I Became the Sickly Young Master of the Duke’s Family


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[Status Abnormality: Curse. □□ has cursed you. ※ The curse will be lifted upon □□’s death.]

Ion, who has possessed the body of the second-best son of a duke’s family in the empire within the open-world game ‘Eternal Empire,’ faces a problem: he is cursed and on the verge of death.

To find □□, who has cursed him, Ion sets out to find Camillus, known as the Emperor’s illegitimate child and the son of a witch, hoping to find clues to break the curse.

“You showed me such miracles before. So, Ion, you are also my miracle.”

Before Ion’s possession, Camillus lived confined in a tower by his father, the Emperor. He shows blind favor towards Ion, believing that he has been saved.

However, even before completing the three-encounter quest with him, Camillus chooses to go to the remote northern region for Ion’s sake.

And so, after 8 years, when the Emperor dies and Camillus becomes the Grand Duke, he returns to the capital and stands before Ion once again…

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I became the duke's sickly master
공작가의 병약한 도련님이 되었습니다
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