I Am an Evil Sword


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I can’t help it, I feel like a magic sword, I can’t be emotional! My only hobby is killing people who cut me down, want to be my old man, and I can’t wash my hands before going to the toilet!

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I Am a Magic Sword
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18 Reviews

Mar 12, 2021
Status: c83
My score: 2.8

I am unwilling to say this, but I would not recommend reading this in its current state. Why? Well look no further than the first chapter, it is borderline edited MTL. I lament at the fact on how this story has been butchered by its translation team. I wish they read this review so they can make the necessary changes and output readable chapters to the general public. Other than that though, this story is amazing! I enjoy the character of the MC and how he deals with... more>> his swordmasters. I love seeing the progression in this story. If only the translation quality was at least average then, I would be happy to give this story a 4.2. <<less
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Oct 02, 2020
Status: c3
Fun story but barely readable, here is an example:

"He clearly remembered that a hole had just broken in the blade of this failed product, but now the hole had disappeared!

Could this sword be able to repair itself automatically?

Didn’t this sword a failure?"
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Apr 13, 2021
Status: c17
I had to stop as my eyes wanted to be dysfunctional after reading these sh*t translators do a sh*t job, I will say that the idea of a sword MC isn't new but an interesting one nonetheless. It was a horrible read, these translators need to be switched out for better ones that aren't as incompetent as the one now, The way the character's talk to each other are about as bland as it can get, words in sentences that make it sound like a pre school kid describing whatever... more>> he sees in a sentence. There aren't any other problems that I could find as I just stopped when it was already to much to read. <<less
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Jul 30, 2020
Status: c791
A 5* to balance the ratings out.

A rare kind of novel where the MC is a bystander to everything that is going on around him.

He's a magical (read:demonic) sword and he can increase his rank as a weapon (basically, cultivate) through killing and consuming precious materials.

... more>> It's interesting because the sword masters change quite often and every one of them has a unique outlook and they go through interesting journeys to discover themselves and achieve their goals.

The MC mostly serves as a "golden finger" for them, he's a like a cheat item that let's them get good things and cultivate fast with no (almost) side effects.

Some are good and some are evil, quite a few are pretty smart, not just bloodthirsty dumbasses like a lot of protagonists


the way Qin Yan schemed a whole kingdom to go to war was simply brilliant


There's a lot of tragedy though. His owners die one after another and, because the characters are well-written, it feels sad.

The main character himself has a rather evil personality, he likes to see his owners struggle and suffer and it can lead to rather hilarious situations.

Also, he isn't humanoid nor does he become independent.

It's also interesting to see countries and forces moving in the background <<less
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Sep 26, 2020
Status: c700
What a gem of a story, avoid spoilers, because this is a Xianxia with NO PLOT ARMOR!

Now we all love our MC genius that always wins and survives all nonsense right? Well here the guy that turn into a sword it isn't the MC at all he is just the evil grampa that helps the MC, in fact the sword is a very patetic human that got mu*der in the first 5 seconds of being in the xianixa world.

The good thing about this novel is the sword have to pick... more>> a new master everytime he previous die and so we have a collection of MC and most of them is 100% more likebaly than the sword MC ever was. And thats the best part of this novel there will be MC you will fall in love a supreme badass but he have no plot armor and you will have to see someone you grow to like die.

Give a try some masters of the sword have great storys. <<less
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Sep 13, 2020
Status: c870
I love it but it makes my heart feels old every journey feels like a myth, out of all the legends and stories Ye Qingyan and Zhou Lihua especially Ye Qingyang is my favorite character. I had known she’ll die because of that curse eventually but when the time came my heart wasn’t ready. My heart wasn’t ready 😢 😭 💔 especially when rumors mentioning of her accomplishments and deed after her death. When I had first pick up the novel I did say in my heart not to get... more>> attached to a certain character but eh... I still got caught. After her arch is done I wanted to stop except I’m always curious whose going to be the next sword master. Great character writing and flaws none of them is perfect those flaws are there downfall. <<less
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Jul 08, 2020
Status: c169
Man gets reincarnated with a system. Doesn't have a useful identity so he's stuck on the street begging for food, gets hoodwinked with two buns by a weapon refiner who's gotten it into his head to make sword spirits by throwing a person into the furnace, and his strongest human system goes welp and reconfigures itself as a strongest sword system... which specializes in anti-killing the sword's owners, presumably drawing on his grudges against the first one.

Really good so far, should read through at least chapter 33 when he finally... more>> gets a user he likes instead of one he wants to kill off ASAP over revenge or because they aren't actually using him (and thus not letting him cultivate).

He does get both male and female wielders over time, with the current wielder acting as the main perspective character during their tenure. <<less
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May 21, 2021
Status: Completed
At the start of the story, our MC reincarnated from earth in this magical world of cultivation. Though, he didn't get his system or any golden fingers as he expected, so he became a beggar to stay alive.

However, this changed when a passionate blacksmith was trying to find suitable human sacrifices to make a powerful sword, and chose our MC. As our MC was being sacrificed, in his despair he discovers it's not that he didn't have any golden fingers, it just arrived late. So, then with the assistance of... more>> his system he becomes the sword spirit of this newly born demon sword. And because of the previous situation and his resentment, he needs to kill other living beings to grow.


As the blacksmith becomes his first master he quickly kills him (because of his resentment towards him) and sets high standards for next ones.


Initially, he was a s*upid sword that just wanted to vent his fustration. However, as he experiences more sword masters and pros and cons of a sword spirit, he quickly matures and becomes an indifferent sword spirit that he should be, whose only goal is to evolve and become stronger. He makes Many vows, breaks some, and creates some new ones.

In the journey of our MC, we also see the different situations of many different sword masters and their different choices based on their experience. Basically, they are all side characters that have protagonist-like experiences, just their ending wasn't like them.

My opinion:- Definitely recommended, it's a nice change of pace to have a sword as a Main Character. Especially if it's an evil one. <<less
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Oct 20, 2020
Status: c933
I have a weakness for main characters that aren't human and don't try to or can't become human. I have an even greater weakness for last stands of which this novel has many due to the nature of the main character being a mu*derous sword that can drive his owner to death. I also find the idea of a MC that isn't the main driver of the plot due to his being a sword reliant on his owner to do anything to be very refreshing, each owner that manages to... more>> keep the sword for longer than a few paragraphs has their own motivations and personality. The way the sword slowly ends up corrupting his owners due to the powers he has or from him manipulating them while they're vulnerable is great. The intrigue as people scheme to seize the main character for themselves is quite interesting to see as well. I generally hate system novels but the general traps of this trope isn't as impactful due to the main character being reliant on other people.


Later on the sword has an owner he manipulates into believing in a dream of ridding the world of villains that ab*se mortals. A task that is near impossible in a xianxia world where immortals can kill people with little to no repercussions. His sense of morality has him act in ways contrary to the world's common sense such as sparing everyone aside from the perpetrators resulting in huge swathes of people growing and desiring revenge. A main character that tries to adhere to an impossible ideal with all the struggles and suffering it causes him is one of my most favored tropes.


This novel panders to my taste so much that I can ignore the flaws this novel has, the only thing that really sticks out to my mind is that I feel the main owners stay for a bit too long. I liked all of them in different ways but as the chapters progress I eventually get tired of them. The translation is quite bad though. <<less
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May 13, 2021
Status: c51
I really like this story, to the point I read to the latest MTL chapter, too bad it was dropped.

I pray the author may continue the story, no matter how small the probability.

The earliest beginning isn't too interesting, the fun only starts when he gets a long-term wielder. And those short-term wielders don't take much of this stories' time, the real development happens when he gets wielders for longer periods of time. You watch them develop and grow in power and at the end they die a violent death, causing... more>> all kinds of ripples in the town/region/nation/continent, changing many things, their epos feared and/or admired for times to come. <<less
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Jan 13, 2021
Status: c56

This is a really good novel. It follows a guy who transmigrates and gets an OP system but is killed and turned into a sword within a few minutes of his transmigration. Thus, he becomes a sword that evolves when he kills people.

At first, it was decent. He gets smelted into a sword, the sword forger takes him and goes to kill people to upgrade him. That forger gets killed, and he gets passed around a bit before an executioner called Fu Yuanming picks him up. This is where it starts to get really good. This is the first real arc with an owner. Fu Yuanming is a protagonist all by himself, he just wants to work and make a living, have his wife and child prosper... except. Things happen one after another, and... yea. I completely admire him, but you're going to have to read the story to actually find out what happens lol.

I was a bit hesitant to read this because of the rating, and I'm not really familiar with this formula of a person turned into an object. Well, I am, but the ones that I have read are all sort of boring slice of life sort of things, not really my type of novel. This is a fully fledged actual story. And it's really freaking good. No clue why people are rating it 1star, or even 4 star. It's a high quality story, it has good translation, a really good translating speed, yea. Don't be deterred by the mediocre rating.

aaaah I would completely mtl it if not for its translation speed lol. It's quite good.

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Dec 31, 2022
Status: c1073
The biggest problem is the translation linked here. It is absolute garbage, and should be avoided at all costs to save your eyes. However, if you Google it you can find a mostly readable version which I recommend. That version has some problems too (inconsistent translation of some terms, like 8+ for xiantian realm and some incorrect pronouns) but overall it's readable.

With that out of the way, this would potentially be five stars if it wasn't dropped. The MC is the nice kind of true demonic sword. He doesn't much... more>> care what the sword masters choose to do as long as it involves killing people, and even has a ruthless paladin type as one master.

It's basically a series of xianxia stories without plot armor that are linked together. The lack of plot armor makes most of them tragedies, but it still manages to get you attached and care about all of them (except for the ones that last less than 30 chapters of course).

If that sounds appealing to you then I highly recommend Googling it to find the readable translation, you probably won't regret it. <<less
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Sep 20, 2021
Status: c43
Oh my god the translation for this novel is awful. It doesn't help that the author decides that the main character needs to be super annoying and have super-bland conversations with every side character he meets. Honestly it's getting to the point where I wish the main character didn't get the ability to communicate. The novel was so much better then.

Overall, really poor novel. Premise is okay, rapidly starts losing momentum once the main character gets the ability to communicate.
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Apr 10, 2021
Status: c95
This story is... a mixed bag.

The premise is very interesting, a nice twist, the world building is great, but it haves many flaws.

Mainly, well... the premise isn't enough to hold together a whole novel...

... more>> The justifications and characterizations are all there, it's fine if you're used to Wuxia, Xuanhuan, but the elements that should make this novel unique... are just a roundabout way to turn everything into a tragedy.

It suffers from the same problems most of this stories have, I have always disliked the "system" on Chinese novels because it's just an excuse to drag the characters wailing and kicking trough the plot, in here... well, quite frankly, the "system" is unimportant, because the one that acts as a "system" really is the MC.

What is this story about?, a cursed sword that kills whoever wields it.

If the sword likes you, you'll live long enough to find your own destruction.

If the sword dislikes you, you'll probably (definitely) die in 5 days.

You could probably call this sword a "Legend Maker" because that's all it does... it's a story about greed and self destruction.

The mechanics are specifically tailored to make the wielder end in an unfavorable position, so you know from the start that the wielder will die.

How and why is what makes the whole novel interesting.

It's just that I've read better stories about self destruction, the inclusion of an ego in the sword who is supposed to be the MC makes the MC a side character, and the comedy relief.

Don't get me wrong, this doesn't substract from the stories it tells in itself, It's just that... the MC has no direction or purpose outside of "I'm a sword... so let's become the best sword"... which quite frankly feels like a band aid trying to hold a glass sculpture together after someone dropped it.

I don't think it's enough to hold the whole novel together... but at least the fight scenes, characterizations and world building are good enough. <<less
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Feb 20, 2021
Status: c72
The story is not bad. Its kinda the opposite of that other story with the sword MC. This guy is evil, callous, and vain. Not human and doesnt act like it. It has the typical ciancia tropes but the MC, being a literal sword is basically just an observer.

Unfortunately the translation quality is horrible. I believe its MTL with some syntax editing, or someone who doesnt know very much english.
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Jan 18, 2021
Status: c800
Okay overall this novel is good timepass. Characters are well written and reasonable decision making characters except for one, yes you guessed it right it's MC (sword spirit), most unreasonable character until now I am not able to understand this character,

he himself will make strange oaths and rules then break them for unknown reasons when you Guess MC should help sword master he won't but make fun of them its kinda annoying I mean someone is trying to do their best in life to achieve power not like... more>> you a sardine fish who is always sleeping.

Second he is like a lumberjack who is cutting the brach on which he is sitting, he has become a cheat grandpa but he isn't accepting it but always kill all sword master (even good ones) with doom burst skill but he needs strong masters to upgrade to new level because in a world ruled by chinese people power = more resources

So in my opinion while reading this novel you will feel it that MC is a idiot, self destructive and author is an as*hole a total a**hole, he will make you attach to a character but then kill it like playing with your feelings. <<less
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My name is JJ
My name is J
Oct 01, 2020
Status: c29
This story is interesting, to say the least. It gives us a different approach to what we're used to. Transmigrator arrives, gets a power-up or treasure with an ancient being of the author's choice, and sets himself on the path to greatness.

... more>>

Here, with the protagonist dead at the beginning of the first chapter, we watch the lives of the sword owners who go from renowned masters to random gang grunts. While the protagonist is the sword soul, his only skills capable of really influencing his host are sharing impurities while powering them up, making them feel like its fit to them, and finally, making them so unlucky their deaths come.

His mental development is good and noticeable. Going from an idiot on a sword to a somewhat experient sword spirit in the span of some chapters (which tend to be somewhat short).


The translation has good quality overall and the site has interesting approaches.

It has a cultivation system that is a bit unusual but the logic seems the same. <<less
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Jan 22, 2022
Status: c52
It's okay to pass the time with, but the pattern becomes obvious pretty quickly and the story isn't especially exciting or funny.

The MC (who was turned into a sword) gets stronger two ways: by being used to kill people and by having his sword master die. So far, there's been no sign of a longer plot or characters who will last longer than one sword master's untimely demise.

All in all, I'd rather spend my time reading something else.
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