I Became the Abandoned Daughter of an Underworld Boss


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Behind the happy ending, she was abandoned by the heroine and fell into the lair of the underworld boss. She ended up being his forgotten daughter.

Her pretty appearance and small stature were tragic factors for surviving here.

Yuriana smeared soot on her face and cut her hair, scavenging through tr*sh cans to get by each day.

Why didn’t she look for her father?

The boss… he was too scary. Of course, he would have turned dark after being abandoned by the married heroine!

He was a cold-blooded man who wouldn’t care if she was his biological daughter.

Then one day.

“Hehehe, little girl? Come here. I know how beautiful you are. I’ll take you to a nice house and dress you in pretty clothes.”

Oh no! If she got caught, she was done for!

Faced with a nasty s*ave hunter, a choice that seemed meant for the heroine appeared before her.

1. Run away
2. Fight back
3. Throw a stone!

No, all of those options were hopeless!

Just then, a strange choice labeled [Hidden] appeared before the tearful Yuriana.

[Hidden] Shout: Do you know who my dad is?!


Yuriana squeezed her eyes shut and selected the hidden option. From that day on, she never went hungry again. Amazingly, she was reunited with her biological father!

However, having the terrifying boss of the underworld as her father meant she had to live each day in thrilling suspense….

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암흑가 보스의 버려진 딸이 되었다
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