I Became a Swordsman in the Cyberpunk Game


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In a world overflowing with all kinds of firearms, cyborgs, and enhanced humans, there is a pure human wielding only a single sword.

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사이버펑크 게임 속 칼잡이가 되었다.
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Novel Casanova
New Novel Casanova rated it
July 8, 2024
Status: c10
This novel manages to speedrun the checklist for marking it as a bad novel and lost cause. Chapter zero / the prologue is mostly fine where the MC remarks that he loved the characters and the game. Tho the very premise of the novel is not a result of the MC's conviction to 'staying full human' but instead just the MC wanting to 'see what if' he remains as a fully natural human without any augments/ cyborg parts, how the other characters would respond to this. And for that he... more>> just hacks the game save file and gives himself 12/10 skill and attributes.

Alright so the premise of the novel is a forced setup but at least the story would be good right?

Well, what story? Because the MC does not know and seemingly does not even care what the original story was for this game. In chapter 0 the MC is about to start the game but is sent into the game world himself, and then when chapter 1 rolls around, 3 years have already passed inside the game. The MC has *already* established himself as some sort of chaotic-neutral 'fixer'. And obviously he doesnt care much for money but does care a lot about women and especially prostit**es. He also acts in this oh-everything-is-in-my-control way that maybe a toddler might find cool but really is just pretentious. Nothing really about the world is explored, a single guy had a cyborg eye that everyone already knows is special but that's about it. The characters are bland to say the least and no sort of story stakes is even established.

The MC is already living his 'isekai slow life' and enjoying it.

All of this adds up to make this a terrible novel not even worth starting. <<less
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