I Am The Evil Wife of a Young Husband


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“This is your wife. She is yours. Play with her until you get bored.”
Mother-in-law, is that really something you should be saying to your barely 10 years old child?


My young husband stutters. Has a face with scales on it. Hands with scars on it. I worked hard to look after my husband who looked like that.

“Keep eating. You have to eat a lot so you can be taller than me.”
“Do I have to be taller than Cheria?”
“Well.. I- I like that Cheria is taller than me…”

Did I work too hard? Where did my soft and squishy husband who used to be so fluffy go? Instead he just became a slightly insane man.

“Did they die? It’s become easier now.”
“People who look at human lives like they were bugs. That’s the type of person I think is tr*sh.”

Is he watching what he does around me?

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Baby husband's blackened wife
아기 남편의 흑막 아내입니다
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Nightkiss49 rated it
December 1, 2022
Status: c6
This novel seems to have a lot of potentials, it does not have spoilers (not yet), but it seems so a bit simple plot.

The male leads family has a lot of Secrets it's not yet been revealed, the MC was originally a villain, the original FL is Saint because of divine power, she is the older not so good sister of MC, and the ML's family gives an impression of not caring but it's not true they care a lot.
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