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Ye Lingchen was a regular high schooler who struggled with exams and expectations from his parents.

All that changed after he woke up from a strange dream and discovered that he had been granted the ‘Prodigy System’. His life changed from this point on. Reading a book allowed him to learn its content immediately. Listening to lectures granted instant understanding of the lesson. Observation of a technique imprinted knowledge of the technique used.

Learning had never been so easy, and as the saying goes, knowledge is power. In this case, he now had access to a ton of unbridled power.

What does it feel like to become a ‘prodigy’ overnight? Follow Ye Lingchen on this journey to discover the limitless possibilities…

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I Truly Am The God of Learning
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Hxnm rated it
April 24, 2020
Status: --
I'm genuinely tired of people skewing the perception for people considering ln's like these. If you've been reading Chinese light novels for a time, you have read this trope before. Similar to what the guy said, if you've read " I'm really a superstar" or anything else in this genre then you know the premise. This novel does nothing new to incorporate unique ideas. It still has the same paper thin supporting characters, mindless harem, broken abilities, Chinese pride (how they're the best and blah blah blah). You have read... more>> it before.

The problem that accompanies light novels like this is that they end up getting dragged out and become EXTREMELY redundant. The same, " I am a genius", followed by "no you are not" than the MC proceeds to use bs logic to show how intelligent he is. Which really just ends up insulting the intelligence of the audience. Final verdict is: don't read this crap, there are HUNDREDS of other light novels out there that are WAY better written than this. (I'd personally give it zero stars but one is the lowest you can go) <<less
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MakenKreonDean rated it
July 20, 2020
Status: c260
What kind of basement incel is this author, the novel doesn't have any kind of goal at all other than making the MC the brightest out of all the human that exist within the novel and the stereotypical "HEIL CHINA" Or "CHINA NUMBA WAN". First of all it tells about the MC instantly learning martial arts before abandoning the plot for him to become a live streamer, and then a miracle doctor (BS miracle doctor trope) apparently you can cure a virus with acupuncture and then become a gambler.

what is... more>> this incel of an author wants of his MC to be?. Can't he just focus on making his MC stays in 1 plot?, Can't he just make the MC a scholar that uses his knowledge for the betterment of humanity?, Can't he just make the MC a master martial artist with the knowledge to win a war against everything effectively making MC a master general?, Can't he just make the MC a doctor so knowledgeable the MC can cure a god? Of course not, instead this incel of an author wants the MC to put his d*ck to everything his eyes laid upon, that's why this novel is without a clear direction because the basement dwelling author put too much fantasy on what he (the author) wants to be in life but failed and he projects it to his MC so that's why the MC has no clear goal, only to put his d*ck in everything and then dipped away, perfectly describes the author itself, a half-assed discriminatory person who wants to be something in his life but failed and now he put his s*upid fantasy to a novel.

Apparently he discriminates against other nation other than china, this author is acting like if america is the center of the world, it's disgusting because it makes china itself look bad, do you want to visit a nation with people like the author?, do you want to conduct a business with people like the author? Who discriminates other country? Of course not, the real people of china can accept other culture from other nation not discriminates them.

The b*tches in this novel are dumber than a rock because a rock can still win a race. The author itself has a logic of a 12 year old, "hmm let me cure this person who got sick because of a virus with my set of needles" The settings is in modern city not a goddamn cultivation world where b*tches can fly and a rock can turn to a monster and kill you, the author forgets his own settings, if the MC makes a medicine instead of "mah needle" Maybe it'll be somewhat acceptable.

Overall an interesting titled novel who got f*cked over because the author can't stop projecting his fantasies to his characters, a boring story without a clear distinct goal, dumber than a rock characters, "HEIL CHINA" and "CHINA NUMBA WAN" Type of story.

Basically a story about the author himself, a half-assed, discriminatory, non-logical person who failed at everything in life and he fantasize himself becoming everything. <<less
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debigmac rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: c259
so I read this sh*t until chapter 259. Gotta say, if there was a competition on "worst written bullshit" on novel updates, this would be in the top 10. This novel is just oozing of ret*rdic logic, mindless harem, baseless and useless racism and over-nationalism. The only f*cking reason I even bothered reading this novel is because I am a system junkie and had no better novels to read. I liked the idea at the start, I really did. But than the author decided to go "hail china" and started... more>> BS about almost everything in the novel. He has 0 clue about other cultures, racist remarks on other races, ret*rd forced logic and reasoning. He practically says that all japanese should be s*aves. That other cultures are invading china and still are. No knowledge about economics. Reviving dead people to just insult them in the novel. And basically making the chines look like victims while other are aggressors. And lets not forget that he distorts historical facts for further racism. In short, it is poison to the eyes and mind. I became more racist towards chines because of this novel. DONT READ IT. If it was possible I would give it 0 stars. <<less
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GregLikesBooks rated it
April 20, 2020
Status: c124
Edit: If it would let me I'd reduce it to 1 star.

Interesting premise, but unfortunately the author fails rather quickly.

His scenarios make no sense, so far it's mostly a wish fulfillment with face-slapping, nationalism, and the beginnings of a harem.


apparently his 'system' makes him an expert at everything and fills in the gaps even though the knowledge wouldn't even be in the books.

That's why I say it's just wish fulfillment.

Disengage your brain completely if you want to read this book....

    • Even physically, there's a difference between knowing a move and being able to properly execute it... you need to exercise and practice using it slowly to build up your body... but he is 'instant' super-kung-fu guy.
    • Similarly, with medicine, just reading about it and knowing what to do is a far cry from actually practicing it. Memorizing a few dozen medical books would not allow you to perform complex treatments flawlessly right away.... there's still an adjustment period....
    • Reads a book on acting and watches actors and suddenly he's capable of giving super performances? Again, it should still take some adjustment to put the knowledge into action.....

Another one.... that really I find annoying... the author does scenarios he really seems to know nothing about....

The wolf..... with 2 cubs hidden a couple of KILOMETERS AWAY.... there is no way that a she-wolf would leave her cubs to go attack a film crew with half a dozen or a dozen people in it AND fight to the DEATH.... wolves are actually smart.. and they are predators... the only way she would fight to the death is if she was cornered with her cubs.... otherwise she would just hide or run away....

11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yukimizuk rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: c526
Idk where to start.. okay maybe I do. So I read this in an app.. and they put it 4.4 star.. made me wanna read it, but demn my head.. the first thing I notice is that the MC learn many things.. and he apparently doesn't have anything that his good at without his system like wtf?! He kind of like a brainless dude, and you called that normal? And his attitude! He already have a girlfriend yet he still flirt with other girls... second the romance kinda looks force..... more>> I mean everything he did theres gonna be a new people loving him, like wtf?! That's to much.. and the fighting scene.. he like to act cool and that just made him a arrogant jerk. Also stop calling him prodigy okay?! His not! He aint one because he need the system to memorize and do everything perfectly while the real prodigy doesn't do that. Also everyone he meet are just plain arrogant (most of them) and the girls... I really wanna kill them.. and there this one girl that I really wanna torture first.. just because she lost on a game (she was thinking arrogantly what she will do to MC BUT She lost) she thought that MC was cheating like.. ma'am just because you lost doesn't have to be other people cheating there was even someone looking at MC cards while you play and then she cried.. like wth?! Your bringing shame to us woman. Sure you can cry but damn do you really have to be so dramatic?! Can you f*cking die ?! Cause I be gladly to do it.

PS: I'm still reading this cause I wanna see/hope her/she die😂 R.I.P MY HEAD <<less
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VLeeAzn rated it
April 18, 2020
Status: c97
Only a few chapter so far but, miss "I'm really a superstar" ? This is for you then.

Gave me the same vibe reading it, I don't know about future chapters but so far it's good, no romance from MC 91 chapters in too, I'm glad he's not thinking with his lower body because of a system and haven't mentioned countries outside his own really yet.

From what I have gathered they seems to be in an alternative world as the countries bordered his own are obviously fictional; I mean, if we... more>> really read the same novel. I think he's just making up name based on what he sees or eat like "Rice Country".


From chapter 43 ["You think that the world is very peaceful now?" Lin Ao spoke from experience. "Our country's border is stretched far and wide, filled with resources. Who wouldn't be jealous of such abundance? In recent years, Rice Country had continuously played up issues in food, technology, and tariffs. Yet many people are claiming that times are good!"]


Author is definitely a DotA 1 (from WarCraft III) player though.

Update c97: I am so annoyed of these female "beauty" character, I despise rotten and spoiled people the most so I'm removing two stars for this novel. (5 to 3)

Actually, I would like to mention it there again but the author mentions "Sun Country" and in my opinion the sun/yang/fire in Asian novels are mostly linked to a mood or temper which is being harsh/hot-tempered while in western novel it is most associated with love or something holy.

The author probably name those based on what he sees or his culture therefore "Rice country" and "Sun Country" I think are just doing what their name represent for the author's culture just like what Rice Country did (cf previous spoiler).

If you want a spoiler what the Sun Country did :


In the world there are martial arts factions and so the Sun Country naturally has his own, one called "Earth's Gate". Apparently the Leader of this faction fought with Lin's family head and lost; they agreed not to invade the country for ten years, however the years have past so they came again with people now to catch Lin's granddaughter.


This was the author's thought on them :


["Earth's Gate, also known as Earth's Gate Martial Arts Association!

It originated from the Sun Nation. Rumor had it that it was passed on from an ancient faction. Their members learned true martial arts, and it was filled with many capable people. All the while they were growing stronger!

Simply put, they were like the Shaolin Temple of China."]


However in one of the chapter the translator wrote his thought that was :
["太阳国 (Tai Yang Guo/Sun Nation) is the fictional name the author used to represent the country that is most likely based on Japan."]

I find it rather unfortunate for the author that this happened because now japanese lover and some people will use this as an excuse/reason to hate on the novel, or cast it on a negative light with any details (like actively ignoring a novel or shounen is not real life) I had genuinely thought it was worth an average 3 but I will add one star to support it a little (It is all I can do, so 3 stars to 4 stars now). <<less
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zeshan105 rated it
August 16, 2021
Status: c2
Well, The good news is that you dont have to waste too much time analyzing if this novel is sh*t or not. Thankfully the crap in the first chapter is enough for to understand the overall standard of this novel.

So go ahead give the first one or two chapters a shot and decide for your self.
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TrumanBingham rated it
May 4, 2021
Status: c300
Nationalism is more than a little on the heavy side. Japan, US, and Korea are especially targeted. The author is clearly biased and a male. What gave it away?Apparently attempted r*pe is a good way to improve character relationships (thankfully not by or to MC but still tr*sh plot development). Though none of the girls really seem to be smart enough or capable of being anything other than the “fairer” s*x. Wtf man? I wasted my brain on this and regret it but I was too sick until this point.... more>> I advise immediate evading, and hope the poor soul who made this knows that they’re sexist to the point of disgust I have as a female. All independent women would not enjoy reading this. <<less
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Niko1975 rated it
July 5, 2020
Status: c197
Racism... To this word I have very good patience, I can endure some slight occurrences, but to be so direct... Its already testing my limits...

As long its funny and come together with jokes its good, but MC is just purely insulting, not like 'joking' or 'face slapping', its pure insult, as if its not enough, he did revive (not literally, just some people who should be dead is alive in novel) someone who is already dead, and this legend is kneeling before him to learn 'Martial Arts'... (chapter 197)

Really,... more>> its testing my limits... <<less
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heminasti rated it
July 9, 2023
Status: c556
Very mediocre but moderately entertaining story about someone who is publicly good at everything being constantly underestimated long after everyone should know better. Basically a combination of the "genius at everything" and "urban cultivator" type of face slapping novels. Meaning it has the usual virtues and faults of one of those web novels.

The portrayals of animals in particular are very poor. I guess Shark Week was never a big thing in China?

The narrator comes off as a jackass a lot, for example:

... more>>

"To a man, if any problems arose, one just needed to solve it. However, women do not think so. When a problem arose, they would often over-analyze the situation and then generate an infinite number of problems after that. It was likely for them to cry out of the blue over something minor."


The thing that stands out to me quite negatively is the intense nationalism. After a couple hundred chapters it crosses the line of "taking pride in where you're from" into "displaying disdain and loathing for everyone and everything that is not Chinese." Due to that, I felt uncomfortable supporting the author financially. You'll find my other reviews sometimes disagreeing with complaints about nationalism—this one felt like the worst I've seen! <<less
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kenjirou05 rated it
January 19, 2023
Status: c715
I initially liked the start even if the MC is way too op since I like those kinds of MC. But there are a lot of things that put me off.

1. Author seems to be way too racist and portrays koreans and japanese to be all evil people.

2. Story portrays china to be a lawless place that allows physical assault to be common practice even on supposedly high end stores or establishments.

If I ignore the 2 previous issues, the moment the story geared towards the supernatural/monster issue with a hell... more>> gate, I lost all my interest in the novel. Everything else was somewhat bearable that kept me reading but the moment the hell gate story arc began, it made me drop the novel completely. Tried for a few chapters beyond that but ultimately dropped all the same <<less
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Awwen rated it
December 6, 2021
Status: c795
Too much nationalism and China’s pride, it was ok at first but then some things led to another and everything became a mess.

Harem had little to no depth, all of the female want the MC’s attention.

Ending was horribly concluded. Everything went at a moderate pace until the end where all of a sudden MC transforms from a talented martial artist to a ‘saint’.

I would not recommend to anyone unless you want to waste your time. There are plenty of other system related novels that are better than this.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Piknos rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: c26
An exceedingly bad novel, there isn't anything interesting about it. The MC is the same kind of idiot who goes with the flow and has no real goal while somehow being arrogant and haughty while supposedly also humble. He has no quality that puts him apart from the cliche. Literally none. The side characters are all the same as well, beauties, young idiots, old idiots after the young, the childhood crush and fat friend, the whole shebang. If this is your first novel then it might be readable but for... more>> anyone else it's a complete waste of time. There's a lot better novels to read than this. <<less
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Kemori rated it
December 31, 2020
Status: c510
So, let me start off by saying, I get it.

I get why this is being hated on but it doesn't deserve a 1 star.

As for the 'racism' the only remotely racist stuff I read was mostly about the Japanese- I did find it rather amusing how the author constantly shits on Japan (aka "Sun Nation") and constantly saying nonsense about how great China is (The funniest bit was "China is globally known for it's infrastructure" - the only thing that came to my mind was the atrocious state of roads... more>> in China, water not being drinkable from the taps (Chinese buy bottled water) and those news stories of 15 floor apartment buildings falling over a few years ago) but doesn't say a thing about Japan when he guides the MC to attending an anime convention, lol.

The story itself is full of plotholes but doesn't mean the story is incoherent or unreadable. For example, the MC apparently masters psychology and yet seems to never make use of it; let me tell you, if you had an absolute understanding of the human mind, the sky is the limit. Another plot hole is that the author states that the MC can only reach 50-60% of knowledge for physics/biology/etc because most of the knowledge is classified and outside of the public's hands, but then he goes on to

buy a tech company and comes up with a cleaning robot that is 2-3 years more advanced than the rest of the world (how?)


Also there's a LOT of rehashed content, if you've read any of the other stories in this genre then don't bother. That being said, there was an amusing 40-50 chapters from 400-450 that felt unique, it was kinda like the author became a different person (or the just stole from a novel I have yet to read.) I was actually able to tell where most of the stolen stuff was from, mostly "A Valiant Life", some stolen from "I have a mansion another world" / "I found a planet" - some from "I'm really a superstar" - but I digress.

Let's talk about this story and ignore the stolen stuff. The pacing was very quick at the start and continued that way until the 250-300 mark where the author started to spread plots out longer or reuse old content (He reused the basketball thing three times, the first basketball match was around one or two chapter, then the second time it was a round three or four and the last one, well, I skipped the third one and that was like six chapters) I did like the fast pacing and over time as the pacing got slower (and as someone else said began to be dragged out) I found my own interest waning to the point I dropped this at Chapter 510. I was going to stop reading at chapter 500 anyway since there are only 600 translated chapter.

I didn't really like any of the characters and the harem set up didn't really amount to anything, because he ends up only choosing one of the chicks anyway and actually claims that he's gonna be monogamous.

If this is your first Chinese novel, it would easily be a 4 if you ignore all the nationalist bollocks (which you tend to do anyway when reading anything Asian- that's right, Asian, the Japs and Koreans are just as guilty of this crap.)

It's difficult to say I would recommend this; for me it was incredibly mediocre, the crap parts and the amusing parts averaging out and ending up probably around a 2.5 score for me, but the fact I kept reading to 500 chapters, something must've been alright, so it go 3 stars from me.

And my final words are aimed at the people complaining that this is 'more of the same' - if you're a fan of this specific urban fantasy / system in a modern world genre which is niche already, more isn't a bad thing, even if most of it is just copied plot, at least it's something and something is always better than nothing. <<less
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Lawkz rated it
November 9, 2020
Status: c517
Was reading this as a "popcorn" novel, just a dumb novel to waste my time. The annoying problems were slowly pilling up for 500+ chapters.

The straw that broke the camel's back was the MC letting his enemies run away. The excuse he gives is tr*sh and we all know that the author is too lazy to come up with new enemies and wants to reuse these ones.

Even if you are looking for a cheap wish fulfillment power fantasy to read, this one will give you more grief than entertainment.
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Domar rated it
June 23, 2020
Status: c281
For those wondering why this is so similar to "I Truly Am The God of Learning", it's because this is in fact the same novel. No, not plagiarism, same author, they just changed the title for the release on Qidian. Below is my original review for the novel, in case the old page gets deleted for being redundant.

This one is a little strange in my opinion. It started off nice, his system allows him to learn from reading or observing something at a super fast pace, similar to library of... more>> heaven's path. Author falls into same traps of urban fantasy novel tropes though, ambiguous meeting with pretty girl leads to morally lacking moron hounding MC constantly, Japanese people appear and prove to all be ridiculously over the top evil, leading to hamfisted nationalism. Random people doubt and mock MC relentlessly, leading to eventual face smacking, you've seen it all before. Skill effects and the ease of raising their proficiency are all over the place. Novel claims fairly early on that 100% proficiency = top ranked in earth, but walks that back after another 50 chapters or so when he advances his martial skills beyond 100% and can use qi, but it turns out there are other guys who can use it too, so... obviously the 100% wasn't accurate. Sometimes 50%~ proficiency means ridiculously great (like with mathematics), other times it means close to nothing (chemistry). Other strange stuff is within the novel, it's supposed to be set in current day earth, they have the mcu, same anime, etc. But author also seems to want to have IRAS style content as well, but goes about it half-heartedly, he doesn't want the MC to be a plagiarist like Zhang Ye, so MC just casually invents his own stuff. Except, its all real world stuff, like using his literary skill to write Ghost blows out the Light, instead of bringing it over from another world, or pointing out that Zhuge Liang's empty city plan is bullshit, which wows a lot of people. Zhang Ye introducing all this stuff worked because the world he got transferred to didn't already have this content, and the content it does have is at a lower overall quality. In this world though, author randomly has works missing so that MC can invent them, while keeping others. Muhammad Ali is also apparently not only still alive, but a white british man who moved to china after retiring from boxing, who knew? Seriously though, the scenes with him completely reek of author having just heard "Muhammad Ali was a great western boxer" and filling in the other details himself without doing a minute of research. All in all, if you seriously love urban fantasy novels with systems, it's a worthwhile read, if you don't, this won't blow your mind. <<less
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Centrophy rated it
October 18, 2021
Status: c5
Well, picked this up and boy the flaws start right from Chapter 1. First of all, everything is rushed. In the first chapter he gets the system, raises his mathematics proficiency to be better than the teacher, proclaims himself a genius, and shows off. In chapter 2 he just wants money for some reason that's not explained and starts streaming over the next few chapters after learning Chinese Medicine. Personally, I would have gone to a library and "read" every book in there after experimenting with the system but that's... more>> just me and probably anyone else with sense and a brain. Now, I don't need a character to act like me but I do need his actions and motivations to be justified. It doesn't even have to be a good reason. I just need something. The next few chapters are spent dicking around in DOTA. Huh?

Excuse me, author, Where are you going? Who is our protagonist? What are his goals? What are his interests? Does he have a family? What's the situation at home and at school like? Friends? Please, just give me something! He sets up nothing! Nothing! The only thing I learned is that the system allows him to gain easy proficiency just by pantomiming flipping pages in books (he doesn't even have to read them!) which is explained in the summary and that he's the opposite of humble.

He's not just the opposite of humble, he's every antonym of humble. He's arrogant, conceited, egotistic, fastuous, supercilious, smug, boastful, impertinent, etc. Do you get the idea, yet? Apparently it also gets really racist later which I normally just roll my eyes but it sounds like it's even worse than in novels like Returning from the Immortal World and Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator. <<less
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Arborescens rated it
March 8, 2021
Status: --
Writing a review because y not. First of all, we need to agree that this is a fantasy nationalist novel, expect a lot of proud and also OP. Second of all, tb really honest I like the main character attitude (except the harem but that's also genre is included so whatever). He is extremely proud and rude? Tbh I wouldn't count that as a rude remembering this guy is OP jn the first place, ir's like dragon vs ant for him and also, he have 0 social skills from his... more>> past, he doesn't get attention or anything in general.

I actually think that the MC character represent his power, someone with max talent.

For the nationalist part, I just think they're funny and sometimes cool

Plot is straight forward, he never had a dream so, he slowly sees it. <<less
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DogLuck rated it
June 8, 2020
Status: c1
Just from the start it's suspiciously similar to "I Truly Am The God Of Learning". I'll read more to find out if it is the same. The protagonist of both of them is named "Ye Lingchen. They both start with the protagonist being woken by a friend name Fatty Zhang/Zheng Fatty. It'll probably be remarkably similar, but with slight changes to the names. "I Truly Am The God Of Learning" has more chapters just in case you're wondering. According to what 'GregLikesBoo' said, they have pretty much the same plot.
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