I am Destined to Die


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Top: Sang Heo (Simeon), 23 years old, S-class hunter and head of the guild ‘Apostle’, looking for Johan, whom he had a crush on in the past.

Bottom: Hajae Shin (Johan), 26 years old, has an immortal body due to a curse but has only one year to live. He hides his identity as Johan from Simeon.


‘Those who receive this curse will die in 10 years.’

I inherited . I’m destined to die on a certain day, and no matter what I do until then, I cannot die.

Hajae Shin becomes terminally ill after inheriting a curse from his mother. A curse that will be passed on to the person you love the most in life once you die.

“I thought you disliked me. So I thought you were avoiding me.”

“I don’t… dislike you.”


After Hajae starts volunteering at the cathedral’s orphanage, he is drawn to Sang Heo, and the two gradually become closer.

But unwilling to pass the curse onto Sang, Hajae leaves his side…

“Don’t leave me, hyung. Don’t throw me away.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere.”

I’m sorry.

Hajae and Sang reunite again seven years later. The child Hajae met at the orphanage had grown up and become ‘Simeon,’ an S-class hunter and leader of the ‘Apostles’ guild

“Why are you so nervous? Are you scared? You’re worried I’ll do something bad?”

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반드시 죽어야 할 운명
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hikari1189 rated it
July 25, 2023
Status: c96
What a heart wrenching story. Almost every chapter that I've read so far make me feel depressed and sad.

... more>>

Especially the ML's reason why he build his guild and only searching for cursed items. That's because he wants to go back to the past to 'erase' the root of his misfortune, including his sad meeting with MC.

When MC know his reason, though he feel bitter and sad, he secretly agree and determined to help ML so he can die alone in peace knowing that his curse won't be transferred to ML


This story almost doesn't have any comedic nor heartwarming scene, so prepare your heart for serious (and sometimes depressed) plot. Occasionally, there's a slight romance scenes but still in safe zones...I think 🤭❤️ <<less
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aelin_0 rated it
April 2, 2023
Status: c10
I know that it's really too early for a review, but I am doing it anyway. I wasn't thinking of reviewing, so I have already rated it

I am guessing this will be heavy in angst: (slight spoiler!)

... more>>

The main characters are both cursed in a way, that makes loving someone impossible.


There is a notable age difference, but I don't know how much it is. The main story plays when there are both adults and nothing (intimate) happened when the male lead was underage.

The translation is good (their name might be misleading, but it is not broken English)


(attempted) su*cides <<less
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Kinnooo rated it
March 25, 2024
Status: c68
It's really good and it made me cry a bunch of times. Tbh I had to stop reading from time to time because it's too much sometimes but it's written so well that you just have to continue reading. I hope it gets picked up in the future.
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Mieru mieru
Mieru mieru rated it
March 25, 2024
Status: c68
I read the translation until chapter 68 in 3 hours, continuously. It was beautiful.... really..... now I'm going crazy because it's dropped.


In case you want to know more about the story here it is -

... more>>

ok so mc's mom was cursed to die in 10 years and the curse would pass on, after her death, to the one she loves the most. MC ends up getting cursed because his mother loved him the most. I think he was about 17 when got cursed so he's got 10 years left to live. And he decides that no matter what he wouldn't fall in love because his beloved would be cursed because of him.

MC meets ML at an orphanage and he soon becomes attached to him. No romantic stuff happened when they were young. Even if they had feelings they never really showed. MC soon realised that he was falling in love with ML so he leaves him. But then he gets into an accident that leads him disfigured and mangled to the brink of death. Now his curse will make him live for 10 years since it's activation so no matter what for 10 years he will have an immortal body and won't die.

So when he heals, his facial features change a lot. And he starts a new life.

Years later (one year before mc's inevitable death) - On the other hand the ML is distraught and he somehow build a guild. And then he meets MC but can't recognise him because he's looks different now. So he doesn't know the one he loves and thinks is dead is right infront of him.

Now both are suffering - one is unable to forget the light of his life and the other who feels remorse and pain for hiding his identity and unable to reveal himself because of his imminent death that'll again hurt his beloved.

They somehow reach a consensus to find some spirit or relic that can erase memories because ML suffers from hallucinations of the MC and wants erase him from his life. On the other hand, MC wants to help ML because he feels guilty and he thinks that wiping his own memories too will make his death that's coming become more easier to accept.

So yeah.... enjoy

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Lostfiry_86 rated it
February 18, 2024
Status: Completed
This was really a good ride... my eyes are still wet, this is one of the best novel I have ever read im really sad that the transition isn't completed so I will just wait for more

Uh this story brouth me to tears many times, each chapter was really intresting and I didn't even realized I read all the translated chapters only in 2 hours

I just want to recommend this novel to whoever that I know

Edit: im done reading the raw it worth my time even waiting everyday in ridi... more>> book to unlock chapters and im satisfied

but well im here for those who wanna know


its a happy ending truly if it wasn't I would've die from depression so yeah


I loved all the charecter but I guess I miss some parts because I read by translator but still this novel is my favouriteㅠㅠ

The plot Was amazing I debute I can find something like this again

MC was like what a real human is like

he feel so real and make the reader understand his mistakes, his fear and his happyness

everything was in place

Im so happy its got picked up!!ㅠㅠ <<less
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