clients so that sort of pressure is par the course.

Anyways, so far I like the translation and get a kick out of the premise. Looking forward to see how this one turns out! <<less
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Apr 24, 2022
Status: c18
The story revolves around the mysteries and secrets our transmigrated MC must discover and navigate after she wakes up in the body of Erina, the Prime Minister and shadow ruler behind the empire. Having awoken with none of the accompanying memories, she is has to carefully peace together the dangerous situation around her from the small clues she gathers.

What is this "contract" the OG Erina made with the Emperor and uses to control him? What are her goals? Who is the mysterious woman in the portrait? Who keeps trying to... more>> kill her? What is the Emperor's true nature, and what is their relationship?

She is fumbling around in the dark, hoping she doesn't get her fingers snapped off by traps she can't see.

Because the MC's character and abilities are so similar to the OG Erina she possesses, and because it quickly becomes apparent that the Emperor is not actually insane and in need of appeasing or 'managing up', this would have worked far better as an amnesia fic. The call center angle doesn't enhance the story (the OG Erina is already a master at flattery and smoothing tempers, and is even more emotionally calloused than the MC) and is actually quickly abandoned, save for the occasional "slip up" of the MC calling someone "customer". The story goes in a new and intriguing plot direction, and is all the better for it.

I am finding the character interactions, with their messy and convoluted love-hate relationships, engrossing and I am very much liking the suspense and mystery of not knowing what is going on as we find new pieces of the overall picture.


It does seem like the Emperor has loved the OG Erina for a very long time, even as he has grown to hate her more and more, and their relationship has grown so complicated and hopelessly tangled they would never be able to straighten it again on their own. Since this is the case, I can see the story hitting a snag (for me, personally) since I never like it when a character who has a dedicated love for another... is suddenly ok switching to a transmigrated replacement. This is another part of the reason why I feel this would have worked better as an amnesia fic. Still, it is early days. Maybe this will be reincarnated-transmigration, and the MC was the OG Erina, reborn in the modern world, and then dropped back into her life as Erina? No idea, but we'll see!


If you want a more comedic story featuring a call-center employee winding up in a mysterious land, then "What Kind of Empress is This?" may be a better fit. <<less
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Feb 25, 2023
Status: c40
MC character isn't weak and strong enough for her own survival but sometimes I don't like her actions.

There's a part like she literally acting like a pimp selling those pitiful ladies to the emperor and using their feelings towards the emperor for her own good. I feel bad coz those ladies aren't b*tches like in other novels.


Also, everytime she talk like a call center to the emperor I find it so cringey. I feel like the author never work being a call center coz there's no way call center agent talk like that to the person face to face. Her words sound like pick up lines not a speech from a customer service representative. 💀 There are some absurd and ridiculous part just like:


She bought the man who tried to assassinate her from s*ave market because of sympathy. Like bish?


There's a part too that she can't talk straight like a 3 years old kid just because of the cold. People only have shaking voice when they are cold not to the point they are having a defective speech.

She always faint infront of the emperor. Does the author have some kind of thing about female lead fainting? I still keep reading even tho I want to drop it so bad because I want to know what happen to the real Duke Baloa and why the MC transmigrated. Yeah, I'm here for the romance also.
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Dec 22, 2023
Status: c25
This one was... extremely dry. There was nothing interesting since the author themselves spoiled the whole mystery from very early on in the story: We know who is the villainess' is, we know who Elenor is, we're aware OG Duke Baloa was a sh*t person and ML hates her guts while he also knows that she's different now because of amnesia.

There is nothing exciting in this story, No love, no comedy, no partnership, no fluff either since FL has no one to trust, even ML hates her and she is... more>> the last person who'll gain his love. Well, sure, he'll soften by time but gosh, this is so boring and DEVOID OF EMOTIONS. Maybe the way it's written is at fault, I don't know.

She gets in danger in every 4 chapters, then ML saves her out of necessity (the contract). That's the whole story. ML is not even a yandere by the way.

2 stars just because I know there are worse-written novels in this genre. 25 chapters were enough. Dropped.

Another note: I wish I could unsee AI art and greedy ad count/placements on the Salmonlatte site. There are many talented beginner artists that draw these stuff for dirt cheap. It doesn't feel good to see stolen art style on the top of stolen novels. Anyway, use an ad-blocker guys, I'm not even against ads but in this case they deserve it. <<less
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Nov 30, 2023
Status: c145
I have mixed feelings about this story. About half of the text was really good. The heroine tried to be strong and straighten out all the crap that the owner of this body had done. But after their relationship with the emperor went well, with each chapter she began to lose more and more of her persistent character and become a typical damsel in distress.
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Nov 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Mixed feelings. MC tried her best with the hand that was dealt her and the interactions with ML were funny at the beginning, but I feel like the end was rushed. There were certain issues from the past that were just glossed over.

... more>>

Once MC realized that she didn’t actually transmigrated, the reality that she really destroyed so many lives in her attempt to be a duke becomes a great shackle. Yet, somehow, a moment of sacrificing-her-life-for-another-yet-not-really and a few apologies here and there is supposedly enough to redeem her and she is thus given her happy ending.


Also, based on the flashbacks, ML is also complicit.


He came back from war and without knowing just how this young lady tried hard to survive, her real circumstances (medical bills for mom), he immediately starts judging her and condemning her, pushing her to commit even more atrocities. Not to excuse Erina, of course. She is the main antagonist of her own life and made decisions that made her hate herself, but he certainly didn’t help and I hate that it wasn’t even addressed.


It was good until the last arc and quite entertaining. <<less
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Jun 08, 2023
Status: c91
I really like the MC, she's so funny unintentionally. And the plot is really refreshing (at least for me), the side characters might not be the best but honestly it doesn't bother me so much. It's really slow burn though, for a lot.. Of reason

I usually never say this, but the title Tyrant fit so much for the ML. I feel like there should be a horror tag for the few first arc

The ML

... more>>

I know he was in contract by the Duke, literally being blackmailed. But since it takes a while to address that everytime the ML scenes come he always seems so scary in the beginning. I know why he does this or why he's so cautious, but I cannot help but fear/sympathetic for the MC. It was interesting to say the least


Sometimes I do quite don't understand about why MC does certain things, but I think it's mostly because she's kind.. Like literally


The reason she save Ethan and his sister, about why she feel guilty about Sally (?) Despite not only Ethan and others tried to kill her.

I think later on she's sympathetic with the ML, even if she doesn't cause most of it, she feels guilty about it and try to fix it in her place abandoning her plan to run away peacefully

Not only that I feel like the OG Erina is kind too but because her family, she tries just so hard to save her mother

In the past the ML pushing OG Erina away too (with his own reason), making her seem that she has no one on her side. After that, when she's almost poisoned which make her pigeon died by her brother her dad doesn't care and instead hit her. Making her losing hope at anything else, which I think it's why she have this contract thing with the ML. Not saying that her action are right though.

There may be the chance that the MC and the OG Erina is the same though since there's quite a bit of evidence leaning towards it

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Jun 05, 2023
Status: c147
This is, not exagerating, my favorite novel of all time. I love this novel so much that it's unbelieveable. I can't wait until the comic version comes out! I will be able to read both at the same time!!

EDIT: Still my favorite novel of all time. I had to endure alot of hardship while reading this because the romance was so scarce but ooooohhhhhh!! I'm not giving spoilers but I just want to say, IT'S GETTING SO GOOOOODDDD!! (also, manhwa still isn't out... what are we doing with our lives... more>> people?)

EDIT 2: I finished the novel and I refuse to change my rating. I saw another review saying the FL became a bit of a
damsel in distress after she got with the emperor, and although I do kind of agree, I still think the novel is great. I would have wished for the ending to be more chapter because the major thing that happens in the end, although I was screaming and freaking out, could have happened after a bit more development on her side. All in all, still amazing and I love this novel very much!! (Manhwa was announced like a year ago... WHERE IS IT?!) <<less
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Jan 09, 2023
Status: c58
The story was very interesting, I don't get how this novel got low rating..

The MC are very brave and amazing considering how everyone wants to kill her, well, as for the ML he is badsh*t insane. But the one who's more insane is the MC since she is willing to do everything to survive.

I thought this is a typical weird obsessive love story but turned out the plot is really good as well as interesting and unpredictable. People who said the plot is slow-paced and rate the novel bad sucks,... more>> they are clearly missing out a gem.

I can't believe people dropped this masterpiece after 3 chapters because of MC's unbelievable efforts of wanting to stay alive, does those people expect her to cry or run when it doesn't solve everything? <<less
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