I Became the Strongest With The Failure Frame【Abnormal State Skill】As I Devastated Everything


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A high school student that has lived as a mob-character ―― Mimori Touka

During the school trip Touka and his classmates are summoned to another world by Goddess Vysis.

According to the goddess who summoned them, summoning so many heroes with high ranks such as S-ranks and A-ranks is very unusual.The growth rate of E-Rank heroes is lower when compared to growth rate of A-Ranked and S-Ranked heroes

However, Touka was the only person with the lowest rank ―― he was an E-rank hero.

His status is overwhelmingly low in comparison to his classmates. Moreover, Touka’s peculiar skill is supposed to be an absolute failure 【Abnormal State Skill】and therefore he was abandoned and thrown away into disposal ruins…

Thus the former mob-character and abandoned hero, will absolutely become the strongest as he advances and strike back.

Associated Names
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Failure Frame: I Became the Strongest and Annihilated Everything With Low-Level Spells (LN)
Hazure Waku no "Joutai Ijou Skill" de Saikyou ni Natta Ore ga Subete wo Juurin suru made
Until I, who became the strongest in the [abnormal condition skill] of the loss frame, overruns everything
꽝취급 받는 [상태이상 스킬]로 최강이 된 내가 전부 유린할 때까지
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New sadendingenjoyer rated it
November 2, 2022
Status: c300
This wn is honestly a good read lol...

At first I only thought of searching some random generic isekai wn and I suddently stumble upon this while scrolling my screen on this site. The cover is what lead me to read it xd. I was really suprised when I saw this novel with its 200+ chaps cuz wow its a lot even for a japanese isekai stuf. I scrolled down to the review after that and saw a one star rated comments at the top lol. I dont know what to... more>> say about that. Just dont judge this book from the reviews alone. The wn actually got funnier and edgier as you read it and yea there's some weird ass developement for some characters but Im hoping the author will fix it with some nice plot in the future.

Please dont say I have no taste in good novels lol cuz I have been reading wn's and ln's for almost 7 years so I know what's good and bad or its up to your own taste to judge whether its bad or not :v

People who like a character that is strategically 'genius' might actually like this wn cuz that's one of the MC trait which for examples he's manipulative when it comes to surviving while also being dependant on his abilty "paralyze" to have the upper hand on most of the battle's easily.

I rarely did a review before so I only type whatever came to my mind ;;;;;)

Please forgive me if there's any false information and anything's wrong with my comments.

Have a nice day ;) <<less
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DragonLordADN rated it
June 19, 2020
Status: --

Anyone who rates this below 4star I can confirm they haven't read it.

(ps upvote if u believe what I say isn't wrong, as am annoyed to see reviews with 1 star at the top)

Most important point is Every freaking thing that happens in the novel that people say is an error has a reason which is explained later

but no ppl, don't even read forward rip

This is one of the best stories which despite being an isekai doesn't suffer even 1 of the common problems of the genre

    • MC isn't a Beta tr*sh as seen in all isekais
    • MC is cruel and merciless to his enemies
    • MC isn't thick headed
    • World building is perfectly done and side characters have depth unlike most Series
    • MC is op but has enough competition

As for those who complain

Romance side:


At start MC ignored his companions feelings of love for him but later he clearly tells them he has a problem (read trauma) bcuz of which he can't accept such feelings until he is ready. On a side note he also jokes time to time about how easy the FL's heart is to capture if certain conditions are met


Passive most of the time:


MC is mire of a think tank than a muscle brain, so he doesn't procced unless he knows he can win. So he usually waits and observes too much which makes readers

dislike it


Doesn't fight much:


from the start MC is weak in actual physical

battle, his strength is in his skills which have some annoying restrictions, but as long as he can activate it, its op. As 90% of time he fights stronger enemies he needs to search for openings to exploit. And his main enemies are literally walking calamities so a single mistake can kill him


Annoying world building


Cant deny this as it has an overwhelming amount of world building, I personally enjoy it but remaineder that some of it is actually hints for later in the story, its fine if u skip as MC will mention that part when its needed


Too much time to side characters :

all characters are well built with their own personalities so it is nice, especially when the irritating ones will get their due it is satisfying.

Ps the goddess isnt as much as a schemer as MC or other plotters in the novel

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Vilecify rated it
October 28, 2019
Status: c46
I don't know wether it's the translators fault or the original story but this is horribly written. Everything is so s*upidly convoluted it takes about a paragraph for the MC to take a single step. Read this:

... more>>

The washroom was behind the inn.
It seems that the washroom is semi-outdoors.
The day is about to end.
However, there was still a lamp on a pillar that I could use as a light.
This place also had a tarpaulin on the eaves of the roof.
I look around the washroom.
This place had the atmosphere of those self-service coin-operated laundromats.
Well, there are none of those convenient laundry machines here.
There are several clothes lines that stretched out in the room attached from one wall to the wall opposite of it.
There are already some clothes that were hanging on the clothes line.
If we're talking about carelessness, this should be one of them.


The entire story is written like this, it's literally written as a massive list, no flow, rhythm or rhyme to it at all. Everything happens so slowly and events are so forced like him finding

the slime. It just came out of no where and was so forced just to drive the plot and have him get a pet slime for some reason.


The people in this story, where do I start... No one seems human. It's probably a by product of the bad listing writing but everyone seems like a mindless drone. They're either really bad just for the sake of being bad; they have no feelings or ideas, they're just there to drive the plot. Or they're super blandly neutral/good and you forget about them as soon as the story progresses.

Spelling mistakes are also rife in the story but seeing as it's a translation it can be overlooked. A beta would really help though. I came from the manga where 4 chapters there went through the first like 30 chapters here so I skipped a bit (which shows just how little substance this story has). But that's probably a good thing as I would never have been able to get to chapter 45+ otherwise. Yes this is a harsh review but I am being honest, sorry if this upsets people but I think it needs change if it wants to actually go somewhere. <<less
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Someladreading rated it
September 17, 2019
Status: --
Spoilers below.

... more>>

The goddess who summoned the heroes is disgusted in the protagonist because he is an E rank, so she comes with a plan to use him to further her plans or whatever but her plan is to sacrifice an E rank by sending him to some dangerous ruins in front of his class. This seems like the most ret*rded plan, I mean that's not how you show your future heroes that they can trust their goddess I mean all she did was create a rift between the heroes and her

but somehow all the other students expect one ate it up because idk their superiority complex came out and curb stomped their common sense.

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easygoing rated it
December 28, 2019
Status: c55
Mediocre generic revenge isekai

This feels like a novel written by someone with an isekai checklist who genuinely doesn't care about whether or not the story is good, just that they hit the checklist

Revenge isekai checklist

OP Bullies

Weak starting status

bit*h goddess

Two +/- 1 female classmates who are "good" aka future harem members

Leveling dungeon

+1000 levels

Elf girl

Conveniently not on the checklist? Interesting plot, character development, any sense of pacing, any meaning to the levels at all
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scribbledoutname rated it
September 6, 2019
Status: c41
It's true that we've seen this set-up a million times before (MC is summoned and then cast away because of his seemingly tr*shy skill, which soon turns out to be OP af) but people love it -- myself included -- which is why new authors keep trying their own spin on it and lots of us keep reading.

While this story isn't perfect, I'm glad to say that it's at least enjoyable. The biggest flaw this story has is that the MC tends to linger on a topic and keep repeating... more>> himself.

Story: His eyes were fixed on me. Upon me. At me. His eyes.

Other than that it's fun to read if you enjoy seeing isekai MCs using their cheat to quickly get stronger, but if you don't then there's probably not enough subtance here to keep you happy. <<less
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nobodyimportant rated it
August 25, 2019
Status: c20
Dropping it here I think. Every chapter spends 30+ paragraphs explaining what could be summarized in about 5 sentences. Most characters are evil for the sake of being evil. None of the characters are particularly interesting. Motivations seem questionable or nonexistent. It's basically "X chose to do Y because that's where I want the plot to go". All of which takes several pages to describe, of course, because the author loves making a thesis out of the MC walking 5 steps. Oh and pretty much every problem the MC has... more>> overcome so far has been due to some random ass skill or item he has/found that makes little to no sense. <<less
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Casul_Reader rated it
August 8, 2019
Status: c70
The story is your typical revenge isekai, though the story is stretched out quite a bit.

To give some perspective, in chapter 70 ... more>>

The MC has joined together with the elf in the cover, and not in a romantic way, more as a companion-ish way. And so far 4 major things happened

  • MC gets sent to dungeon
  • MC gets out of the dungeon as an OP (pressumably) level 1200+
  • MC Encounters Main Heroine (pressumably)
  • MC joins together with the Main Heroine.

Ofc its other minor stuff happens too but theyre not really worth mentioninh but I'd say we've just finished arc 1 at chapter 70 which kinda rounds up to a volume length in light novels.


Tbh the novel is fine if you like these sorts of stories, I like them too but this one is just boring to me, maybe its just me being jaded but maybe also because the MC turns into a generic edgy JP MC after he escapes the dungeon. It honestly feels like a bad copy of arifureta, there was some interesting dynamic with the classmates at the start having this supposed dark hero but it becomes f*ck all so far since we barely see it affect the story much.

Maybe it will later, much much later on considering the pace of the novel. But I'm gonna have to drop it there, even the elf girl isn't all that interesting and I don't see anything to look forward to apart from the "revenge" part and to be honest, I'm not willing to brave through the long winded chapters to get to that point.

TL;DR It's a generic revenge isekai with interesting character building at the start, but just becomes a boring chore to read through after the "prologue". <<less
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Edy3 rated it
November 11, 2019
Status: c185
It is somehow a typical group summoned to another world novel. The first few chapters were too dark but it gets much better after he leaves the dungeon. So this review is about the story after he leaves it. It may contain some spoilers.

The MC overall is not bad (after leaving the dungeon), he uses his brain for the most part and is not overtaken by revenge. He does not have any problems killing people but also do not go about killing anyone. He thinks about everything in regards to... more>> usefulness but also considerate to the people he trusts.

The abnormal state skills can theoretically kill anyone (except the goddess) but it is not that simple, he needs to see the enemy and have time to recites the spill (like saying Paralyze) and it has number limitations.

There is no romance or harem yet, the elf girl on the cover will follow him eventually but take a while for them to trust each other, so it is a good point for the novel that it doesn't have fallen in love from the first site or s*ave follower in it.

The level system is one of the downsides of the novel, it is too confusing. First, as I understand, only the heroes from another world have levels and experience, so there is no level for the monsters only experience depending on the strength of the monster. And there is stats correction depending on the hero's rank. The S-class heroes get much more stats that E-class heroes, so level 1000 E-class may equal to level 150-200 S-class or so in stats. And there is a level for the skills depending on the usage of it.

The other downside is the other heroes, yes it has the type that became a**** when they first arrived in the other world and I couldn't understand how do they think. In general, there are two chapters about the other heroes every 15-20 chapters of the novel, so it acceptable.

After the dungeon arc, the story goes around world-building and character development so the pace is a little slow. So to sum up, it is not a bad novel if you like this genre and if you dropped the novel because of the first few chapters give it a second chance at least few chapters after he leaves the dungeon. <<less
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Lakios rated it
December 16, 2019
Status: c82
I drop this at chapter 82.

... more>>

Why? Because I realized that the only thing the MC needs to be unstoppable (except the goddess) is an artifact powerful enough defensively to make him resist at least 3 seconds or a person powerful enough (Elf-chan) to protect him for the few seconds it takes to say a word.

In chapter 82 we can say that he has already killed the strongest personage in the world (apart from the goddess and maybe the heroes or the goddess servants) with two words "Paralyze" and "Poison".

So... Until the last boss (probably the goddess) notices he is alive, he should be able to do anything he wants without real danger.

This is a story (82 chapters in) where there is no real fighting, he just needs time enough to say "Paralyze" and that's it.

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albertusmagnus rated it
January 17, 2020
Status: c199
It's a fun, straightforward read. The 3edgy5me elements are fortunately kept to a tolerable level.

The thing I find noteworthy is that the MC doesn't come off as an insufferably overpowered psychopath despite the LN title suggesting otherwise, which I think is a big deal in these isekai revenge stories because it helps keep the stakes high and the tension present.
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November 16, 2019
Status: c44
I am just going to write this to cancel out some people's high evaluation of this crap worth of a novel. First, it takes way too long for him to get sent into the dungeon and waste like 20 or so chapters just for the brief introduction which could be handled in about 5 chapters. Someone said he is smart and uses his brain, no he doesn't overthink and overcomplicate things. Not only that the way the classroom acted was too cliche seeing someone die or get sent to their... more>> death right before your eyes will most of the time people will say this is unfair and will try to deny it or fight back against such tyranny. Now let's move onto the dungeon it is boring as hell especially with the s*upid flashbacks in between which should not have been added or going to the other classmates which are from the girls' side of view who you know will apart of the harem which is s*upid and forced as hell. Now let's talk about realism: he was basically starving and dehydrated in a dungeon after being there in less than a day. A person can survive and not be dehydrated without drinking water for 3 days while someone can live off of just water for weeks to months without food. He keeps acting like not having food or water for more than 4 hours would kill him. The fight scenes are not there or to be more precise all it is is paralysis, sleep, and poison words as fight scenes and a whole bunch of ogooghngh dhhshs as the enemy monster would say with description on how they look when they are dying which it keeps getting repeated over and over again and again.

This is a boring novel with nothing unique about SKIP IT. <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 2, 2020
Status: c149
"Not every work needs to be a masterpiece, mediocre is not a sin"

First off, I'm no connoisseur and I'm not going to act like one so don't expect that kind of review. Also like my other reviews, ignore the low rating reviews. Not all of them but OrderedChaos, Lakios, Cactii, and Zizumer. These three have obviously not read the novel or they merely skimp through it.
Especially Zizumer which is the most obvious that he did not even read the story. No, there's no harem. Not yet, at least. And... more>> this is definitely not like chinese revenge novels. Everything about what he said is a blatant lie except for the one dimensional character part. Well, only the villains seem one dimensional. The other characters are okay. As for Cactii's review, ignore that one completely too. The author did explain how things work.

I will hold off my judgement for now as the story still seem to be in its diapers. But I will definitely recommend this if you're looking for a change in revenge isekai story. No self-brooding over MC's own edginess and shit. Thank fking god.

This one is not cringe and the MC isn't s*upidly OP. His abilities are only OP if you know how to use it which is literally how the fights are. There's no excessive depiction of cruelty and gore. The novel isn't trying to be super edgy or gore p*rn like Nidome no Yuusha.

No sword clashes, fist brawling, but a one shot end kind of a fight. But here's the thing, the enemies aren't that s*upid to let MC use his abilities (which he needs some preparation and chant). Every major fight is literally about him finding a way to use his one-shot ability before his enemy can kill him. If you're looking for drawn out fights shounen style, then move on. This ain't for you.

TL;DR Highly recommend to give this a try as the MC isn't an edgy and s*upidly OP character. MC isn't dense but merely have no interest than getting his revenge. He tries his best to not involve collateral. <<less
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Cactiii rated it
March 25, 2020
Status: c131
This story is just badly written, at the start you have the goddess dispose of the MC just because he was weak and his entire class other than 1 person just went along with it and the class keeps on trusting and working for the goddess when she killed a classmate for being weak. Then, of course, the op has a brokenly overpowered ability where all he needs to say is "paralyze" and "poison" and then he kills everything, then the author for some reason I can't fathom gives him... more>> gets a magic bag that just creates food from japan. Instead of having the MC eat the monsters or have some food source he gets all of his food, the only food source in the dungeon, for some reason is this s*upid bag. Then later on in the dungeon, he finds a village where old heroes who were "disposed" of are living despite how this dungeon is suppose to not have a single source of food/water. I think the worst part of this story is the leveling system, I still have absolutely no f*cking clue on how it works... The MC is around level 1700 now and yet he is somehow weaker than almost everyone other than his cheat abilities, even if he is an E rank hero or whatever being over 1000 levels above the enemy you would think he would be overpowered but instead there is basically no difference between the level gap. The author just makes the leveling system pointless, the MC leveling up serves no purpose since his fighting style hasn't changed at all since level 1 or level 1700... he just says his skills and fights over, that's it. It's also inconsistent on when he unlocks his shit... after spending all of his time in the dungeon he doesn't unlock a single skill yet obtains new ones after fighting a random weak group outside. This story feels like it was written with the author having a vague idea of the plot line and just writing randomly, the world building is just so sloppily thrown together that it ruins the entire story. Even without the shitty world building the fights are just boring... its basically just sums up to him using his ability, then fights over. <<less
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giratina143 rated it
February 1, 2020
Status: c213
At first the format felt s bit off, but as I kept reading it's interesting enough to continue. A good fun read.

edit chapter 213: my god. This is some overlord level revenge satisfaction.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
tfate rated it
October 12, 2019
Status: c39
Not really that bad. Not perfect but not as bad as other people say. Unless you are looking for a novel that can match the Quality of Overlord which would be very rare in this site.

Read this to pass some time with no expectation and you won't be angry like the other reviewers lol
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Because it works
Because it works rated it
December 11, 2020
Status: c216
This story is quite good, and since the bad reviews are quite misleading, I wanted to give it the review it deserves.

First a warning, the first 11 chapters are that bad. I live in a dictatorship and was bullied in the past, so I'd already some theories explaining the s*upidity of the classmates and the goddess, but it takes 200 chapters to explain everything (besides, only a few people should've been actually laughing at his misery, despise appearances).

The pace can be a slow, specialty in the first 20 chapters, but... more>> is better once you get out of it and binge-read.

As and E-rank hero who survived through hell, the MC's stronger than normal people, but weaker than strong people, specially his enemies. So rather than fighting head-on, he uses tricks to win against his enemies, and let me tell you, this bastard's quite clever.

Also despise his revenge-induced self-deprecation (he isn't clouded by it, BTW), he's actually a normal hero in my eyes, he helps the weak (if he can), he punishes evil (he may be a savage doing it, but not only that people really deserved it, in this world you have no leeway to be "nice and forgiving" with that kind of people). On top of that, he wants to get revenge exactly with actual villains the world would be better without.

The romance is good, and it takes its proper time to develop.

The MC meets the FL in vol. 2 (?) (she falls first), but they are not an item per se, until vol. 5's end.

I don't think there will be a harem, BTW.

The classmates POV's are infuriating, specially at the beginning (they become... less infuriating letter), but they are important. You learn the moves of other important characters, that the real bastards are only 4 ppl+goddess (despite what some edgelords in the comments think), and who might be an ally. The Silver Heroine (color-coded for your convenience), can actually be one of the best and worst characters, however; she's good person, she's the right ideals, power, and common sense, but she never properly notices how bad are the bastards surrounding her, even if only 'cause she want to trust as much people as possible. <<less
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DeirdreH rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: c146
This novel is a rare example of a well-executed revenge isekai. Well, at least the plot is nominally about that. It's actually a story about

recovery from child abuse

, a subject which the author is portrays in an unusually competent way.
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JestersGrin rated it
November 5, 2019
Status: c54
I have really enjoyed this novel, it's one of the few that I have stuck with and check often. It's definitely not for everyone. But if you enjoy an MC that is different from other transmigrators/ people of the new world and has a non-normal personality then I'd say give it a shot.
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
evil lnfant
evil lnfant rated it
February 22, 2021
Status: c217
I'm sorry, but tr*sh belongs to the dumpster. This is easily one of the most frustrating novels I've read in my history of reading frustrating novels. The author has the habit of showing and tell, and I'm not talking about them doing it in a linguistically pleasing manner, no.
One line for example reads, "I gripped the sheets of the bed. This shows how deep my feeling is."
You don't say? This occurs a lot throughout the novel. It's written under the assumption that you, as a reader, is s*upid... more>> and incapable of exegesis. Whoever the editor of this garbage is should immediately go to a secluded forest and check out. And not to mention the countless instances where the author exploits otherwise easy battles to provide monotonous dialogues with exposition you and the MC would/should hardly care to know.
In addition to that, what does the talentless author do to "balance" the hurdles our OP MC has to go through?
Through inorganic scheming, of course! You will be subjected to the MC's reality warping conversational skills where-in he interprets a tense situation and the enemy willfully falls to his trap no matter how idiotically unrealistic it is. Isn't it nice? The almighty MC that can instantly paralyze and poison anyone in his visual field has to stoop to using his Jedi mind tricks to lower the poor enemy's guard just so he can display his pseudo-intellectual prowess in all its glory. And don't forget the fact you'll have to sit through all the pointless exposition throughout the entire thing, lol. I'm sure there are more to criticize here, I'll hold out until mayhaps the revenge arc. It's still possible for the pitifully incompetent author to have improved in the later chapters after all. I'm going the little guy a chance.

In conclusion: Budget Arifureta that you shouldn't read if you're irritable and prone to hair loss.

Edit: As of ch217
Jedi Mind tricks still exists
Plots are dragged on for too long
Random POV skips
Characters have inconsistent speech patterns with a lot of "thought". And by a lot, I mean A LOT.
Needs a Shoujo ai tag because of the random Yuri between his classmates.

You can skim this toilet paper novel without missing important details. <<less
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silverman1212 rated it
September 3, 2019
Status: c21
this is really interesting, the idea of Abnormal State Skill being this OP is interesting. The MC is getting OP real fast which is something I like, and he is driven by revenge as you can see from the description, I like how his personality is changing, not that much as of chapter 21 but you can still see the changes. But as the other reviews have said there is way too many unnecessary explanation and telling us stuff that could have been said in 2-3 sentences. Anyway the pacing... more>> is really slow, know that when reading this. But that doesn't mean its not good, no I really liked it. And I wanna see what happens next I wanna see how he gets out of the dungeon and how he gets his revenge too. Anyway I recommend you give this a look and decide yourself, the translation is good too. <<less
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