I Became Hugely Popular After Becoming a Cannon Fodder Star


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The original owner of the body had a face that went against the gods and could clearly rely on this face to dominate the entertainment industry. However, he believed in the instigation of his brainless agent and took part in a special ‘drinking party.’ He ended up disfigured and ruined.

He was an 18th tier cannon fodder who only appeared in three chapters. He simply had the word ‘miserable’ engraved on his forehead.

The movie emperor Ji Li transmigrated into this book and ripped up the terrible character design on the spot. He examined his appearance in the mirror—

There was no rhyme or reason to it. Why do dishonest things? With this face, wasn’t it good to start a career on his own?

It was fragrant.


Ji Li just wanted to take the career line. He used his sinister insight to pick up unexpected work—

He wanted to be the third male lead in a movie and was ridiculed by his fans.

He wanted to pick up the advertis**ent of a small perfume brand and was stabbed by a rival for having no future prospects.

He wanted to accept a poor travel variety show and his agent team frantically tried to stop him.

As a result, Ji Li became hugely popular in three years! A big explosion! A top traffic!

Everyone: ??? My face hurts. [Lighting a cigarette through the vicissitudes of life.JPG]

Ji Li: Thank you for the invitations. I am just an average worker in the entertainment industry [Puts out the cigarette butt.JPG]

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New shuulys rated it
November 23, 2023
Status: Completed
One of my favourite entertainment novel. To be honest, everything was really good and satisfying to read. This novel is something relaxing and easy to read mainly because how smooth sailing the progress is. Not saying the MC Ji Li won't face difficulties in his career, just that it won't be much of a problem and gets resolved in a few chapters.

(Spoiler alert ahead❗️❗️ I have warned)

Plot - I love it. The progress of the MC's career is pretty much predicted since he was a movie emperor... more>> in his past life. However, I still liked the fact that his first role was an 'insignificant' role to the general public and peers in his original company, a beggar 🤭. This clearly shows that he has an excellent eye for good characters and scripts. Even after proving his 💯 acting skills, he still took on supporting roles that were considered 'interesting' to him. That is how he is even in his past life and I love how he stayed the same throughout, not letting anyone influence him. The pace was alright, MC slowly rising in the entertainment circle, MC and ML slowly getting to know each other, them realising their feelings and getting together, them working hard for their career and future, and finally a happy ending.

Characters - I have to say, this novel really has one of the best group of characters. Not just the main characters, even the side characters are all so lovable. If I have to give an example, MC's female agent who is also known as his mom fan hahahaha. The way she cares for the MC like he's her cub 🥹. Also, MC's bestfriends Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi ahhaha. Ji Yunqi is actually the novel's original MC so I was a little worried that he might be an antagonist or something. I was hoping not when he first appeared and I'm glad that he really was not. It's rare to see how the original novel's MC is not the antagonist tbh... Lastly, I want to say that I really love the ML Qin Yue. I have seen quite a few reviews and comments that have a bad impression on the ML and tbh when reading them, I almost didn't want to start on this novel. But I'm glad I did because although I wouldn't say he's a super duper very green flag, he is definitely a green flag.

Romance - (I shall be continuing why I like the ML here) Firstly, the ML got to know about the MC from an assessment video sent by someone he knows. He saw the MC act and thought that he acted really well and even portrayed the role better than him (pls remember that that was the ML's debut role and MC was a movie emperor before). Afterwards he met the MC on set (pure coincidence) and gained a favourable impression of him. Although he did think highly of the MC, it wasn't as if he would chase after him or do anything at that point. As the plot progresses, the MC also took up some supporting roles in movies/dramas. As you would have expected, the ML also acted in them. He may have joined the crew with the purpose of acting in the same film together but let's be realistic, it's really not a big deal that they are acting together in the same show for multiple times. There are some reviews that say that they find the ML's action not pleasing since he always act together with the MC but have yall thought about it in the other pov? The MC seems pretty happy acting together with the ML don't you think? This was because their so called philosophies and acting beliefs are very well aligned and that was also why they cl**ked well together. The MC is not even complaining about it so why are you complaining on his behalf :<

Next, about the Long Island Iced Tea movie, I know that Qin Yue 'schemed' a little so that Aldophe would recommend Ji Li to director Cameron but in the end, it was still Ji Li's choice to decide whether he wants that role or not right? Are yall underestimating Ji Li a little too much? He is a movie emperor in his past life. What hasn't he seen and experience before. He is also aware that he empathises with the character alot and may accidentally fall in 'love' with Qin Yue's character in the movie. But when he decides to act in that movie, he knows what he's getting into and is aware of the potential consequences. Also, wasn't it already obvious that before that movie, Ji Li already had a little feelings for Qin Yue? It has been somewhat hinted throughout the novel. In this case, it's not that Qin Yue tricked Ji Li into this movie but Ji Li jumping into it himself.

No matter what you guys think, I think that the ML was very conscientious and patient during his pursuit of the MC. Qin Yue has never presured Ji Li in any way and always took the slow boiling the frog approach. Before they got together, he has always treated Ji Li very well. After they got together, he treated Ji Li even better. Even after they got together, Qin Yue always worried that Ji Li might still be under the movie character's influence and that his 'love' might slowly fade out. This shows how much love he has for Ji Li and how he is actually an insecure person/lover. I hope that you guys can cut him some slack when reading because although you might find his actions a little possesive, in the end it's his first time loving someone and first time getting into a relationship. As much as we love the MC, the ML also loves and treasures the MC alot.

Script for the movies/dramas - Damn I really wasn't expecting the filming part to be this entertaining to me. Usually when I read entertainment novels, the movies filmed during the novel is average at best. But this novel payed attention to the scripts and plot of the movies/dramas. I can say this because I really want to watch the movies/dramas that they filmed during the novel 😭 especially Time Lobbyist.

One minor thing in this novel that I am not very satisfied with is that since the MC is a movie emperor and his acting skills are already 💯, it felt as if he stayed the same throughout. Not that it's bad or anything since this shows that his acting skills is really top notch. It's just that I feel like no matter how good you are at something, there's always something you can learn from others. It would have been nice to see scenes where the MC learns or gets inspired by others :") but no biggie. The overall novel is fantastic and really satisfying to read. I usually don't write such a long ass review but I truly am happy with this novel sooo 🤭 <<less
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New Saori_Raven rated it
November 12, 2023
Status: Completed
Mary Su (Gary Stu) is here!!

I don’t want to be bad with this novel, it is true that the story of transmigration is the basic without surprises (it comes to occupy the body of a cannon and ends up entangled with the villain love, love, love), little or nothing to tell here.

Where I was surprised by this novel is in the small "substories".
The protagonist is a recognized actor before his death and after transmigrating decides to follow the same path. Of course he is perfect in his work.
Every... more>> time he finds a new script, it resonates with the reader and when it’s time to play the role, you tell it to us in the first person, as if we were reading another novel, with other characters and their own story.

It’s these little cuts where you really get immersed in those other stories, wanting to know what happens and interested you in their characters as if you were suddenly reading a completely different book.
These "actions" are little pieces spread out but if you get to see the whole story of the script and I was surprised to realize that I was more attracted to these pieces of story than the overall plot of the novel, that in the end somehow stopped being guided by these little side stories. <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I've been recently boasting this author after brushing their novels (read 4 of their novels, 5th is on-going and all are satsfying! :D). Plz read their latest "Flash marriage" it's absolutely lovely.

All novels can be put under the banner of 'road to success' in the related field, here we talk about entertainment. Although I say things plainly, but this author has their own charm when writing. It's always easy, it's a relaxing type of reading to just have a good time.

MC, Ji Li, is an experienced actor who saw winds... more>> and rains in his last life and is a big success, the only thing he never experienced in his life was probably to be close to another human being and being loved, in his success he was particularly lonely. He wore a plot of a cannon fodder who didn't even survive three chapters, was viciously set up to a drinking party where the only asset he had, his face, was ruined, ruining his entire life.

Ji Li didn't care that he turned back to the point of a 'fresh start', it was a challenge for him, which he gladly took. Starting from the first major test their company gave them. Everyone took good roles/parts leaving him a play of a 'beggar' wanting to humiliate him, not knowing that Ji Li never cares about such things and this role was from a major movie destined to be a hit and his small role will push him to the peak of popularity. But more importantly, will bring him to meet someone who will be a part of his life.

Entertainment routines are present, but if you like such texts you will like those. I especially appreciate that MC doesn't go around from small roles to big roles, it's more like MC chooses what script to take on the basis of a good role. He might switch from lead to third just becase the role is more satsfying. All scripts are well developed and you can see ideas behind them. The one where MC and ML shot together I actually cried when reading, it was really simple, but really good.

Now, a bit about it. CHARACTERS are one of the best parts in this novel imho. To contrast the cool and mature MC, the side characters are particularly good! Starting from the main protag of this novel who became friends with MC and is a really sweet guy, to other people in entertainment MC played with. His agent is one the best female characters too. God I love her! She's a mom fan to her cub and there are some scenes that I particularly loved. There will also be a side pairing (s), but it won't be too occupying. MOVIES described in this novel actually are well thought through. You know how some authors are just passing such things and it becomes boring? Here you will be given either short descriptions or full galore, depending on which movie was shot. Feels will come. RELATIONSHIP is good! It will be a slow time coming together. Don't look that ML, Qin Li, will indeed make some moves that will bring the two together, those are chance encounters he creates for himself to be closer to a person he likes. Basically he fell deeply in love with MC early and used tactic of boiling frog in the warm water and used chances of staying together. Though he never forced himself on MC, he treated MC with great care, especially knowing MC is the the empath type of actor that might get lost in emotions of his role. And lastly CUTE PETS. I'm not kidding. MC will own a beautiful kitty found by ML's dog, it kind of reminded me of that scene from 101 dalmatians when both dogs brought their owners together. Here both pets, especially the doggo, will just be best buddies and it will create many encounters of the two.

All in all it is a good read for people who like this genre and this type of story. With no pressure, no huge dramatic plots, just having a good time. Spoiler, but some mentioned plots of the novel the MC read will happen, but it will be changed. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
June 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Decent but not great, mostly very stereotypical. The MC is smart (except when it comes to the ML) and ruthless when he needs to be. The ML is obsessive and is often either overly doting on his "Little Kitten, " or overly controlling. If you like that kind of couple dynamic than you'll probably love it for all the fluff.

on the plus side, for once the original protagonist of the book that the MC jumps into wasn't a stereotypical jerk, becoming a friend to the MC. I also liked the... more>> MC actually tackled the Sasaeng problem in a way I wish all Asian stars IRL would do. Those two points were a breath of fresh air in an otherwise generic entertainment circle story and earned it an extra.5 (my ending rating was 3.5/5).

these were my notes from when I read it in January:


The book protagonist has the same last name as the MC but they aren't related (I was confused at first thinking this would be one of those switched at birth or lost son stories but it's not). For once the protagonist isn't an as*hole but looks up to the MC and the MC inspires him to further his acting. The original story for the protagonist is kind of vague and doesn't go into much detail but he's around a lot.

MC has the stereotypical denseness when it comes to his feelings about the ML. Why do MC always turn into bewildered 5 year old children when it comes to love in these stories? Especially irritating when they are clever and have a normal EQ in every other situation.

the ML keeps calling the MC cute and comparing him to a little animal; I have a bad feeling about this couple dynamic.

Obligatory blacking of the MC online followed by many face slapping moments.

Obligatory BE gay movie with ML.

Obligatory high fever/illness that magically cures in one night/day (I wish my colds went away that fast).

Obligatory winning double male lead at an award show.

Its unsettling how controlling the ML becomes after they get together, treating the MC like his pet/possession/child and completely dominating him. ML is constantly telling the MC to be obedient throughout the novel and sometimes punishing him when he gets jealous. I really dislike the way he treats him and I really dislike that that MC thinks it's perfectly normal and fine.

OK, I don't like this ML (I think he's mentally unstable). When he doesn't get his way he's angry and petulant and always, always jealous for no reason, taking his delusions out on the MC. He forces the MC into a passive role over and over again and then gets angry that the MC never takes the initiative in their relationship. You trained the "little kitten" MC into a child-bride/pet who is always pliant and obedient to the ML, of course he's not going to take initiative, (though once he figures out that's what the ML wants he gives the man what he wants).

what pisses me off most in this couple dynamic is that the MC is so smart, capable, and strong in every situation except when it comes to the ML. And this dynamic is not just the MC/ML, but with all the shou/gong couples in the story; they are all pampered and treated like children who occasionally need to be saved from their own actions and "properly disciplined" by their husbands.

honestly, that whole dynamic makes my skin crawl.

The rest of the story is mostly the typical entertainment circle tropes and intrigue. Very little family drama (only lasts for a couple of chapters at most) and no problems dragged out for too long, which was nice.

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Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
December 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Surprisingly good, despite some reviews suggesting otherwise. I think it's a well executed novel for the standard trope it follows.

If you were not expecting an actor x actor pair and the journey of a reborn film emperor reaching the top again with mostly good face slap events, then I would say don't read this novel. But if you are hoping for such, continue reading my review and I'll list the pros and cons.


    • The novel addresses and fills plot faults that appear in your head while reading. It's kind of like where in a Thriller movie, you feel like the suspect who got arrested actually isn't the criminal. And you would be severely disappointed if that said suspect actually was the criminal, but also ecstatic if the detective found another suspect in a thrilling turn of events that actually makes sense.
    • Romance is healthy! We do have a tad bit over possessive ML, but he respect boundaries and communicates properly with MC. So I'll let it pass.
    • Original MC of the book ain't evil! Thank the lord. I have got so sick of that trope. Good development of side characters and no random BL pairings for the sake of it.
    • Good development and very satisfying if you want a sit back and relax novel.
    • No xenophobia! Author seems very open minded, and I appreciate that. No unnecessary nationalism too. It's like Rebirth of a Supermodel but a lot of its flaws are fixed.
    • Variety of films and movies MC takes! Some plot points I thought I wouldn't like ended up being my favorite, so good choice foe the author.

    • A bit draggy. A few chapters I just scrolled tbh. With these types of novels, authors love putting in those satisfying fillers, but if the same pattern repeats its inevitable for some drag.
    • MC didn't experience any hardships in his acting journey. Just praise all around. Of course he still faced slander and outside challenges, just wish we focused more on acting. However, considering he was a film emperor, I guess it's fine? It's something you expect out of this trope anyway.
    • Wish there was more emotional entanglement/conflict between MC and ML. Would've been more engaging. This novel is more focused on MC's acting career but it still has a good balance of romance.
    • Wish we focused more on MC's and ML's past. Of course, this is a "feel good" novel but it would've made this novel richer.
    • A lot of description. Sometimes it does it's job, but other times it's tedious to read through.
Overall, a good novel I binged and enjoyed. Really love the arc where the MC and ML star in a movie together as the male leads. Thought I would hate it but now it's my favorite moment. Hope y'all try it out.
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
WallEyeKnee rated it
April 21, 2022
Status: Completed
They were doing so well till chapter 60 ish, then they lost the H plot I was so involved in the emotional movie acting and really sympathize with MC's acting. Then it all went to hell with ML ACTING LIKE CREEPY STALKER, HE'S EVERYWHERE GIVE ME A BREAK! He even set up a gay movie for MC to act with him -_- No words just too calculating don't feel natural it disgusts me. He's forcing the issue when MC want to focus on his career, then I skim through and... more>> MC's whole story turned to mush his character setting start to collapse, becomes over reliant on ML. When he was so clever and strong, wonderful, beautiful, innocent, that fact ML ruin him piss me the hell off.

I feel romance never suited this novel, there's a lack of cohesion in the story, and the author is forcing the romance where ML have to follow MC everywhere. ARGGHH IT WAS SO GOOD UNTIL IT BECOMES SUCH A MESS! I HAVE TO SKIM THROUGH TO THE END. <<less
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erialolita rated it
July 12, 2022
Status: Completed
2.5, It's the standard Chinese entertainment danmei, complete with:

  • Gary Sue opness
  • Always single, cold, sexy ML who is only hot for MC
  • Naive MC who blushes easy
  • The best immersive acting skills, with the best aura
  • Beyond comparison beautiful MC
  • Overly smart pets
  • Award winning, non romance, non comedy, only drama sad scripts for MC
  • s*upid family
  • Extremely s*upid villians that get face slapped quickly
  • MC always ends up in the hot search
  • Overly patriotic undertones
  • Staring in an English film
Seriously, there was a couple times I had the worst deja vu, it is so similar to other, older, entertainment... more>> danmei. It's like the author used a template from past entertainment novels. Every plot point is completely predictable.


the part with the plagiarism had me thinking, "author are you sure this isn't about your own novel "


The MC is ok, he didn't feel like a 30+ transmigrator, but more like the young 20 something he occupies. He was too dense.

ML is weirdly stalkerish and falls deep quickly. He did have his sweet moments.

Their relationship is the typical slow snail pace, then all of a sudden BAM! Hot, sexy time. There was a catalyst for it, kind of, which made it a bit more understandable. The ML confused me, one minute he can't go 3 days without even texting MC and is flying to see him, then the next minute, he wants to separate from MC for 5 months. The relationship priorities were all over the place.

The friends and the agent were just tools to move the story or to give MC gossip, which is fine, I get too bored with overly elaborate side characters.

I think the author spent more time making up in depth fake movies for the story than the actual story. They were so detailed and I found myself more into the synopsis' of the scripts than the actual story.

The biggest plus for this story is the fact that it has to be the easiest to understand MTL I've ever read. Most of the time I forgot it was MTL.

If this was the first or one of the first entertainment danmei's I ever read, I would have probably loved it. So I recommend this to anyone who hasn't read many or isn't completely tired of the same old same old. <<less
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ylial rated it
August 2, 2021
Status: c105
I like this type of novel. Kinda smooth sailing and no drama between lovers. The MC uses empathic acting. And ML is very caring to MC.

So if you're looking for a realistic entertainment BL full of ups and downs, this might not be ur type. I like reading novel similar to this to smile from the stressful life and not to read another stressful or psychological novel.

The thing I dislike here is the BL movie of MC and ML where the director and ML let the MC to have emphatic... more>> acting between lovers. They're (ML+director) selfish, just to attain their goals.. Some emphatic actors even go to psychological treatment yet they let MC to be deep into the act.. Fortunately the MC isn't squeamish. I also dislike the over jealousy and controlling nature of ML.

Will drop. Fed up with overjealousy of ML. I find it annoying instead of Fluffy. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yaeha rated it
January 30, 2023
Status: c83

... more>>

It has so much face slapping but everything seems to have a holier than thou attitude. Don't get me wrong the MC is amazing and was the reason I wanted to finish it as soon as possible but the ML. Dang that guy's clingy. Like it felt suffocating that he was everywhere, the first I understood as he was the main lead in the movie but the next one where he intervened by becoming a producer was also okay ish since the script was just too good but he should have left it for the company or his agent to handle. Then that special appearance in the drama was truly not needed but I give it a pass since there were too many cp fans of the original book. But the police film, I drew the line there, ML became just too possessive and for what? Like he didn't make his intentions clear nor did he ask MC's opinion. If he was there less and gave MC space to grow on his own like maybe a year or two so that he could establish his place in the industry then the foreign movie would have been an absolute joy to read and look forward to. I also felt that the author wrote everything for the purpose of face slapping and the others characters were so one dimensional. Also gave the MC this halo of always popular and getting all good opportunities and if something bad happens then just deal with it with no consequences to his career. I personally really like the MC at the beginning when he was not afraid to raise his fist and actually confront people then it slowly got boring. The romance was too fast paced for me and I wanted the MC to grow a strong before beginning a romance.

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tricksyness rated it
October 14, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating it 3 stars because overall, it kinda falls into the pattern a lot of Chinese novels have: Dumb antagonist appears, messes with MC, gets faceslapped by the awesome and overpowered MC, then another dumb antagonist appears, and the cycle repeats.

Each script MC takes on is very fleshed out and intriguing, but I also feel slightly frustrated reading them since it's basically an infodump of a new setting every time.

Romance-wise, MC and ML's relationship was cute and not stressful at all to follow. The way they fell in love was... more>> great. The building UST between them until they couldn't resist not being in a relationship anymore, and the catalyst of their relationship was just so good, I would've rated that part at least 4 stars.

It's just such a shame that it fell into the pattern of faceslapping after faceslapping again afterwards... <<less
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Mehmeh713 rated it
October 25, 2022
Status: c79
The plot has way too many random inexplicable stereotypical idiotic antagonists and MC feels pretty useless outside of his acting skills given his character setting with ML around at every corner rescuing his distressed little baby bird.

The antagonists -> literally everywhere popping up and hating MC with a virulent fury and trying to ruin his career for very little reason and the way they scheme against MC is just over the top ridiculous. And then they get knocked down, MC moves on to his next endeavor and the cycle repeats.

I’m... more>> just going to list all the antagonists I rmb until c79:


1. Random rich trainee that finds MC easy to bully and finds MC too good looking. Sets him up during a meeting with a influential director to get MC kicked out of the agency

2. Random not very successful idol actor that shares a manager with MC. Sees MC and decides the guy is a mega threat. From his face. Acts like a diva, throws a tantrum at the successful director while he’s filming and then gets kicked off the tv show. Makes a fuss online at the entire tv crew, tries to ruin MC by insinuating MC’s the sugar baby of the hugely successful actor ML. And all of these dumbass actions are pretty much condoned by his medium sized agency and experienced manager that should KNOW not to antagonize a big production crew, famous director and a famous actor without any backing and they know the production crew has evidence of the idol actor’s bad behavior.

3. Random actor that signs on for the same production as MC and completely changed the script and keeps targeting and reducing MC’s parts because he just doesn’t like MC. And the production crew allows this even though random actor’s agency isn’t even the main producer or investor and random actor isn’t even that popular. Like the author tried to justify the ridiculousness by saying that the producer and director allowed it because random actor’s agency is super influential. When it’s the same size as MC’s agency, and again, random actor’s agency isn’t the main producer or investor for the production. And the main investor is ML that invested money because of the original screenplay (and MC though this part isn’t known by the production crew) and the producer KNOWS this. This part is excused by saying producer thinks the main investor just won’t find out until filming is over and it’ll be too late for them to change anything by then. But why would the producer or the director risk angering the hugely successful ML for the mediocre random actor and allow the screenplay to be changed by a mediocre unsuccessful screenwriter which obviously might affect the success of the show they’re in charge of?? Like... they will ignore their own career prospects to please a random unsuccessful actor and his agency??

4. MC’s aunt and cousin that run to MC for money. Aunt makes a huge fuss at MC in a public restaurant and gets injured when she trips. Aunt and cousin then accuse MC of hitting her (even though there’s cameras in the restaurant and in the car park where MC and aunt argue that would obviously disprove this) and they try to sell MC’s personal belongings online.

5. Random famous screen writer who offers MC a plagiarized screen play and whom MC rejects in a relatively neutral manner. And then screen writer starts targeting MC online and keeps sniping at him every chance he gets.


I mean... it’s just too much s*upid. At least scheme and fight properly?? And 3 out of 5 of the antagonists never even really worked with MC or spent a considerable amount of time with MC before they started going all out trying to ruin him. Cmon.

Also MC’s character setting is like as a guy who worked his way from nothing over 20 years and became a hugely successful award winning actor by virtue of his acting skills. And his acting skills are great but he’s shockingly incompetent at handling issues outside of acting (like all the random antagonists he faces). When the issues get solved, it’s because a gift dropped from the sky or ML helped in some manner. And I mean, given his character setting, MC should be more competent at handling issues outside of his acting ability. Also, if for example, MC’s background was like og MC with the super strong background whereby he just has to focus on acting and everything else is solved for him, I would understand MC’s incompetence. But he’s not. So yeah, I think it’s annoying that at every damn point, ML is just hanging around waiting to rescue and help MC and MC just caaaannot solve anything by himself.


When he had issues with his agency, ML gave him the contact for a super capable agent who immediately agreed to be his agent and who then paid for him to leave his OG agency.

When he had issues with the HL, ML invested in the production, asked production crew to help and also stepped up himself to solve it.

When he had issues with CYZ, ML stepped in and fired CYZ, the producer and the director and brought in his own crew.

When he had issues with his aunt and cousin, ML helped to freeze the transaction when they were trying to sell his stuff. His agency basically solved the rest.

When screenwriter started targeting MC online and offline, ML came along to stand up for him and introduced him to other directors and screen writers.


It’s also annoying in entertainment novels when there’s the whole super successful actor ML, up and coming actor MC and super successful ML is somehow involved in or present in every damned activity that MC is involved in. No it’s just totally implausible. Stop it. <<less
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Regra rated it
December 20, 2021
Status: --
The story is good, you can binge read till the end with MTL and still enjoy it, however it was not a particularly unique story. It's a good read after a heavy novel or for a fluffy light enjoyment, however it's a once read novel.

The best part in this story I recommend heavily are the script story the ML MC records with the crew. I cried for all these scripts. I wish they were a seperate novel 📖
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plainbricks rated it
October 14, 2021
Status: --
This novel is your typical entertainment industry story. There are no new grounds or twists to be seeked here. The MC and ML are the same old cliche couple in such BL stories. It's not to say that it's bad. But it's just very average and to me, very boring. A typical cliche story can still be a great novel if it's well-written. It is not the case here.

I read both the raws and translation so I am confident it's not the translation that is leading me to feel... more>> this way. It's the way the author writes. This author's summary for their novels are great! When reading the actual novels though, the stories just doesn't grab my attention or have some critical flaw/tropes (random deus ex machina etc) that I personally disliked. I tried three novels and dropped all three of them. It's disappointing as I wanted so much to like them.

However, this is just my personal preference. So eh, your mileage may vary. <<less
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Rutabaga rated it
July 17, 2021
Status: Completed
It's not a bad novel. There are cute and fluffy parts plus the plot is nice. There were a few moments that I really liked, and not many moments where I particularly disliked it. It's a feel good novel with logic to some extent, so you'll get a lot of face slapping but not to the point where logic is non-existent (besides the amount of face-slapping one can get).

Besides how the author perceives Western countries' entertainment circle and fans there rather differently, I think the showbiz part of the novel... more>> is good. It's cliche, it has face-slapping all the way with really expected plot twists, there's that gay movie both ML and MC just HAVE to act in for some reason, but the novel passes. It's not terrible, at least. It'll probably be interesting if it's your first time reading showbiz BL novels. Though if you're not new to this genre, it isn't anything particularly amazing or fresh. The romance is nice, it doesn't involve forcing, they work out disagreements together, they respect each other's job. It's, again, not particularly amazing but nice to read. It's also nice to see a OG!MC that isn't evil or has a nasty personality.

MC becomes friends with OG!MC and their friendship is one of the things I find cute in the novel. They form a friendship trio with another character.


And hey! No f*cking racism. There are some Chinese novels that I'd honestly just brace myself to be ready for racism when I read some people, whether it be Koreans, Japanese or Americans. When the Korean villain/cannon fodder showed up, I expected the novel to say stuff like "as expected of Koreans", but instead I got something normal: He's tr*shy because he's tr*shy, not because of his country or race. (Honestly it's sad how unexpected it is for novels to not have racism)

I'd recommend this if you're new to the genre, but it's not too amazing that it'd shock even people who have read this genre a lot of times. Sorry for the bad English and have a nice day.

(Also, regarding rhianirory saying that the OG!MC and MC have the same last name, they actually have different ones. It's read the same in English but it has a different character in Chinese. MC is 纪 and OG!MC is 季. Both are Ji so it might seem like the same last name.) <<less
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fancytofu rated it
July 28, 2023
Status: Completed
I'm going to preface this review by saying I really enjoyed the novel, had so much fun reading it, and all of Rainbow Reads translations are top-notch. I do recommend people give this a shot, but boy do I have some annoyances.

Firstly though, I love the cast of characters and that the original protagonist isn't portrayed as evil, but as a pure soul and becomes one of MC's best friends. I loved that MC didn't try to steal any of OrigProtag's roles and was mindful of them, but also let... more>> the world flow as naturally as possible, even with his changes.

And more importantly, the author has a gift for making up movie plots. Most of the time I was more interested in the movie plots MC plays in than the actual novel plot itself. Especially 'Long Island Iced Tea'--my eyes surprised me by tearing up.

I also love how they mention that while there are shady business in the entertainment industry, it's not something that can just be uprooted and that the only people who are exempt are people with important background or a great agency/staff/'backer'. It's part of the industry and even how some incredibly talented people need to use it to start their careers.

Now some of my gripes and why this can't be a 5-star novel:

    • The author loves her MC a little too much. It's fun at first reading about how awesome he is, but after 75% of the novel, I'm a little tired of the same remarks on how beautiful/good looking he is. We get it, he has a divine face.
    • In addition, some of his worse faults are way overlooked. He's a little ruthless in some scenes and the other characters just shrug it off
        • Spoiler

          He literally beats up his scum cousin (it was deserved) but it was in front of the police! And the police just ignore it? Some of the actions he takes against the other people in the industry was a little escalated, but also nothing new in terms of face-slapping novels

    • This may be cultural difference on my part, but is it really okay to talk and make comments during a movie premiere or during movie shooting? Where I'm from it's incredibly rude to talk during a movie at a theater (much less a premiere) as it distracts others from enjoying the movie. I understand if it's barrage comments on a webshow or a stream. But also, a movie filming? Even if things get re-dubbed in post production, most sets require silence--even extras can't speak and have to mouth their conversations. There were just too many 'external' comments happening during these events and towards the end, I just skimmed through them.
    • Portrayal of foreign audiences: I'm not really sure where to start here. Yes, the West has a problem with racism towards Asian people and culture, but at an international movie premiere, no one's going to openly diss an unknown name, especially one that's been chosen as lead from a highly respected director. I know it's just a setup for a face-slapping event, but it just felt too exaggerated. They'd really just be overlooked/ignored and the insult would come after the event is over when they're omitted from an article or edited out of an interview (which I've seen done many times to my frustration).
    • And the ML's possessiveness in the beginning of their relationship. Many other reviews pointed this out, but I actively rolled my eyes and released a frustrated grunt at how he just wouldn't let the MC do his own thing. By the end of the novel I understand it was because of his huge insecurity that MC may not really like him given the circumstance on how they got together, but it reaaally made him unlikeable for a while.
Sorry for the long rant--the novel's still fresh in my brain. But to be honest, by the time you notice any of these 'annoyances', you'll already be hooked onto the story and won't want to put it down. <<less
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auraizen rated it
May 23, 2023
Status: c72

Nothing sticks out as that bad (MC is all talented and always wins which can be a bit much for some, but it's typical and kinda expected for these types of novels)

However it drags on so much and spends so much time describing pointless things. After the nth time the author tells us the story of what show the MC is acting in as if it were a whole arc in a quick transmigration novel I just do not care anymore and it's annoying.

Simply put, dropped because it got... more>> too boring as the author was trying to fill up word count. <<less
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Kisaki_Tsubasa rated it
April 14, 2023
Status: c105
MC is OP and perfectly capable, but for some reason, he can't get a gig without the ML's involvement somehow and then, MC and ML get together and their IQ drop to zero. Before they were both incredibly professional and were very serious about their careers, but the moment they got together, they'd throw everything away to be together. My crew is in the latter parts of filming a movie, but are not done? Then let's rush and finish this thing so I can go back to my sweetheart sooner!... more>> GIVE ME A BREAK. Finish your freaking job properly. Oh, there are cameras around and we haven't announced our relationship yet, so we should be careful... just kidding! Let's make eye contact as much as possible and show our love to the world and hope people are s*upid enough to not notice. Yeah, let's do that.

And ML's jealousy is ridiculous. MC can't take a picture with his friends and post it on social media without the ML getting jealous. The MC can't go film a variety show with his actor friends without ML getting jealous and invade their show too. ML is freaking everywhere. I'm so done with him. I didn't know the main couple of a novel being together could be this annoying. I guess you do learn something new everyday. <<less
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Ri Hikaru
Ri Hikaru rated it
November 8, 2021
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this novel. As a Movie Star Novel, this author creates phenomenal sub stories that the MC needs to act and I'm not gonna lie, some of them are legit sad.

Now my gripes. Taking into account that I read via RAWs, I did not read MC ever telling the truth about his transmigration to ML so ML does not know that MC is 3 years older than him which is kind of frustrating to me. It also makes the dynamic infantilizing from ML which is not my cup... more>> of tea. Like dude, MC's older than you and able to handle himself in most situations.

There also is the big identity power imbalance which is really common in Danmei which while I don't inherently hate, but the market is oversaturated with it and I kind of want something different. <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
October 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Some reviews made me think this novel is boring and bland.

But it held my attention. All 143 chapters. Not only are the characters interesting, the novel settings are also good. Multiple movie story-lines are given which kinda gives off a 'story within a story' feel.

MC - Movie emperor in the previous life, transmigrated into this poor, bullied but beautiful cannon fodder character inside a novel. With his vast years of experience + natural talent for emphatic acting, his rise in the entertainment industry is meteoric and nearly smooth. His beauty... more>> is explained in-depth for each advertis**ent or new movie role he takes so it's kinda too much but eh it's ok.

ML - An existing movie emperor in the novel. Very professional. Gets interested in MC after he plays a small role as a beggar in one of his movies. Tries to give good movie resources to MC since he believes in MC's talent and wants to act with him. Falls slowly in love with more time he spends.

Romance - Surprisingly, a slow burn. ML falls quickly but MC is v professional and doesn't have romance on his mind at all. ML keeps quite and instead tries his best to spend as much time with him as possible. Once they fall in love, it's pretty smooth too. No rivals or anything.

Side-characters - The O!protagonist is cute and becomes MC's fan + close friend. There are also other characters who are pretty cute and good. Even MC's team (agent + assistant) are pretty good. I wish they were expanded a bit more but eh it's fine.

Villains - Some illegitimate fans, a creepy stalker and of course, some actor-enemies. They are easily solved and don't have much brain-cells.

The novel does leave some parts unfulfilled - when/ how do MC/ML come out in public, what happened to the last movie MC/ ML filmed, ML family reaction etc etc.

Overall, a really excellent novel in this particular trope. <<less
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Common_people rated it
June 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I enjoy the story. It's good but actually pretty common. Well, I still like it.. It's still a Lil bit fresh enough to pull me in the pit, really. It's about a professional actor crossover the book as a beautiful Canon fodder. He is a trainee actor, bullied by other trainees because of his pretty face, has no acting skills, has a bad aunt who sold him to entertainment companies, and in the end his face gets ruined during a fight at a party. After MC crossover, Combining his unbeatable... more>> face and professional acting skills, he became the strongest rookie actor of his generation.

ML, the unbeatable actor for Ten years in the entertainment industry began to be interested in MC when MC did his first casting movie with his acting skill. ML is a person who is quite cold, polite but feels distant, mature, possessive and a caring bf. MC is a typical person who is quite friendly, knows how to behave, sometimes childish. They together on the middle of story.

The protagonist of the book become mc's bestie. Storyline of the original book is not explained in detail, only part of the outline. So the original protagonist of the book doesn't interfere much in the plot. And we don't know too much how the protagonist step by step success in the story. The story mentions more about MC and his career. And MC trying not to snatch what's rightfully for the protagonist. That is good.

There's no potential third party, no dog-blood, some brainless villains jump in hotplate and black fans get slapped. A face slapping routine novel. If you like it, then this novel is quite good for you. <<less
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June 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Rated it 4 stars.

The story is well written. The MC is smart and talented, and since he has been an actor in his original life, he can just easily navigate in the book world. Although, I think his greatest golden finger is the ML. All throughout the story, the ML is there to help the MC. But this doesn't mean that the MC is helpless/ USELESS. On the contrary, he is quite powerful. I like that the MC doesn't fall to any villains' plots, and slaps back everytime.

There are some... more>> parts of the story which I wished were written differently. The author didn't tackle much of the original story in the book world nor did the author expound the protagonist story. It just focused on the MC working as an actor, getting recognition, and find love with the ML.

Overall, looking forward for full translation. Highly recommended read. <<less
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October 25, 2023
Status: Completed
This is one of entertainment novel that make me hook with each of MC work. I love how author potray MC acting.

This is one of the rare novel where MC and Og MC have good relationship. They become bestie. Og MC so loveable that I wish he have lot of scene.

The romance slow burn maybe because author want to focus on MC career.
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