I Became Popular After Online Dating With A Big Shot


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On his 17th birthday, Shen Chi was kicked out by the Shen family.

He bought himself an innocent and beautiful virtual girlfriend.

From then on, the poor little guy would always get lucky somehow.

When he couldn’t afford a computer, he accidentally won a computer worth tens of thousands of dollars.

when spending his birthday alone in a rented house he received an expensive adult gift.

When the game broadcast platform delayed his wages, it was acquired the next day.

Until the double row live, he shyly introduced to the audience. “My girlfriend.”

Especially innocent ~

However, a man’s lazy and low voice came from the microphone: “Correction, it’s boyfriend.”


As the future head of the Yan family, Yan Xue Xiao was still studying abroad when he ran into a kid who added the wrong number.

He wanted him to stop worrying about making a living.

He wanted to let him live with pride and recklessness.

He also wants to give the teenager the best thing.

Step by step spreading bait circles into his home.

The whole world knows the news that Yan Xuexiao returned to power, and the Shen family is no exception. They gritted their teeth and bought valuable ancient and famous paintings to please him, only to find that the teenager the man was holding tenderly –

It seems to be the one they abandoned …… Shen Chi.

[The young Shen Chi thought he would rot and take root in stagnant water, until he saw the moon in the sky running towards him] The lonely young master was attacked by X step by step

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New Pezwitch rated it
January 20, 2022
Status: Completed
I didn’t enjoy this novel. It is not light, it is not fluffy, it is angst ridden and in my opinion the author liked to torture the MC, which is the only reason for the gentle, intelligent ML to “blacken” into an a**hole

The MC started out as a sympathetic character, but turned into an idiot who only spoke in single word sentences to outsiders and mostly had physical contact with ML (no discussions between the two of them)

The ML went from being caring doctor of philosophy to an evil... more>> criminal who

murdered people, watched his “enemies” commit suicide, and tried to kill his own mother


The romance made no sense

The game elements were OK, the team wasn’t completely OP, they did lose and did learn. I wish there was more interaction between the teammates

In the end I did not like the ML or the MC, so I can’t recommend this novel <<less
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New ToSho rated it
January 20, 2022
Status: c167
just ended reading this novel. Last chapter made me cry.

I liked the both MC and ML. They were both dependent on each other which might border on being toxic but under the circumstances they were in, its totally understandable.

it has angst and also fluffy moments.

all in all a good read.
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kislanyk rated it
May 22, 2021
Status: --
I've MTLed this one before it got added to NU. Unlike what another reviewer said, this is NOT a light and fluffy read. The whole novel had a heavy aura of depression lingering around it. I never felt the lightness and fun of cute and fluffy stories that we are used to in gaming novels. It also has a rebirth aspect, but I won't spoil it here. So if you want fluffy, this ain't it.

It has dog blood drama, depression, and two characters that are not the most likable (I... more>> do understand where both are coming from, though). Nevertheless, both are a good match for each other. <<less
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Roro97 rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: c98
A light & fluffy novel. It literally happened as the summary stated but just to clarify further : he got chased from Shen family because he was not their biological son but someone' else child who has been swapped at birth or something.

Anyway.. What I liked the most is that ML was straightforward as much as he can when MC has misunderstandings about him (like for example he said his true name from the beginning, and when MC introduced him as a girl and he immediately rectify that it's a... more>> boyfriend). I liked that! Usually with settings or plots like this (eg: online dating or wrong number dating), the MLs don't tell the truth until everything is f*ckep up or relationship is too deep but this one was a little different.

Now what I didn't like is the changing of Mc's character. I felt the author was not consistent with it. At first I liked the MC, he was kinda badass especially when he fought to defend his biological parents, little tsundere (his mouth say one thing but he does another OR his face/actions say "Noo" but he turns around and does it), and with his age you could see the quick maturity or independence he was trying to put forward because of his past/current circumstances. BUT lately I'm finding him really slow, kinda Stup*d and dumb, which is annoying me REASON why I'm even dropping it! I don't like MCs like that thar much

Also i didn't like how MC treated his biological mother. I agree with what he did to his biological father & Auntie. The Auntie is a scum and money seeker. She pushed the father to agree searching MC stuff for money and also The biological father was always reprimanding him and kinda insinuating the fake/swapped son was better (I don't like this kind of comparison and hate when someone touch my things so I was glad he treated them as he did). BUT from everything I read so far (unless my MTL/ translator bugged) , the mother has ALWAYS defended him and was trying to get closer to him (eg: giving him snacks, asking shopping with her and all that). But later he treated her in the same bag as he did the other previous 2 scum. I didn't liked that. I hope later in the book something happen to explain that or he changed his behavior little to her.

But Anyway enough with my comments/ranting. I still recommend if you're in the mood for a fluffy novel (those things were just my opinion; everyone is different & has different views) so go for it. <<less
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BlossomCakes rated it
September 21, 2021
Status: c30
The plot is pretty good as I've read so far but the translations make it a little difficult to understand. I am, however thankful that it was translated at all cause I wouldn't have discovered this novel otherwise. I do hope the translations are edited or picked up by someone else to make it a better reading experience for us readers.
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plainbricks rated it
October 19, 2021
Status: c150
I read the raws for this and did not check the reviews before reading.

Face slapping is nice. The streaming is okay. The gaming part is okay too. The romance is not.

The novel is tagged as sweet but your mileage will really vary with this. Some people will like it. I am not one of them.

Their relationship is overly manipulative and creeps me out. They are both dependent on each other and it's really unhealthy. I have no idea why the author keeps insisting on using the word child whenever the... more>> ML refers to MC. (MC is 17 and ML is 24 or 25. ML falls in love after meeting him for the first time). There is a massive power imbalance in this relationship and it's partly due to how the author wrote the book! I will have been fine if I know what I am getting into. But this is tagged as sweet and fluffy. So do take note of this least you get caught by surprise.


MC attempts suicide after his grandmother died and he is unable to contact ML. That speaks volume of how much the MC is isolated and how much ML is his emotional support. Likewise, after they separated, ML isolates himself and basically uses MC as his emotion support. At least the MC has some friends and support network after the suicide attempt. The ML.... well.

I really dislike this ML. The way he treats his mother is just yikes. The way he 'protects' her is laughable. Not that he cares at the end anyway.


About something that should be addressed in the main story and not in the extra:


apparently the author park the rebirth character's story in the extra. Honestly feel that even without this character nothing is missing.


In any case, not buying the extras and so unable to comment on them. <<less
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Raven Tan
Raven Tan
June 10, 2021
Status: c99
ML is not omnipotent cool president with death glare. He's weak at first and go up step by step. MC is not mary sue with god blessing. His luck is actually suck and he got mental breakdown. Gaming is his life and he got tendinitis. His original father is s*upid as f*ck and his family is b*tchy leech. He even have to pay back his foster parents. He got ML as emotional support but... more>>

he has to hide and separate, so he was very down to the point of slit his wrist.

. I can relate with him very much. And yes this is quite dark actually. The fluff is here to suppress the bitterness. There's no everlasting brainless c*ckroach like villain here so very little cliche faceslapping <<less
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periperi rated it
May 21, 2021
Status: Completed
4.5 stars

It was a good read of 2 lonely characters supporting each other. I liked how it was slow burn at the beginning (no love at first sight) and the slow development of the relationship. And their supporting relationship is very sweet. They both experienced pretty bad things over the course of the book.

Firstly, the game aspect, I must say I kind of prefer the starting with the live streaming. I can't handle too much game speak in chinese but you can still get the plot by skimming those parts.

Romance... more>> goes very nice and slow. From strangers to getting to know each other (despite the distance), to coming together. There's no dragging in the romance and not a lot of misunderstandings. Most are cleared relatively fast.

MC's real and foster parents. They are both not very good in my opinion, especially the foster parents. But even the real parents aren't too good. The mother at least feels a little guilt and tries to reach out a bit but

they still did things that ultimately hurt MC deeply. Like leaving him alone without informing him of anything for a period of time, or not really believing in him. MC is not totally faultless in that he barely communicates but he has been deeply hurt by his foster family so is more withdrawn, and in his own way tried to reach back out to his real parents. The father and aunt were just... no good. But the foster family was even worse. There's good face slapping later on.


As much as I liked it, the reason for the minus 0.5 is a major plot point that I can accept but I wish it wasn't like that. MAJOR plot spoiler:

typical dogblood drama, ML nearly dies due to an assassination plot that killed his father too. So he changes from a philosophy student to this "will only be warm to MC" sort of chara while dealing revenge (literally cos those people DIE) to the betrayers. Even his mother isn't very good and in the end leaves, making MC his only light. I suppose I was hoping of a calm rich ML pampering MC sort of story than that kind of dark drama because many people in the book comments that ML changed (turn darker). I don't think MC truly understands the depth of what ML had done but he kind of gets told by ML's mother before she left. Luckily this is HE. Also there's this VERY random plot point at the end with ML's young cousin (?) staying in the country with them as ML's mother left. Like is he supposed to be their "child"? Not sure. But ignoring the random kid, I liked the ending.


Supporting charas are there but don't particularly stand out. So overall, this is just a very sweet romance story for MC and ML with some face slapping. <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
August 5, 2021
Status: c79
MC will break your heart (atleast he did break mine). He is a highly flawed character. Doesn't know how to communicate, doesn't know the meaning of diplomacy, carries a bit of teenage angst (not much just very little especially when he is cold to his bio parents in the beginning but he is a teenager and a mature one at that, so understandable.

ML - I haven't really honed in his character. He treats MC extremely well. Maybe at the start, there's a bit of a pet-like (ML keeps calling MC... more>> child/ son in front of others lol) feel but as the novel progresses, ML obviously starts developing romantic feelings. He appears gentle but also kills a guy (no matter what, it's v difficult to make this choice). There's another character Lin-something

who seems to have read a story of this world and is super duper scared of ML. Keeps thinking that ML is devil etc but in the o!story, MC never meets ML and dies in the border town soon.

So ML's character is still mysterious.

Another point - A reviewer felt that ML is grooming MC. I don't think so. Firstly, ML and MC do not meet physically until later. They only communicate via messaging. ML does think of MC as a child/ pet but nothing sexual about it. MC has been denied affection from birth and latches on to ML who shows him good feelings quickly. Plus, MC is the one who contacted ML and the one who messages ML with small things. It's obvious in the beginning that MC is the proactive one whereas ML just casually responds, at most, has other people send MC stuff (but never in his name, only with excuses like winning a lottery or something). As ML likes MC more (not romantic), he also starts proactively finding MC and ofcourse, once he falls in love, there's no stopping.

Plus MC is not a child. He is 3 months (or something) away from 18. Which is why I don't think it's grooming at all. Grooming has an ugly implication and that's not the vibes I can read from this novel.

T/L - Fairly good, sometimes reads like edited MTL. 3.5/5 <<less
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Aylik rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: c87

This is not light my dudes, it may contain fluff and it may feed you dog food but it is not a light novel!! You should know there are mentions of self harm so keep that in mind.

This is the type of novel that makes you actually want follow up stories/change of POV type of deal many side characters. There are simply too many side characters with very compelling backgrounds I especially like Yan Shen since his circumstances are something you don't see often represented, I also have... more>> a love and hate relationship with his father because he's clearly scum and yet his persistent attempts to help Yan Shen have a better future... it just hits the stop and at the same time I can perfectly understand where Yan Shen is coming from and I feel like I can also see a little bit further than what's shown (maybe I'm just projecting) in terms of how he feels about his father. Also the eldest Shin (?) Brother has overall such an interesting background, I'd love a story that maybe is solely or jumps between the different possibilities of what could have been and what wasn't, if you know what I mean. Another very interesting character, I find, is the Lin (?) dude, the one that's the original arranged date.

Now, do not torch me for this, but I'd also be interested in a rewrite from the Shen kid who got swapped (Shen Ju?? I can't remember names besides the protagonists for the life of me). The relationship with the mother is just so clearly toxic (which I'd also be interested in POV's from her view of Shen Chi as he grew up), she is clearly emotionally abusive, like we can at least distinguish a clear neglect from her part towards Shen Chi, so I'd be very interested in how it was for the other kid once he came to the Shen household. Also what's the relationship between Shen Ju (?) and grandmother Shen???

Anyways I like the story, it is not particularly light, in terms of subjects that are touched upon, but until now nothing has been particularly explored to the point I'd say that it isn't a fluffy novel, because it has a lot of fluff, at least after the first couple of chapters. That may change though, I still have like a 100 chapters to go.

Update 1:... haha... haha... this... not enough tags!!! Deceiving description!!! Still, worth reading but if you're looking for a silly fluff cub raising novel, this is not it. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 10, 2021
Status: c18
I'm very picky and this translation is not that good, , sometimes it is kind of difficult to understand so I didn't really enjoy reading these 20 chaps maybe I'll come to this novel later?
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
caewi rated it
July 12, 2021
Status: Completed
This is my first time writing a review cos I just had to. A good story to boot with fluff as the main ingredient and angst as a side serving. Basically a warm hurt/comfort story. The depressing plot can be felt even through MTL, and particularly relatable for me personally. A prime warning, it contains self-harm, which was vaguely touched upon through second half of the story.

At first I read this because I'm in the midst of my fluffy E-Sport genre phase, but eventually, I caught up with the translation... more>> and ended up binge-reading the rest through MTL. The gaming part are easily decipherable even after it ran through the machine, though some parts do got lost in translation. The main points still got delivered cleanly, and the feelings came through.

The experience of both MC and ML


With MC being misunderstood by people around him while struggling with depression and ML having to change his way of life just to survive and protect his precious person


made me feel distressed as a reader.

The cause and effect where each actions that the protagonists did have their own causes, made it feels real and thus resonates more deeply with me.

In my honest opinion, a character is perfect when they have flaws. The MC and ML might not be likeable to the readers because of their personality, but they do learn, and made significant progress in growing up to be a better person to each other. The side characters (aside from the villains) also have amazing portrayal, with how they're not all being portrayed as simply black and white by the author, each having their own "redemption" part in the story, painting this story in several shades of gray. Even with characters popping left and right and sometimes making it hard to keep track of, you'll eventually remember some of them, because of how vast the character pool is, and how alive each of their characters are.

This might be my favorite writer, and I'm looking forward to their next works.

P.S I'll continue to stockpile the translated chapters. Keep up the good work dear translator! <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nonameschemer rated it
December 2, 2021
Status: Completed
*sigh* this novel could have been so much better. It started off really good to be honest, the character was different than the typical bratty or super sweet to everyone MC. He has realistic problems from trauma and doesn't magically forget everything and become bright and happy. The first 3rd of the book was good. Sending a little sweetness here and there was nice from the ML.

It started to take a nosedive when the MC was making more money by, let's be real being an accidental sugar baby/ weird adult "child". It would have been so much better if his fans/gaming network was his main source of income. The ML literally at one point intentionally limits how much money he has because of his jealousy. Yikes. It is one thing to have an uneven power balance since we were all expecting that. However, it starts to gross me out when we see other characters face-slapping. His former parents fall into dire straits probably due to our lovely ML here. The face-slapping just feels so toxic, yes they hurt the MC but to leave them impoverished as revenge and keep bringing it up every 5 seconds shows you how cruel ML is. It makes you wonder if they ever broke up where exactly is a socially awkward little tyke MC going to if the ML's love turns to hatred. It is nice if the family got slapped, but couldn't they have a bit of compassion for the fact that they were once family like other stories? Instead of just needlessly villainizing the other son and making him brainless along with the family. Give a villain a dignified death/ satisfying defeat. It left a bad taste in my mouth and made me pity them. The s** scenes were so disappointing. Like we get his waist aches. Would it kill to have it that he initiates things and stop having him be coerced into things ? It was so repetitive and boring. Also, the MC coming out was so lame, that could have been a good conflict. I could imagine if the villain's son actually had a brain he could have blackmailed MC into giving more money. Since coming on they were screwing in a car in public near a university. With no regard for the fact that MC is a public figure. Recording that would actually be most people's first reaction. Hell even selling that s** tape to ML's competitors would have been a good idea. Pouring dirty water over the MC by doing that, would take a long time to wash off. Since even if everyone's excepting, having that on the internet would still ruin anyone. I wish I could rate this higher just for the unique and bittersweet beginning but any part after (MC becomes completely dependant on ML) that was just so predictable and devoid of any real conflict.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 19, 2021
Status: c85
Reading in midst till chap 85. There’s the ups and downs and I’m kinda glad there’s the mixture of both fluff and a little bit of pain. Waiting for more.

Thanks the translator for picking up, if not I wouldn’t be able to read this novel.
However, those readers who are picky about coherent sentences may want to avoid this.
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July 27, 2021
Status: c62
I'm kinda on the fence about this one.

On one hand, it's great that the ML is caring for the MC in a way everyone around him who should be caring seems to have failed to do.

On the other, what's the difference between this and grooming a young kid? He's dependent on the ML in every sense of the word, emotionally and financially. But the ML seems to have no such dependence on the MC. He's a caretaker. He's even treating it like raising a pet. To morph that into a... more>> lovers situation kinda creeps me out.

At least the ML doesn't intend for it to go in that direction. He's not purposefully raising a lover. But it is going to end up that way, cause that's what we're all here for.

I kinda hate it when familiar love morphs into romantic though. There's such an imbalance. Especially in stories written in a emotionally mature way like this one. <<less
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Weektri rated it
September 24, 2021
Status: c90
  1. I think it is a really nice novel only that the translation is a bit...
  2. While the translators have done a really nice job 👍🏻and I would really love to thank them for their efforts I still feel that the quality of translation may have been better... maybe it is because English is not their first language. While many chapters have already been posted I would love to help improve their quality by correcting the mistakes I found. I cannot boast that I speak English really well still I think I can make it so people find it easier to read. (We have been learning it since nursery). But I can only use the already translated chapters since I don't know Chinese. If the translators are okay with this please give me your contact info so we can talk about this.
  3. I read in one of the comments about how the way MC treated his real/birth mother was wrong because she has been trying to get close to him but that is completely wrong. MC's birth mother did try to be nice and civil but that was all, she wasn't really behaving like his mother but instead some sort of really kind host. Even if she offered him breakfast, she was also the one who left him unattended when they went to visit her in laws.... should she have left a child (a 17 years old is still young) who has grown up with servants to care for his own food for even a few days.... she believed when her husband said that the MC has gotten money from his earlier parents (which was a lie). She should have asked him if he was alright? Did he really have that much money? How was he taking care of his food in their absence? She tried to talk to him like just once or twice. When the MC left their house to live alone she visited him just once (with her husband) and after that it was like she vanished.... she could have asked him from time to time how he was doing? Even if MC had money he was still a child who was living alone in a town which was known for having the highest crime rate.... but where was she? Even MC's friend's mother took more care of him. She could have tried to do the same. How could she just forget her son? MC's mother became pregnant a second time and it was only after the birth of that baby when her husband was talking about Shen Chi did she remember she had completely neglected the MC. Imagine your mother forgetting that you exist when she is going to have your little sister/brother. It is not like the MC specifically targeted her or anything... he just ignored her and why not? They were mere strangers. MC's mother treatment was like that of a nice and humble stranger and not that of a mother.
  4. Well I can't explain how nice this book is but you won't regret reading this.😊

    No Spoilers 😋

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January 16, 2022
Status: Completed
This is absolutely amazing. If you're expecting all fluff then this is not it. This id a mixture of heart wrenching pure love.

there's no 3rd party, no love triangle or whatnot but the plot, the main character and the settings completes a wonderful creation. I hated some characters here and I wanted to strangle them. It's worth the read

Just a little note:

The translation is a bit hard to understand at first but it gets better. Still, I'm grateful for the translators hard work and for picking up this novel!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
peachtoplease rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: Completed
The title is a bit misleading. MC become popular because his talent, hard work and the support from ML. There’s angst at first. His life is struggle so much but fortunately he met ML. They are growing together in each of their own way.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sefola rated it
August 15, 2021
Status: c85
This story is definitely on of the best i've read. Heart wrenching, heartwarming, ahhhh it just took my heart. I reallllly love the MC and the ml. And the mc's friends are cute too. His families are sh*t, but the ML is there to protect him ❤️❤️
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JustAki rated it
July 12, 2021
Status: c50
It's so beautiful?? Soft?? There's a bit of angst too. Both ML anc MC suffered a lot from their parents; MC seems to have an abandonment issue too (SPOILER AHEAD) ... more>>

due to his nonbiological parents. There is one chapter, somewhere 35 above where the nonbiological mother talked to a granny, seems to be MC's nanny before. The nanny explained how the nonbiological mother just left MC who kept on knocking on the doors while it was raining outside. The mother didn't even let him in. Fairly disappointed at the nonbiological parents and the biological parents. One does child neglect; the other ignorant and are fools.

At times. Yes. The biological mother did seems to care for MC but did she ever try to connect to him? Understand beyond what he do? They seem to think he had a great time just because he lived his life with money at disposal.

One time, the MC went with his bio mom and one man didn't pay them. MC beat up the man, got him to pay back behind the back of his mom but disappointed at what the parents reacted.

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Nana24 rated it
July 9, 2021
Status: Completed
It contains fluff, but both of them suffered a lot due to their families. For MC, he did not receive his parents and foster parents' love, while ML faced assassination, resulting in the father's death and his uncle's amputation.

(P.S: His father is alive but only appears at the extras)


I'm glad that the foster parents suffered, this type of mother is disappointing despite living together with MC for so many years. So cruel to abandon MC. I'm happy that both parties got their happy ending; stay happily together and get married.


MC's life is quite sad in his 1st life, died before celebrating his bday with ML.

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nitan rated it
January 3, 2022
Status: c121
I enjoyed it alot! The dynamic is actually what I like most about the story, it's refreshing because they both have their own storylines/hardship.

It doesn't compromise focusing on one and neglecting the other. This is probably the first novel I've read that actually walks you through the process of 'ML throwing out the tr*sh and ruling the family all alone' -- it's quite enjoyable! The MC is also focusing on gaming, has a background and his own considerations to go through. They don't revolve around each other like how other... more>> novel C do -- I like that they both meet each other sincerely, and earnestly just want to offer help, love and support for each other to create a safe space between them together.

I think it's heart-warming, and I can see why they are who they are (bc of their circumstances/personality) which makes me enjoy their dynamic even more because it doesn't take away from that. Rather than erasing the dark/bad part of each other, it focuses on proving that they aren't omnipotent and theres at least someone out there that views them differently. It's really nice!

The translation is.... hard to read. But I like the translator's attitude -- very positive and seems sweet/open -- I'm cheering them on!! In terms of eligibility/actually understanding the novel though.... it's hard to say, but maybe if you've read more MTL you might have more practice with interpreting the passages.... it's an exercise in patience, but I think the novel is worth it... <<less
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