I Became Popular After Participating on a Dating Show with my Ex-Lover


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Reunited after breaking up, a sweet and satisfying 1v1

In public, he acted like a wolf-like dog, but behind closed doors, he was clingy and like a sweet bean. A wealthy dog top, tough-mouthed but soft-hearted; a poor beauty who was a dog training master, and a bottom.

Ruan Song, a down-and-out screenwriter, had a five-year love marathon with the popular movie star Ren Qinming. When they were together, Ren Qinming was unknown, but when he became famous, they suddenly ended their relationship with a bang.

When Ren Qinming couldn’t find a way to reconcile, he felt melancholy all day long. His aloof persona became even more unstable. After a night of drinking, he finally gave in and went to Ruan Song’s house, where he was discovered by the paparazzi. And then, “boom,” their relationship was made public.

The entertainment industry was shaken, and fans went crazy, refusing to believe it. “Our cold-faced King of Hell, who never paid attention to beautiful women, how could he be in a relationship?! How could anyone in this world be worthy of our brother?!”

In order to prove that Ren Qinming was single, his fans shared his schedule. Out of 365 days in a year, he would spend 330 days on set. How could someone handle having a boyfriend like that?

Ruan Song found it amusing, and yes, he couldn’t handle it either, so they broke up.

Just as Ruan Song was about to clarify things passionately on Weibo, he received an invitation to a top-tier celebrity dating show, inviting him and Ren Qinming to appear and show their love.

Ruan Song scoffed, saying, “Only a crazy person would go after breaking up.”

But in the next second, when he saw the remuneration offered by the variety show, being penniless and unemployed, he said, “I must be crazy to decline, count me in.”

On the variety show, Ruan Song made an appearance.

Fans instantly changed their minds when they saw him. “Wow! He’s beautiful!”

And the cold-faced King of Hell, who claimed to never pay attention to “beauties” was—

Ren Qinming, “Wife, come closer to me, everyone is watching.”

Ren Qinming, “Wife, give me a smile. There’s a camera in this corner too.”

Ren QingMing, “Wife, it seems like I need a kiss.”

Ruan Song, “…”

Then, Ren Qinming added, “Wife… your ears are turning red.”

Ruan Song gritted his teeth and covered his mouth, saying, “I’m… hot!”

Fans wildly waved their flags. “Not hot! Stick! We want beauties to be sticky!”

Ruan Song was completely speechless. “Weren’t you all saying no one was worthy of him before?”

Fans with yellow faces: Teacher Ruan, you’re being too harsh. What does Ren Qinming’s fans’ words have to do with us, the shippers of the double burden CP powder?

Ruan Song: …

Damn it, who could have imagined that going on a celebrity dating show for money, and faking the relationship, would make someone famous!

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After appearing on a dating reality show with my ex, I became popular.
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June 3, 2022
Status: Completed
I MTLed this novel. I rate this novel 2.5 stars.

About the plot

MC at the start struggles financially while trying to pay for his mother's medical bills. ML wants to reunite with MC, so his agent helps him by getting MC to agree to a variety show that will solve his financial problems. MC agrees and the novel revolves around how they get along in the variety show for a big portion of the novel. One of the very memorable side characters gets her own story arc in which she exposes... more>> the corruption and horror she has experienced in the entertainment industry to the world.

About the MC

The MC is an introverted character who is eloquent and perceptive. He may be a bit lazy in chores but he's very professional in his work. He addresses his own faults in the relationship and does his best to overcome it, but sometimes he gets mad and well that's very human of him.

About the ML

The ML is reserved when not around the MC. He has his reasons for being cranky and disagreeable at times which you will find out as you read. Around the MC, he's very sweet and tries his best to please. He really respects the MC and is trying to make up their broken relationship in the past. He sometimes tries not to worry the MC by not telling him stuff but ends up making the MC mad about that instead which is understandable.

Why I had problems with this novel

The plot was written a bit slice of life without much of a connective tissue around the story. The story had some good moments when MC pondered about the pain of what lead him and ML to breakup to begin with. However the author shied away delving deep emotionally into conflict and mentioned it in too subtle a way that it ended up trivializing both their separation and reunion. There is a lot of angst and pain underneath that is buried in the story which prioritizes variety show humour over emotional substance. What I wanted to see in this novel was emotional depth and character growth but that was barely described. People jumped over those hurdles with barely any challenge at all negating what could have been a more thoughtful exploration into why their previous relationship didn't work out. The variety plot was sweet and fun but it seemed like the author wanted the novel to do too many things and ended up not giving any element it's due aside from the cute and comedic parts. There was no substance to the pain and growth at all for what the MC and ML had to overcome. This novel fell flat and I was reading and holding on thinking it would get better and it didn't.

Later on the novel introduced a side character that had a very deep story. It was such a shift in tone I feel like that side character could have had their own novel and I would want to read that instead. It seemed to be shoehorned into this book for some reason and even for the last quarter of the novel felt like it was about this side character rather than MC and ML.

Due to how lightly the author handled the emotional parts of the novel, 70% of the novel had me chomping at the bit waiting for it to get deeper, better and it didn't. It remained lighthearted and slice of life with some poignant brief moments in between. Having struggled to read it this far for sunk cost fallacy, I got to the end and realized I could not imagine reading the many more extra chapters that await. I just didn't care enough for any of the characters to do so. It's not that I disliked anyone but it just seemed like very disjointed writing where stuff happens to the MC and ML. People on social media comment and say funny stuff. Everyone laughs and moves on to the next tidbit. It's like a bunch of loose bits that's not even held together by duct tape but maybe more like masking tape.

TL:DR This novel has light moments and a touch of angst for the first 70% of the novel or so. The rest ramps up for a side character's arc and it's painful to read near the end. The story is very loosely connected but there are little cute and comedic bits. If you are looking for a light read and don't mind taking a risk, give this a try. It's not a heavy read, but if you find yourself bored with this novel part way through, it doesn't get better til the end. I haven't read the extras so I don't know if the extras are any good. <<less
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revon rated it
March 22, 2022
Status: c51
Finally! Someone who translated this novel! It's really funny especially where ML acts like a cold and arrogant that everyone gives him a nickname 'Yama' because of his attitude but when he face MC he acts like a sweet milk puppy. Ahh so cute!
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 7, 2023
Status: c114
I have so many conflicting feelings about this novel.

Let me explain, while trying not to spoil anything. Still, if you're EXTREMELY particular about getting NOTHING spoiled, then skip to the TLDR.

So, we have a world-weary and jaded protagonist who has been in a precarious and unfair situation for the last 6 years while he desperately struggles to get money for his mother's surgery.

Meanwhile, we have a ML who's deeply regretful of their break up and wants to get back with the protagonist even if at this point he doesn't understand... more>> why they broke up in the first place.

Their dynamic is great, and it made the first few chapters extremely fun to read through.

Now here's where we get to the problem: They're in a reality show with "19 days" in the name.

And then MC's problem that has been tormenting him for 6 years gets completely solved by the second day.

That then triggers ML to know about the problem and as such, understand their break up and begin their reconciliation.

And then... That's it! There's no other major point of conflict involving them for literally the rest of the novel, as if the reality show just magically fixed all the unadressed issues in their relationship to the point where their reconciliation has practically no bumps.

So we get a novel that starts feeling like we're reading the extras from chapter 40.

Only after the reality show ends does a point of conflict resurface, but it's actually entirely centered on a side character and it has nothing to do with MC, and the reality show ends around chapter 80. So when way over half of the main novel is over.

I kept reading through my boredom because I'd originally fallen in love with MC's characterization and kept waiting for the novel to get back to him, but it seems the author was determined to dodge character development like it's the matrix.

TLDR: Maybe if you're looking for simple fluff, it'll work for you. But I personally felt like I got promised more than just fluff and then the novel completely failed to deliver on it. Which is all extremely disappointing, since the earlier chapters showed such promise. <<less
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dday0425 rated it
December 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.5 ⭐

The story is sweet and lighthearted.

Except for the fact that they broke up on bad terms, there wasn't any drama or misunderstanding in the process of reconciliation (Because the heavy parts were somewhere else). Although the matters were rather serious if they were in real life, the author handled them quickly and didn't delve deeply into them, so there was not much heartache.

... more>> As someone who wanted to find something light to read, I enjoyed reading it a lot.

For the characters, the MC was a proud person. He was realistic and practical. He was the type that wouldn't let himself suffer, so the ML was quite miserable chasing his wife back. It was distressing. Fortunately, the MC has a soft heart and, in fact, still cares a lot. This contrast makes him appear both handsome and cute.

Meanwhile, the ML is a clingy dog. He was extremely dedicated and affectionate, to the point of being faceless. I couldn't find a glimpse of an overbearing big star from him. In fact, he was never a taciturn person. His cold temperament displayed to outsiders was the result of his distrust for his previous managers and management staff, which I can totally understand. The fact that he worked so hard for this relationship made me want to root for him even more. I wish him the best in the world. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jiiemm rated it
April 11, 2024
Status: Completed
One of the most enjoyable light reads 🥹🥹

Really!!! The author created a beautiful and entertaining story!!!

I loved all the elements of this story!!! The original idea was actually very simple, just about a variety show where exes meet. But trust me, this idea gave birth to a fun show...

... more>> No conflict, really! But that doesn't make this story boring... it really comes alive in a very, very fun way!!!

Characters... I love how the writer created our ML characters in a cool and silly way, combined with the stubborn yet very OP MC characters!!! Really, ML loves MC in a very, very touching way. They are so sweet together, so hot and pe*verted! But they're also full of dog's blood 😭😭😭

Read this story... the side characters, the variety show itself, even the fans and viewers in this story are so sweet!!! <<less
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WordEater rated it
May 16, 2022
Status: c117
This is quite enjoyable if you love fluffy dynamics, but just a warning: the two got really expressive later on. Don't be turned off by how Ruan Song 'bullies' Ren Qinming, it won't be long before we join the barrages from >////<

Ruan Song — "salty fish" A quite lazy man who oozes charm that can attract everyone who has met him. His personality does not make him submit to challenges but his internal conflicts still drags him down at times. He genuinely care so much for his mom, boyfriend, and... more>> his friends. Very sweet and is not afraid to stuff people around them with dog food before and after he reconciled with Ren Qinming. Skilled in scriptwriting and has a very strong scholarly memory. He does not want to rely on others so he learned to be independent and reluctant to accept help from others (this was ratified after getting used to the show). Quite principled.

Ren Qinming — "clingy puppy" An aloof man who turns very soft towards his boyfriend and Aunt Ruan. Very capable as well as serious in his work but would be willing to bend his previous demands if it would make his boyfriend happy. He's still quite distant and cold to other people but as the variety show goes, he slowly opened up to his companions there. Very proactive and not afraid to show his love towards Ruan Song. Loves to spoil his boyfriend rotten to the point that the latter would not need to lift a finger.

Oh. At the beginning of chapters 90, you'll see a somewhat heavy plot regarding Zhang Qiaoyu. I personally felt so distressed with how it was executed. It was very horrible, so many people are scums. Status: Eng. 17 Chi. 117 <<less
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