I am the Lucky Cat of an MMORPG


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Bai XiaoYu, a student who had become an otaku due to being forced into living a life of seclusion after a tragic event in real life, met a magical lucky pet cat when he took to secluding himself in a game.

Not only did the cat beckon fortune, it also beckoned a sugar daddy and enemies.

Can it beckon ultimate happiness?

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Aria rated it
July 23, 2020
Status: c89
I feel like some people have been reading too much overbearing-MC novels that they believe self-awareness, forgiveness and kindness to be negative traits ==

Extra Rant:


And apparently some people also thinks that if your lover - whom you strongly suspect have a problem and you want to know more to be able to help them - opens up and tell you about their mental illness, you should have a hard time accepting it...

geez, what a wonderful world we live in ==

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mrews rated it
August 12, 2019
Status: Completed
A really lighthearted and sweet story. Bai XiaoYu (MC) is a shut-in because of a trauma and decided to play a virtual game. The game somehow gifted him this kinda op adorable lucky cat.

The author somehow manages to depicted social anxiety quite well. BXY is really introverted and traumatized by the death of his parents. He has an extreme case of phobia of vehicles that makes him unable to get out of his home. ... more>>

This later becomes a major plot point when MC and ML gets together. ML tries to help MC overcome his trauma. Only, this part is too short (just one ride in the car and he's fine, really?) and too abrupt, considering this is a major driving force of MC's action, I expected something more.


The ML is the typical rich and powerful ML. He's first bemused by MC and his cat antics but then somehow gets attracted to MC. He's nothing memorable if you read this kinda story, really.

The rest of the cast is... a mixed bag. There's a secretary type best friend of ML, a fujoshi, and a rival of the ML. Some introduced at the start and then forgotten. Some are just not memorable enough to be remembered.

The game setting... is alright. It's not too detailed but this is not a story about leveling up in a game but a story of romance so thats fine.

The main attraction of the story is the lucky cat. It's very cute and foolish. At the end of the story the origin of the lucky cat will be told.

Lucky Cat x Main System ftw!


All in all, read this if you want to read a sweet and fluffy romance. 4/5 stars. <<less
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QCY rated it
September 8, 2020
Status: Completed
Good as fluff filler, but you need to turn your brain off.

I found it quite illogical/unrealistic because:

  1. MC's waayyyy too naive; somehow manages to befriend super powerful people and doesn't even get cheated despite his naive actions.
  2. Realistically, the main pairing relationship never would've hit off.

    Disregarding the fact that ML fell for the MC (who dropped out of college), there is also a huge social divide between the two of them: compare a millionaire to a regular middle-lower class worker. Should cause a lot of insecurity issues.

  3. The trauma. I swear, it is not that easy to cure trauma. The author really should've done her research.
  4. Villains are very 2-D; only there to glorify the MC to show how holy, pure, white lotus he is.
Ok, keeping it as short as possible.
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Sabby rated it
September 21, 2020
Status: extra 7
I think some of the negative reviews for this novel are unfair. Some people seem to have not understood the characters or the point of the story.

First, one negative review mentioned how unrealistic it is for someone like the ML to love someone who dropped out of college.

... more>>

I think this is a really awful way to think. It was addressed multiple times in the novel that ML understood why MC dropped out (it's not like he dropped out because it was too difficult, or b/c he was lazy), and ML fell in love with MC before he even knew all that. The author writes about how the two love each other regardless of money or status. Yes, there's a huge social divide, but the MC takes active steps towards the end to start learning again, he proves to be talented with finances. It's also not that uncommon for wealthy people to marry people in the middle/lower class.


Another negative review mentioned the linear progression of the story + MC's in-game leveling was not great. I didn't have trouble following the progression at all. It made sense. MC started the story at lvl 1, ML started at 99. It's not that surprising that MC would still not be at lvl 99 by the end of the story. I've played MMO's, level cap grinds are tedious and time consuming. I don't want to read about MC grinding out 99+ levels. So yeah, story ended without MC being at level cap, but it made sense...

Regarding MC's trauma...


A negative review mentioned it was cured too easily. I do not agree, especially since the story addresses that even at the end of the story it's still not cured at all. It's improving, but it's not gone.. The trauma was repeatedly mentioned, the author explained how MC and ML slowly worked together to overcome it. Someone mentioned MC was too dependent on ML, but here's the thing, MC was COMPLETELY alone after his parents' deaths. He had absolutely no friends, family, or supporters. So it's actually pretty logical that after he finds someone to love and support him, he can start the slow journey to recovery.


As for the villains in the novel, for those who think they're too 2-D, they may not have played as many MMO's as I have. The amount of petty BS that goes on in MMO's is insane. When reading about some of the villains' behaviors in the novel I though 'yeah, that seems typical for people in an MMO.' People are petty as hell in video games so yes, the villains were a bit two dimensional, but they weren't unrealistic in an MMO setting.

I think people forget that not every singly MC in the world can be a strong badass. Some people are naturally shy, some people can't overcome PTSD by themselves, and that's okay. So I want to highlight the great things about this story:

  1. ML is incredibly respectful of MC's limits. He doesn't coerce MC into telling him anything, he doesn't demand answer. All he does is offer unwavering, unconditional support, which he remind MC of often.
  2. MC isn't a stereotypical white lotus. He is the innocent, naive type, however it makes sense considering his back story

    The author states how MC is bad at talking with people. He had no friends and had trouble getting along with his peers. Keeping that in mind, it makes sense the the MC is a bit innocent considering he's never had much life experience.

    Despite his naivety, he makes a lot of effort to try and get by on his own. He acknowledges that some misunderstandings he has with other players is because he might not be good enough at explaining himself or talking with others.
  3. While the romance developed quickly towards the end, the author actually does a really good job with a slow lead-up. I thought it was really natural how ML fell in love with MC. As ML states in the novel, MC is someone who always "brings him joy."
  4. MC acknowledges the difference in status between him and ML, and at the end he takes certain steps to start improving and learning again.
  5. ML acknowledges that MC's mental trauma is difficult to improve and that there isn't a quick fix. He shows a great deal of patience and love to the MC which is incredible. Some may say he's domineering but honestly, he wasn't. He always tried to give MC his space and let MC make his own decision.
Overall, I think the negative reviews on this novel are from people who didn't understand the novel, the characters, or the purpose. My issues with the novel have nothing to do with the characters. I loved the story, the MC, and the ML and all the side characters.

As for the real issues for me:


It's mostly just continuity. MC's first friends he made at the start of the novel disappear at the end, which is a bummer since they were great.

We never figured out what the Wing's guild was scheming and why the Guild Leader was so interested in MC. I thought that could have been a really interesting part of the story, but it was left hanging.

There were things left unexplained, but the author did acknowledge that they had some trouble finishing off the story. It's the first long story they ever wrote, and I can see how an inexperienced author might accidentally leave some things hanging.


Although these little continuity issues are a bit frustrating, I don't think they detract from he sweetness of the story. Overall, it's not meant to be a face slapping story. It's meant to be a story about a broken person figuring out how to love and trust and recover from his trauma. Please don't let the negative reviews dissuade you from reading. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. <<less
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Melange rated it
September 9, 2020
Status: Completed
While reading this, my brain waves flat-lined and they never came back.

At first the novel started off looking like MC was going to redeem himself. He was set up to start a new life in a game, and make enough money to be set for life!

Aaaand then... none of that happened. It quickly turned into an Overbearing President Loves the White Lotus novel where the cold and tsundere ML falls for the gentle MC. Add in some side characters who were quickly abandoned, random villains who never ended up doing... more>> anything, and some general nonsense. The author forsook the plot like I did my brain cells.

I don't know how the romance blossomed between these two emotionally dumb "straight" guys. The way they got together can only be described as s*upid.


ML: I like you
MC: I like you too (but in a friendly way)
ML: No I mean as a lover
MC: Wha???
ML: You don't hate it right? Let's date.
MC: Okay I guess

Then they got married.


There were some parts of the novel that were somewhat disturbing.


Like the random chapter where ML's 15 year old brother French kissed the 5 year old ML as punishment... I'm calling the police. Also the fact that his cute cat pet was actually a fully sentient cat boy sent from the heavens who got banged by God... What in the world...

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Fuffoals rated it
June 28, 2019
Status: c21
I absolutely love this novel. Right now it is so up my alley it’s not even funny. The MC is not too OP to the point it’s unbearable, yet he still gets some special perks that satisfy my desires. I won’t lie, I’m a sucker for MCs who have rare sh*t or are acquaintances with high level players without even knowing it. I especially love if there is a drastic power imbalance in the relationships. I.e the MC is weak while his friends are strong and the only ones who... more>> really wonder over this are the baffled onlookers.

This novel doesn’t just tickle that itch for me, it full on scratches. And it doesn’t ruin it by making the MC suddenly OP.

The meeting of a few characters could be said to be too coincidental at times, and a few appearances and lucky saves might make you go ‘really’, but it’s a minior flaw that doesn’t really matter to me.

Some of the MCs decisions seemed a bit s*upid and unlogical to me at times as well - I would write them but I’m not sure how to do a spoiler tag - and only seemed to been done for the sake of the plot, but I was able to overlook that because every other part of this novel is great that I can forgive these minor things.

I’m only on chapter 21 right now so I am unsure how this will turn out, but hopefully it continues to be just as good! I’m really tempted to read the raws, but at the same time I want to enjoy this novel in its fullest and not in the butchered version of google translate.

Tbh I’m probably being more lenient with this novel than I would be with novels of the same genre because BL novels that focus primarily on the video game aspect with the romance as a secondary are hard to find. Even if it wasn’t BL though, I would still read this. <<less
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1Sami rated it
February 5, 2020
Status: c64
This book is soooo good! The ML just figured out that what he's feeling for his friend is love and the MC is a cute little ball of fluff. He's just so pure and sweet and naive. His family died and he's still traumatized by it so he can't go outside his house at all and he just spends all day everyday gaming. It's really cute so far and I love it.
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: Completed
I like fluffy bl. But this one is cringey af, the MC was portrayed as a traumatized, neet, weak, and sickly. But when he and ML met, he was described like a beautiful think angel wtf. He's filled with mary sue and acts so feminine. Ans there's so many plotholes, some parts that should've been continued in the story was forgotten. It's like the author has no idea what to do with the story anymore.

I can't bear reading this for the second time I might puke from all the cringe.
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Ai-hime rated it
December 6, 2021
Status: Completed
What fluff? It was obviously filled to the brim with cheap cringe, ridiculous logic, and underlying discrimination. The only reason I decided to finish reading it: sunk boat fallacy. Yes, I'm an idiot like that. I've already wasted so much time, just go along with it. *Sigh* I feel so suffocated and so frustrated. I'm too lazy to list the events in the story that made me feel so. I seriously cannot feel satisfied with how they dealt with thjngs, how issues spanning entire chapters get resolved behind the scenes... more>> because MC didn't want to do it himself. What is "never learns"? MC literally never learns!!! He feels so depressed about being bullied that he starts subconsciously, low-key ignoring his friends but he does not want to do anything about it at all! He just forgets about it until the next time it happens and people around him literally cannot stand it anymore but then he holds them back, saying "let's not, I'm fine". Bro, then what was that little drama you had back there?! You feel fine now but I still don't! You can read it to know what I mean, experience what I did, though I really do not recommend. There are lots that are better out there. The author did tell the truth - MC was no saint, he was a great, big pushover. I'm sorry, I know with his backstory I'm supposed to give him a lot of leeway but, ugh..! T__T

Technology's so advanced, no one's ever thought of giving him a few sessions with a psychiatrist? Like may be the government could have sponsored it for an orphaned kid, or those responsible for his parents' death could have done it too. I don't know, just someone. Help, apparently, in this world, common sense was lost in the advance of technology.

I honestly don't know anymore.

This definitly isn't what a good BL is for me. It doesn't even feel like a BL story. It just feels like one of those cheap het novels with cheap heroines that drove countless girls like me rotten. (P. S. I'm not discriminating against women. I'm discriminating against brainless, lovestruck, overly dramatic female characters that some authors feel like birthing for reasons like, I don't know, to intentionally provoke feminists or to fulfill something in them. Heh)

As for the translator, I can only thank them for their hard work. They're pretty good and considerate with their notes and explanations about both the story and the events surrounding it, like the author's meaning about certain thins or about how some of the chapters were locked because of various reasons. However, I am unfamiliar with the translator's style in translating names/nicknames, like, whether to keep them in pinyin or translate them to English and such. I may have preferred other translators' styles in this aspect. Such a small thing, though, does not affect overall quality which is pretty good. <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
June 30, 2020
Status: c74
Tbh MC too white lotus (he deserves to be surnamed Bai, if only his first name were Lian Hua too *barfs*), ML has way too much time for games considering he's supposed to be powerful in real life too. Also, I still feel it's inexplicable ML would entangle with MC so much. He's also SO dense, like I know he's socially ignorant but it's not like he's lived in a birdcage all his life, but only after high school.

Honestly speaking, yes love means you want to go with anyone through... more>> hell and high waters. Furthermore, you'll want to help your lover through anything. But it's really not such a light matter to take on the responsibility of helping someone through a debilitating mental illness, and idk I just feel ML too easily accepted everything about MC even though I don't even get how he likes him so much in the first place.

The romance is pretty slow but then it immediately amps up like crazy?? I still don't understand why ML likes MC so much. They agreed to move in together like a week after they started dating, when MC's not even sure of his feelings.

That said, the gameplay pieces were pretty entertaining. Also, like the other reviewers mention, I hate how weak and fragile the MC is always portrayed as. That's not to say anything against mental illnesses, but it's just the way the author writes MC is so cringey. Idk, he's the definition of a pure and delicate white lotus. "Silly boy", "silly billy", "little fool", "little kitty", "how can he be so cute?", ugh. He's the poster boy of quietly suffering from others' abuse, who needs to be protected and nurtured, with a Holy Father heart.

Anyway, I agree with everything TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove said. <<less
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DeamonReaver rated it
May 20, 2020
Status: c76
This is Ok

The world building is Ok. It definitely has the feel of what the first VR `s probably will be like.

The MC is Ok. The author keeps his character consistent, and avoids turning him in to a battle hungry sociopath who is instantly a God at combat.

... more>> The story is Ok. The lucky theme is continued without being ridiculous. The characters are distinct enough with out devolving into tropes. Unfortunately this cannot be said for EVERY female character, they're all portray ed as pe*verts or uncontrollable b*tches. Ed

Summary: good writing (as long as there is no women involved) and a ok story. <<less
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BobChan rated it
January 11, 2020
Status: c60
It’s very cute, but there are one too many frustrating things that appear (or constantly pop up) and isn’t really dealt with (or given a satisfying revenge).

Also, the MC, Bai XiaoYu is too soft of a persimmon.

... more>>

Constantly getting bullied by various types of players, yet doing nothing really in return and just letting it slide. His Mary Sue White lotus act can be very annoying sometimes when you read.


There’s character development for him, but it’s just too small at the moment and we’re already almost done with the novel—a little more than 20 chapters left.

I would recommend this novel for others to read as it’s enjoyable. It’s well paced (so far) and there are many characters with great personalities. They make the novel flow much more easily and they’re very likable. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: Completed
This is an entertaining slice-of-life/adventure/comedy series that takes place in a futuristic world, especially within a virtual reality game. The protagonist and his cat are a hilarious and charming combination that are hard to forget. The two are so funny that other characters can't help but be drawn to them.

Each character having a distinctive personality. That said, I think there's only one named female character so far? She is a standard fujoshi. Where'd all the ladies go? Even men make female characters sometimes, right? Although some character depth has been... more>> revealed for some of the characters, most of them are relatively shallow so far. The author hasn't gone into as much depth with the MC as he or she could have either.

The feelings growing between the MC and ML seem to develop naturally and lack the terrifying possessiveness of many MLs in other series. This ML is actually a normal person! He's likeable and respectable! There are no signs of abuse whatsoever so far, unlike many other Chinese MLs. This series gets bonus points for being a Chinese series with a ML who is actually a likeable and decent person.

The sci-fi setting is interesting. As for the gaming setting, most readers here have probably come across it before. The VR gaming in this series is more of a setting standpoint rather than a genre. The action scenes are weak with minimal detail. The battle strategies and the MC's current stat distribution, items, and battle strategies are largely blank. If you're looking for an exciting gaming series like Reign of the Hunters, this is not it.

There is minimal imagery. Where's the imagery at?!

Overall, this is an enjoyable lighthearted series that mostly takes place in a gaming world. It's great for an easy, low-tension read, and I caught up on all the chapters before I knew it. However, there are many things the author could have done to improve it. For instance, enhancing the character depth and details, describing imagery, giving the characters defining features and their own motivations, explaining why women appear appear to be rare species or including more women, fleshing out the world as the MC explores it, and really going into more depth about the MC and his daily life, experiences, and feelings. It'd be wonderful if the action were done better or the gaming details were focused on in this series, too.

EDIT: After completing the series, I noticed more sexist comments here and there by the narrator. Although the illogical and spontaneous romance at the beginning of the series was cute and friendly, it very quickly jumps to marriage at the end. There are a lot of ethically questionable scenes, such as when

the male lead r*pes the protagonist in the extras. There's also a scene where the ML's brother forcefully makes out with him when he was a young child. Neither r*pe nor mol*station are okay. Just what was the author thinking?


The plot is unfocused and lighthearted. As other reviewers have mentioned, a lot of the setting doesn't make sense. The ML is a rich company owner, but he spends all of his time playing the game instead of working. It's not realistic at all.

At any rate, I dropped my rating from 4/5 stars at chapter 40 to 2/5 stars upon completing the series and its extra chapters. I cannot condone r*pe or mol*station, especially when it's treated as comedic relief. <<less
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izayaYY rated it
April 14, 2024
Status: Completed
Good gaming danmei, with a lucky MC and a filthy-rich guild leader ML. Game is based off Ragnarok Online but it's also different as the setting is 100yrs into the future with VR and gamepods being commonplace. Great escapism fluff that I love to read, with a good dose of fantasy, gaming, romance and adventures. The translation is good, but I did not like some prejudiced remarks from the translator, throughout the novel.

Side characters were all super interesting but author did not develop their character much, except for the tiny... more>> cat, who gets it's own background story and CP in the extras. Author does explain why this novel is not perfect. For me, they are just minor imperfections. It is overall a well-written novel about MMORPG. I have played enough to relate to many in-game dramas described here. Yes, author is spot on with the gaming aspect.

Author also handles the trauma aspect well. The trauma is NOT cured towards the end of the novel (some morons claimed otherwise in their reviews... don't know why ppl feel the need to lie in their reviews!?). Mental issues are rarely cured, no matter how much professional help you get. How they deal with the issue here is very gentle and ML is incredibly supportive and MC progressively got better towards the end. <<less
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IsaacaHawke rated it
October 17, 2021
Status: Completed
I have mixed feelings about this one. While I did complete it, I had to keep it away for weeks before coming back to it nearing the end. The translation quality is good & the promised fluff is straightforward and cute but now here's the part that made me sad-mad

... more>>

MC feels more like a pet than a partner tbh. Now, I don't expect every MC to be a warrior amongst warriors, I do feel the author have the MC the level of trauma that they had no idea how to handle to make him as maleable as putty in ML's hands.

The trauma is handled so badly. I saw some reviews stating that the ML understood it was a heavy trauma & slowly worked on it with MC but that is also part of the problem!!! The ML is a layman meddling in matters he clearly isn't qualified to meddle in willy nilly. It's not like he doesn't have the money to get him to a psychiatrist or the education to understand that you need professional help for PTSD of that major levels. It's only because it's fiction that things didn't go horribly wrong & I really wouldn't want anyone to learn from this.

Regarding the smut part - it just made me uncomfortably speedread/skip through. Consent is so dubious that it made me mildly nauseous. Please respect your partner if they say no. Understand that no doesn't mean that just ignore it because he'll agree once the d*ck is in.

& I have to mention, the elder brother just is a criminal. J can't see it any other way. Kissing a child, with tongue, as punishment is just so unnecessary and unneeded. No clue why the author had to gross me out with that.


Will I recommend this one? No. Will you enjoy it? I don't know. I think it depends on whether you get triggered by the things I mentioned above. Do I hate it? Also no. I did finish it after all. But I won't ever reread it. It's a pretty much straightforward story but I'm just left feeling weird after I finished it.

Okay, I'm ending my ramblings here. <<less
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scrapsd rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel has a lower rating probably because of how people viewed this novel wrongly. Looking at the tags, it's already stated as slice of life. So don't expect big drama or anything to happen. This is basically the journey of MC's gaming experience and how he met ML. There are some cannon fodders along the way, but there are more friendly people he met online, which makes the whole novel so fluffy and peaceful. Disclaimer though, I think most people didn't really fancy this was due to the amount... more>> of explanation of the game in the novel. If you've read novels such as Overgeared or Moonlight sculptor, the explanations for the game (which is inspired by Ragnarok), are a little lengthy and sometimes not needed imo, but, if you enjoy mmorpg, this novel is indeed for you.

plus, their romance is so cute! The ML is your typical rich guy, he's not really cold, only to some people, but he treats the MC very gently. The side pairing, in the extras is such an extra treat! <<less
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Sugar77 rated it
May 17, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is pretty cute!


... more>>

there’s a lot of things left unexplained or just forgotten.

like there’s mc’s first friends that just went missing half through the story. It’s fine if it was just acquaintances in passing, but, they do have significant importance in mc’s beginning life so it’s pretty sad to just see they disappeared. especially the NonMeta and CopperPlate duo.

and then the villain glory of the wings guild. Their scheming, and stalking, a lot of foreshadowing. All that for nothing. I don’t know what’s the use of the author mentioning this if there’s no conclusion for it. They’re even more legitimate as a villain than the Snow magician and yet they just disappeared like there’s no animosity at all.

then the trauma! It was way too abrupt. Supposedly this is the core of the story but it was solved too fast it doesn’t have much impact in the story.


so in my opinion, this novel is very fluffy and healing but plotwise, very bad. <<less
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Svetlyak rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: --
At first, this novel seemed really cute and had potential. I was enjoying it for the first 40 chapters but it kind of just fell flat after that. The plot itself was fairly mundane because for the first 60+ chapters it revolves more around the MC's interactions with other players and leveling up than actually exploring the MC's life and his romance with the ML. If you want a more in-depth story, this is not for you. But if you just want a quick read, it might be okay.

The pros... more>> were that the world-building of the game was actually pretty good and the features were well explained. The plot actually seemed like it was going somewhere at the beginning and the interactions between some of the characters were pretty funny (including the little cat).

But the cons still really overwhelmed the pros. One con was how the MC was kind of bland and overly naive. He's super oblivious and is generally shy, but strong players would still revolve around him and help him because he's cute. I didn't feel much chemistry between the MC and ML, and their relationship seemed really rushed. The MC and ML barely interacted at the beggining, but after a few interactions the ML started getting jealous and then their love kind of just escalated out of nowhere. Additionally, I think the author might have biten off more than they could chew in regards to the plot.

The story had huge potential but the way some things were resolved was lacking. One part was that the MC had been traumatized for years, but then he's abruptly cured. I expected there to at least be some more heart-to-heart discussions/therapy. Another let-down was how the plot eluded to one of the guilds seemingly plotting something, but nothing really happened.


However, the most off-putting part and what really got me to lose my interest in this novel was:


the chapter which wasn't necessary in anyway (and in my opinion it was really disgusting). Prior to this chapter, the ML tells the MC that if the MC lied to him, he would kiss the MC as punishment. For some reason the author thought it was a good idea to dedicated a whole chapter to "explain" where ML's kissing-punishment "backstory" came from. The "backstory" included a scene where a 5-year-old ML had lied to his 15-year-old brother, and in order to "punish" the ML, ML's older brother forcefully french-kissed him and then laughed at how he could boast to the ML's future girlfriends that he stole ML's first kiss. I have no idea what was going through the author's mind to write this; the ML's brother literally mol*sted his own little brother (even worse, the author wrote that the ML was struggling but was too weak to resist). How some people find this funny baffles me. I would understand more if ML's older brother was also a little child who didn't actually understand the implications behind kissing someone, but for a 15-year-old teenager to do this to his 5-year-old brother? This chapter completely came out of left field, and after this, I had to power through and skim like crazy just to get this story over with.

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Devrai rated it
September 25, 2020
Status: extra 7
Translation 5/5

Story 4/5

MC/ML 5/5

... more>> Story (takes place in the future) :

Bai XiaYu (aka LuckyCat) is a socially awkward young man. When his parents die in a car crash in front of him, he is so traumatised of cars that he isn't able to leave his home anymore.

While ordering his food online he entered a lucky draw and won a gaming pod that will enable him to stay in the game 24/7. So he decides to live in Asgard Online. The system bestowed him a giftbox and in that box was a cute little black lucky cat with a rater sophisticated AI that likes to imitate its owner. So start LuckyCat and TiniLuckCat their moneygrabbing way to level up...

Unbeknownst by the two kittens, there is a rather serious knight that was charmed by their antics, meeting them again and again...

My Opinion:

I like the story. Its realy fluffy, though the romance is rather slow.

There are some plotholes and I indeed missed some "friends" he made at the beginning but it didn't feel like he lost them.... more like the story centered around other moments.

Also to all the ppl complaining that "one drive" solved his trauma... it didn't? Maybe you didn't read the same story and ignored the extras?

I also wondered about the complains, that they could never have met because of their different status... uhm... ppl.. it's an online game. You do not exactly know who is who. So... it's absolutely OK this way.

All in all.. this story has holes and might be rushed to the end but it never felt bad and I liked the story. Could have been longer.

It was a positiv surprise :) Read it! <<less
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XianYiXi rated it
March 29, 2024
Status: c1
Cute Fluffy slice of life story about MC in~game life adventure, meeting ML and findings Happiness.

Honestly It has plot holes and lots of things are left out incomplete...... as author just want to end it somehow.

... more>>

Honestly I would have appreciate it more if author made MC go to psychiatrist for counseling for Trauma....... bro it advanced century with more developed world. People should know to get proper counseling from psychiatrist for trauma. Even if author wasn't planning to go in-depth regarding treatment, I would still have prefer ML taking MC to psychiatrist or inviting psychiatrist to check on MC. Get help from Professional..... there's a reason for those Professional to exist. Don't just try to treat trauma yourself without proper knowledge or ability.

Also I was expecting a lot to happen, especially with how glory guy was after MC, scheming and approaching MC slowly but somehow they totally disappeared from the story after MC and ML officially started dating. Considering Glory guy assumed MC to be ML lover before (when MC was not yet) and still approach him, I waiting to see what will he do now but then author just kicked him out of the story.

And last but not least, MC first friends, Copperplate and NonMeta...... I missed them. Author never brought them up again after the last peco peco quest. It was sad to not see their name being mentioned even when MC got married in-game. It would have been nice to atleast see them congratulating MC but (´-` )


Still for a light read, it was alright. I enjoyed it (While Leaving my brain out)

Overall, it had good start while ending is fine. Not really a great good story but I enjoyed the cute Romance and cats. Also Reading this made me want to play RO.

Thanks to the translator for translating this novel ❤️ <<less
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