I am a Straight Guy Working in A Gay Bar


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I’m a straight guy working in a gay bar. One day, I encountered a shameless gay man.

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8 Reviews

Sep 20, 2022
Status: --
I'm sure straight people can't be bent, you can't force it. They can turn out to be bis*xual if they were willing to be in a relationship and genuinely be interested in aside from just money (this is different), or a closeted gay who they themselves don't know until they have a family. This novel is more about a person shaped by a conservative society to think he is straight because straight is normal, anything else is not the norm. If he didn't want to see him, he could say... more>> goodbye, ignore him, he just didn't do it, he needs money but not desperately. If he is desperate for money he could have done it in a heartbeat and still don't question his sexuality. Although this is more in line with web novel, chance encounter, pursuing, push and pull because if you don't have a aggressive ml, this plot won't move and you'll get a MC who keeps saying he is straight etc. It's all to move plot so nothing to take seriously and him being straight is use as a joke/comedy since he keeps digging his own pit.

Because for sure he is straight, straight as a circle. He seems so insecure with his gender that he keeps reaffirming he is straight like Chase Wood and that kind of makes me awkward with him than the ml. <<less
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Sep 10, 2022
Status: C1

Here, the MC just happened to work in their bar because in his words 'I'm too f*cking broke'. He has tried several times to work in other opprtunities but other ones are fully employed and he's just a tired dude who happened to be interested in bartendering and didn't want to work in a low-paying part-time job while life's difficult in a big city. The desperation he felt in the first part of the story humbled me, and I don't like how the author portrayed his struggle to make a living and turned it into a cutesy and dense 'bending phase'.


This novel is very realistic example of why the LGBTQ circle is famous with the stereotype of grooming or forcibly bending people whose appearance matched their taste. They called it 'showing the way to dense people', though.

If the ML turned out to be a rich, older guy... Well, iykyk.
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Apr 09, 2023
Status: Completed
I really couldn’t stand the 3.2 rating and had to write up a review. It baffles me how the novels that end up even disgusting me can have a rating of 4+, yet an enjoyable short light read can have such bad rating.*sigh*

First of all, the review by darkelf01, I respect that everyone has their own preferences but it still baffles me to this day how people can criticise anything by not even going 5 chapters in for such a short novel, i’m not even saying go halfway through it-but... more>> if you just read the first few chapters you’ll know the thing that you claim to hate don’t even exist in the novel.

They have disparaged the whole novel just by assuming its a novel about some materalistic guy who was bent while he was struggling in a bar... sure, the first chapter gives you such feel but if you had read ahead-you’d have known that 1st-it was the MC’s last day working into the bar, so his “struggle to make a living” wasn’t turned into a “bending phase” plus if you read ahead and also as mentioned by LeniSnow it wasn’t really a bending story, MC was in denial and confused about his sexuality from the very start and I don’t blame him, even if in other countries it is accepted easily, In Asia it is still looked down upon very badly, so living in such society he lived believing he was straight and didn’t want to admit it!Its something you see in a lot of Danmei already-MCs refusing to believe that they are bent.

About the money part too, as LeniSnow has mentioned it if he was really after money, he would have slept with the ML in a heartbeat but he still persisted in giving it back and later it was just used as a Comedic Relief. He was attracted to ML even before and without all the money deal, it was just used to reel in and provoke the adorable idiot of an MC. Its already so obvious as you read ahead!

Tbh this novel was hilarious, its meant to be a light read so why even make a big fuss about such things in the first place? Plus, even if it was hilarious, the fluff was too cute and I had my heart moved a lot of times-Major Spoiler ahead


When the ML went after the MC all the way to his hometown and confessed to him and when it was revealed that he has been in love with him for a long time really melted my heart. To think that all the marks on ML’s body was related to MC-wrist scar given by MC in elementary school, eyelid scar given by MC the night he left highschool and the tatoo on ML’s body was also about his love with the MC.


MC and ML’s relationship when they get together is too cuteee!!! MC is expressive about his love through actions and taking the initiative while ML is so pampering, whispering sweet nothings and being hopelessly in love with MC! He’s super whipped! His line right at the end is perfect!

I really recommend you all to give this novel a read and judge for yourself-i swear the ratings on NU are becoming more and more unbelievable each passing day.

This novel might not be anything groundbreaking or brilliant but I enjoyed it nonetheless and seeing it having such a bad rating, I had to give it the 5-stars and write this review as a thanks to the Author for writing this and the Translator for bringing this cute enjoyable short read to us! <<less
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Sep 10, 2022
Status: c1
Only read the first chapter, but seems like the rest will be very funny as well~
I wanted to mtl it, but!! First of all, I wasn’t really sure if what I found was complete, and also, the translation is much more comfortable to read (thank you translator!!) so I’ll just wait for future chapters _ (:з」∠) _

I‘m looking forward to more! Maybe I’ll just wait until everything is translated and read everything in one go~
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Apr 14, 2023
Status: Completed
I usually never write reviews, but the low ratings on this baffle me? I feel like people just read the first chapter and immediately misjudged it... to that one reviewer claiming grooming, you clearly need to open a dictionary or go outside for a bit. Both characters are the same age (5 months apart), adults, and yes ... more>>

the ML has one-sidedly liked the MC since he was 16, and so when he met him again years later he made his move not wanting to let it pass again but if you call that grooming?? Does every chara who pine and yearn for the other for years is automatically grooming? God help me the reading comprehension skills of some


The ML is probably misjudged as the typical rich CEO guy but plz dont let it fool you, he’s much more than that. He’s really sweet and caring towards the MC, so many things he did or said had me melting.

As for the MC, he kept claiming he was straight and was afraid of being “bent” but anyone with common sense knows sexuality does not work like that, which his friend reminds him of. He was very Very deep into the closet. Which is not anormal when you take into account the context which is China, where homosexuality is still considered badly. From the get-go you if you read between the lines you understand the MC was charmed by the ML when they meet at the bar, and he also wasn’t after the ML’s money- I think

he used it as an excuse to keep seeing the ML and keep making out, unconsciously- he enjoyed every thing they did but was soooo deep in denial about his sexuality for the longest time


TLDR: ANYWAY plz give this novel a chance, don’t mind the low ratings- the characters are fun, sweet towards each other and keep in mind most of the novel is from the MC’s POV but when you get to the ML’s (tho there are hints dropped along the way) *clenches heart* <<less
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Jan 29, 2024
Status: Completed
It's actually quite good...?

I picked this up because I was looking for a story with a straight uke as MC, but the mixed and interesting reviews intrigued me so here I am lol...

First off, I liked the writing style of the author overall (I checked their other works too and it's pretty consistent so ++ points). Don't mind the title because the plot execution is not set on a gay bar all throughout. It's more like it's the place that catapulted the story progression, not really the premise setting. The... more>> general outline of the story is: muddleheaded bartender (MC) and opportunistic customer (ML) met in the bar, MC will 'use his body' to earn the money he received from ML, while trying to maintain and protect his innocence as a 'straight' man.

The contents is actually pretty entertaining, although you will roll your eyes sometimes. Gotta love giggling at MC's stubborn and idealistic views about his sexuality, like a maiden guarding her chastity. When it comes to his personality, he reminds me of my past naive and close-minded self who refused to entertain R-18 stuffs (I used to abhor reading s*x scenes -- skips all of those in any form of media cuz it's "bad"), much less read BL stories because it's "eww". Until I watched MDZS anime, got s**ked in to the original novel because the anime is not finished yet (I was like "this is actually boy's love?! -*shocked pikachu face*), and boom! I later realized that love is not confined to M x F pairing only. Love is beautiful in any form as long as it's genuine. It just so happen that reading love stories between two hot men are more appealing than the hetero one that's why I've become rotten lmao (two is better than one -- no, I'm not fond of harems lol). In a way, this has also helped me in dealing with people belonging to the minority in real life (yeah, I used to have strict views about homosexuality and tolerance towards others due to religion influences). So, according to my past self's moral standard, I've now become an open sinner because I'm not condemning them but instead indulging with stories with one lmao~~

But to be honest, rather than being religious and upright but judgemental, I'd like others to view me as open-minded and respectful towards others.

I know the comparison is not really on the same level but the root is the same: rigid perception and refusal to engage due to preconceived bias, and fear of getting judged

Anyways, I digress.

To the points about the state of being "bent" the people are arguing about in the reviews here, personally, I think it's very simple:

(I'll hide it cuz it's too long already)

If you were/are attracted to the opposite s*x (be it crush or a budding puppy love) OR thought of raising children when you were young despite not having a specific partner in mind, you are considered straight. Subconsciously, without anyone's prompting, it's to the opposite s*x by default.

Now, can this be changed? The answer is "yes". So are you considered "gay" now afterwards? No. You're most likely has just become "bi".

I mean, the MC's view about getting "bent" and no longer be able to like women at all is a little funny to me. Like you can't control attraction. If you were attracted to girls before, that's a "fact". You will experience the same about them unless something is binding you to not dwell on it much into turning it a full-blown love. Think back on your past history and trust that what you've felt in that very moment is genuine and true because no outside factor was involved in it to influence it to brand it as "false". It's your true thoughts and feelings (much like if you liked a novel after reading it, trust that you really "liked" it even if you happen to read unfavorable comments or reviews roasting it afterwards. Don't pay other people's opinion much into influencing you and think that you're wrong. Liking something despite all the flaws is subjective after all. Same is true if you didn't like something).

Humans are very superficial. Even if you say that you value the "inside" (personality, morals, etc.) more than the "outside" (outward appearance), we like good-looking things in general. Attraction stems to that. It's what we first notice on someone.

And yeah, getting bent is something you can't control and decide for yourself as simply as not eating this or that. Even if you chant it 24/7 i. your head, telling other people you come across "I'm straight", what's the use of it? You can't deceive yourself because there's feelings involved before you brand yourself as one --- and you have no control over it. You can only 'prevent' it by getting less exposure to things that triggers it.

And goodluck to that.

Also, there's no such thing as "born gay". Upbringing, maturity, and environment exposure plays a big part on this. You are "straight" by default. Some are sexually inactive/passive, some are not. You can't just defy human biology. Any thing you do later in life as you gain experience and exposure decides what you become --- with your consent. That's the fairness of life.

Anyways, don't be hard on yourself (if you are gay or a troubled/confused suspected budding one or whatever). I think fear of getting bent should only hover over the 100% possibility of the uncertainty and rough road you have to cross compared to the hetero ones --- which is perfectly understandable. It really needs great consideration before succumbing to it. And I think other people shouldn't be harsh on others about this too because s*xual orientation is not any one's business. It's a personal choice; much like if a couple decides to have a child or not.

... Thanks for coming to my TED Talk lmao

But seriously, the story is quite good. I was worried for the MC at first because I thought the ML was a playboy scumbag but I was soooo glad he's not. You will find yourself puzzled and curious what's motivating him to cling to the MC from the start, so I suggest you read it to the end.

I thought of giving this a 4 star rating at first but since I didn't have great expectation for this one (it's short and supposed to be read in one sitting or two) and it still managed to get me hooked and entertained, I'll give it 4.5. The translation quality is good as well (although translation quality shouldn't affect the book's overall rating).

So, if you are curious about what we are saying here, hop on and give this novel a try :) <<less
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Apr 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Super cute story. Pretty nice translation as well!

I don't usually like clueless/naive/ignorant MCs and tend to find them annoying, but in this story, he struck me more as intentionally in-denial instead. When he finally realizes it and admits it, he doesn't do it by halves and doesn't look back, so I feel like that made up for the "cluelessness" in earlier parts of the novel that were partially fueled by comedic effect.

Plot / relationship development went along pretty standard paths, nothing that jumped out to me as very original, but... more>> it was a nice sweet read anyway.

Extras were good and fun. <<less
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Apr 22, 2023
Status: --
I think lenisnow has a good perception on this novel. Also, I see why ppl would not like it as well. The ML is aggressive, but to say he needs to be THIS aggressive to get the plot moving against a strongly closeted "straight" man is uh toxic lol. I think that was merely the author's decision to create scenes that they enjoy, so idk if it's morally justifiable tho.

Personally I give it a 2 bc I don't like the way the ML pursued the MC. Although the MC is... more>> mostly GAY and obviously will end up being with the ml, I think it's really deterring to see 3 non consensual kisses in the beginning of the novel. Some ppl don't care and that's fine maybe lol. But for me I just dislike the ML doesn't try to seduce him in any other way then just making his moves on him despite the MC saying no or pushing him away. Doesn't apologize for it. And in fact pursues him with money, worse even by "putting him into 'debt' (the ML threw money at him & wouldn't take it back= debt) and then making him pay him back with kisses=money" which is so weird like.... is the MC dumb (answer: kinda lol) ??? That doesn't make sense. It's not for me. And I think that's VERY FAIR. That's just not a romance I enjoy reading. That's just my 2 cents. <<less
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