I Became The Academy’s Narrow-Eyes


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I saw a narrow-eyed character in an anime, and I felt obsessed.
So I made a narrow-eyed character in a game, and then I possessed it.

“Haha, this is embarrassing.”

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아카데미 실눈캐가 되었습니다
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10 Reviews

Mar 28, 2023
Status: --
Hi! I'm the translator for this series and since the original description doesn't say anything as always I'm gonna add a bit to it.

The novel currently has over 3.7 m views and 263k likes on novelpia giving it a rank 1 in top 100 in last 30 days.

The idea behind isn't really anything new. The MC gets too into a narrow-eyed character concept and decides to make a character in role play focused game he never completed. Then spends a bit too much time on customization and gets isekai'ed. Gets... more>> into the academy, meets heroines, etc... hilarity ensues.

Overall fun action comedy with a harem. Decent humor, likeable heroines and OP MC hiding his powers (kinda), so if you like a typical academy novel that's really well writen then it's for you. Just a good read overall. <<less
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Apr 14, 2023
Status: c40
Ok... First of all be prepared for this

It's a 'I'm hiding my powers but secretly the strongest' plot, but it's one where everybody is just kinda of an idiot...

Every time a new character meets MC get ready for an inner monologue of 'Look at those s*upid foolish half closed eyes, that man with his s*upid attitude and s*upid idiotic smile, he looks so weak and s*upid, no way he'll do better than me on this test for he is s*upid s*upid s*upid' on endless repeat....

Afterwards MC does better, other character... more>> (a beautiful female with some sort of new hair color variation obviously) gets half a chapter of 'could the unbelievably s*upid looking guy with s*upid half closed eyes actually be strong?' but by the end somehow convince themselves it was a mistake, because no way such a s*upid looking guy is strong right????? Though she will immediately join his harem after thinking all that obviously!!!!

If you're somehow into this annoying recurring comedy bit than... There's some enjoyment to be had with this one I guess?...

Another problem is the plot structure, like Reio's review said the 1 day entrance exam is wayyy too long (40+ chapters). It's ridiculous how many character introductions and inner monologues we get in one day of these people's life. What's there isn't terrible but could be structured better had it been spaced out in a realistic way.

Also MC is just kinda of a weirdo who likes to hide his power for teasing people (well, woman really since those are the only real characters besides MC in this). There's no real plans or goal, this is literally the only thing he wants up to c40. <<less
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Apr 07, 2023
Status: c45
As much as I like narrow eyed characters this novel disappointed me.

Character wise or power systems were okay. The problem was the the writing style and pacing.

40+ chapters all in the same day period and still in the entrance exam for the academy... entrance exam.. I get the need of time to explain all the world settings and personalities of characters, but do I need 2 full chapters of one harem member in her own inner monologue and apologetic speach??

A bunch of harem members being introduced all in one day... more>> again! With nonsensical dialogue and unexplained romantic attraction to MC! All in the same day?!

It was a boring read. <<less
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Sep 23, 2023
Status: c28
Translation is terrible, and the story is disappointing, including all the personalities I hate the most: tsunderes, arrogant people, and misunderstanding (people?). Everything is treated as a joke, which I get is supposed to be the narrow-eyed trope, but I was under the impression narrow-eyed characters were badass. Anyway, the joking is annoying and everyone treats the MC like shit, which I hate, I don’t get why hated protagonists are so popular, the Koreans and Japanese must be super masochists, as well as the readers. He talks about hiding his... more>> power, but as usual, he just stands out a lot, which makes no sense. All in all just a pretty shitty and underwhelming novel. <<less
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Deguredolf Hitanyalier
Deguredolf H
Mar 29, 2023
Status: --
Ain't no way, I was just goofing around and thinking of some of my favorite narrowed eyed characters and decided yeah, I want to find a novel or manga with narrowed eyed protagonists, and here I found one instantly, with a recent update, ain't no way man.

I'm also very obsessed with these narrowed-eyed characters, especially the ones emitting a melancholic aura of tragedy yet with a warm aura which makes you cry for some reason whenever you see him/her, and oh my god, when they speak very gentle and lightly... more>> I just peak, and when slightly open their eyes, I just oh. My. Good. Graciousness. <<less
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Sep 04, 2023
Status: c22
I really enjoy the main character of this one so far. It’s a little early but his teasing carefree demeanor is great. I enjoy the humor so far, all in all it’s a promising start with interesting characters.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 11, 2024
Status: c35
The author needs to learn the art of brevity, on several occasions there has been specific scenes or dialogue spanning entire chapters without progressing the plot or even entertaining at all. The content just runs in circles saying the same thing over and over again. It's maddening. 35 chapters in and maybe a few hours of time has elapsed in total. The story so far could easily be contained within 10 or so chapters, if the previously mentioned bloat was trimmed away.

I do think the protagonist has some fun qualities,... more>> even making the annoying trope of 'Hiding Powers' work to some degree (i despise this trope normally so that in itself is a feat). And really that's the only thing sparing this from a one star review.

The translation is terrible. It's so inconsistent that I barely know characters genders, it constantly swaps he/she to the point when the story refers to one person twice in one sentence it will likely use both. Name spellings change at the same frequency. There are tons of mistakes that a quick one time proofread would immediately catch. Honestly it reads like someone who isn't fluent in english is working on it. <<less
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Oct 07, 2023
Status: c34
I think most people will either really hate or really enjoy this. Most of the characters have very straightforward personalities and the MC takes advantage of this to tease them a lot. I personally find it hilarious.

I did notice a few translation issues with incorrect gender pronouns, but it was very infrequent. I can only remember noticing it in one chapter, but if I only noticed it once, then it probably happened a few more times that I missed.
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Feb 26, 2024
Status: c95
Although the translation has many errors and it has its own flaws, to me this novel deserves a 5-star.

From what I know the author doesn't have any other works posted, maybe it's even their 1st work being translated. And they have trouble pacing the story timeline, I get the feeling that they wanted to include the characters' monologue, their inner thoughts and how to explain the setting of this novel so it got a bit too long. I don't think you should mind the time and logic that much with... more>> this novel, it should be read with a light heart to see and watch our protagonist do what he does best, trolling and teasing. As more chapters get uploaded I feel like the author's writing skills and overall understanding of their world also improved. The 1st 30 chapters are undoubtedly slow because they're still figuring it out.

The novel centres around Ceylon, an Academy student with slit-like eyes with a tendency to troll literally everyone he sees. Personally, I really like how he always dances to his own beat despite knowing that everybody looks at him weird.

For the right price and the right target, this stud of man will shamelessly talk about their target's embarrassing past, present and future and then pass it off like it's none of his business after he's done them. Causing myriads of misunderstandings to both the heroes and the villains, throwing everyone into a confused mess just for shits and giggles.

Some other readers may find the inner monologue of other characters just long and tedious to read but for me, I get to delve deep into their psyche, what the character thinks, and what drives them to do what they're doing. Especially with the girls surrounding the MC, I always feel dissatisfied with genres like harem because the girls are a bit too superficial and awkward, like they got placed there because the author wanted them to be there. But in here it comes off as really natural and I get to know a bit more about them thanks to the monologues, the mc's natural and relaxed approach to things and his tendency to tease and just have fun with them make things less awkward. Most of the relationships here are not a straight bullet train to immediate romance, it starts off with some trolling, even more trolling, maybe some misunderstandings and then maybe having other ideas. I like this kind of thing, mainly because this development doesn't seem forced, the MC is just doing his thing and so is everyone else. Everyone with their unique personality and backgrounds clashed together and further developed.

It's purely from my point of view, but our lovely protagonist here who is an expert at trolling will most likely not take the initiative in romance. He strikes me as a guy who likes to keep things in between the lines, playing pretend and keeping it vague. So if you like stories where the MC takes the initiative and is proactive in romanticising various love interests this novel may not be for you.

The girls have a bit of resemblance to each other, but as the author's writing improved, so did their personality, character and memorability. At first, except for their names, I couldn't discern them from each other (the 1st impression is a bit bland) but they got more appeal as the novel got more fleshed out.

Anyways, this is a mess of a review because I find it hard to fit the right words in but at least it contains my honest thoughts about this novel. I hope everyone at least give it a read :> <<less
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Jan 18, 2024
Status: --
I Agree with the other negative reviews here. First, let's be honest, while the "op MC that hides his own power" was overused so much in so many different settings that it became a clichee already, different flavors of it might still manage to look it interesting. And making the premise look interesting is the only thing that this novel succeeds at. As for the others, well, it is basically your run-of-the-mill average comedy, nothing exceptional, but the moments of kindergarten level writing in some areas, some of... more>> them that go on for way too long, even multiple chapters at a time, makes going through them an actual chore. My personal opinion? It missed, having failed to deliver on its..."potential" of being dead average, so I would not recommend trying it, not even when you're bored and have nothing else better to read so you want to try to waste your time trying some of the more mediocre ones. <<less
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