I Became a Magical Cheat Loli Witch ~My Different World Life With My Reincarnation Privilege [Creation Magic] and the [Seed of Magic]~


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A goddess of another world who called herself Goddess Liliel gave a unique skill [Creation Magic] to the nameless protagonist who is going to be reincarnated into another world.

Although she had knowledge of Japan in her previous life, she couldn’t remember the specifics—-the girl who decided to call herself Chise, invented the [Seed of Magic] in order to increase her mana, and continued creating them with her increased mana.

The girl who obtained massive amounts of mana stopped aging, and eventually obtained perpetual youth.

The forever young loli cheat creation witch Chise brought her companion Tet, her golem daughter who can’t grow old, to become an adventurer, and traveled around various places in a different world with the safe land as a base that she personally created.

Associated Names
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Making Magic: The Sweet Life of a Witch Who Knows an Infinite MP Loophole (LN)
Maryoku Cheat na Loli Majo ni Narimashita ~ Tensei Tokuten no "Souzou Mahou" to "Fushigi na Kinomi" de Isekai Seikatsu ~ (Old title)
Maryoku Cheat na Majo ni Narimashita ~ Souzou Mahou de Kimama na Isekai Seikatsu ~
魔力チートなロリ魔女になりました~転生特典の【創造魔法】と【不思議な木の実】で異世界生活~ (Old title)
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flowingcloud rated it
December 27, 2019
Status: --
Translator here to give a 100% biased review. Nah lol jk, I'm just here to pretty much hate on the people who 1 star this novel cause it's actually not that bad.

If you 1 star-ed cause you saw the term "loli" or you read it and realized it was slice of life when it literally has the "slice of life" tag, I honestly don't know what you're doing. It's like reading a harem knowing its a harem novel, but hating it's a harem novel.

Anyways, the novel follows a reincarnated girl... more>> who with no substantial memories of her past life but somehow has common knowledge, such as stuff from a convenience store which I admit makes no real sense but it's not a big deal so whatever. Can't hate every single minor plot hole or else you won't be able to read any novel at that rate.

The world-building is quite decent as the novel is told in the first-person point of view of the main character Chise. The world is slowly exposed to us, just like how it would be for anyone who isekai-ed into another world. The author does drop minor details that become relevant in later world-building, so it's pretty nice.

This is the same author as Only Sense Online, so if you've read that novel, you'd know the author is not the biggest fan of fighting monsters or people. Instead, the author likes to focus on the interaction between characters and character development. Of course, her fight scenes are not bad either, but that's not the author's main focus.

In a sense, this is just another slice of life garbage, but its the same reason why we keep going back to harem garbage, shonen garbage, otome game garbage, etc. The author doesn't completely bore you out with the slice of life, and does a good job exposing the world slowly. This is more of an adventure novel where you slowly explore the other world through the eyes and views of the Chise. 5 star this novel to counteract the 1 star trolls please. Thank you. <<less
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yurikahime1011 rated it
December 30, 2019
Status: v4c3
What, I finished reading the raws already...

I was in a marathon before I've noticed...

The series in itself is not that much in dept with plot...

A Girl turn into a Witch to help the world recover it's magic...

Kinda similar to Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko but more Yurified...

her adventures are fun and quite engaging...

And there are developments that you wouldn't actually expect ending in surprises...

Also the backstories/PoV/Future Developments being shown are really interesting...

It might not be a story for everyone but it was definitely a story for me...
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Godleydemon rated it
June 12, 2020
Status: v5c28
This is a really fun novel. It's written in a slice of life style, but there is enough action and adventure to keep you completely hooked throughout. Chise, the main character's personality and character background is a bit unique to alot of other isekai's. She doesn't remember everything about her past life, she remembers being an orhpen and not having many friends, but she can't remember when she died, how old she was, or what she was doing when she died. She also doesn't remember any of the specifics of... more>> her life, just general knowledge of it.

I also quite enjoyed the pacing of the novel as it grew with Chise. This will be a bit of a spoiler, but it happens fairly quickly in the novel so it's not a huge one. But as the novel progresses and Chise get's older, her body never changes and becomes immortal. With this new immortal life, Chise's thought process starts gradually changing. We start getting more time skips as she starts long term projects that could take decades to complete. She makes snap decisions that keeps her nailed down to a place for months or years at a time, only because she found something to do that was interesting.

There is fun recurring jokes with her looks, since she looks like a 12 year old and near the end of the current chapters she's nearing 60s. Almost every new person Chise meets, she never reveals her age too unless they ask or she get's annoyed at them treating her like a child. Something she starts being more and more annoyed at as she get's older, but let's slide for a while, unless it hinders her.

The author does an amazing job at setting up Chise's abilities and strengths, as Chise get's older her intelligence also grows with her and she makes smarter decisions. She grows as a character and experiences heart ache and loss as she get's older and she knows people she once met, are probably no longer alive now. The anecdotal chapters that reveal the goings on 300 years from that chapters stand point is also quite a bit of fun. One being a famous phantom painting lost to the world the maids are reading about in the library, only to see it hanging on the library's wall of the mansion.

The different perspective chapters aren't annoying and instead add extra flavor to the story as we see what people think of Chise and her golem daughter. As Chise get's older, she spends less and less time interacting with short lived races. Chise never mentions wanting to do this, so it seems like an unconscious decision for her to avoid heartache later down the road. It just adds one more dynamic to her character and the author has done a wonderful job in setting all of that up. It's completely a recommended read for me to anyone wanting a fun light hearted story about a witch exploring the world. <<less
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ranovien rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: c175
This is quite fun to read. I even read from the jp site.

It's more focused on how the immortal MC lives and affecting the world. You can see the growth and changes of previous characters. Sometime, you are given a sneak peek to the future result of what just happens.
So, it is kinda capturing the feeling of the immortal about life.

The conflicts in this novel are not that heavy.
So if you like things like betrayal, mystery or complex problem story, this novel is not for you.

For me, this... more>> novel made me binged all of them. <<less
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Hosh rated it
June 10, 2023
Status: c50
This is by far the biggest disappointment of a novel I've ever read. 4.4 stars? Honestly I'm shocked and horrified it got anything more than a 3. I wouldn't say its bad enough to warrant a 1 star but this is for the poor souls like me who expected a decent read to pass the time.

Let me start with the good points.

  1. The action is decent

... more>> Were you expecting anything more?

Yea not gonna happen.

Now the Cons:

The characters are garbage. I'm gonna only cover the 2 MCs as of chapter 50. Everyone else is just cardboard cutouts with no personality anyway. Allow me to clarify

The side characters can be defined into 4 groups:

  1. a**holes
  2. Goody-2-shoes
  3. Incompetent goody-2-shoes
  4. Impulsive goody-2-shoes
Onto the MCS:

The 'Loli' Main Character: She was reincarnated with no memories and yet acts like some kind of hero. Whenever she sells stuff she literally cuts down their price by half for no apparent reason. You're telling me she just woke up and naturally decided to act that way? Nah, not buying it. She also follows the will of the goddess who reincarnated her like a robot, even when it goes against her own wishes. Not only that, she makes decisions with no logic backing her whatsoever. Here are some examples:

  1. She doesn't wanna settle down somewhere because she'll outlive the people there if she gets any stronger.
I'm sorry? Where exactly do you intend to settle down then? I can't imagine that there's a village filled with immortals just around the corner.

2. She complains that she wants to grow up first before getting stronger as her age will remain 12 basically forever if she gets too strong too early.

Have you ever considered waiting for a few years before farming more levels? That way you'll be an immortal in the prime of your life as opposed to some child. It's such a braindead solution with no foreseeable negative consequences and yet she doesn't do it. Likely because the author needs to pander to all the lolicons reading the novel

3. She desperately wants to hide her power

Why? Basically everyone she's met up until now has been nice to her in 1 way or another. What's the harm in showing her powers? She might even get some special treatment. Even if they come after her because they want her powers, she has been shown that if she wants to put her mind to it, she could get exponentially stronger in short periods of time.

MC's Golem s*ave: This one just exists for fan service. She's the 's*upid yet lovable girl' archetype. The most irritating part is her Yuri-ish relationship with the MC. It purely consists of her hugging the MC, occasionally while they're both naked. The relationship has 0 substance and neither does her character. It isn't remotely wholesome and/or tear-jerking. She's also supposed to be some new, undiscovered species and yet the prerequisite for creating her was 'give slightly rare stone to golem'.

The plot is equally shit. Here is an example:

There's a monster stampede. Turns out it was caused by a strong monster. MC kills strong monster. Everyone praises her.

WHAT??? You're telling me that monster started the stampede for shits and giggles? Why was it there to begin with so close to a human settlement and yet no one had the slightest clue it existed? Mind you, the monster doesn't seem particularly fast, it can't even fly. If by some miracle from god the monster was there the whole time. Why is there still literally any living being in that forest when a gigantic beast goes on a maniacal rampage there every time it wakes up.

And finally, the setting. Yep, you guessed it. Its garbage

When a place is referred to, it's usually because the MC is planning to go there in less than 5 chapters. Another example:

The MC wants to find a place but the middle-sized towns she's been to doesn't have anyone who knows where it is. She reaches a large town and it turns out it was extremely near the first middle-sized town she visited.

You're telling me a middle-sized town didn't have a map for sale? The place the MC was searching for was literally IN WALKING DISTANCE to the town and yet no one had the slightest idea it existed? It's not like the area is exceptionally dangerous or anything.

There's a multitude of other problems but I won't mention them since my expectations were never high to begin with and we'd be here forever otherwise.

I though I'd give novels with the 'Shoujo Ai' tag a chance because I quite enjoyed Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury but this has single-handedly convince me to never go remotely near them ever again

In short, if all you value in a novel is cute girls doing cute things, read it.

If you're a lolicon, read it

If you have an extremely unhealthy love for Yuri, read it.

If you don't match any of these prerequisites, stay as far away from this steaming pile of crap as possible <<less
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Exisnt rated it
April 15, 2023
Status: v4
I love this series so much, what is this series about? Just another isekai with cheat kind ability protagonist going her life in new world, is it mainstream? Yes and so what? I don't know about you but me, I am not that self-righteous to despise thing I once liked just because i've seen the same genre/ premise a lot, i'll always like this kind of genre.

Now for real what is this series about? It s about a girl living her long life trying to find a place to be... more>> called home, in her journey she meet a lot of people, visiting many different place, experienced many new event and so on, basically it have same genre as Majo no tabi tabi or Kino no tabi except this one use isekai template as basic. <<less
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Ruy Vuusen
Ruy Vuusen rated it
June 19, 2023
Status: v5c132
This is a good story. Its action isn't exceptional nor is it a masterclass in writing, but it has a cozy and adventurous feel to it.

The magic system is quite interesting even considering its relatively cliché nature, and the characters are fun regardless of some reliance on tropes and one dimensional villain motivations (they feel very punchable, at least).

The worldbuilding is nice, as it expands our knowledge in a satisfying manner—letting us learn new things naturally and without being uninteresting. It is, however, lacking sometimes in thoroughness, especially at the... more>> beginning.

The story can be both intriguing and a blast to read through, but it does have its weak points, including a few slightly unsatisfactory pay-offs. It may be a bit of a slow burner at the beginning for some, but it does pick up later on.

One thing of note that I particularly liked was that the series handles the passage of time in a laid-back manner, as opposed to the more common negative interpretation of vicissitudes. Similarly to cultivation stories such as "A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality", the passage of time is a central plot point that is not overly fretted over (but still very much awknowledged).

Overall, I would recommend the story for anyone who fancies these kinds of (lighter) plots. It's not perfect, but due to just how much I enjoyed it, I have a hard time giving it a score lower than 5/5—even if it realistically is more of a 4/5. <<less
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Xu rated it
February 10, 2023
Status: v4c1
An ok light read, but I can't call it good.

There are a lot of plot holes, and the story progression is held by the thinnest thread. Every event just feels so arbitrary on the author's part.

Not the worst thing I've ever read, but it's one of those novels you enjoy with your brain turned off. Don't expect depth in the story or characters.
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Just John
Just John rated it
April 15, 2021
Status: --
The premise is good. I don't really mind the story itself.

The MC dies and is given a cheat power by a random goddess. Pretty standard stuff, but ok. As a loli. Ok, I won't judge just yet. Youjo Senki turned out to be a masterpiece with a loli MC

The one thing I disliked about it is the writing style.

... more>> How the protagonist's way of thinking is never laid out and she gets these random ideas as if the Author brainstormed with himself and just sprinkled leaps of logic all over.

World building doesn't exist. The MC has apparently spent a month in the other world, but it is never described. You wouldn't even know it was a plains where she reincarnated unless you read the author's comment.

Things are pretty much arbitrary here and it shows no signs of improvement. I recommend you don't waste time reading this. <<less
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RedCobra75 rated it
December 28, 2022
Status: v3c8
start from the story of the loli witch and golem girl adventure.

turn into Build New Town in waste land and wholesome, 10/10 character development.

great Loli Baba, what you expecting spoiler review ? Hell no bro please enjoy read the manga + jump to novel and then go all raw, its that good.

yes its yuri but very good yuri.

okay still not satisfied ?

imagine adventure + the side effect being immortal young, people around MC that she know get old and gone by age + Build New Town.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Monokrom rated it
July 3, 2022
Status: v7c29

I feel eternity in this story, not only explained in writing that MC is immortal but explained in a series of events that have occurred over the years. This is a very good story, the emotion to be conveyed in this story is very strong.

I hope the author continues the story of the eternal loli.
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cavler rated it
May 29, 2022
Status: v7c29
the best way to describe this story: it's a slice of life with some action, in a fantasy setting.

in all honesty, there is fairly little character growth, personality wise. All I can say is that the MC has the right mind set to live as an immortal without going insane. There are some heartbreaking moments, but they tend to be glossed over. If this was an anime, this story would be good for a younger audience. (Other than the occasional (lack of) clothing situations)

there are moments where the story... more>> is clearly transitioning into a different genre, and moments where it transitions back. I can't say more without spoilers, so I'm not going to.

the story itself is engaging, the action is decent and the interactions between characters are executed in a unique way. I hope the story continues as it is, I will probably be picking it back up in the future. <<less
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January 4, 2020
Status: c6
Not my type of read. It's a fluffy type of magic story. It skims over the details and events and discoveries and moves on to what the character is doing. It's simple.

  1. Spoiler

    The part that got me was the witch creating the golem. She did it in two steps and it comes with a personality and growth potenial. Happy accident, it is even better then she expects. If that is a indication of how the book will resolve conflict and problems... It's not my type of book.

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Sareza rated it
November 17, 2023
Status: v7c204
This novel is a true masterpiece, intricately crafted with compelling storytelling. Its unique approach to the isekai genre, featuring frequent time-skips, adds depth to the narrative. Chise's actions ripple through the series, demonstrating the impact of random acts of kindness and how they shape grand life stories. Despite my preference for action genres, this slice-of-life isekai captivated me to the point of contemplating a genre switch.

The journey of Chise and Teto unfolds amidst numerous meetings and farewells, contributing to the novel's richness. The author skillfully blends drama, comedy, and a... more>> touch of uniqueness, elevating this work into a fine piece of literary art. In my opinion, this novel deserves a much higher rank on NovelUpdates—I absolutely adore this series. <<less
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Fish009 rated it
February 28, 2023
Status: --
I like that there are large timeskips often. I often find those series, which focus on one character but only tell the first few years of their lives, ridiculous. Like you’re telling me this amazing, super strong character had a journey in their teenage years, created their countries/becamee a noble/whatever in just a few years, then the story ends? Happily ever after? There’s no stories worth telling after that? But this one isn’t like those, large timeskips where MC doing great things bit by bit, the timeline makes sense, progression... more>> makes sense, awesome <<less
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March 18, 2023
Status: v1c19
Adventurer's guild... adventurer's guild again!


I have read so much adventurer's guild bs that I might have even developed ptsd for it.

... more>> Anyway, the review:

This novel is about an op loli doing slice of life, and that basically sums up the novel. It is generic, and very boring.

I've read reviews of this novel where people say that there will be a lot of time skips later and will demonstrate how an immortal girl views the world, but I don't think I'll be reading to that point. This novel is just too boring for me to actually read to that point.

Plot: Let me sum up what the first 19 chapters of this novel is: Loli reincarnates and got op skill, loli is making herself op by creating stuff and eating that stuff, loli makes loli golem, loli and loli golem beat dungeon, loli golem become knight, loli saves adventurers, loli come to town, loli signs up in adventurer's guild, loli defends town...

I have seen every single one of the "plot" defined on top at least thrice in other novels. If the characters of this novel is well-done then I might at least have some motivation to read, but of course they aren't.

Registering as an adventurer is by far the most boring thing I can ever read in novel. It's fine if the author just skips over it, but for some reason every jp authors just decides to write a whole chapter dedicated to this process.

Characters: Everyone in this novel either lacks personality or are one dimensional. The MC can be described as just another isekai protag but is loli. She sometimes show a bit of regret over missing her past life and being lonely, but that doesn't even happen much, and it doesn't affect the actions of the MC at all.

The golem that the MC makes only have the personality of "cheerful, " and "I love my master." She doesn't show any personality besides that.

Also, I want to talk about the mc's logic a little.

In the defend town plot point, the MC shot a mana crystal to kill orcs, and mana crystals cost 5 gold coins. The MC shot the mana crystals to kill the orcs because she wants to kill the orcs without damaging their body too much to not damage the raw materials... From the setting of this novel, 5 gold coins is quite a costly sum of money. And the orcs are only C rank monsters. The orc's raw materials in perfect quality are worth 2 gold coins each, which means the MC is losing 3 gold coins each time she shoots a crystal. So, the MC can actually completely ignore using the mana crystals as an ammo and just kill the orcs normally. And also, if the MC is going to use the magic crystals as ammos so wastefully in front of the public, she might as well just sell the magic crystals. Of course, the guild later awards the MC some extra magic stones, which the MC can completely buy much more of using the gold coins she wasted killing a orcs. Which means the MC being an adventurer and registering as an adventurer is completely unnecessary.

Which means there is actually no reason for the author to include the MC signing up as an adventurer, which also means I've just wasted my time reading the MC's generic adventurer arc because the author wants to follow a generic isekai opening.

Besides those, there is also the problem of how the author handles the slice of life genre.

Slice of Life: Just being a slice of life novel doesn't excuse the novel from being boring. Slice of life means having a slow plot, but a slow plot isn't shield for people accusing your novel for being boring. If you choose to write a slice of life novel, then that means you are committing to writing a slow plot. A slow plot will obviously make readers feel bored, so it's your job as the author to write an interesting slice of life to make up for the slow plot. Which means you need something to capture the readers. Every good slice of life novel I've read all have at least 1 of these things that is essential to their novels: comedy, or well-written characters. And this novel doesn't have any of these.

I don't have enough time and passion to read until the point where the time-skips are happening. This is just too boring for me to get through. <<less
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Woah... rated it
June 3, 2021
Status: v6c32
I am currently on the latest chapter of the novel and I (personally) love it. As in the description it is about an immortal loli witch and her tales with some time skips to show consequences/what happened due to what she has done. Power progression isn't too rapid and the pacing is good. This being a slice of life novel (so don't expect too much action) with a relatively easy-going loli lead, is my cup of tea but sadly the author hasn't updated since September of 2020 so that's a... more>> sadge for me.

So if you like that kind of stuff, go take a read. <<less
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Amoki rated it
January 8, 2024
Status: v7c204
Like others have said, this is a very slice of lifey but it also has some action elements. There aren't any unique ideas being explored that you haven't seen in other isekai novels in this one. Even so, it combines all these ideas in a way that's very enjoyable and executes it well. I love all the characters and seeing their development and the worlds development alongside is a treat. Seeing Chise and friends travel and use magic puts a smile on my face. My only gripe is the magic... more>> at some points overshadows exploration and makes it less fulfilling. The author however is very aware of this and while it is intentional I still miss how things were in the beginning. Even after getting through the web novel there's still so much that can be explored and I hope the story continues with the light novel. <<less
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SonicWizard rated it
December 18, 2023
Status: Completed
A fluffy SoL isekai.

The world is vibrant and the story is fun for the most part and unlike most SoL stories Chise actually does things, grows (in power not in height lol) and goes to many different places. I wish the kingdom building was more fleshed out but that was never really the focus of this story so it was expected.

If you want a chill isekai to read, I recommend it, but probably better to just read the LN instead. The WN just stops and will likely never be updated... more>> past chapter 204. <<less
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Metankgro rated it
December 12, 2023
Status: v7
i have read the Raws so I know it's going to be in hiatus because of the production of the LN, the WN is good, very solid story but the LN will improve some parts that the WN so I'm giving this WN a solid 4 since the LN is better for some parts of the story. The stories are the same, but some parts have improvements that I'm happy.
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