I Became an Incubus, So I’ll Dive into Dreams and Give Life Advice However I Want!


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“I heard that as an incubus, I can enter people’s dreams and see what troubles they have.”

In this world, Succubus are typically only born as females. This is a fact of nature, common sense, and even history shows no exceptions.

However, one day, a male incubus was born among them.

Rather than just going along with the flow as an incubus, he thought about helping people.

This is the story of a boy who decided to use his full power as an incubus to give life advice in dreams, without resorting to anything too erotic.

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Novel Casanova
Novel Casanova rated it
May 18, 2023
Status: c5
Is this a good novel? Certainly it is by the way its progressing. But this is no masterpiece by any standard.

MC is the only anomaly in the succubus tribe. Because till that point it was thought that succubi can only have daughters. But then the MC was born to the succubus queen.

His family/ succubus tribe is fairly cute, theyre wholesome and there is not much to comment on that.

He goes into people's dreams that he finds are having trouble (he can smell people having bad dreams). These troubles are comically... more>> tragic like the usual jp novel protagonists, including one guy who got abandoned by teammates or another girl whos concerned that the 'hero' is manipulating her feelings into trying to ntr her from the childhood friend.

Its lacking descriptions however. Like, severely. The world isn't expanded upon much despite all the typical tragic cliches happening. Like you don't know the magic system or whatever. You dont even know what these people are doing in their dream. Because none of it is described. It would be better if say, they were reliving their trauma like watching it happen. Except its just them talking into the void. Its like the author has never seen a dream or a nightmare, they're so vibrant in the moment, with detailed environment. But theres no such thing here. Which is sad because its a core part of the story.

Thats why this is a readable novel. Not bad but not exceptionally good either. Its alright, certainly very lacking but not terribly so. A decent 6 out of 10. <<less
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Veritas rated it
August 23, 2023
Status: c29
It's mediocre. Unconclusive ending, no explanation as to how the protagonist came to be the only incubus, no closure with other seemingly important characters.

If you're out of novel to read, sure, it's passable. As there's only 29 chapters to read, there is not much, you can power through it to know the ending.
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kelicant rated it
May 16, 2023
Status: c5
Surprisingly wholesome so far. The MC goes into people's dreams and councils them. He helps them with their fears / anger / love life / etc in a standard isekai world. The setting has been lighthearted with some occassional dark undertones that the MC helps resolve. There arr some hints at eroticism by having the MC's family be succubus, but nothing has happened with that.
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