I Accidentally Picked Up a President


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The story revolves around a delivery-woman named Gu Anxin who accidentally knocks over the heir of a corporation. The paranoiac Ling Yue requests for Anxin to take responsibility, and so she has no choice but to take him back to her home for recovery. Thus began a love story between two people with different personalities and identities.

“Gu Anxin picked up a man by accident.

She thought this man was mentally ret*rded. A few days later, he was proved to be a genius;

She thought this man was dumb, and a few days later, he said: “I will raise you”;

She thought this man was lame. and few days later, he shiningly stood up and took over the Lingtian Group from the rich side.

“Gu Anxin, the person who picked me up, this heart and this body are all yours, you can enjoy it.!

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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling
Yi bu xiao xin jian dao ai
Yi Bu Xiao Xin Jian Dao Ge Zong Cai
一不小心捡到个总裁, 一不小心捡到爱
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