I Became a 6★ Gacha Character


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Isn’t it an unwritten rule in the industry that new gacha characters with good performance should not be male characters? The tutorial doesn’t start until 10 years later.

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6★ 가챠 캐릭터가 되었다
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New Astaroth rated it
September 8, 2023
Status: c175
It's a bit slow paced, but there aren't really any low points and you learn more about Roland as the story progresses.

The streamer aspect adds some spice to what could've otherwise been a slightly too dull slice of life-ish story.

Roland is probably going sleep with the majority/all girls in the party (maybe even including the player?), and there's some light s*x scenes, which can be a plus or minus (or neutral) depending on the reader.

I don't have much else to say but just wanted to get out a review that's... more>> rating the novel highly. (also maybe someone could make an LCD thread on NU?...)

Oh yeah Roland is really OP and only gets stronger, so far there's basically nothing he can't deal with and he's basically a baby sitter.

Although it's starting to look like there might be at least some struggle starting from where I'm at. (Chapter 170+ at the time) <<less
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Everest404 rated it
March 8, 2023
Status: c5
4 Stars for now, concept is interesting. Translation could be better, but I definitely see the appeal. At this point, I’m an expert at figuring out translated nonsense.

Basically, the guy got transmigrated into the game as a 6 Star NPC, stayed there for 10 yrs, then the game launches and like, players start flooding in, and think he’s an NPC even tho he’s conscious. That’s what I got for now. Imma let it marinate for a while and come back to see if it’s still good or fell off
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OnePunchMan12 rated it
March 21, 2023
Status: c36
A unique and well executed concept for the most part.

Normal guy gets transmigrated into the body of the strongest gacha character in a random fantasy world. He doesn't gain any game like ability but just has a superhuman body and legendary gear. He lives in this dangerous world for 10 years thanks to said abilities.

Then players from earth start appearing in town and the generic fantasy world starts developing game elements (previously normal looking people turning into beautiful gacha character versions of themselves).

Really reminded me of 'The legendary mechanic'. I... more>> always liked this dynamic of real person pretending to be an NPC and using his gaming knowledge to win players affection.

So far really fun. A likable MC that doesn't seem overly talented or scheming. Just has a lot of experience in this world. Also not righteous or evil, he only does things for his benefit within a reasonable limit.

Update as of C51:

Everything I've said still holds up. Still really fun but no real sense of story progression so far. Unclear if it's because the genre is more slice of life or if it's just very slow. I wouldn't really recommend it if you dislike slow stories with a lot of characters just explaining things to other characters that for the most part don't need to be explained.

'Show don't tell' isn't exactly a strong point of this novel. <<less
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darksoulproblem rated it
June 19, 2023
Status: chap 24
Too much info dump, by the time those info about to make sense I already forgotten about them. Around ch.9 he's still talking about blacksmith here, tips here, and etc. To be honest, after ch.12 I just skimmed through the novel but decided to completely drop the novel, as I see no point to continue.

As for the plot, almost as generic as those novels who reincarnated inside a game. MC reincarnated into his hated character but there really is no other plot twist other than the character being OP. So... more>> expect almost no character progression or hurdle. So far.

Translation was good, not perfect but a lot better compared to other novels these days. At least translator made some effort.

Anyways, if your into in-game reincarnation novels and a pet hanging around him telling us how perfect he is, then this might be your cup of tea. <<less
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Skepto rated it
June 19, 2023
Status: c48
Basic story premise is that a guy who spends all his money on a gacha game gets reincarnated into a fantasy world as the unique 6 star character that he spent a ton of money on rolling for. The story first starts 10 years after he's been in this fantasy world, where he discovers a streamer appearing in the world and acting as if it's a virtual reality game.

Over the story, we are slowly fed his past, where we find out how he had been living his life in the... more>> fantasy world. The main part of the story involves joining the streamer's party and training her, as they ascend a massive tower-dungeon that a city has been built around.

The protagonist is already unbeatable from the start, so there's almost no progression of his strength, other than him becoming more unbeatable. As of chapter 48, he hasn't faced anything that hasn't been killed in a single blow, so don't expect close fights or challenges. Any progression mainly comes in the form of him training the streamer and the rest of her party, although even that progress comes incredibly slowly. The story is just incredibly slow paced, although I wouldn't classify it as slice of life.

My biggest complaint is how much time is spent talking about how beautiful all the women are. A good tenth of story is spent on this, I'm not even exaggerating. There's an adult chapter around every 20 chapters, but they can be entirely skipped, and you can just assume everything fades to black. There's no adult content outside of those chapters, and you won't miss any important story information by skipping them. The adult content is extremely rare and completely optional. <<less
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Decarabia rated it
August 19, 2023
Status: 70s
I feel like this is a detached account of a salary man's daily life after learning through social beatings. There is nothing I've found to be remarkable, and a sentence from the novel ingrained in my mind illustrates this concept.

When talking about the starting area for climbing the tower, an open plain, MC makes this remark:

"Some pretentious bards or pompous fellows would call it the infinite plains, but everyone else just calls it the plains."

... more>> This attitude summarizes MC's approach to everything.

To be honest, I'd much rather hear the story from the POV of said pretentious bards or pompous fellows. Every single place described, person talked to, and situation that arose, the MC nonchalantly gave us some explanation of the "hidden rules" and reasonably stripped down any magic or semblance of emotion that could have existed therein. Perhaps if the world itself had an interesting design, but it doesn't, it's as generic as could be. Everything feels barren, gray in color and void of purpose. <<less
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webt00nwarrior rated it
July 11, 2023
Status: c50
A newer concept than others for "isekai" genre however as other reviews point out, the character progression or lack thereof bogs it down for me. I personally think this is a more wish fulfillment version of basically the same premise in "legendary mechanic". However that story focuses a lot more on the world and a lot more enjoyable characters.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
9303orv rated it
August 3, 2023
Status: 82
This novel is SLOW, but for me that is its charm, how little by little they climb the tower and how the characters get to know each other⁓ At the moment there is nothing that really makes me say that this novel is bad, I hope it stays that way
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Alfredo845 rated it
June 19, 2023
Status: c50
First, a warning, this novel is SLOW, so if this type of novel is not your style, I would not recommend it, but if you are like me and you appreciate a leisurely reading that takes time, I recommend it.

As for its plot, although it can be cliché at times, it also seems to me a demonstration that it doesn't matter what your base is or how original it is, all that matters is how you execute it and in my opinion this novel does it very well.

However, I have... more>> to warn anyone who wants to read it that this is not a novel that contains, at least so far, many epic fights, although that may change as we progress in the plot of both the novel and the game. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bozakir rated it
June 11, 2023
Status: c43
It's a bit early to score but I'll cut this series a slack because it's a korean series without your standard korean MC.

Sure MC is ultimately self serving but he is not doing it in a dumb way. He carefully maintains his image, helps villagers, shares his spoils, tips generously while still being self serving. He has a work life balance, he is friendly, he casually flirts. Which is great for a pov character, discovering intricacies of the world he is thrown in. Giving us a relatively fresh perspective on... more>> this type of story. <<less
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TornHeart rated it
June 3, 2023
Status: c38
i can't say much as we're still at early chapters but from what I have tasted so far is that this novel have a big possibility of being epicly good, also thanks to the Wonderful translation the story can be read very well.

now to the real review, since the story started after 10 years we are left behind and how his heroic deeds roaming around the world story really are but it just feels weird around there but after that the story is going well and since he already knew... more>> the ins and out of the world it make more sense.

thats all I can say so give this book a try.

just wishing for more r18 eh hahahahahaha. <<less
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