I Became a Witch in a World Full of Urban Legends


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Day 1: My vision seems to be blurring a lot recently, and I keep seeing strange things in the corner of my eyes. Look! That cabinet is moving on its own. I’ll go take a look.

Day 13: I see them, damn it! Why is this world full of strange things?

Day 101: There is nothing to be afraid of anymore! Putting on this long dress befitting a witch, I, too, have become a monster!

Associated Names
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Become an Enchantress in a World Full of Ghost Tales
Become a Witch in a World Full of Ghost Stories
Becoming a Witch in a World Full of Monster Stories
In a World Full of Ghosts I Became a Witch
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araragiKun rated it
April 24, 2023
Status: c324
This novel is very good at combining mystery, horror and comedy.

The world setting is a mixture of Lord of mysteries, Monogatari and In/spectre.

Overall, I find this novel very entertaining.


    • For those who like horror, this story is very good. Though, there will be a lot of comedic scenes as well, so be warned. It's not a proper horror novel.
    • The characters are very good. Till now, I have seen many characters come up in the story and each one of them has depth. Even the characters that died had good backstories.
    • The dialog writing of this novel is also very good. Especially, the MC, his quips are just the thing that makes this story even more amazing. Other characters have also good dialogs and are able to use their own natures/behaviors to keep them fun.
    • The mystery aspect is also good. It hasn't been explored too much yet but obviously, the MC is supposed to have a background and we are supposed to learn of it slowly.
    • The MC itself is a treat. Apart from his witty remarks, I also like him as a person. He is a coward (especially a good setting in horror scenarios) but not too much of a coward that he will leave his benefactors behind. He is rational as well. Unlike other MCs, he wouldn't run it help someone just because. But, like I said, he is not ruthless and knows how to repay kindness with kindness. His facial paralysis also gives a comedic undertone to even the most unfavorable situations.
    • The plot till now has been mostly cliche free. I hardly see a character or setting that is not refreshing.
    • The MC's actions are all reasonable.
    • The multiple POVs we get are also fun to read.

    • The pacing of this story is slow and inconsistent. Some arcs that seemed small would suddenly span multiple chapters.
    • The current translation is decent but very slow when compared to the number of chapters it has.
    • Although, there have been many characters and the way they interlink gives some semblance of a real world, apart from the characters, there is hardly any world building. We haven't gone out of the initial location even once.
    • Like I said, the horror is decent when the MC is not in the scene because MC is a chatterbox and keeps talking incessantly. Although, he is really scared in these scenarios, coupled with his facial paralysis and his witty remarks, as long as he in the scene, you wouldn't feel terrified.
Update 1:

The story is very very funny. It has been said that the MC has very good fighting sense and throughout the different fights, he shows that using different tactics to defeat the enemy.
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Rei444 rated it
February 5, 2023
Status: c99
Comedy and mystery combined.

I first thought the MC after turning into a witch would be the most powerful being. But no the MC didn't which surprised me and it isn't one of those novels where MC is at the bottom of the food chain either.

The only "bad part" is that the MC is a bit ignorant sometimes...
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Seregosa rated it
August 7, 2023
Status: c103
It's a decent enough novel, just interesting enough to keep on reading. It's very weird that in just a day, the 1 star votes doubled from around 10 to 20. While it's not a 5/5 novel and I might even say it's a 3/5 novel if I'm using a non-inflated score, but by novelupdates standards, this is undoubtedly around 4/5. Nothing exceptional but not bad either. That so many leave a 1/5 rating with no actual review makes me suspect one or a few people are doing it on purpose.

It's... more>> a novel about a dude who was in an accident and got some eye surgery after going blind and then gradually gained the ability to see the supernatural to some extent followed by accidentally, or according to fate or someone's plan, turning into what is called a "witch" in this novel, a super powerful supernatural being. This story is based on the idea of "belief and words give power to stuff", so "urban legends" form, which are just supernatural entities akin to youkai or ghosts. They also need to eat either humans or each other to survive if they're too powerful like the MC. Though eating stuff like cores appear to be a risky thing since you absorb their personalities and knowledge/experiences which can affect you negatively until you completely absorb it.

Now, while he gains powers and turns into what I think is a loli with fire powers, that doesn't mean he's actually particularly OP. Not to say he doesn't have the potential to be, but he lacks the knowledge to utilize his powers properly and with a personality that borders on cowardly, he doesn't actively seek power and try to avoid fights and play it safe all the time.

Well, honestly his personality rubs me the wrong way somewhat. It's not unbearable, but I don't like his cowardice, lack of ambition and honestly, unlike what some others claim, he's not smart either. Rather, he often does s*upid crap, makes idiotic decisions and acts irrationally. He's a very happy go lucky kind of person who blabbers way too much, to the point of annoying people around him. A MC that gains powers like this and is thrown into a supernatural setting torn between various factions yet seemingly sitting on the fence and not taking any decisions, just being swept with the flow randomly, is not to my taste. Gotta at least make some effort to grasp your new powers, take it slightly seriously and take some risks, right? Not actively seeking more knowledge and control as fast as possible, along with more power, is far more risky than trying to stay out of it.

The comedy is so-so, I found it decent enough for a smile or two, not more than that. The horror is absolutely nothing to write home about either, having read a lot of horror novels, this just lacks any kind of suspense or horror feel though it's clear how the author tries to go for "scary" stuff now and then, but mere descriptions of people dying horrible deaths and their spirits lingering just doesn't cut it for me.

The flow is kinda bad, it feels hard to get immersed and the characters feel a bit flat and bereft of personality, they aren't described in enough detail nor are we shown their thoughts clearly, it appears to me that the author tries his best to avoid clarifying each character, perhaps a sorry excuse for creating "mystery". The flow issue is probably in part due to the translation as it's clearly wonky at parts, but it's far from bad compared to a lot of other fan translations. The real issue is likely with the original. It lacks vivid descriptions and world building. The often sudden shifts in perspective where you always have to try to understand who it is or what is happening isn't that welcome either.

Even then, I believe it's worth a 3/5 or in novelupdates scores, 4/5. It's nothing sensational, but it's also nothing offensive. It's readable and I read all the currently translated chapters in one sitting. After a while, I kinda got a bit into the story. While it lacks in flow, comedy, horror and strong characterization, it makes up for it in a decently unique setting and interesting ideas. I enjoyed seeing him/her gradually stumble about in his new role as a witch, trying to, while a bit s*upidly, grasp his newfound powers and exploring the supernatural world around him. Though, he's far from the only s*upid character as most characters in this story seem a bit daft so far.

Give it a shot, at least it's something to pass the time with. <<less
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Cactiii rated it
October 2, 2023
Status: v66
So far with this story my issue with it is that I have a very hard time actually understanding what is going on. There are times when the perspective suddenly changes or the main character suddenly gets a vision, which while doesn't fully inhibit comprehension it does break the flow of the story for me making it hard to get engrossed in the reading. Its hard for me to actually put to words but just the way this reads to me makes it hard for me to get immersed, there... more>> are a lot of times where I have to re-read a section to understand what happens. I'm not sure if its translation or the way the author wrote it but it just feels very jumpy, where you suddenly switch from the MC being scared behind a door to him smacking a person, then to him sexually harassing the person in one paragraph. This kind of randomness feels like it happens a lot which just makes this really hard to read. Another example I can think of is the main character nearly dies, has an inner-monolog about how money is not worth risking his life, then proceeds to ask for a raise, which contradicts what he just thought. The story itself seems like it has a fine timeline and setup but I just find it annoying to read with the sudden shifts and feel of the writing. <<less
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Xaelath rated it
June 18, 2023
Status: c53
Horror comedy.

Things could have go wrong easily yet I have been proven wrong.

The writing of this WN definitely someone who knows comedy and horror. Just imagine trying to turn Mieruko-chan into Novel perfectly especially trying to reimagining the grotesque stuff. This had to be the closest one I've seen so far.
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Shuryo_CN rated it
June 10, 2023
Status: c44
Hilarious, s*upid, and cool. Those are my first impression of reading the novel.

The MC is more or less a common college student who can see supernatural things, however, there are times he acts like a sociopath/psychopath. It is played hilariously and his mentality to bring the person trying to kill him with him in the afterlife is something I can get behind with. He talks a lot and is a brave coward, he is also pretty smart for someone who is constantly terrified of the Urban Legends that go after... more>> him.

The Yuri aspects that I came here for are still not present, I don't know how much it will progress and I am not expecting much. The closest to GL we have is the head of the organization and her maid, both characters are really funny when they interact, but other than that, nothing so far-- since the MC only gets transformed into a girl around 30 chapters. <<less
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Demi-Chicken rated it
September 20, 2023
Status: c1122
It's pretty good. There's a few flaws here and there but nothing too egregious.

The horror aspect is more prevalent at the start. Later, it gets replaced with xianxia-like powers and fights (which aren't done that well, the author even admits they aren't good at fighting scenes).

There's romance and there's a tendency to develop into a harem. It's not too bad cause the MC's not a straight-up scumbag who picks up every creature he/she sees. But it is kind of in a weird place between BG and GL cause of the... more>> constant gender flip-flops.

The humour's consistently good. It's just right and not distracting.

The biggest flaw is probably that the author introduces a lot of concepts but doesn't spend enough time on them so the world ends up feeling unreasonably bloated and strangely bare at the same time.

In short, pretty good. Worth a try if you have the time. <<less
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