I Became the Madam of The House


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After possessing the eldest daughter of Count Leire, Archel , became the head of the family following her parent’s death. The only way to protect her little brother and herself from the old foxes who are after her family was…

“I know that you need Leire’s sea territory.”

In order to acquire a shield called Gael Von Zenat, the infamous guardian of the eastern sea, but in reality, he was the head of a pirate family.

“I’ll give you the sea territory there. So, please marry me.”

It wasn’t a romantic proposal. It was just a perfect deal. You take care of our family’s sea, and I’ll protect myself and my brother.

I thought so, but…

“When I graduate, be sure to divorce my sister.”

“I think I’ve already told you that I don’t want to divorce her.”

The relationship between the two is unusual.


“Gael, stop it.”

She tried to move away but Gael didn’t budge at all.

“What do you mean? I said that I believe in you, didn’t I?”


Archel said after a moment of silence.

“For real, it seems like you really do. I swear it seemed like you love me.”

That’s just an illusion.

After watching my expression, a smile disappeared from Gael’s face.

“Am I mistaken?”


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I Became the Head of the Family
소녀 가주가 되었 습니다
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Neiara rated it
December 25, 2020
Status: c9
First of all the translation is amazing. I think this is one of the smoothest translations I have read til now.
I give this a 5 star for the time being. I know its to early to rate the srory but this translation is really so good to read.

Its only 9 chapters so far but I really like the Fl. She is charismatic, smart and loveable and she will do all she can to protect her brother all whats left of her family.

I hope there will be updates in the future. Give this a read its worth yout time :)
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