I Became the Demon King’s Right Hand so I Will Alter the Original Story


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Tohru, a passionate fan of the “absolute evil” Demon King, who died as the symbol of the happy ending of the manga ‘Lapis Lazuli World’, was in despair.

“I wanted to dedicate everything to you.”

Such was Tohru’s last thought as she fell from a high building.

The next time she woke up, she had already transferred to the Lapis Lazuli World. And to the castle of her beloved Demon King, at that!

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Maou no Migiude ni Nattanode Gensaku Kaiaku Shimasu
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dawna_aiko rated it
November 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Right off the bat, I want to say the story is actually short. The printed series (which is the manga that I bought and read myself) have a total of 3 volumes only, and has already ended. The review I will be placing here will be based on what I read and think of of the manga, since both novels and manga are roughly if not almost the same.

I will put the spoilers here for the ending of the book. Since we will never know when the novel is gonna... more>> be translated, enjoy them if you want.

The demon king, aka ML, is actually destined to die because he no longer has the power to take in the excess mana that's polluting the world. If he doesn't take in the excess mana that's polluting the world, more monsters will come out and the world will go to ruins. Because he loves and treasures our MC, he banishes her back to their house and rids her of her memories, at the same time allowing her to turn back to her adult self, because he doesn't want her to save him, and make her feel sad or angry. The MC, after finding out, goes to save him even though she still has no recollection of him, up until the final end when she finally convinces him to not die as she is able to make tools that can save the world, something that he did not know because MC did not want to make the same mistake she did in her previous life. The two manage to avoid the death flag via the MC creating tools to absorb excess mana and the world is saved. The two live happily together, although their journey here seperates. ML becomes a teacher to teach children how to control their mana, and MC goes around the world creating this tools to save the world.


The is the second spoiler for MC's and ML's backstory.

MC was an orphaned child in her first life, and was gifted a very intelligent and imaginative mind. She had a teacher whom she viewed as her father figure, but he sadly passed away and she couldn't make it in time to see him because she was too busy with her job. Her job essentially made her into Marvel's Ironman, in the sense that MC thought her creations were used to help the people, but it was used and sold to terrorists instead. This is why she view the world in her past life hell and wanted to die, which is how ML became her salvation. ML's back story time. He is actually the son of the king, but because he was born with grey eyes (grey eyes are a symbol of the next demon king, and are naturally attained by birth), the king had no choice but to banish him to the demon king's house. The cycle of the demon king goes like this 'demon king takes in mana until he can't - dies by torture and disembodied - next child with grey eyes become the next demon king' and it continues. Indeed, it's very harsh, but at the time this was the solution that they came up with, so ye.


And the last spoiler, with regards to the reincarnation of the MC.

The game that centred around the world that MC entered in was actually created in the world via the previous demon king's advisor/friend. We will call him R.R. (That's his name in the manga). R.R, who hated the world for taking away his friend, definitely wanted to destroy the world, but for the sake of his dead friend's wish, he didn't. Instead, he researched day and night to save the next demon king, and found out that the way to save the demon king was possibly to summon someone from another world. Before this, R.R. Had been using lazuli stones to transport information about their world into the other world, which is how the Lapiz Lazuli World otome game came about in the MC's world. R.R has no mana nor magic, so he used the lazuli stones to summon the MC. The only condition to this summoning was that the person summoned had to have strong determination and will to enter this world, and the MC appeared because she love the ML. Although he summoned her, he couldn't control where she appeared, which is why she ended up at the demon king's house, because she wanted to be with the demon king. After the demon king and the next generation of demon king manage to avoid their destined death, he then used the leftover mana he had that he had gotten from the demon king when they were in jail tgt for a period of time, to transport the changed information of their world to the other world. This can be assumed that the game's ending of the demon king changed.


Now that that's done, it's time for my review. At its core, the manga/novel is amazing. The plot, the journey of the MC and ML, the devotion and the characters in the story, it was all written nicely and easy to understand. The book could have been perfect. The reason why I gave it 4 stars is because, it's just too short. 3 volumes (of the manga) for such a fascinating and deep plot is not enough to encompass it, which is why the manga felt kind of rushed. I have no idea how many volumes there are for the novel, but I imagine its better paced than the manga. All in all, buy the printed manga if you wanna read it, it's easier than waiting for english translation of the manga online, and waiting for the novel to be translated anyways. You can also support the author! <<less
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