I Am the Source of Darkness, Causing Chaos in the Eternal Heavens


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Transmigrating into a fantasy world, starting as a typical rich and handsome guy, he has a useless main character fiancé, a sister who knows the future plot, and a distant cousin who is the reincarnation of his nemesis, the Nine Heavens Mysterious Maiden.

He becomes the final boss in a female-oriented novel, forcibly killed by the plot?

Although he has a system that allows him to become stronger by binding with geniuses, Jiang Minghan states that as a gentleman who likes to stay calm and friendly, he just wants to be good to others and doesn’t want to be a villain.

To avoid the fate of being overpowered by the female leads in the future, he can only walk further down the path of a villain.

But unknowingly, when did he become the source of darkness, disrupting the eternal heavens?

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