I Became a Guide For My Childhood Friend


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“I told you. You have to take responsibility for me. We have to get married.”

An unexpected difficulty appears in front of Yernia, who tried to find love in her hopes to avoid a forced marriage, but then, she became a dedicated guide to her childhood friend.
The current events aren’t happening the way they should be, and they have become so twisted compared to the original novel.

“I can’t believe it.”

She was just a supporting character who tormented the Female Lead and then died from the Male Lead’s hands.
Yet, it is undeniable that Yernia is his guide from the pieces of evidence he had gathered so far!

Yena tried to stop herself from marrying her childhood friend, but it turned out she had no choice.

However, unlike Yernia, who thought about divorcing him after being his guide for a little bit until the female protagonist arrives, Cassian seems to be serious about this marriage for some reason.

“I just can’t calm down today.”

“You need more. Huh?”

Guiding requires more contact.

Well, is this what guides must do?

It felt strange, but the most bizarre thing to Yena was herself.

Why is her heart shaking so much?

The childhood friend, who she used to only see as a younger brother, begins to appear as a man.

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소꿉친구의 전담 가이드가 되었다
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3 Reviews

Apr 05, 2022
Status: c03
I really don't like the main lead's chemistry. Feels really forced. FL is the naive and cute type. But in reality, she's just impulsive and dumb. ML is the hot but secretly a bully type. He's been teasing and making fun of FL since forever and FL has never once won over him. But even after all that, she sees ML as family and doesn't dislike him because she doesn't have any friends besides ML. They said it's cause she made friends but they drifted away from her for no... more>> particular reason. I have a reasonable suspicion that ML played some part behind that but I'm not sure yet. And now they're getting married without FL's consent cause of some law! I was hoping that FL will disagree to the marriage and hold her stance before slowly agreeing to it. But from what I see, she's just a paper tiger. She'll scream "I won't get married!", then turn around and blush cause ML is handsome in the next second while muttering "What's wrong with me?"... Ugh! I HATE HATE HATE this type of FL! So indecisive and annoying! Plus the monologue never ends! Also, if she's been just friends with ML for so long, she should've already built some immunity against ML's beauty. It really feels like those old melodramatic shoujo manga but in different setting. I would've rated this 1 star but maybe other people will like this type of main leads so I won't rate. But really, they make me so fučking annoyed!! Arghhh!!! <<less
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May 31, 2022
Status: c16.1
  1. Cousin to omegaverse, this is a sentinel/ guide au setting. I find it bizarre that that au has made it to Korea, (and frankly, it's not done very well.

    The author keeps forgetting that they're supposed to have extra abilities, and I'm not even sure what those abilities would look like. Likewise, she has never explained what happens when one person has a "fated" name, but not the other half of the supposed pair. Surely there would be some wiggle room if only half the pair is matched?

    As of chapter 16, just what, exactly it means to be an esper (i.e. sentinal) or guide has still not been explained.

    Despite repeated and emphatic claims that without a Guide, an Esper will be an uncontrollable danger, the male lead's father, a widower described as the strongest Esper in the country, is just fine without a guide and has been for years/ close to a decade. Like the author forgot the rules they set in place themselves.

    The FL expresses bizarrely contrasting sentiments that 1) she holds a completely vital, serious, role in assisting an esper not going bonkers, requiring serious work.... and 2) that she has no idea how to do that, or what that entails, or ever been trained. No one appears to have even described to her what guides do. She just assumes it's going to work out.

    At first, only

    fated pairs are required to marry each other, but then this is retconned in later chapters to

    all Esper Guide pairs must be married to each other.

    The lack of practical instruction and the requirement that Espers and Guides must be married combine to give me the suspicion this au trope has gotten mixed with that Chinese wuxia one of "dual cultivation" and that the FL's main job as "guide" is going to be nothing other than providing s*x on demand when the ML gets upset. Bleck.

    but here we are.

    Anyways, so far this is infuriating.

    I feel an extreme amount of frustrated rage on behalf of the main character, Yurnia. She has zero interest in marrying this guy, to the point where she barely acknowledges him as male. Their chemistry is that of platonic besties, if one side was model hot, so some objective appreciation of his looks happens (randomly, and more importantly: rarely).

    He is a flippant as*hole who likes to needle and tease her until she flips her lid, and she has found him distasteful since she met him at age 4. The only

    reasons they are still together as friends is because 1) she forced herself to be buddy-buddy, even when she found herself shaking with fury at his antics because she doesn't want him to kill her, 2) he's secretly a manipulative, possessive jackass who drove off her other friends, and 3) her family has decided they know better than her, and view this guy as the one for her, due to his status and cash flow.

    Clearly, they are a poor fit. He can't break his cycle of snark to just be nice to her, instead of throwing rocks at the girl he likes and putting gum in her hair, and you can see him maintaining this facade of being an as*hole to her for their entire lives. He's been such an ass and for such a long time, that she honestly doesn't believe him when he says just about anything sincere (it is to the point where she suspects he drew her name on himself with ink for nefarious purposes--that little trust)

    She is like a hissy cat trying to claw itself away from the water barrel it's being shoved into.

    Yet, every single person has decided they know what is best for her better than she does herself. They drive her into a corner so she has no exits and she's forced to agree. Rather than, I dunno, anyone trying to talk with and understand her. They'll pretend they want to talk, but the second she says something that disagrees with how they think she should be reacting, they shut that discussion down and go back to lying and strong arming her into impossible situations.

    This forcefulness alone makes me want the pair to never, ever get married. I am so pissed off for her. It is infuriating how little they listen to her, and how much they lie and manipulate her. At this point, I don't want romance, I want her to get epic revenge against these chuckleheads who all think they know so much better than her. (Which I know is unlikely to happen.)

    She is also very s*upid, impulsive, and naive for a transmigrated/reincarnated character as the others run rings around her and she's too dumb to stop them.

    Man, do I want the male lead and the MC's siblings to suffer.
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Sep 13, 2022
Status: c12.1
The other reviewers have already done a wonderful job of summarizing the plot, but I just want to add my two cents and say that this novel is obviously jockeying for a manhwa adaptation. From the way how the narrative is structured, you can tell that the writer is depending heavily on how “cute” the characters interactions will look.


But imo, this sort of contentious, will they, won’t they trope is so overdone. It’s lame 😒 af.
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