I Awoke to Find I Was the Girl Swordsman That Protects My Cousin


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This is the first of a three-novel series with two spin-off novels.

The title describes the basic premise well enough: It’s about a boy who suddenly discovers he transforms into a girl whenever his female cousin in danger.

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Mezameru to Itoko wo Mamoru Bishoujo Kenshi ni Natteita
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10/06/16 Ero Light Novel... v1 afterword
10/06/16 Ero Light Novel... v1c9
10/06/16 Ero Light Novel... v1c8
08/23/16 Ero Light Novel... v1c7
06/22/16 Ero Light Novel... v1c6
05/28/16 Ero Light Novel... v1c5
04/24/16 Ero Light Novel... v1c4
04/04/16 Ero Light Novel... v1c3
03/28/16 Ero Light Novel... v1c2
03/22/16 Ero Light Novel... v1c1
03/21/16 Ero Light Novel... v1 introduction
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LivingCorpse rated it
June 12, 2016
Status: v1c5
This novel is one of my Guilty pleasure.

Indeed as the translator said, there was disturbingly lack of Ero Gender Bender Novel in these parts. But don't worry, this novel covered it.

Also, for a Ero Gender Bender novel, it's surprisingly well written. Well plotwise it isn't that great. But well written indeed.

I rate this novel :
Plot level = Average
Gender Bender level = Perfect
Ero level = OVER 9000!

Kudos for the Author and also for the translator who translate this novel.
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Shironeko225 rated it
December 11, 2017
Status: v1c4
I found this novel is ok but the character piss me off sometime. The MC is a sl*t not to mention he an idiot just getting himself in the situation to be raped and wtf with this family if something this important happen to the branch why the main family not doing anything about it are they that weak?
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SisConEcho rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: v1
It was going good, then became dark and scary quick.... Ok plot tho.

What I couldn't stomach
... more>>

MC is public raped... well still gave 4 stars coz I had a disgusting boner


Plot holes

So a sub branch of a oni hunting clan having ordinarily lives got the most important and vulnerable power. What does the main branch do about it? Let oni do what they want

If you're a super human and your friends are held hostage, and that the hostage takers all have their pants down in the middle getting you to suck them, wouldn't you find it a crazy good opportunity to strike?

Also pretty ridiculous getting himself gangraped by first Onis and then classmates.

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