I Became a Leader in a Wretched Prison


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I transmigrated into a novel… but, why did I transmigrate 10 years before the original story?

To make matter worse, the place I transmigrated into was a prison, a place even more dangerous than a jungle.

I struggled and fought to survive, and after 10 years had passed, I became the leader of the inmates.

* * *

“Hey, Mint, easy there. Do it moderately.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I was known as a good-for-nothing leader, however, becoming the leader in this wretched place has its own advantages. That was why I’ve come to accept it as a privilege instead.

“I could declare you dead on paper. But, you have to do one thing for me.”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

And then, a chance appeared before me like a dream.

“If you help me, I’ll get you released.”

“What should I do, sir?”


The warden suddenly ordered the prison’s craziest girl to help him.

“Make the new inmate who’ll enter soon become the leader.”

This place was a prison, a lawless zone.
If I manage to make that person a leader, I will finally be released.

“By the way, it is the men prison you need to go to.”

“…What? How could I even do that?”

“Disguise, of course!”


The new inmate turned out to be the male lead.

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I Became a Dead Character in a Prison for Wastes
피폐물 감방의 고인물이 되었다
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New koco2018 rated it
June 4, 2024
Status: c35
MC is hilarious, I always enjoy the active shameless characters with a lack of common sense but a good heart. She does injure and 'kill' but you'll see why that isn't a big deal since it's like smacking a mosquito. Also, it's a wretched prison where inmates climb a 100-floor tower to determine their rankings. Each floor's trials are more wretched than the last, it's designed to kill and bring fear to the heinous criminals who are held here. I would write more for this review but I'm tired, so... more>> I'll update this later.

Here is a spoiler that I thought was hilarious and had to share. It does spoil a fair bit of funny parts leading up to it though.


*Context* MC made a deal with the warden to protect the ML in exchange for her release. She wore a bracelet to change her appearance to a man, and went to the male side of the prison to become the rookie guard assigned to the prison newcomer ML. After a few months, she had a fight with a prisoner and she was demoted back to prisoner lol. This scene is after MC was demoted and she and ML were just moved to a 2 person cell, they've been talking for a bit but I grabbed this part to show you.

"... You know a lot about the Tower."

"Of course, it's because I'm a guard."

I'll give him full points for not having any complaints. Plus 100 bonus points for being handsome.

"You're being nice today, so should I tell you something more?"

"What's nice about me?"

"Despite glaring at me, you don't voice any complaints."


"Do you know what the most important thing is for a prisoner who enters here for the first time?"

Helios remained silent for a moment. At the same time as asking the question, a memory replayed itself in my mind. It was a very old memory.

'When I first entered the 1st floor, I thought I was going to die for real.'

The 1st floor was so challenging that even adults have a hard time enduring it. I was only twelve years old at the time. Somehow, I survived and made it out. In the confinement cell where I returned, I remembered something I saw for the first time- an affectionate smile from a woman.

He raised his head at the voice.

"The answer is 'backing'."


"Because you're weak, quickly cling to the strong."


"It's not being a pushover. It's something necessary for survival."

I rolled my body and laid on my side facing Helios.

"In that sense, you've met a very good master, haven't you?"

"In the end, you kept praising yourself..."

Helios let out a sigh, as if losing strength, and lay on the bed on the right.

'He didn't turn off the lights.'

I stared at the ceiling for a moment and then moved my gaze.

"Helios! Something big happened."

"... What's going on?"

"It's really serious. Come over here quickly."

Helios frowned but got up and approached me. Despite his grumbling, he listens well. His appearance might suggest that he could manipulate and make others do anything for him, but surprisingly, he never asked for any favors. He was a young man with a righteous heart. However, it was said that humans like him eventually turn dark. I chuckled while looking at him.

"Turn off the lights."

"... What?"

"I'm telling you to turn them off."


"Please turn them off, my disciple?"

Helios cursed at me. It was no longer a surprising occurrence. And as he grumbled with curses and reluctantly approached to turn off the lights, I used Kia to turn them off.

"So, how's the ability of your master?"

The night ending with strings of curses.


*More Context* Kia is synonymous with Mana/Ki/Magic it is the magical force humans can utilize as a weapon. MC can use all types of Kia, so turning off a light switch without touching it is easy.


And. Here is a spoiler to help you smell the love between MC and ML. It's so sweet.


*Context* Following the previous spoiler, this is the first night MC, who just got demoted from guard to male prisoner, and ML spent the night together in their 2 person cell.

"It's a beautiful morning, so wake up."

"How do you know it's a nice day when there are no windows in this room?"

"It's just a feeling, a hunch."

A moment later, the wake-up alarm echoed throughout the prison.

"The day is finally here, the day~"

What a strange person.

'He didn't seem like this when he was a guard.'

When he was a guard, he dressed neatly and although there was something strange about him, he tried to imitate the behavior of a proper guard. Of course, he seemed to believe that he was an excellent guard himself. But now, his rumpled clothes remained disheveled as he had just woken up. He didn't pay any attention to it at all, even though it happened only moments ago. And his way of speaking seemed different too. The more he saw him... He seemed to have a screw loose.


Can you smell the love? That's our MC, the one described as having a screw loose by ML LMAO. Well, MC grew up in the prison so this is her daily life. She came in 10 years before the ML when she was age 12, so she's 22 years old welcoming her normal day.

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