I Became the Master of the Devil


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“Give me the strongest Norma.”

She became a villain who blackened the male lead in a devastated novel.
Having already regressed nth times, she decided.
She would save the male lead trapped in the bas**ent and escape.

Finally, his identity was revealed and a happy ending was just around the corner.
What do you mean abuse? She fed and dressed him herself, so she only had to run away.

“If you throw me away like this…”

Redian, who became the crown prince, held her hand tightly.

“I’m going to chase you to hell, master.”

The male lead seemed to be too immersed.

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악마의 주인님이 되어버렸다
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Pabsss rated it
December 18, 2022
Status: c93
The novel is not that enjoyable to read. As a reader MC feel so bland. I mean she's strong but her personality is pretty boring. She transmigrated multiples times through different worlds and mind you she gained experience from it but she still feel incompetent. She don't know how to use her knowledge and experiemce properly and more focus pampering the ML and the other normas.

The author has a messy writing skill coz when conflict appear suddenly it vanish then jump to another scene like nothing happen and it took... more>> more chapters before the MC fix it.


I find it weird like ML fainted over some monster blood on his mask during his fight at competition when there's a lot of chapters narrating how cold blooded, strong and evil the ML is. He mercilessly killed monsters during training. He even almost killed men around the FL secretly by threatening them but then suddenly he became weak over some monster blood because the author really want the MC to save his ass for the sake of the plot. LMAO. It's funny too that her ex-fiancé is more surprised that the MC and ML has the same ring rather than being surprise that she can handle sword.

MC even bragging she is used to handsome men because she transmigrated many times but suddenly she is full of thoughts praising how handsome the ML is like? Be fr.

Already in chapter 93 and still no punishment towards those trainers who abused norma especially to her adopted brother who instigated it. His father isn't one of the culprit but he did not take any action when he learn from his daughter about what's happening. He just actually collect those normas because of his deceased wife wish but he don't even care about it. He just left the management to the adopted brother of the MC. No one find it weird even the fashion designer outside the duchy when in fact they doing illegal experiment towards other people underground.


I'm still giving it 4 star coz MC isn't weak despite her not being cunning and really smart she still know how to fight back. <<less
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