I Am Just a Pebble! ~The Healing Golem and Monster User~


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The Moment I woke up, I noticed that my body turned into a pebble.

One day, when I was lamenting about why I ended up like this, A pretty golem with a body that looks like a doll came by.

“I” then unexpectedly merged with that golems body.

From that moment, I didn’t expect that it will be the beginning of all encounters and a great adventure!!

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watashi wa 〈 moto 〉 koishidegozaimasu ! 〜 iyashikei gōremu to mamonozukai 〜
私は〈元〉小石でございます! 〜癒し系ゴーレムと魔物使い〜
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ValorPhoenix rated it
July 12, 2018
Status: c140
This has some serious problems in later chapters, so keep low expectations. It's an okay story up until they go to the capital.

The adventuring part of the story is rushed and messed up. The girls will be powered up quickly, become famous quickly and then become casual adventurers. I'll provide a parody example to limit spoilers: "I know you girls just got back from subjugating a dragon, but that didn't count as a guild quest. Since you're still newbies, you'll need to have some random dude that just showed up... more>> assigned to your team for this goblin subjugation, even though everyone knows you're way stronger than your rank."

The major problem can't be pointed out without spoilers since it's a major plot development:

Iris gets a human form and then rapidly devolves into damsel in distress. This includes a 3-5 chapter stretch of her being publicly sexually assaulted, then a bit later in the story suddenly everyone wants her to get a boyfriend and get married. She also stops developing her combat ability and switches to a more passive support healer role.

If all of this makes anyone think she evolves from a golem into a girl and thus became weaker, ha, nope. She actually evolved from a healing golem to a holy knight type battle golem. The only explanation for the plot derailment is that the author introduced two male characters and wanted them to repeatedly save Iris because now she's a girl.

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Carmeops rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: c120
really hope someone take up this translation, I continued reading the raw using google translate, but after some time, they include a companion in the team that speak in broken sentences, and google translate cannot handle that, at all... I just couldn't continue reading when 1/4th of the dialogues are unreadable, gotta hope someone start translating

it's a cute power leveling story with two young twin sisters being young adventurers and the MC golem who tag along and play the role of the (slightly pervy) big sister helping them and protecting... more>> them and washing their back in the bathroom while checking their growth, etc...

plot include: sealed demon king's 4 great subordinate being unsealed one after another and someone involving the girls in their plan to create negative emotion energy to unseal the demon king, and the golem stalling them until the S ranks mom and dad of the twins come for reinforcement and crush the bad guys but that's from time to time, the main plot is still the daily life of the two becoming independent adventurers and living on their own <<less
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