I Became An Abandoned Child, But I’ll Be Alright Thanks To Magic


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When I opened my eyes, I was in another world.

Why? Why? Just as I was thinking about it, my parents abandoned me.

When I was attacked by dogs and was in a helpless situation, I awoke to magic.

For a while, I sought safety and information. I spent my days at a pioneer village and used magic and looked for information.

While I spent those days in peace, a new power awakened in me.

In exchange for that power, I had to leave the village and go to a new town.

This is a story about a little timid boy who uses his wits, violence, and sometimes a bit of luck to survive.

Unwittingly he was called a “miracle”.

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Sutego ni Narimashita, Mahou no Okage de Daijoubu sou desu
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