I Am Living In Two Houses


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“Please make my husband love me, even in his death.”

Upon the statue that grants wishes, Renier wished for the love of her cheating husband. However, in a bizarre turn of events, she accidentally died in his hands.

When she opened her eyes again, Renier had returned to right before she completed her wish. Though of all moments, it just happened to be mid-sentence, specifically after she spoke the word ‘husband’.

Wishes could not be changed or stopped midway, and in a flustered state, Renier blurted out the first word that came to mind.

“Please make my husband… you!”

As she was wondering whether or not the wish could even be granted, the statue shattered and an incredibly handsome man came out. Naked.

“Very well. I, the great Veldemer, am your husband from this moment on.”

However, according to the king’s decree polygamy is liable to 10 years of prison. Thus, while keeping things a secret, Renier is faced with the choice of either divorcing her cheating husband, or sealing Veldemer back into a statue.

Associated Names
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Wish upon a husband
두 집 살림을 하는 중입니다만
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Aug 26, 2021
Status: c8
This story is odd. Some of the plot is a bit unclear at this point and I'm not sure if that's just due to the author's writing style or it's just not well written all around. It's a different enough story I'm still willing to tag along a bit longer to see what's going on, but so far it doesn't look super promising.

I don't feel like I've read enough to rate it at this point, but the overall plot has a few different things on the go:

    • first go round FL wishes the husband will love her even if he dies; he dies shortly after and becomes a zombie who still loves her; the family locks her up with him and she dies
    • second go round she's mid wish so she ends up wishing the statue will be her husband because she has very little time to get her wish out
    • she made a wish at the statue with a gem she stole from her husband's mistress (girlfriend?) ; when chatting with her maid after they comment it's odd the mistress hasn't made a fuss that the gem is missing [they speculate maybe her wish is already made]
    • maid investigates mistress and learns her tales about her family being in debt seem to be bogus [wish? scheme?]
    • statue is a cursed wizard (magician?) that anyone with any magic skills has heard of, but no one knows where he went
    • statue-wizard has a familiar that is rather stuck up, but seems to look after everything for him
    • FL hides statue-wizard in a house that's owned by her family which is rumoured to be haunted
    • statue-wizard tells her there's a lab in the bas**ent that's hidden with magic; he undoes the magic so she goes to check out the lab (and is not happy)
    • upon a future visit to the not-haunted house she catches some dude scaling the fence - turns out to be the one who setup the lab; she tells him she'll let him stay if he can make sure the house continues to appear haunted (he tells her about statue-wizard's fame)
    • statue-wizard has told FL she is not allowed to touch him (even though he's her husband)
    • statue-wizard needs to grant 99 wishes to get out of his curse, he is currently stalled at the 50-51 mark (he became human again, but FL's wish has not been granted)
    • FL tries to divorce her original husband, but he says no
    • original husband wants to send mistress away so she'll be safe, but she says no

OK, now that I've listed all of that (possibly somewhat out of order) maybe I am safe to rate it at this point after all? It's a messy plot, but maybe it'll clean up a bit with a few more chapters. At this point I'd probably give it a 3, but I'll hold off on rating until I've read at least a few more chapters.

Edit: read chapters 7 and 8 as of Sep 12

Still a bunch of crazy sh*t going on with disjointed writing. Now we've got:

  • they got fake married
  • there wasn't supposed to be a kiss, but the fake priest suggested it
  • wizard-statue agreed (and discovered that even though he doesn't like touching people, he likes touching her)
  • he can only use his magic when he kisses her so they have to experiment with that (for someone who doesn't like touching people, he sure likes licking the inside of her mouth)
  • experiments show that he can only use his magic during the kiss - so he has to try several more experiments (we can all see where this will end up going...)
  • someone is trying to blackmail her and she just agrees to the amount [blackmail irks me - personal dislike], but then she turns out to be smarter than it appeared and bribes someone to cart her blackmailer off to work on a tradeship (conveniently about to go on a long journey)
  • oh and the original husband's mistress goes to wish on the statue, but there is nothing there

Given this is still a weird mess, I'd peg it at a solid 3. I think it's supposed to be funny, but it's just odd. That one irksome thing has me less inclined to keep going on this so I'm not sure I'll be giving this too many more chapters.
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