I! Accept Disciples and Become Stronger!


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Xuan Yi traveled through the fantasy world and became the elder of the Profound Sword Sect, starting with the Nascent Soul Realm!

Awakening the Disciple System, the more enchanting the apprentice’s talent, the stronger Xuan Yi’s strength!

The Breakthrough of others depends on cultivation, and the Breakthrough of Xuan Yi depends on accepting disciples!

Although he is an elder, have you ever seen an elder who is hundreds of times stronger than the Sect Master?

“Little sister, I think your bones are amazed. You are a Sword Cultivator. Why don’t you worship me as a teacher! You can choose the holy order technique, and the nine-grade pill will be a snack for you.”

“Ding, congratulations to the host, You have received a disciple with an aptitude of more than 9999. Reward: Improve the host’s ten realms, three holy ranks!”

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I! Accept Disciples and Become Stronger!
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19 Reviews

Dec 15, 2020
Status: c28
What is MC personality? As a nascent soul expert ofc he's aloof and cold and will kill anyone that he wants at sight. Because he's a nascent soul expert.

MC specialty? He's a nascent soul expert.

What is this story about so far? The MC is a nascent soul expert.

... more>> What about other characters? They are in awe of MC being a nascent soul expert.

What about enemies? They get crushed by MC nascent soul expert strength, which is boundless compared to theirs.


Like seriously, half the word count so far has been talking about MC being a nascent soul cultivator. And no, it doesn't go in interesting details, just that he is one and can crush anyone at will. No techniques, no specialty, just boundless nascent soul power. And yes, we do get informed every chapter that he is indeed one. Every event is either started or concluded by it and it is the only trait ever talked about in the whole story so far. <<less
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Jan 10, 2021
Status: c47
This might be the worst novel I've read.. ever, and I've read a lot of sh*t chinese web novels.

I mean the writing is full of arrogant, overbearing sh*t characters who kill for pretty much nothing and the MC is no exception to it. All of them are arrogant to no limit, for no reason.

The world is nonsensical, its one of those massive worlds with an insane amount of countries and it just so happens the MC starts in the sh*t corner of the world where the experts are lower level... more>> and he's in the particularly sh*t are where its even shitter.

I mean, f*ck, lets take out the high starting point and system and just all that for a bit and look at the original character the MC took over... in this shithole of a country where the "best known talent" is the prince, this f*cker is the same age, a f*cking whole realm higher then the prince and in general a genius level you'd find in a massive family with a king level cultivator in it (the likes of which this sh*t country has never seen). And what's he doing ? he's in a mediocre sect as an elder at like 20 some years and no one knows about him ? what ? I mean what the actual f*ck ? Even before the system and transmigrator this guy should have been seen as the best cultivator this kingdom has ever seen in its existence. But f*ck it, since its not made clear how long the MC has been around, lets assume he's been around for a while and we just start now after he's leveled up a bit and that is why the body is as strong (which I'm fairly sure isn't true, since I'm pretty sure he said something about transmigrating in to a nascent soul cultivator at the start, then there was some thing about the guy having done the same recruiting of "shit" disciples the past 2 years/times they had it, so that sounds like the transmigrator, but who the f*ck knows, the writing is sh*t anyway and it makes no sense), but here's the thing, everyone that came to join the sect knows who he is and that he's a nascent soul cultivator at like 20 something and f*ck... its still not a secret so how the f*ck has no one hear of this guy, its even worse if he was transmigrated for long since the way this f*cker acts... there is no way he was just low key these 2 years.

So yeah, just nothing makes sense, we have the whole cliche, family brings disciples to sect for backing last second since they're gonna be destroyed by x, cause he joined y sect and bla bla, even that makes no sense cause apparently they traveled there for weeks and had to go back, but they get there in just a day or two on his mount and the whole competition in the village starts after a few more days, so they where never going back in time anyway, unless they got picked by this particular elder with a flying mount that just so happens to want to follow them back... which, do you get it ? Why even go at that point ? Anyway, that rolls in to auction cliche where its not really an auction cause high cultivation ppl can just show their level to get what they want and its all just f*cked. We then transition in to MC is a psychopath that kills on a whim, like everyone else, but he's supposedly from earth in our century-ish... so that instantly makes him the worst written character in the novel.

I mean how the f*ck is this world supposed to even function in any way ? Everyone with even a slight cultivation level is insane and want to kill over everything... its just madness, and you go in to the realm of bullsh*t that all chinese cultivation novels have, where theres this realm/world opening and go in for treasure and "opportunities". I mean ok... fair, everyone is already trigger happy as f*ck on the best day, now throw some tressures in the middle. Everyone things its a great idea of course, now throw in all your disciples and family in there as well for good messure. Whats that ? there's no rules against killing people, especially bellow your level ? Well, at leas you can protecte them yourself right ? since you go in at the same.... oh well no, everyone gets teleported in randomly and alone and the result is a slaughter on all sides......... Why the f*ck would you ever bring your disciples and family in there... EVER ? it make no f*cking sense. Then there' the mystical pagoda of f*ck you thats there for some reason... and you have to climb it to get ranked, but why and by who... I mean whatever, at this point I'd given up on it anyway.

So the system... might be the worst system ever, the rewards are a insane even so early on and the requirements are shit, I don't even know why he bothers to teach his disciples cause all the side quests seem to do is ask for him to get disciples of a certain potential, and he can see it cause of his system so he should have an easy time of it.. why bother with this bs, when you could just go around and recruit people, then dump them ? He already demonstrated he's insane and has not even the slightest care for human life.

This is not worth a star, its worthless, but unfortunately 1 is the lowest I can give. How this got 14 5 star ratings is beyond me. <<less
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Jun 01, 2021
Status: c142
I-- He-- This--

I have no freaking words. We get it okay? The MC is an almighty Nascent Soul Realm, congratulations, no one cares. It's like the MC is hell bent on mu*dering everyone that ever so slightly opposes him or something! Was he a crazy mu*derer in his previous life or what? Don't give me that sh*t about not being able to be a good person in such dire situations, we all know that! But even so, there's this thing called compassion and the MC seems to have almost none... more>> of it. Are people not allowed to have their own opinions on certain things? If it was labeled anti-hero protagonist, then I would understand, but even after he does these sh*tty deeds, he is praised for it?!

Some dude wants to buy something so he makes use of his cultivation. Kill.
Some master supports his disciple during a clan war. Kill.
Some dude who was a little dissatisfied with the MC's personality. Kill.

Like WTF?! Bro are you high on drugs or what. Rationality seemed to be thrown out the window, for all I know. The MC wasn't tortured when he came into this world, nor did anything bad happen to him. If he had been betrayed and left to die when he arrived in the foreign world, I guess I'd understand it a little, but bro, please get yourself registered in a mental hospital ASAP.

Literally, the only bonus/good point I can list out is the lack of romance. Everything else is tr*sh. If I wasn't desperate to read something that doesn't have romance or harem then I wouldn't even spare this novel a glance.

I think of myself as a generous person and as long as the story is good enough, I could give it a 5 stars, but this one had gone too far, man.

When preparing myself to read this, I already gotten rid of all expectations, but now, not only do I not expect anything, the value is in the negatives. <<less
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Dec 14, 2020
Status: c25
Extremely disappointed. I was hoping for something like History's Number 1 Sect Founder or Library of Heaven's Path but instead this story is very shallow. The world building is limited to "this family has one soul condensation so so and is ranked as the second power", "this sect has one nascent soul and is ranked as a third power", and its all to show how strong MC is when he slaps them to death. The face slapping isn't even satisfying because MC would kill if some random guy who simply... more>> insults him and taking revenge for his disciple but the buildup is only a few chapters and the guy is defeated so quickly. No thought is put into the cultivation techniques either, its just MC is stronger so he kills him. The story is all about levelling up. So far the bond between master and disciple is also very shallow, the MC finds some good stuff to give to his disciple to boost her stats and that builds her loyalty. It's very basic. Maybe this story will improve past chapter 25 that I've read but I lost interest. <<less
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Aug 03, 2022
Status: c146
Despite all the bad reviews

Honestly, I don't think this novel deserves that much hate

Most of the reviews here are for the novel "DEITY HERO: ME! GAINING DISCIPLES MAKES ME STRONGER!" and let me tell you, they are not the same novel (the mc's have the same name and that makes the people confused) (and yes I have read the other one and it totally deserves the hate expressed by the reviews on this novel)

The MC is a nascent soul and yes, the author does elaborate that quite often but... more>> I think the other reviews exaggerated a bit, it does elaborate but not to the point that the entire novel is based on the fact that he is a nascent soul cultivator.

As for the people that thought the novel would be focused on the disciples, it does disappoint them, although the title has the word "disciples" in it, it also has the words "become stronger", the novel focuses more on the second part of the title but it's not like he doesn't take in disciples"the title clearly says that he accepts disciples solely to become stronger and that's what he does", I read this novel because I like op mc's in general and it didn't disappoint me in that factor.

The only thing I don't like is that the MC kills excessively and is overly arrogant"standard xianxia cliche so I'm kinda used to it but it is done too excessively in this novel"

final rating-4 (it's 3 but I kinda feel bad as this novel didn't deserve that much hate) <<less
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Mar 29, 2021
Status: --
Don't read this. Story is not about MC being an elder gathering disciples but about MC being a Nascent Soul cultivator at third/fourth level (apparently every level differ by heaven and earth, and even early/major/peak minor realms in each level also differ by a smaller heaven and earth), so he can just swipe his sword and kill hundreds of people.

Because he's at the third/fourth level of Nascent Soul, but he has a sword intent his system gave him, so from comabt perspective he's at the fifth level of Nascent Soul.... more>> And the author tells us, that's very great. Even though MC never did anything to earn anything, he got transmigrated into a NS level elder and then leveled up by accepting a disciple. He's very proud of his cultivation base, though.

sh*t story. Author has no idea how to write engaging characters or interesting plot. If you thought (like me) this was gonna be another HNo1F, you're gonna be very disappointed. <<less
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Feb 20, 2022
Status: c302
It was all good until the author decided to make the MC think with his lower body. There is a lot of unneeded nonsense like "dual cultivation" blah blah to excuse his h**ny nature. He even f**ked a Queen *to treat her illness* and the King COINCIDENTALLY agrees. He ALSO f**ked his student, like what the hell? Why do you have to ruin a good story because you have an itch somewhere? This novel can go WITHOUT those crap, what you did by adding them is simply ruining the mc's... more>> character. Seriously, why can't the MC just be a good teacher or a respectable expert? It was even said in the novel that the MC doesn't care about "beauties" etc. But when he actually meets them, he instantly forgets who he is and starts using his d**k to think. It is really frustrating when a novel starts good but then gets ruined by redundant lasciviousness. If romance or anything that stands along those lines DOES NOT affect the story whatsoever if it was removed, then that means it's NOT NEEDED. Quit trying to join tropes of overpowered main characters needing romantic endeavors because THEY DON'T. If ever you want to add romance, GET CLEAR with it, you don't have to let the MC experience f**king all those "beauties, "

there was even a time where there was a competition of a Princess marrying whoever fights her and wins, this "Princess" got beaten by a someone, and that someone divorced on the spot, here comes our MC with his d*ck brain, even though he have no business intervening or joining the fiasco, he still joined. After he won, he got invited to the palace for a "banquet" and even though he "doesn't care about these affairs" he still joined, like seriously what? If you don't care about these affairs, why bother joining? The next day, he was told that the original agreement was whoever wins the fight becomes the Princess' husband, of all the s*upidity possible, he turned confused because "he wasn't really thinking about marriage." What's even more s*upid is that he actually decided to bring the girl with him to travel "because she was *too young*." He already f**ked women and he still have the audacity to flaunt his "values." I have no idea what values the author follows but this is simply idiotic. All the hypocrisy aside, why can't he just deny the marriage? The mc's way of thinking really is an arduous task to understand. He could just deny the marriage and let the Princess marry someone else instead, but the MC chose to be selfish and make her his reserve instead with the excuse of "thinking about it because she's *too young*, " this novel makes commitment a matter of flipping a palm

. The author had a chance to make a unique plot but chose to be mediocre instead. <<less
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Apr 18, 2022
Status: --
For new readers please note there are two novels with the same name. Most reviews are for the one written by Master Laugh (Laughing Master) on Qidian/Webnovel which is completed. The other is written by pseudo name XuanYi on Faloo which is ongoing. We are not sure whether it's the same author but similar plot and changes made to the characters. Could be plagiarism or he wanted a fresh start.

The original in fairness are written better but people don't like the s*xual depictions in the story.

The current one have a... more>> cooler headed XuanYi but a lot of discrepancies in the writing.

Both stories have serious pacing issues. <<less
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Sep 10, 2021
Status: c27
It seems that most people dropped this novel around the same time as me. You can tell that the author was completely winging this novel. He forgets and changes a bunch of stuff. There is literally nothing good about this novel. Its extremely boring and repetitive. None of the characters are likable and you could care less if they all die. You secretly hope that there’s no more chapters. Kezmark has the best review on this novel and I don’t disagree with anything he said. The MC did just transmigrate... more>> at the start of the story. That’s why he awakened the system. I feel bad for the original owner of the body. Imagine being a 26 year old super genius getting your body stolen by a system for no reason. This guy didn’t die or anything. He just got his body snatched while being in perfectly good health. It’s also idiotic that nobody has heard of the MC. The dude should be considered a super genius everywhere before he even transmigrated. <<less
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Dec 09, 2020
Status: c18
While the premise is interesting, having the protagonist start off with a somewhat high position, this novel's progress is very generic. There is tons of filler and repetition in the writing to fill up word count and lots of s*upidity and face-slapping moments. Things that should take 1 chapter take 2-3 instead with no extra information or description provided. While I generally like novels of this type like Master of Untold Daos and HN1F, I couldn't even get through 20 chapters in this novel.
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Dec 15, 2020
Status: c29
Quite the good novel, suitable for a lighthearted read. MC is op and aloof, but I don't see any problem with that?

Regardless, it was a fun read. Keep up the good job translator ^_^
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Dec 29, 2021
Status: c54
It is better and more entertaining than other generic xianxia novels. The MC might be overbearing but at least his personality is consistent throughout.

The MC is OP so expect some face-slapping. He's cruel to enemies and kind to friends.

As for the reviews talking mostly about his bad character, that's understandable but does not warrant the low ratings. He's better than the generic crazy and hypocrite xianxia MCs, he's got bottom line and he had to act cruel because it's the cultivation world (and for face-slapping of course).

Relevant characters are also... more>> well portrayed.

It's decent enough for gratification, but don't expect intricate plots. <<less
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Aug 26, 2023
Status: c100
Eh. The novel doesn't deserve some of the hate it's getting as a lot of the problems are just staples of chinese cultivation novels, which I agree, aren't great. But, it's the nature of the genre.

Having said that, the novel is a steaming pile of doodoo. The protagonist is tr*sh. He sucks, astronomically. It's up there with the worst protagonists I've ever read. If the author wrote a better MC, this novel would easily be the type I really enjoy reading.

And you might be saying, a 1 star just for... more>> a bad MC? Yes. He is that unappealing. <<less
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Apr 04, 2023
Status: c130
This is the single most stereotypical wuxia/xuanhuan novel I have ever read, in a bad way. It's like the author tried to cram in all the different elements you might find in the genre without considering what made them work in other novels.

  • MC is a transmigrator? Check (though really that's just a background setting that doesn't affect anything).
  • Videogame-like system inexplicably attached to MC that gives out quests and rewards? Check.
  • Overpowered MC? Check. Or rather, this MC goes beyond OP, sucking all the tension out of any conflict and making all the fights super boring. Like, oh, our MC picked a fight with a dude with God powers, did he? I don't think he can kill this guy in just one move this time, I think he'll need two moves.
  • Ridiculous inflation of numbers, be they time or population, to the point of it being silly? Check. A single city in a backwater region supposedly has a population of 500 million, more than 1/3 the entire population of modern day China lol. Then of course you have all the weeds lying around that supposedly needed 10000s of years to grow, and the immortal cultivators and whatnot.
  • Ruthless MC? Triple check. For a character that was supposedly born and raised in a peaceful and civilized world, he sure has no hesitation nor remorse towards resorting to mu*der. Especially for a guy that has claimed to not like needless killing on multiple occasions. Dude must've been a serial killer before he hopped worlds, because he will kill at the drop of a hat. If it was really just a self defense thing, then whatever, it's better to not have him break down in tears every time he has to take out the tr*sh, but it's not just that. At one point, a literal 12yo picks a fight with one of his disciples, so first he just threatens to kill her, until her grandfather shows up and it turns out her grandfather was someone he had a fight with earlier, so he kills them both. The grandfather, BTW, did everything he could to escape from the moment he appeared. In fairness, the first time they met the grandfather and him did try to kill each other until the old man thoroughly got his ass tr*shed and escaped, but in even more fairness, the grandfather learned his lesson. He wasn't a threat, he knew he couldn't do anything to MC so he tried to save his 12yo granddaughter and leave, but MC chased him down and mu*dered the both of them. A true pacifist, indeed.
  • Power creep? Check. It isn't the most pronounced I've ever seen, and it's hardly noticeable because MC is already stronger than even the people that are supposes to be stronger than him right from the start, but the dude gains cultivation levels like a pokemon hopped up on rare candy thanks to his system. He kicked off the novel being at a level that would require a genius to reach at his age, then over the span of a few months he shot up in levels that should have taken years to pass, then managed to break through to another realm that supposedly should have taken hundreds of years normally.
  • Thots everywhere? Check. Three of his disciples so far are "peerless beauties" that worship him, then there's at least one beautiful woman in each region MC has visited that is infatuated with him. Not as many as you'd find in some other novels, but it sure is interesting how the most beautiful woman in any place he goes to is just automatically attracted to him, almost always after having a reputation for being cold to men in general. Then there's the fact that very few male characters are given any attention. For the most part, they exist to serve as a foil to MC's chadliness. Even MC's ONE male disciple, so far all he's done has been to be the weakest of MC's disciples, then fall in love with a chick whose family only approved of their relationship so they could have ties to MC.
  • Constantly taking a break from anything happening to describe how the world works rather than showing us organically? Yup. To be fair, this isn't a problem exclusive to cultivation novels. I've seen novels of every genre, written by authors from all over the world that do this, but Chinese cultivation novels just do it different somehow, and this one does it a lot.
If you want something to pass the time, well, this will pass the time. Especially considering how padded... more>> out it is with the overexplanations and the repeating things they've already said. Unless this is a translation error, there are several points where the author will write something, and then in the very next paragraph write something subtly different that means the exact same thing. Like, "This shocked him!" And then, "He couldn't believe it! He was shocked!" or something like that.

If you want a well-written, deep, emotional novel with unexpected twists and turns and character development that goes beyond "developing their strength", this one ain't it. <<less
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Oct 10, 2021
Status: c35
The concept is nice, OP young elder taking in disciples to raise (with a system of course) but the MC is far too overbearing which makes him more like those annoying unreasonable antagonists than a protagonist. This killed it for me after only 30+ chapters sadly.
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Aug 24, 2021
Status: c20
  1. MC personality and capability are unlikable. The same thing applied to his disciples there is nothing from their character build that makes me root their plight or journey.
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Aug 13, 2022
Status: --
Barely okay. It's a very simple faceslapping novel, but a lot of things took me out of it. Two major things in particular; firstly, MC's morals are bad because he refuses to aid people in need with some shitty reasoning and the second was a huge inconsistency in the tower ranking part. Each person climbing leaves behind a copy of themselves at the level they beat, but for some reason instead of testing a person's total power, it forces climbers to lower their cultivation to the same level as the... more>> copy. With some of these "heaven defying" geniuses' cheats it just makes for a horrible system because nobody will be able to get past them. The fact that it forces cultivation down has to be the dumbest since that is the main power in these novels. It's just so horribly thought out, I could barely keep reading afterwards.

It's also written in an extremely superfluous way, using lots of words to describe basically nothing, and MC's plot armor and bullsh*t get out of trouble cards are really bad.

I'll give this barely 2/5, just because I'e read way worse tr*sh and this is slightly more palatable. <<less
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Aug 01, 2022
Status: c40
I honestly like the premise, the idea behind this novel I think was very innovative and had a lot of potential but it was just executed so poorly. What I expected from this novel is his system to make him stronger based on his disciples, so something like he can use a percentage of their strength dependent upon his bond with said disciple, but rather than that we get "Obtain a disciple with talent x" or "Get a disciple to x level" and the system is basically a secondary. Honestly... more>> overall the writing is just very poor quality, for example he eats a herb he found and instantly goes from lower to mid level... at least other bullsh*t cultivation novels have them meditate for a while. The book should have made it so he can only get stronger from his disciples and then focus on said disciples, build up likable disciples that readers want to see develop and grow, make our MC a master who puts his disciples first and tries to teach them to the best of his abilities... This kind of development I believe would be very popular, but this author just simply lacks the writing skills to create such a work.

The concept of this novel should focus on the disciples yet they barely have any presence other than displaying how badass the MC is and everything is focused on the MC crushing his enemies. This gets rid of all uniqueness that this novel had, almost every cultivation novel has an op MC who crushes his enemies but in this novel it just destroys the premise and ruins the novel. If the author really wanted to have the MC be op and absolutely crush people then do it from the shadows, give readers a scene of his disciples, who should have character development, fighting an intense battle or something to add suspense but then at the end have a paragraph about the MC being happy they managed to win by themselves while surrounded with corpses of people his disciple couldn't beat. That's the part of this novel that just feels so disappointing compared to the average twist authors put on their story, the concept of this one gives so much potential for action, development, etc.. because if your a good author than you can use the disciples to create dramatic intensive close fights, you can use the master to be overpowered and crush opponents, the relationship developed between the master and disciple... it would be easy to create a setting where readers feel like they are watching the disciple character grow up, where we get happy at their success and development but this author doesn't care at all about the disciples, all that matters is the master being op...

Overall I thought the book had a lot of potential but it was ruined by the author not caring about their twist and poor writing skills creating something worse than the stereotypical Chinese cultivation novel garbage. <<less
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Nov 21, 2023
Status: --
99% of the text is explanations of different circumstances, i.e. There is almost no events. A story without events? Fillers right from the start? Yes, it is a novel of this kind.

Events are random and not connected by a storyline. There is no reason for events even to exist, like "we saw robbers robbing and killing". Is it considered an event? Why is it there? Are there any consequences of the event, does it affect the storyline? Nope, it just happened and that's all, the author is paid by chapter,... more>> that's why it is there. <<less
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