I am the Lucky Cat of an MMORPG


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Bai XiaoYu who’s forced into becoming an otaku due to a tragic event in real life,

Met a magical lucky cat pet when he took to hiding in a game.

Not only did the cat beckoned fortune, it also beckoned a sugar daddy and enemies.

Can it beckon ultimate happiness?

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
03/14/19 Shibb’s Den c7
03/07/19 Shibb’s Den c6
02/28/19 Shibb’s Den c5
02/21/19 Shibb’s Den c4
02/15/19 Shibb’s Den c3
02/07/19 Shibb’s Den c2
01/31/19 Shibb’s Den c1
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New Lollipoop
February 21, 2019
Status: c4
Kinda slow and explanatory for now, but chapter 2 is the best!! The future looks so far away, but I would keep reading if I could get more like chapter 2. The fluff and cringe were so real, I had to hold in my laughter while reading this at work. :P Let's just say, you get your cute cat, and you'll want more cat.

This futuristic 23rd century the author built is a bit intriguing, too. If this plot goes in that dramatic direction, I predict that the virtual world will... more>> have something to do with his real life eventually. <<less
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