I Became a Barbarian Warrior Who Hid His Face in a World Where Everything Was Reversed


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Women and monsters alike only want to f**k men.

I wear a helmet and wield an axe every day to survive in this crazy world.

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역전세계 얼굴 숨긴 야만전사가 되었다
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New Allister rated it
June 5, 2024
Status: c8
Not much to be read for now, however, there's things to be said.

The MC seems to have a decent brain and is strong, both mentally and physically, given his reaction on the crisis and its consequences.

This is a great start, the plot is interesting too, so I hope I don't get dissapointed later.

The translation is fine, but I hate the webpage of the team with a passion. Look, I'm ok with ads, but the quantity is too much. Makes reading a pain, seriously.
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New aborednerd rated it
June 3, 2024
Status: c6
Really good novel IMO, the MC is a tough dude who doesn't lament over the changes between old world and new world. There are two longer term mysteries setup early on that I think one of will be an earlier arc focus.

... more>>

Mystery the first, possibly the longer overall arc, what happened to MC's sister.

Mystery number 2, who is the woman in white armor who saved MC early on?


I have praise for the MC/author, but semi spoilerish:


MC is almost r*ped by two women early on. Instead of being the drooly "I wanna be r*ped" MC as in many reverse novels, it is portrayed as it should be in my opinion, scary and off putting to the MC and he fights back killing one of the offenders.


The biggest downside at the moment is the chapters are kinda short and there are not many of them yet. <<less
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