I Became A Big Star After I Quit The Entertainment Industry


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As a no-name member of a boy band.

Because there was no value in continuing packaging,

Su Zhe was abandoned by the company and peacefully canceled the contract with the company to withdraw from the entertainment circle

On the day of termination,

Su Zhe was inexplicably bound to a “super idol system” that did nothing right? !

This sand sculpture system, the daily task was to run 10 kilometers every day

Was the skill given to him sprint lv1? ? ?

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KaPi rated it
September 7, 2020
Status: Completed
I literally have no freaking words for how much I love this novel.

To start off, it's sort of like a typical leveling up novel, but sports and BL style. However, the system plays more of a supporting role, rather than just reshaping the MC to become super OP. The "level boosts" are there to enforce the psychological state of the MC rather than just make him run faster, ect.

The characters are very well fleshed out and the whole novel doesn't just revolve around the main CP.

However, what really shocked... more>> me was that HUGE TWIST in the middle of the story..!


After the MC became a big star in track and field (running, hurdles, ect.), HE WAS FRICKIN' REBORN! Thankfully, the ML also got reborn with his memories and this time around, but the MC had to go along the path of figure skating. Crazy, right?!

Plus, the dad and mom are not idiots and clearly realized that something was wrong with their son. Afterwards they asked about it and everything got cleared up, though the dad was mainly having a hard time accepting the rebirth troupe.

However, it was very heart-wrenching to see all the familiar characters from his first life/run (ch.1-143) forget who he was and all their fun times together. However, we all gotta move on and just make some new memories.


Despite all that I can really see all the hard work, time, and dedication the MC puts into the things he wants to pursue and how he inspires so many others.

All I can say is that he had truly become the brightest star in the sky.

P.S. The MTL was hella easy to understand. Maybe even one of the easiest ones I've ever seen (and let me tell you, I've seen... a lot), so no need to worry about that! <<less
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YoriMei rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: c153
I don't know if this counts as an accomplishment but this was the first story to actively make me angry in all my years of reading. I have a weak spot for entertainment/sports stories so when this had combined the two genres, I desperately tried to like this story and even continued reading beyond my annoyance out of sheer stubbornness to see if it would improve. Alas, I just ended up infuriated.

The beginning was honestly quite good and I didn't mind the OP MC from the start. In fact I... more>> was excited, who doesn't love a track prodigy who pursued another career and then came back to excel in his original field? Up until chapter 60 or so, I genuinely had a fun time reading. The problem is that the longer it went on, the more grating the story became. The OPness of the MC isn't handled very well, he's able to do too many things (running, hurdles, group relay) in such a short amount of time and like how other pointed out, all the minor characters are just there to gloat/point out how great or good-looking MC was to an unnatural, over-the-top degree (the entirety of Japan calls him Snow Leopard Boy?? Ultra famous fashion designer makes him his muse??). There are also pointless plot points like the system having him train shooting skills or ice skating for no real reason except to make him look good in a few minor scenes. Even the romance aspect is lacking, because ML just likes him from the start and then they literally interact less than a handful of times in all 143 chapters and only get together in a chapter in one of the extras.

When you're reading a story, you will always run into the question of "why am I reading this" or "why do/should I care about MC", with the answers being things like plot, characterization, mystery, etc etc. But this story almost kills every reason you could have. Plot? MC got his running/hurdling skills from the system so it's really monotonous with no build up there, ML and MC have little to no interaction, even the whole entertainment part can be thrown away because it focuses 99% on running with even MC himself having no clue why he even entered the entertainment industry in the first place. He didn't want to be an actor or a singer, he didn't even care about being famous, and he's as stumped as we are as to why he switched industries in the first place. Characterization is also the same from beginning to end.

I genuinely wanted to like this story, and I can even see that the author did try her best at writing it; but in the end it just wasn't that good for me. The more I read the more I was absolutely bored to death by the sheer amount of repetition because every race went: MC runs race —> everyone else: omg he's so fast, so gorgeous, who is he, I adore him, Omg he's like a snow leopard! An Elf! A gorgeous creature! —&Gt; MC wins/breaks a record —> MC adored by the masses. Maybe track stories aren't my thing, maybe the whole rebirth extra is better, unfortunately I can't find anymore patience to read after finishing the main story and the 10 extras and will have to stop here. <<less
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Tutubitter rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: --
Although I do like reading some mary sue or gary stu from time to time, I can't help but feel it's such a waste.

Mary sue/Gary stu is a nice read when looking for some tooth-achingly sweet pampering romance, but this novel is obviously more focused on MC's development.... or at least reputation and popularity development.

I feel it's a waste cause it could have been better. The MC's story is already good itself;

Unfortunate idol who encountered bad luck (a.k.a that incompetent and pit digging "promoting" agent) failed to get... more>> recognition then quits entertainment industry to return to the sports circle as an athlete and rises as a star.

It didn't even have to be as Gary stu as it is because the MC actually has a stubborn and hardworking character. Perhaps it would have been better if MC was another kind of gary stu, or just simply if the author spared more words on MC's independent growth, like his training, body tuning, or his transition from idol lifestyle to athlete lifestyle. Instead of focusing on the system because it kind of discredits not only the MC, the opposing athletes that actually has to continuously train year round, but also the ML who got motivated and fell in-love because of MC's stubbornness and hard-work.
I found myself just skimming through most parts since c28 cause I realised the story was basically more about boasting the MC than MC's journey to getting stronger. Also realised that fans, netizens, and side characters has so much more dialogue than MC and ML 👁👄👁. Cause author uses them to boast about MC...

So yeah, imo, story focused on the wrong thing therefore it got bland. <<less
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LongLong rated it
November 7, 2020
Status: Completed
I really like this novel, my first time reading a sports BL got me hooked since it's not e-sports. The sprinting and hurdles event made me excited and got my blood boiling at his every development. I like how the author really describes the rules and experiences on tracks, hurdling and the sportsmanship between the players. Su Zhe's development is deeply elaborated in the story, how he practice many hours staying in the system's training room just so he can adjust. It's the romance that's disturbing me. It wasn't explained very well since the whole novel is like the Shou's journey, the romance is kinda bit fast paced? (I don't know how to explain it, it's just the ML appearing on MC's every events, taking photos of him, there is no physical interaction unless they accidentally meet. And at the ending arc of track and field only will their relationship be clarified.)

My favourite character of all is the Jamaican player Holness (Holiness? Idk I just mtled it) his gestures makes you imagine he's really a wild tiger uwu. Funny thing is when he saw MC, he formed a team called "Dwarf King" both him and MC, also one of the most strongest rival of MC when it comes to hurdles, even in his second life.


Oof, when the ML got reborn, he first went to the house of MC and hugged him only to be found out by the MC's mother XD. ML got some opportunities he didn't notice in his past life and tries it, making his way to promote himself in a stable career so he and MC can announce their relationship.


The MC tried running with his brother and accidentally leaked he got talent in running, MC's father tried to take him as an athlete cause he got a record of 10:13? After many tournaments on ice skating, he soon retires as hit the height of 180 and became focus on running again. His father eventually became suspicious about how monster his son is and the MC finally told both of his parents that he got reborn again with his lover, the previous film emperor (ML)


There are 3 worlds. The Track and Field (First, the real world) second is the alternative world 'Ice Figure Skating' (MC's regret not doing it in his previous life, the second rebirth of MC and the ML's first rebirth, they both went to fulfill their previous regrets and missed opportunities) Third is the Entertainment World ([Extra] Just an alternative world of the MC, showing his path as he continues his idol career and didn't went to be an athlete)

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Sue Shie
Sue Shie rated it
August 15, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is a masterpiece! Although quite long, I've already read this for three times which shows how much I enjoy the entirety of the novel.

To sum things up, the MC has a "golden finger" which allows him to integrate (am I using the right word?) his bodily functions with the skills he could learn.

While it sounds amazing, the system does not just suddenly give him a skill randomly and voila! He already mastered that certain skill. No, it does not work like that. He still has to learn everything... more>> about that certain sport inside a "white space" where he would spend hours alone, learning the basics and integrating them appropriately before learning the techniques that would allow him to master that certain skill.

I love sports anime and manga a lot (Haikyuu!!, Slam Dunk, Kuroko's Basketball, and Free! Anyone? Hihihi), so this novel really hits me right at my sore spot.

The romance part of the novel is barely there, but you won't forget about the ML all throughout the story. To be more particular, there'll be more romantic parts in the alternate universe part of the story. Another thing that I love in this novel was the reaction of the netizens. Yes, I'm obsessed when it comes to reading about netizen reactions in novels.

This novel isn't perfect. It has quite the number of loopholes (which are barely noticeable), but the entirety of the novel was a fun and interesting ride. If you're into sports with a talented MC into the mix, this novel is for you.

Still, it's a matter of personal taste but giving this novel a try won't hurt you (but you'll probably spend some time so yeah). <<less
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ylial rated it
September 16, 2020
Status: c89 (dropped)
Entertaining novel! Have some funny scenes XD the system is a big pit but also a great cheat 🤣. The MC is OP bcoz of his hardwork and system (OP in terms of progress vs time), with one missing, it isn't possible.

The system should be a dual - sports and entertainment since it both has conditioning tasks for sports and entertainment.

Probably, d downside for me is the lack of tense in the novel, compared to the sport-focused stories. The MC may not get first in some sports related contest, but he hasn't really experienced defeat since he got the system. Also, a little disappointed in ML.

ML is a little older than MC (MC is 21y/o), however, the ML acts a teenager showing his concern by spitting hurting words to motivate MC 😅 The MC grew as an athlete and had no guidance in entertainment world. ML should have suggested nicely the shortages of MC as an actor not to destructively criticize the MC. In the First Place, HOW CAN U IMPROVE THE THINGS YOU ARE NOW AWARE OF..?? 😅

will drop because I find it repetitive and a lil boring
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From the get go, you can tell that the author has done a deep research into the track and field sport and in even in the parallel arcs later

Honestly, it was satisfying to watch Su Ze go from an ordinary washed out idol to a track and field sensation

This is a typical sports novel and not much was put into the actual romance but the silent support of Shan Xingchen is very likable

... more>> All in all

The side character were fleshed out nicely and the the sense of anticipation in each game was nice too

This novel is good for a quick read, no glaring plot holes and the MC isn't op from the start

His hard work and determination definitely makes this a good read

Definitely would read this again <<less
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ShioriSai rated it
April 10, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is great. Yup, I love it so much that I forced my lazy ass to get up and read the mtl.

First of all, if we are talking about the main character, Su Zhe, I can say one that will summarize him—he is very likable. Whether it was his personality, looks, or his love for sports, you just can't help but like him. Well, almost everyone in the novel likes him.

... more>>

If we are talking about favorites, then I will mention that 180cm tall player from Jamaica who named his team with Su Zhe 'Black and White Dwarf Kings', that Japanese player that like Su Zhe, of course the chuuni Zhao Tianjie, and Brother Chen Zhi! (Yes, he's my brothaaaa). And, Ye Jun, specially Ye Jun.

Also, I would just like to mention that 30 year old Wang something guy that was the ace of the National Chinese Team for Shooting Range was such a Daddy Material—


As for the ML, this novel doesn't really focus on romance that much, but instead it was about Su Zhe's journey from top to top bottom to top.

While Su Zhe was given a big cheat, you can still see how hard working he was. Like one of the commentator said, it was a combination of the Systems cheat, and Su Zhe's persistence and competitiveness.

Also, this novel really reminds me why I love competitive sports. Now I'm also addicted on watching some 110m Hurdles and track n field competitions.

Give it a shot, it's really worth a try. In addition, the novels that UntamedAlley tl picks never failed me, the published translation were so high quality.

Oh and, I just finished the Main Story, I haven't really gotten to the Alternate Universe yet, but I think it's focus is figure skating? (Idk, the title said so, I might be wrong) I will be checking it later because I need some break, the chapter on this novel are reaaaally long.

Edit: Came back ah. My God! Su Zhe's so f*cking OP! <<less
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nctzen rated it
June 23, 2021
Status: Completed
I understand why some readers will not like this story but I personally come for a very OP MC which this story delivers. You can read only the main story but the spin-off really satisfy you and makes you happy. The romance is really lacking I will say but it's still there. The MTL is really easy to the eyes especially bcs the translation is a bit slow. So this is good if you wanna read the story in one-go and can't wait for updates like me.
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Yi Bo
Yi Bo rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Easy to MTL.

My first sports theme novel and I love it. I was so hooked even though there are some repeated parts. I don’t know I still read it. If only the author add more romance to it. There’s also some plot holes especially on the later parts of the story (extras). But it’s enjoyable.

Definitely worth re-reading.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ColaArcie rated it
October 28, 2020
Status: Completed
La la love~

Thank you Author for the 3 worlds and giving as the Infinite King hahaha. I actually want to see MC to have at least one own film or drama but as the title says he already leave the entertainment and can only be an extra and a cameo...
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Fairlady1996 rated it
October 24, 2020
Status: c11
Actually I really love this type of story that have system and calm protagonist and of course had showbiz tag. Ok, so the MC quit entertainment and be an athlete. Okay that fine, not too boring. HOWEVER, I really felt like crying and laughing from how mary sue sue OP the MC from the system task and reward. It felt really illogical.

... more>>

the MC got like 10.30 s on his latesy training and enter a competition. Surprisingly he upgrated his level from run 1.0 to run 2.0 before the which the run start. And on the preliminary group 1 he got 10.21 s. And after that the next match got 10.19. And I thought the MC would control his speed so that the gap would not be too obvious. So he got 10.18 s on his final match. Like dude. That was too far gap for an athlete who got rest for 2 years. So yeah, nope for me. Imagine from 10.30 s to 10.18. Real people practice for 2 years to get that record. Even if you use system the result for this maybe should be for 6 months. But you break your own record for like less than 2 weeks!!

0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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