I Accidentally Seduced my Brother’s Friend


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She was reincarnated as Sharlina Elosia, the younger sister of the sub-male that blackened and turned into a Villian.
Even if you’re reincarnated in a new family, you’ll be destroyed because the Older Brother turns into a Villian…….

To survive, she must somehow stop her brother’s blackening.
So I was just trying to tame it!

“Aren’t you going to marry me when you become an adult? Too bad. I thought Shana would marry me, so I set up a ring in advance.”

Have I even tamed even my brother’s friend, the Male Lead, as a bonus?
But the problem did not end there.

On Coming-of-Age Night, I only remember drinking alone in the corner.….

“We should take responsibility for what you and I did, right?”

Why is the Male Lead, the Duke’s, waking up in the same bed as me?

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졸지에 오빠 친구를 꼬셔 버렸습니다
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2 Reviews

May 15, 2022
Status: c11
Though not many chapters, so far I found the novel quite amusing with the sis-con brother, and daughter loving parents. And chapter 11 explains how the brother and the ML met. It's so sweet. I love how the ML already wants a close relationship with the MC, although they're young and may sound gross, but I think it's more along of a childhood crush where the ML loves how cute and adorable the MC is. Though it might have the same feeling of a an older brother wanting a little... more>> sister just like the MC. Either way, I love how possessive the MC brother is haha, she's HIS sister. Shoo ML, don't get in the way of the siscon brother 🤭 <<less
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Aug 14, 2023
Status: c16
So, I haven't gotten far in the novel, but I can say that it's nice to see her interact as an actual child. And not some adult that transmigrated into the body of a child as they see every other child around them as a child. She likes desserts, she cries and so on. It's nice to see her being a child as she interacts with her brother and the ML.
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