I Became a Cheat-Level Munchkin 5★ Character


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《Gonis Archive Life》

‘GAL’ for short. I found myself possessed into the world of this game.

Not only that, but I became a 5★ character from the very start,

The only male character with ridiculously OP abilities.

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사기급 먼치킨 5★ 캐릭터가 되었다
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New mfan11 rated it
June 21, 2024
Status: c43
GSPGG copy, but the author took none of its redeeming qualities and magnified all of its shortcomings. You'll understand once you read GSPGG. Normally wouldn't review something this early on but it's not looking all too pretty.

The game/skill system is bloated and s*upid as per usual, being a lazy method to "demonstrate" character "growth". Yeah, the characters sure are developing when I increase their stat numbers. It's like saying your Pokemon team has "grown from its experiences" after doping them with a couple hundred kg of rare candies, then committing... more>> a Zubat genocide for Speed EVs.

It also gets annoying when my generic power fantasy novel #2734 inundates me, again, with a wall of text via stat screen popups like I'm on some cheap p*rn site with no adblocker. I know a bunch of novels do this, but that doesn't make it good, nor do I have to like it. Despite GSPGG's flaws, one thing I am very thankful of is that it rarely shoved stat screens in my face (and the few here and there were relatively short/tame). This novel, however, has stat screens which look like modern Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards. Any more "skill bloat" and it's going to be Arifureta.

A continuation of the above, characters are pretty one-dimensional and bland -- no character flaws, no character growth, nothing. They're about as personable as wet cardboard. Also, no worldbuilding, somehow even less than GSPGG.

The MC is strong from the start. He's explicitly stated to be a character with some complete BS skill and he's given an Amazon warehouse worth of max-stack end-game items. I guess TL forgot to tag that lol, up to you if you like that.

I'll give it a 2 since the TL is nice, it's really closer to a 1.5. <<less
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Ein Mezus
Ein Mezus rated it
May 6, 2024
Status: c10
Sigh.... How do I describe it full cliche? Probably something that you already read from tens if not hundred different titles. You know the basic possession, inside munchikin bodies yet try to give reasoning he is not with let say some shitty status yet it will get fix after (you know it) 1 chapter. There's another s*upid fking reason where the chara MC possess whatever reason have obsession to get accept by hunter academy training his body and else but! (there is but) he is coward and never fighting monster........ more>> what a moron (i am talking about the author of this novel). What else oh yeah korean become superpower because why not where other countries got wrecked by gate incident because apparently other countries can't think and only korean can. Ah there also typical cliche where people underestimate MC just change it from typical ugly bastard to women.

It's a good novel if you released it in 2014-2016 because that where you find this kind of writing always in top rankings but now in 2024!? 100% nothing special at all so yeah not recommend better read something else unless you have tr*sh taste idk (^ω^) <<less
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Pelouch rated it
June 10, 2024
Status: c37
I had to do a double take because the first 10 chapters or so were so similar to that other novel, "pretty girl game" that I thought I was reading the same thing by a different translator. Fortunately it's most definitely not and this one is a lot slower paced.

Both have their flaws and they seem to become different from each other after a little while, but if you enjoy one there's no reason not to try the other.

I like the gacha concept and the little world building I've seen... more>> but there's no telling how good it'll be at this juncture, I hope for the best, cheers! <<less
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Jimme1 rated it
May 19, 2024
Status: c23
Not great. The hook is basically a copy of I Became a Genius Swordsman in the Pretty Girl Game but the writing is a lot clumsier. The setting is very basic with hunters, dungeons and an academy and the worldbulding hasn't really been expanded on beyond a few paragraphs in the opening chapters. It's pretty early on but the character interactions are very surface level and the MC has kind of a cringe personality, being obsessed with his favorite gacha character. The character in question is endearing but it's hard... more>> to see a reason to read this instead of IBGSPGG unless you've run out of other reverse gender moral junk to read. <<less
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