I Became An Academy Spearman


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[Spearman Lv.1] Among so many attributes and possibilities, from a certain point of view, the Spearman could be considered a not-so-bad result…!

No, it was really pitiful.

Associated Names
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Akademi changsulsaga doeeotda
Akademī sōjutsushi ni natta
Chéngwéile xuéyuàn qiāngshù shī
I became an academy spear master
I Became a Spearman at the Academy
I Became the Academy’s Spearman
I Became The Spearman Of The Academy
Sêng-ûi--ah ha̍k-īⁿ chhiùⁿ-su̍t-su
아카데미 창술사가 되었다
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DimaShishandra rated it
January 18, 2023
Status: c7
Korean novel in it's worst.

Confident for no reason MC. People who think that confident for no reason dude is 'interesting'. People being happy because MC is rude. Absolute tunnel vision of MC and s*upidity of the surrounding. Add extra Korean flavor about achieving goals just because MC is confident.

... more>>

It took him, with abysmal talent, two months to become eligible for top tier university. Keep in mind he is talentless. Story doesn't show his efforts before or after appraisal so his 'achievements' are no different from plot armor. Dude even had time thinking about hitting on the girls, so I highly doubt he trained that hard. And right after the training, this sweaty, exhausted dude went confidentiality to apply to university. Honestly with such level of requirements university can just accept everyone with no exam

The reason why female lead is interested in him - because MC trained daily with bad skill. Usually people who do useless and self harmful things cause petty, not attraction. Especially if they eventually behave rudely

Last but not least. MC is in the world he knows. He wants simple life because his skill is horrible. So instead of abusing his knowledge in trading or going into some hidden dungeons or simply trying to get some unguarded treasures, he basically tries to confine himself in university where no one can even train him spearmanship

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Arlos rated it
November 16, 2022
Status: c55
The premise is good, and I quite like the fighting and the combat system, and the way it work is interesting.

Two big problem;

1-Interaction between characters are variation of childish, cringe and clunky

2-The pacing is absolutely glacial, 50 chapters in and only one week into the academy
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OnePunchMan12 rated it
April 22, 2023
Status: c60
It honestly seems fairly promising at the beginning, but turns into a waste of time after 50+ chapters (extremely short chapters).

The Good:

Starts off pretty nice. MC finds he has a terrible class ability in a world where said ability is everything. He doesn't give up and decides to train hard. Big emphasis on dialogue and overall I enjoyed MC being quick on the uptake, realizing he can't just rely on the OG protagonist to solve everything and has his own desire to grow. It feels well written with good descriptions... more>> and world building for the most part... It just suffers from being very slow (there's a fight that's about 20C long right at the start for example).

The Bad:

The big problem for me is that everything involving humans in this novel feels extremely immature, yes not just bad but immature.

Basically almost every character in this world is prejudiced against people with low rank classes, that itself isn't a problem but the way it's approached is.

The format

Racist character meets MC - said character is extremely racist towards MC, treating him like a waste of air - said character is extremely shocked by MC's desire to improve despite having a worthless class - said character starts to question their own existence

The problem with this is that it comes off as humans who never heard of the term 'hard work'. Everybody is just f*cking mesmerized by this guy because he works hard??? Lines like "that man might have a common class but everything else about him is extraordinary" are repeated 4-5 times per chapter. It comes off as people who never interacted with humans let alone 20 year olds, which they are.

Also, MC is strangely lacking in priorities. He knows he's got a terrible ability and should focus on training to survive but is weirdly obsessed with making friends (harem members to be precise) and having people like him despite the fact that most of them are super racist towards him. He really starts to come off as a kid going through puberty after a while that is just starving for someone to say they like him. It's a really weird approach for a person who transmigrated into a novel to take, plus the fact that he's 20 years old even in this world (we don't know his original age but we assume he was an adult). His behavior would make a lot more sense if he was a 14 year old kid who's originally from this world.

As this weird immature behavior became more and more the focus of the novel, I lost all interest. It's obviously meant to be character development but I just never bought that such easily impressionable people actually exist.

Maybe the author thought this was a much more realistic approach then the typical hard working loner protagonist but the problem is that it just comes off as very childish human interactions. <<less
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Nextasy rated it
May 20, 2023
Status: c59
Again Koreans with their "hardworking fetish" and how they elevate this to absolute scale. I mean it's not itself bad but only if there is a clear explanation and motivation behind constant strugglings and workaholic behavior. I like (don't) how author depicts MC as only one who can prove that hardworking brings the results, like no one before actually tried to do the same thing. And how everybody is amazed of this side of MC and heroines deem him only one and special because of this. My other favourite part... more>> in this novel is dialogues. They are pretty weird even idiotic. Characters think for several paragraphs, then drop few words, and think again why they said this, what they meant, how other will perceive this and so on. As a cherry on top, it took almost 20 chaps to finish one battle scene. Idk how others, but I didn't enjoy much. <<less
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Mr.Mochi rated it
May 29, 2023
Status: c66
This is the slowest action story I’ve seen. Conversations take 5 chapters and the other character barely speaks. But guess what? You get inside the mute characters head for 2-3 chapters just to recap the same events.

Then you get a fight for 20 chapters with the same repetitive scenes, just from several viewpoints for every phase of the fight. Exhausting.

I’m at ch66, and it’s still the first day of class. Don’t get me wrong, the story is interesting, but just way too bloated. That’s just unacceptable when half the content... more>> is just viewing the story from all of the characters involved POV. <<less
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cdy rated it
November 18, 2022
Status: c5
well, I haven't really read many novels and I'm your average tr*sh consumer. The reason noticed this novel caused the art was very nice (i liked it a lot) I found it on novelpia life picks and its quite high up there, I think it was like 20 or smth so I think it's good. But I'm just hyped for it since I looked at the art, saw no TLS grp with this (besides some shitty MTL site) and gave up on it, till I revisited the site and I... more>> found that novel utopia picked it up, have nothing but high hopes for this novel.

the premise of the novel:

either the translation is a bit off or I'm just dumb (probably the latter) but it seems that the MC has been into other novels as a side character or main character and his current novel he's in is an academy-based story where; a spearman class (common class apparently) is some random buttf*ck calefare character that isn't even a side character and his class is worthless to the point the academy where the story takes place has no teachers for it. Anyways its up to you to decide if you like it but its honestly kinda hard since it only has 3 chaps that's been translated as of now but give it a try and then judge for yourself cause you shouldn't be taking a dipshits (me) opinion as a quality review I'm just some ret*rd whos happy and h**ny :) <<less
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ObisidianRevenger rated it
March 30, 2023
Status: c180
First of all, this is a very slow paced "academy" novel with heavy emphasis on interactions with the characters. Simple outings with other characters spanning half a day make cover more than 3 chapters with heavy emphasis on dialogue, exploring both the sides emotions and inner thoughts from their viewpoints. So those that don't like dialogue-heavy novels with slow pacing probably not like this.

Now onto our MC. Lets just say MC is dropped into this new world in a messed up situation where his stats are below average and his... more>> main job of "spearman" is of ordinary rank when there's others out there with unique and legendary ranked jobs. He knows he needs to survive and somehow help save this world so he is hell-bent on increasing his stats and strength even if it ends up with him half dead by the end of the day (literally half dead, no jokes here). He also isn't dense, is bright, and is focused on what he needs to do. The action is a main part of the story.

Romance is also a large part of the novel here, with the MC not being dense making it better (500 times better than JP novels with irritating dense MCs) and there are alot of love interests here ranging from students to instructors to nurses. The story also gives us the thoughts and approaches from their POVs so we can get a good overall picture. But point to be noted here is that MC doesn't jump to conclusions at all and is hesitant before fully accepting if the FLs like him unless there is clear evidence from their side and clear confirmation from his.

Overall it is a novel different to other harem 'academy' novels and is a change of pace. Would recommend it to someone who likes dialogue-heavy, slow-paced, romantic and action heavy novel with a cautious, hard-working and non-dense MC. <<less
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Papadopoulos rated it
February 27, 2023
Status: c35
This is a good novel, but the pacing drives me bonkers. As of chapter 35, it is still the FIRST DAY of school, and we have spent the last 6 or so chapters on a fight, just watching everyone go "wow, he's really good at this". Nothing has happened in this fight.

... more>>

The fight in question is the MC and another character infinitely parrying one another for an hour. Neither is winning, neither has even struck the other. There was a whole chapter dedicated to one of them losing ground for a split second... and then immediately moved back, and we got to see every character going "wow". We spent another 3 or so chapters walking down a hallway, and 4 sitting in an auditorium listening the same speech.


This part of my review once said something along the lines of read it anyway, but I'm editing this now to say don't bother. I liked the setting and all, but this takes time off your life spent better doing literally anything else.

With the nonsense that is this book's pacing and considering how often chapters are put out, I'd estimate this book to be finishing up when your great grandkids turn 97. <<less
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Psy0 rated it
October 2, 2023
Status: c38
After reading all the bad reviews, I decided to just give this novel a chance. It's true that the novel is slow, but this novel's focus isn't your typical 8 grader desire for power, girls, and flexing. This novel is meant for more mature and finishing the coming of age group. The MC is at an age when he realized that despite all the novel tropes out there, he isn't special. Just like how many kids who became working adults realized out in the working world, you are mediocre just... more>> like everyone else. The MC has the weakest trait, average looks, and basically nothing stands out.

How this novel hooked my attention is how the MC took all of the inferiority and pushed his way into the front. How he goes about dealing with those who looks down on him and how he deals with his inner doubt is where this novel is gold. The focus on inner reflection and improvement is probably why the novel is so dang slow. It's truly a niche novel, gold to some and a rock to others.

update: chapter 37-38 is pure adrenaline. Such an exciting fight. This novel upgraded itself to diamond. <<less
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criticalmind rated it
March 15, 2023
Status: c40
I actually enjoyed the first few chapters, but it starts to drag. The story is so slow. The translator makes it worse by splitting an already slow story's chapters in half and posting once a week.

I got tired of waiting and looked up an mtl site for this. That just highlighted the flaws of the story. It's basically morphing into one of those where the MC is slowly taking over the actual protagonist of the story. That wouldn't be that bad, but the author spends an EXCRUTIATING amount of time... more>> inside the heads of potential love interests as they dream about the MC. Multiple chapters cover the same event from different perspectives and most of it is "I can't believe this guy is so amazing".

Any of these things taken separately isn't that bad, but put together and done repeatedly... Well I just had to come here and rant <<less
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icerror rated it
March 10, 2023
Status: c39
Average, and pls explain to me why is spearman being crap a genre?
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siegflks rated it
December 15, 2023
Status: c328
The novel is very good, basically 90% of the negative criticisms are unfounded, it's literally as if readers had the memory of a goldfish, there was an explanation for everything. My criticism of MC's growth is that he constantly develops and regresses (mentally/maturation), but even that is questionable since MC is very human, the flow of time is bad but not that much, basically the translator translated 100 chapters, which in fact there are 50 (yes, he divided the chapters, so in fact there were only 50 translated chapters that... more>> were divided and became 100), even considering that the translator divided the chapters the fact is that in fact even the original version is mortally slow, there were unnecessary or very extended developments, but everything had a purpose and was not actually useless, so I won't say that this was filler, in fact I really liked it and even read it in MTL (300 chapters) <<less
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Zorlun rated it
October 31, 2023
Status: c12
Chapter 12... Couldn't even go passed that, it's the epitome of boredom, on those 12 chapters more than half are about a conversation about confidence in a coffee shop, with basically the MC figuratively masturbating mentally in front of the dumbest female character ever written, not able to understand a simple explanation rehashed ten times...

So here you go, it'll probably be to the taste of some, but for me that was enough to give you an idea of the terrible rhythm of the novel and it's future content.
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Cactiii rated it
February 18, 2023
Status: c38
The story does have some potential, but the further I get into it the more of a letdown it becomes. The story isn't bad per se but theres nothing that really makes me care about the characters or get invested. (Although part of this might be due to reading machine translation)

Its system of each person having a grade from legendary to common with levels is somewhat unique. The issue I have with this system is that the author set it up as a restraint for the protagonist, in a... more>> world where attribute means everything he got the lowest grade, but they ruined this. Rather than focusing on how he can overcome the differences between grades or anything like that the story is hinting that the spearman attribute is actually special for various reasons. I never get why authors do this type of thing, create some situation that makes the protagonist have a weaker ability but then decide to say f*ck it, their "weaker ability" has special powers that makes them strong.

Another possible issue with the novel, and this one is iffy since MTL makes the nuances of relationships complicated, but its starting to go down a shitty harem route. Just to clarify, a shitty harem route is different than a good harem route, although most harems become shitty harems. The issue with creating a harem is that for every member you add it takes up space in the story, this is why generally the best romance/action novels don't have harems. To specify for this novel you first get the wind sword girl as the first heroine, someone who got interested in him and has a somewhat unique personality. Then you have the teacher who was his favorite character in the novel. In this situation I wouldn't say its negative even if its harem because the author can actually develop their personalities and relationship with the protag without interfering with the progression of the plot, but rather than focusing on a few unique heroines that improve world building and character relationships the story is becoming closer to the shitty harem type where someone is introduced and have enough to be classified as a harem member while also then being disposed of for 90% of chapters. Anyway, to summarize the author is starting to develop love interests in a way that will most likely destroy relationships. I would actually try to make a coherent explanation about why harems normally end up ruining a book (because its difficult to write in a way that makes it good, not because of bias against harems) but I'm sleep deprived so I can't make something coherent.

Another major issue with the story, that could be due to translation, not sure, is the main characters personality is kind of wishy washy. The author had some good progress towards developing a good MC with things like them knowing that they are weak but then being hurt when it actually happens, its not realistic but his way of training to overcome it is also not bad. The idea of an unbreakable will MC isn't bad but the issue is just how shaky his will is. He is able to get essentially tortured (Beaten to a pump to the point where enhanced healing and potions can't heal him) for hours just to break his heart and accept reality but the next day he doesn't want to be a loner and tries to make friends with a girl, goes to a cafe and orders unhealthy foods, then proceeds to have a line about how if she is kind of his type and she might be into him. This entire part does not feel anywhere close to the iron will MC, usually this type of MC is strong because they are training themselves to the limit, so the idea of them having time for anything other than training just shows that they aren't truly trying that hard. Effort is something hard to do, thats why a MC who spends all their time putting in effort to get stronger creates a good story, but when that MC uses "effort" but spends time socializing, thinking of picking up girls, eating foods that they know are negative for the body and might impact their strength, ect. It just lowers the quality of the character. The "effort" mc's are essentially people that are abnormal, they are special because they put in effort to an insane degree, they train until they hit the literal limit, but this MC while trying to play off as an effort MC just doesn't fully commit causing discrepancies in his character.

Anyway, overall the novel isn't bad probably, MTL makes it a lot lot worse making it hard to judge quality when you only get the vague idea of a paragraph and are half guessing since what it actually says doesn't make sense in context, but there are a lot of things in this novel that I personally think just lowers the quality and makes it feel like the author doesn't have their priorities right and that they are just mixing different elements together which ends up causing minor issues that I'm nitpicky enough to not like the story for. <<less
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Cahoon rated it
February 14, 2023
Status: c46
Not the worst. I like the fight scene and the setting. But at some point the author decides to just add the dumbest misunderstandings for no reason. And then the MC refuses to resolve these misunderstandings because he doesn't want everyone to think he's making excuses.
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kamasegundo rated it
January 23, 2023
Status: c30
It is a great novel. Maybe it starts out a little slow, but I couldn't help but get excited when in the first fight, the (real) protagonist faces the supposed protagonist of the novel
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Kines rated it
August 12, 2023
Status: c11
All that needs to be say had been said so I’ll just add one more thing: This novel feels like someone writing about their college day in some random faculty flexing about how they can still act confident and happy. Author is pushing his narrative about outlook and attitude so much when he is writing a goddamn action novel. This is literally him fantasizing his college days which could work but the sad attempt at integrating fantasy elements like attributes was done so little that its even worse. MC also... more>> apparently “knows” everything about this novel and youre telling me theres not ONE goddarn thing he could use to make sh*t ton of money or make himself super strong? Is there no stocks market there or secret pills recipe or something? Jesus christ just write a college drama if youre gonna write it like this. <<less
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